Mittwoch, 30. November 2011


So folks, the last post for today or maybe bettr tonight, and after I recently just reviewed the current album of BRIAN SETZER (the post directly before this post), hm, and then so I thought (more or less...) to myself (more or less...) that it would be a great and nice and also pretty clever and especially logical if not- to sum it all up- a (at least nearly) perfect move to finish this day (and with it also this very month) also with no one else than the immortal and legendary BRIAN SETZER with giving you now a great live clip of him with his (?) big band live on stage infront of a pretty huge audience playing this through and through real classic, titled "AMERICANO!", to and also for us. Not much left to say here and now, just enjoy it and then for today/tonight (tomorrow and with it work always comes a day too soon, and the 'moving-actions' of me also cost a lot of time and energy and effort so that I really need and just want to fall in my bed and forget about the world and let god be a good man, or so they we say over here in Germoney) I wish you all a good night and then that's it for today. Cheers!!!


BRIAN SETZER - "SETZER GOES INSTRUMENTAL" (The king of Rockabilly is back, and this mental as well as instrumental, on "SURFDOG" in 2011)

("Surfdog Records"; CD):
As a huge, huge fan of BRIAN SETZER as well as THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA and of course the STRAY CATS it was pretty clear right from the start that I would need to have this one here which means and is his new album, and thanks to a good friend of mine today I have it (since quite a while now already). As you may all have already anticipated by reading the title and judging by it this is a through and through instrumental album (and I think the first move of BRIAN SETZER in this direction). And with 'just' instruemntal albums and music it's always- at least for me- a, hm, let us say: a 'critical' affair, with me thinking that instrumental albums are more or less all uninteresting stuff because I'm normally desperately waiting and waiting and waiting for the lead vocals and stuff like this so on to finally kick off at some moments. So, hm, would BRIAN SETZER fail where at least 95% of 'the others' normally use to fail? Or will he succeed and conquer in the end (like he normally if not nearly always does) where so many others before him only knew how to fail? Ha, damn it, the answer is simple: He's coming off big as the triumphator, nothing else, nothing less, maybe even more, period!!! He knows like no one else to play guitar in so many rich variations and on a incredible high and truly giftedlevel of skills and also to write and arrange incredible interesting and more than 'only' grapping songs, and to give them to us in a hugely impressive and incredible fantastic way. He's working loads of Rock & Roll and Rockabilly, Country and (good old) Rhyhm'n'Blues, Surf music and also Blues in general, old time Worker's songs and Redneck-Hillbilly sounds, some influences of morbid mexican or maybe better 'iberoamerican' music and also a good healthy dose of 1960's nicely sick Garage Rock & Roll music, as well as nice Swing marks and Dixie music all together (also some Hard Rock and maybe also Heavy Metal notes are to be noticed, just listen to the solo guitar of "HOT LOVE"), with a lot of phenomenal and just sheer awesome varying arrangements and all on a far, far up high and away level of gifted skills, brilliant. A intense and tight 'goosepimples-atmosphere' is created all the way, all the time and all the way. The songwriting is interesting and grapping like nothing else, and, yes, and this is now meant totally serious, this is a pretty 'grown up' in a damn cool and positive way album, it makes you dance (just listen to "GO! GO! GODZILLA" and try to tell and also try to convince me that your feet aren't starting organically to move in the rhythm of the song), drink, swing heavy (hm, what-ever this now may mean), and party hard, but at the same time this is an album that needs and wants to be disovered by you with intense and focussed listening sessions, to sit back, relax, enjoy, drink a smooth round of Bourbon to and sink into the cosmos this album creates right from the start, directly from the beginning of it all. Phenomenal guitar work, and the guitars are really the focus of it all, they really do the talking respectively the singing on this one here, just listen to them and discover what they have to tell you, what BRIAN SETZER is telling to us through them. Brilliant, phenomenal and 'just' sheer fantastic. I love it!!! But, just to get this straight, 'only' that the guitars are totally the focuss-point of this one here this not means that all the other instruments are 'forget-about-things', nah, that's incredible big bullshit, all and everything on this one here is grapping, interesting and incredible damn strong, point and fact. This albums has so much to offer, you absoutely need to discover it all by yourself!!! And you better do it soon and damn quick!!! Ad tis means best: Now!!! What shall I say more, the artwork is a great done one and the production sound is amazing clear and transparent, yet warm and earthy at the same time, thumbs up. That's it for now, and now after this just go and get it all via buying this album. To point it ou: Outstanding!!! (10 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 29. November 2011


