Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

DROOGIEZ & LAZY BASTARDS - "SPLIT" (Bavarian Punkrock from the South of Germoney on "CONTRA RECORDS" back in 2010)


(Contra Records; 7’’):
Hey folks, I know, its been some time since the last posting up here, but here it finally comes, the first new one since some weeks and the first post in 2013 as well. The delay was and still is caused by some internet troubles. I moved and changed my address and apartment the week before christmas 2012 and in my new apartment I at least still currently have no own internet access and only the gods know when this will finally change. It sucks. Anyhow, thats the reason why no new post before came up here and also why Im totally out of the move and dont have a single clou whats going on online for example on all the other blogs I use to read. Hopefully this will change very soon. Okay, anyway I figured out to manage to bring this up here via using another computer and another internet access (yes, a really clever guy I am;-) ) and so this posting will be quick done and coming up online ready to read. Done it some time ago on my own computer and via the use of an almighty USB Stick, it works all like true magic or so, and by the hands of a almighty magician this now comes finally to happen. ;-) I hope it all will change as soon as possible to the better side of things, and then far more new posts can come up here and 2013 can start also up here on this very blog of mine. So, okay, what we have here is a review on the 7’’ vinyl single release of the split single of the LAZY BASTARDS and the DROOGIEZ, both bands rocking out of the dephts of Bavaria and celebrating Streetpunk music, and this finally again on a pretty high level. The LAZY BASTARDS you may already know by reading through this blog the last months and the DROOGIEZ are a pretty prominent band because they share a member with the almighty STOMPER 98 and got some bullshit AFA defamation propaganda as well especially over the last one, two, three or so years here in Germany. You know the deal, they are all Nazis in disguise and they are so clever that they are so incredible good hidden and masked Nazis that they by themselves dont even know it but the brave AFA and OIRE SZENE and so on guys are even more clever, thank the gods for this gifted guys, and so they know about the real deal. What a bunch of crap. Cant eat so much as it makes me wanna puke out on this bullshit AFA guys. Unnecessary to say that also the LAZY BASTARDS got portions of this AFA defamation propaganda as well. Also unneccesary to say that this is all nothing but idiotic bullshit crap. Okay, anyway, enough about this ‘’low-brained’’ idiots and finally back to the topic, the 7’’ here and the music featured on it. Side A is occupied by the DROOGIEZ, a mostly short haired three piece playing pretty strong rocking and classic or traditional kept U.K. inspired or influenced Punkrock/Streetpunk with snotty and pretty clean lead vocals, nice more voiced back up chants, pretty strong rocking and pretty catchy guitar work and a tight played and powerful rhythm section. Nothing anyway special or new or so but all pretty authentic and sympathic as well as done really good so fans of U.K. styled Old School Punkrock/Streetpunk of the rocking and more melodic kind will surely like this stuff. I do so as well. They play us their for all what I know own songBACKSTREET BILLY (a strong rocking affair) and do a very good cover of the LAZY BASTARDS song SAD STORY and they do it great with a pretty strong own approach to it as well as a great TROOPS OF TOMORROW tribute arrangement. Thumbs up for the DROOGIEZ, good stuff on their side. Side B then is owned by the LAZY BASTARDS. And this 7’’ not only stands between their solid debut CD EP and their great new one in a chronological way, but also if we look at or listen to the quality. Not so strong as their new one but for sure stronger and better than their first one and a huge step in the right direction for them. They give us also two songs, their own one STAY TRUE and the DROOGIEZ cover tune RUINATION GUARANTEE. Both songs are done damn good shit, sing a long fueled and driven and dominated catchy, hymnal and melodic, yet fiery and heavy Streetpunk with clear influenes from the U.K. Old School as well as up to date and pretty U.S. american influences, somewhere between COCK SPARRER and RANCID/TIME AGAIN, all full of sharp played guitars, heavy bass work, tight and precise fast drumming, loud back ups and hymnal as well as snotty charismatic lead vocals. Done damn good guys. The songs of both bands also feature good lyrics, the production sound is on both sides a really good done affair, and the artwork is just a pure bomb, each side got its very own cover artwork, the 7’’ comes in a Pizza paper box with a great design, we get a patch and two buttons on top of it, yes, the complete package, ah, and a official download code is also a part of this 7’’. This is truly a good one that is recommended to all the Punkrock/Streetpunk fans outta there. If you can still get it from somewhere then better do so. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! (8 of 10 points)