Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

NECROSED - "PROMO 2012" (Grinding Brutal Death Metal from Almeira, Spain + MP3-Download - Link @ Bandcamp)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Death Metal the brutal and heavy and grinding way from Almeira in Spain, NECROSED, a band before this one here totally unknwon to me. This is their "PROMO 2012" titled promotional release, released as a free official download by the band itself coming in a ''pre-production-sound''. And don't you ask me if there are any physical copies of it floating around, I just know of this one here. And yes, the download link you will get at the end of this review, as usual, you know the deal. And the deal that NECROSED offer us here are five songs in about eleven minutes of grinding and slashing Brutal Death Metal (or just Brutal Death) filled with fast shredding brutal cacking heavy sawing guitars, a truly great and strongly present grim and evil buzzing bass, fast paced tight and very well-done Death Metal drumming, and sick lead vocals from deep throated guttural grunts over pig screams to hysterical noisy high screams and spoken dry throated shoutings with a slight Hardcore touch to it. The guys can play without a doubt, and the songwriting works also mostly pretty good, even the songs could be really lasting longer anyhow, and maybe they should work some more suprises like the strong Black Metal influence in "OMNICIDE" with its frosty icy storming guitar runs or like the slow paced bulldozer platoon like and also pretty atmospheric "BENEATH THE MIST" with its symphonical guitar lead into it, it wouldn't harm them anyhow. If you are a fan of a band like LIVIDITY, then you will also love NECROSED. Lyrically, I have to admit, I have not a single clou what they are all singing about, but judging by their song titles they could offer more than the stereotypical subjects of this genre. The production sound is already pretty good, keeping in mind the demo respectively promo status of this release, and especially the bass sound is awesome, and the artwork (so to talk about the cover artwork) is a nice one. So, anyway, not changing the formula here but fans of truly good Brutal Death Metal should test NECROSED promptly. And the new album should be coming soon.  Recommended, period. (8 of 10 points)

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