Hey folks today or better tonight just a very little 'Videos' post, it's all just a matter of time or so, you maybe know. You now get a nice clip of the band THE SILVER SHINE, pretty cool and surely damn good Punkabilly or so, and I reviewed their current album "SAINT OR SINNER" some days or so ago and now here's the official video clip of the title song of this album, and yes, you may already anticipated it, this song is named "SAINT OR SINNER". The video clip is a really cool performance clip and the band is showcasing quite an impessive amount of sympathic coolness, thumbs up for that somehow. Okay, now that's it already again for here and now, enjoy it and then we will read us maybe tomorrow again or so, we will see, time will tell as it goes by like we all do know. Now just you enjoy this clip and check this band out, they have really something more to offer than your ordinary generic What-so-fucking-ever-Billy band out there. For now today or tonight just good night or so and that's it. Cheers!!!


Sonntag, 27. November 2011


Okay, now this will really be the final post for today, and to finish this very day another 'Videos' post is now waiting for you and one more time Hardcore and in concrete New York Hardcore and again also legendary Hardcore from the big apple is now coming for you with Rick ta Life and the amazing phenomenal 25 TA LIFE with their total über-anthem "ALWAYS REMEMBER, NEVER FORGET (A.C.A.B.)", a incredible larger than life slasher by them also with some strong sing a long friendly Oi!/Streetpunk influences in it, so raise your fist and then start to mosh, dance hard or die, and damn fucking enjoy this song, clip and this almighty band, they are awesome, an amazing band, so check it out and enjoy it, and then I wish ya all a good night for today/tonight and more up here sooner or later, we will see how I will be able to get some time for this up here before my own internet access will be history for a (maybe... at least I think currently so) short time by the end of this week and then that's it for now. Cheers!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!


WARTHREAT - "DEMO" (Old school D-Beat styled Crust Core madness from Perth, Western Australia in 2010/2011)

("D.I.Y."; Tape):
Whooaaa!!! Thanks to a friend of mine I could get my hands on this tape by the australian Crust Core roughnecks of WARTHREAT from Perth in Western Australia. They released for all what I know this just "DEMO" titled tape first in 2010 all the DIY way and limited to an amount of only 50 copies or so and then they've done a second release or a second edition in 2011 and so this very year and today you can find at the damn cool and pretty good "CRUST-DEMOS" blog (under to find) a for all what I understand by the band authorized link to download it as an MP3-Download (don't ask me about the quality of it) and for all of you who know that this wouldn't be enough for them at least at the "BLACK SEEDS" blog ( under or at the "D-TAKT & RAPUNK" ( under you should or at least could be still able to buy a copy of it, which means the tape. WARTHREAT give us here seven tracks in total in something about thirteen to fourteen minutes and this are seven tracks of totally raw, rough and distorted as well as distorting, sick, crazed and incredible aggressive and forceful, and did I already mentioned raw Crust Core, build upon a fast raging brutal D-Beat old school styled foundament. Shredding and sawing heavily distorted guitars and sinister and heavy, aggressive and brutal, noisy and incredible strong distorted bass work, savage like raging thundering drums and totally sick and evil, aggressive and devastating throaty lead vocal screams that shake you down to your bones, totally ''crass'' and flesh'n'skin from bone shredding stuff. DISCHARGE, DISGUST, EXTREME NOIE TERROR, ANTI-CIMEX, DISCLOSE and maybe also the SKITLICKERS as well are coming to my mind listening to WARTHREAT. I like this australian roughnecks pretty much but I would just wish that the recording or production sound wouldn't be at least not that extremly raw because then I would enjoy it all even more. Nothing to say against a raw and rough production sound, especially not when we are talking about DIY releases, nah, no problem with it, but this is maybe already a t least a little bit too rough and raw. Anyhow, a good demo featuring the songs "LIES", "CONTROLLED BY FEAR", "BRAINWASHED", "FEED US SHIT", "MEDIA WORSHIP", "WAR MACHINES", and "CONSUME" and every song is worth checking out. Give it a at least a little bit better production/recording sound, and here and there some more fresh ideas and a songwriting that is at least a little it more varying and WARTHREAT could get a big suprise in the world of Crust Core (and with it also D-Beat), so thumbs up, and get this tape, really good stuff for sure. Also truly good lyrics and a really nice artwork we do get by WARTHREAT. Thumbs up, again. (8 of 10 points)


