Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

SUFFERING MIND - "AT WAR WITH MANKIND" (Grindcore from Poland on "DROP OUT RECORDS" + Download Link @ Bandcamp)

("Drop Out Records"; 10'' Vinyl & MP3-Download):
Okay, here's a brutal smash right in your face and going rampage through your head. Recorded and first released in 2008 all the D.I.Y. way, if I understood it all correct, and in 2011 released on 10'' vinyl by the Poland based Underground Indiependent Label, Distro and Zine of "DROP OUT RECORDS", and today it's also up for a official free high quality MP3-Download @ the Bandcamp site of "DROP OUT RECORDS", and I have this Download version that I call my own. And yes, as in usual you get the link to the mentioned download site at the very end of this review. All in all we get fourteen songs in about twentytwo minutes, and this is no bullshit bloody violent incredible brutal absoultely no prisoners taking bitterly pissed off angry and hatefilled raging Grindcore somewhere between NASUM and EXTREME NOISE TERROR, filled with mad chaotic skillful heavy harsh and brutal Blasts non stop, forceful violent shredding massive guitars and a very powerful and everything destroying rhythm section and totally sick and over the top female lead vocals from deep throated guttural grunts to hysteric piggy like screams, all in all a true wall of death packed in sound. All good and fine but what's making this to more than just your ordinary todays Grindcore commando is the fact that SUFFERING MIND work great rhythm arrangements and suprising twists and turns in the structure of the songs and work with cool totally non-usual tricky and slammy grooves + other suprises. Very good musicians as well as good songwriters here at work, for sure. The cover artwork looks really great and the production sound is a pure bomb, just to the lyrics I can't say anything. What I really like is that this band musically really lives up to the fullfillment of their bandname and albumtitle, pretty impressive. Totally intense brutal massive sick and stunning demolishing style modern Grindcore that knows about its roots and comes with a pretty strong own identity, and that's cool and really damn good. Check it!!! Recommended, period. (8 of 10 points)

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