Okay folks, final posting or post (at least I think currently pretty much so) for today, again a little 'Videos' post, again real Hardcore, and again a incredible important band for me: AGNOSTIC FRONT!!! Featured not for the first time up here and so I think I could maybe spare me every writing more about them. Nah, okay, maybe just a few more words or so. To say it short: I love them!!! Since 1994 or so now I'm listening to them, after SICK OF IT ALL and BIOHAZARD they had been together with MADBALL, PRO-PAIN and WARZONE my very first all time faves that I've discovered back then, coming out of the Hardcore (and especially the New York Hardcore) movement and still today they are one of the top ten bands of all the great and important bands ever for and to me, I just love them. After sooner or later finally the review of their current masterpiece (a hot canddidate for the title of the record of the year for me) will be coming up here you now get as a little introduction for this happening the pretty cool video of their title track of this album, "MY LIFE, MY WAY", a cool mixture out of live footage and a performanc clip, and it's a fantastic song, no bullshit NYHC straight into your face. Awesome!!! Now just enjoy it, AGNOSTIC FRONT damn fucking rule(s) supreme!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!



Awesome!!! Don't ask me why the bloody fuck ever this almighty silverbacks weren't featured up here before, I don't know it... I'm talking (or writing) about the (as mentioned) almighty, legendary, amazing and sheer larger-than-life SLAPSHOT from Boston, MA. I love this band (their music, their lyrics, their attitude, their message, their style), listening to them now since, uh, maybe 1995 or so (I don't remember it correctly, damn it, but something like this) and they play a totally unique Hardcore music, defining pretty much still today what Boston Hardcore really is all about (or should be), still putting Boston back on the map. Could talk (or write) far more but instead of doing so I will let them and their music do the talking by themselves. We now get their furious firy anthem "OLD TYME HARDCORE" (the name is a statement, and a statement of one of a kind, for sure), played by them live on stage during a concert of some "Eastpak Resistance Tour" in the past. Enjoy it and mosh fucking hard!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!



Hey folks, it became a little bit quite up here like I've announced and for reasons I've told you already. Anyhow, the record review of the OUTLAW HEROES STANDING release got some attention, from left to right or so it seems, from comments that more or less go like give them no room up here to comments that go like how I could justify for what I like to listen to, hm, anyhow both types go in different wrong directions and so I think I will response to the mentioned comments some days ago from now on or so: To all the guys writing comments there, be sure and trust me upon it, you won't be forgotten. And maybe we could start something else and more big out of it, we will see. I have some ideas that came spontaneously to my mind and so I will think about them (if they all make sense or not, and if they could be realized in a matterful way or not) and work it all out a little bit more (at least up there in my thoughts) before I response to it. That's it for that, and now to this here: BOB SAPP!!! "THE BEAST" is back!!! Back on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE", yeahr!!! Here you get him in a weird T.V. style format series stuff, hm, and I think it's from Japan where BOB SAPP is a totally larger-than-life damn fucking legend!!! The show is at least a little bit, hm, silly, yes, let us call it ''silly'' and also let us call it ''a little bit'', but at least it showcases that BOB SAPP is able to be pretty ironically on himself and that he's not taking himself total serious all the time, as far as he got all what was taking place and that was happening there...;-) The show footage starts and ends this very clip, in between you get a incredible heavy and intense fight... okay, let us call it a ''fight'', even it's far more a absolutely one-sided beatdown affair with BOB SAPP being the glorious vitcoriuos triumphator out of it, the last man standing. And there he shows why, when and how serious you better should always take him. Enjoy it, the silly stuff as well as especially the serious shit: BOB "THE BEAST" SAPP damn fucking rules!!!

(in the "SUPAH SAPP SHOW")

Donnerstag, 24. November 2011


Hey folks, I think that (at least maybe) this will be the first and last and always, ah, nah, I mean the first and last and only post up here for today, a long day filled with hours of work and a first attempt to do my sports again after nearly one-and-a-half week(s) of being out of order due to the fucking illness that knocked me also down the last weekend are now behind me and what shall I say, the training was some sort of a dissapointment due to the fact that my body needs to be fully healthy again after it all but so this was just some sort of a little warm up for the workout day tomorrow which will definitely see some heavy and intense chest, shoulder and arm workout and after tomorrow will be a pretty short day at work (at least if all comes out as normal and so as planned) I'm really looking heavily forward to tomorrow, and also- yes!!!- tomorrow my moving attempt will start (and from saturday morning on it will take off totally, yeahr) and so I'm pretty happy and excited. We will see what will be done and when and how soon over the next days and weeks, but anyhow a lot of (like announced) record reviews, some specials ('Sports' and the 'American Oi! History Series') are finally in the work again, from some point on new movie reviews will also finally come up here, maybe some gig reports will be written and posted here by me (I was at a lot of cool concerts over this year but somehow didn't really felt the need to write about it, maybe this will change some day more or less soon from now on, but don't take my word on that, we will see) and definitely some fanzine reviews will up here from that on more or less soon (from the "CAMPAIGN FOR MUSICAL DESTRUCTION" to the "REALM OF SHADES" and "NO BEER UNTIL METAL" zines, etc. pp.), sooner or later some new interviews wll be up to read (maybe still this year if at least the 2 DIAS DE SANGRE interview should come to happen) and so a lot of different stuff is in the making, also maybe some sort of a 'Hardcore and Metalcore Tribute Series' (or something like this) will finally see the light of the day (but pretty sure not really before early 2012, earlier isn't really realistic anyhow). Anyway, now to this post here, a real classic: CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (C.O.C.), true legends, are now coming and this with the (should be the official clip) total larger-than-life and immortal anthem of the name of "CLEAN MY WOUNDS". (Again a masterpiece of the almighty 1990's, hell yeahr!!!) Just listen to the really everything else outshining, heavily by the awesome legendary THIN LIZZY influenced but truly and surely first and foremost totally stand-alone and/or unique and charismatic guitar work, it's brilliant!!! Also the totally hard as well as smart and absolutely charismatic and over the top lead vocals are awesome and amazing, just great and brilliant stuff. Phenomenal!!! And what the rhythm section is doing here needs no big words about it, just: Awesome!!! The songwriting is brilliant and that these guys are totally over the top skilled musicians needs no further explanation(s). This is brilliant!!! Ah, and just btw, it's also (at least if you ask me) really a damn cool video, truly cool shit and the 'camera-drive' totally rocks supreme.  I hope you enjoy it, and yes: I love it!!! Okay, that's all for now, then I wish you a good night and then that's it. Until soon!!! And now: Enjoy!!! Cheers!!!


Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

MACHINE HEAD - "MY MISERY" (***Video***)

Hey folks, to check out here for tonight (just came home from work recently, now just watching some soccer at T.V. and then that's it for today) a little 'Videos' post for you and me to bring with the (al)mighty MACHINE HEAD a band up here that was and still is very important for me (even their last two albums aren't that way up high on my list anyway), and so I could write here on and on and on but instead of this I will now leave you with the song and the (let us call it a 'video') clip, and it's their great anthem "MY MISERY" that was and still is to find on the great soundtrack of the legendary "TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT" movie (great soundtrack compilation) as well as on their second full length album "THE MORE THINGS CHANGE... (THE MORE THEY STAY THE SAME)" (at least if you have the limited european special release version), so just enjoy it, and then that's it for today. Cheers and good night!!!


THRONES OF DECEIT - "THE CRAYOLA" (D.I.Y. Demo packed up full with sludgy and crusty No-Prisoners-Taking-Core from Harrisonburg, Virgina, U.S.A. released in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Okay, here's again something damn new and really pretty fresh coming to me and so with this review also to you and you and you, too (at least in case you don't know them by now). THRONES OF DECEIT are for all what I know a young, new, very promising and up and going damn extreme band from Harrisonburg, Virgina, U.S.A. and this here is their very first demo so far that they've released not too long ago this very year totally for free as a official download (the link comes at the end of this review, ah, and btw the picture you see is not really the album cover but just some sort of a bandlogo but after the download includes no artwork and this banner looks pretty cool I decided to put it up here) as well as a CD-R. I've stumbled thanks Facebook upon them and hopefully they will get a proper support (currently you can find them also being featured on the brilliant "THANKS, IT CAME AS A SET" blog on that you as usual should also check out regulary anyway) very soon. The demo is great, or respectively this band is phenomenal, one of the many great new bands out there I discovered this year. They are playing a damn intense, fucking extreme and heavily emotional mixture out of good doses of Sludge Core like EYE HATE GOD and even bigger doses of modern Crust Core like TRAGEDY or HIS HERO IS GONE and also blend it with some heavy loads of pure Hardcore fury and they cultivate it with some totally breath taking NEUROSIS inspired intense heavily slowed done and damn distorting parts. It's all done very well-versed, stand-alone and really rich on variations, delivered by more than 'just' well high skilled musicians that for fuck's sake damn know how to write grapping and interesting songs that will leave you desperatly crying for more. The foundament is a intense and hard and heavy as fuck Crust Core foundament, driven forward by hard, fast, loud, heavy and really intense and atmospheric (just check out the leads) as well as incredible strong raging guitar work, marked by extreme and throaty shouted and screamed lead vocals (totally filled up with expression of emotions, amazing), and backed up by a incredible and amazing massive and totally in time precise and tight ultra heavy and pure force like hard rhythm section (and I love this totally fat and heavy bass), and then there are the Sludge parts totally morbid, sick, twisted and psychotic and drug-influenced (further down the spiral it goes with huge southern discomfort), the mentioned NEUROSIS like ambient atmosphere parts and all made round by the mentioned few loud, fast and furious raging Hardcore parts. If ya ask me, this band here, THRONES OF DECEIT, could become one of the hottest and best 'things' in extreme music for the next years if they've just given the proper and fair chance to do so. The lyrics aren't part of the download but you get them while you are listening to the songs more and more and they are damn extreme, sick and intense shit, thumbs up very high for that, and also the production sound totally knocks and rules, too. So check them out and download this demo (click yourself through to their Facebook site), five awesome songs in all in just 12 minutes and this is also maybe the only weak point of this all anyway. I want more!!! I damn-it need fucking more!!! Great!!! (9 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 22. November 2011


Hey folks, final post for today, and it's a real and true classic (at leat to me), the almighty THE EXPLOITED and their battle anthem and totally over the top hymn and classic "BEAT THE BASTARDS", a real bomb and an awesome larger-than-life monster of an song. So just enjoy it and for now I say until soon and then more or less good night, we'l read us more or less soon again. Cheers!!!


OUTLAW HEROES STANDING - "FOR BLOOD AND OIL" (Far right wing Straight Edge Hardcore from Moscow City released via the D.I.Y. way in 2010)

("D.I.Y."; CD):
This here took me some time, to do the review of it. Normally I don't review MP3-Download stuff unless it has been officially released via this way. Here's the case a little bit different. A friend of mine send me this album as an MP3-Download by E-Mail quite a while ago and for all what I know and also see this here was released as an CD and not as an official MP3-Download and it was for all what I see released by the band itself via the D.I.Y. way and this last year back in 2010. So okay, after I was searching here for quite a while now for the CD without any success I decided to do a review of it anyhow, breaking my above described review rule, because this here is just far too great to let it go unreviewed up here. OUTLAW HEROES STANDING are an Straight Edge Hardcore band with some pretty strong and tough attitude. Something that causes me some foul taste in the mouth is the fact that they've played in Moscow a concert with the german NS Hardcore band of the name of DAILY BROKEN DREAM in 2008 and playing with the german NSHC bands BRAINWASH and MOSHPIT in 2011, but after I know all in all too less about the Hardcore and especially the Straight Edge Hardcore scene in Russia (and the involvement of stupid White Power NS nutjobs in it) and about what they know over there about their more or less counterpart from Germany I won't say anything more about it because I simply don't want to interpret something in this case that's totally a fault or so and so I will spare me every word more about it, but just by looking at different and quite a few sites they are featured among a lot of extreme right wing Hatecore as well as NSHC bands so that there's maybe no room for misinterpretations left and this here are above described nutjobs at work... I don't know it and maybe I also don't care about it that much because after all I don't know it personally for sure (and also I don't speak russian which means that I have not a single clou of what they sing about and in which way they deal with the issues they sing about... but I think- what ever this now may mean- the lyrics are pretty critical and political), so decide for yourself what to do about and with it, hm, but don't forget that this here is at the end of the day still a review on and of music and not (so much) a debate on politics (even this days in Germany for all the stupid appeaser cowards it should have become pretty clear again what the extreme and far right is really about and which role they truly play in a 'capitalistic democracy' like 'ours' over here). Anyhow... But, btw, so if I understood anything wrong or right here just let me know it via a comment, feel free to do so. So okay, enough of the introduction small talking words, here comes the review: OUTLAW HEROES STANDING (what a bandname... will keep it short from now on with just writing OHS) play some really damn cool and just great very tough and strong mosh-ing Beatdown Hardcore that knows really to convince you if you like this style of Hardcore music. What's pretty strong and just cool is the fact that they play it pretty much free of too much metallic influences and instead of this they play it with a pretty strong (sometimes more, sometimes less) Streetpunk impressions in it, that gives it a nice and fresh cool Old School spirit (music-wise), and also they don't forget about necessary melodies instead of just concentrating and focussing on sheer heavyness and force, as well as they know very well how to groove and the very much staccato like done vocals as well as guitars and the rhythm work create a lot of force and pressure also anyhow and this without just rowing a Beatdown part after the another one all and all over and over again. It's done really strong, point and fact. Heavy and forceful, hard and tough, yet melodic and punky and also truly really well-done guitar work, strongly rhythmic accented tough and harsh shouted and spitted for several voices styled lead vocals, and heavy stomping yet not too present rhythm section (so that it is all very strong dominated by the guitars and the vocals) are creating together hand in hand with strong and interesting songwriting with at least some pretty fresh ideas and well-skilled musicians here at work a really great album (if you just take the music, to point it out) that I would recommend to everyone out there searching for some more than just good Beatdown Hardcore (but decide for yourself how to handle this and what to do about their political and ideological utter garbage - and if you don't want to buy it from somewhere just look here to download it for free without supporting NSHC nutjobs). If you like bands like TEARS OF BLOOD (but TOB have nothing in common on the political-ideological side of things with OHS, to point it out) then this will be really something for you. To the lyrics I've told you all what I can somehow possibly tell you about it (read above for it), the artwork is also great done and the heavy and powerful production sound fits perfect to the music. So, that's all from me for now. Decide for yourself what to do about it, the music is great, the rest is a piece of crap, if you ask me and for all what I know. And don't forget: Fuck NSHC!!! (9 of 10 points)
( - Here you get a lot of an overview about the Straight Edge Hardcore scene in Russia, at least visually because if you like me still don't speak russian you won't understand that much so your reading attempts won't lead you far and I also don't got much smarter about it at all, I mean, seeing OHS stuff up there and promotion for NSHC garbage- and it seems like OHS are really a part of this lowlife crap, sad thing, but for a last final sure proof for this just look here and you should know it all, so again, decide for yourself what to do about and with it- you also see a lot of counterpart-like suff, like for example a flyer with a Hardcore Straight Edge Drug Free Grim Reaper slitting the throat of a Sieg heiling stiff arm saluting lowlife piece of shit wearing a shirt of OHS- you find this flyer as an example beneath the backcover of the here reviewed OHS release, so look there, and take it also as a statement to this issues up here: Fuck NSHC, period!!!- and also promotion for the great and also for all what I think to know clearly antifascist- and I think now-a-days sadly enough defunct- WHAT WE FEEL, so yes, tell me more about it and what it all is about, so if you know more then please stop by with dropping me a line or two or three about it, and thanks for that.)

Sonntag, 20. November 2011


Okay, now that's really the final post for today (at least I think currently so, haha;-)...), a nice little video clip of the to me before I saw this clip pretty if not completly unknown Hardcore band BAD LUCK 13 (at least that's what I guess what's their bandname and "RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA" is at least what's the title of this song, I guess so, that's at least what I got from YouTube where I found this stuff, and nah, don't ask me about any concepts or so behind this therefor I know by far too less about them... and hopefully the picture you see above at the left is showing somehow the band because that's a picture I got from Google when I was searching for pictures to BAD LUCK 13 and "RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA", hm, even it seems more like a picture of a Hardcore Underground Wrestling group of "COMBAT ZONE WRESTLING"/"CZW" or so, haha;-)...), and it's some really great Hardcore they do play to us, and it's damn hard, heavy, brutal and mean and angry and pissed off stomping forward breaking your jaw. I think I should get more to know about them and at least an album or so by them. Check it out, it's a great song and clip!!! Btw, like I've written before I start moving some day this week and so beside my chica amante, my family, dog, sports, friends, work, bass playing, my car and so on I have not a single clou how and when I find the necessary time to become acive up here again in the next days and maybe the next one or two weeks or so (so therefor I guess it was maybe pretty good or at least not that bad at all that I was forced to stay at home this weekend because my currently thankfully ''back going'' illness so that I could do quite a bit up here with a lot of free time that needed and wanted to be filled somehow) and so I don't know when finally the next post will be up here again, it can be already tomorrow, but it can also be just friday or so again, we will see. From next month on then I live in my new appartment and there I won't have an own internet access at first and I don't know how long this ''at first'' will finally truly last, just that you know already about it. Then that's it for today, we'll read us again, until then: Cheers!!!



("Crazy Love Records"; CD):
Okay, and still another new post is coming, don't ask why and just accept it;-). THE SILVER SHINE are a band from Hungary that play some very firy mixture out of Punk, Psychobilly, Neo-Rockabilly and just plain and simple Rock & Roll, always full throttle and with a lot of energy and power always going straight ahead. Even this is normally not really that much my favorite kind of music, which means just Psychobilly, I am really happy about the fact that my good friend Ossi pointed me in the direction of THE SILVER SHINE and I can remember our heavy drinking session we had when drank us through loads of Whiskey when I first listened to this band and album. Really good stuff, dominated by the very well-versed an really rich on variations guitar work that showcases also some huge doses of Hardrock and Heavy Metal marks (just listen for example to the larger than life anthemic lead riff of the anthem "DREAMS" and you will know what I mean) as well as some cool Country impressions, pretty exciting stuff that really grabs you by the balls. Then there's a 'savagely' wild raging stand up bass forceful and energic slapped, tight and heavy pounding drums, charismatic hymnal lead vocals and cool snotty additional female lead vocal lines, and they really know how to write hymnal as well as forceful refrain/chorus parts, thumbs up also for that. It's nothing overly new or what so ever, but it's really damn good stuff filled with truly good songwriting and played by skilled musicians. Nice lyrics and a pretty arty and nicely cool artwork as well, and a full production sound. I think for fans of acts like MAD SIN, SHARK SOUP and such stuff THE SILVER SHINE will be a wet dream came true, even they thankfully have a very own identity anyhow. M personal favorite is without a doubt the outstanding "DREAMS". Check them out, damn good stuff. (8 of 10 points)


Okay folks, to let the activities up here for today and so also for this very weekend finally come to an end I will give you some nice little Old School Rock'n'Rollabilly music to relax and enjoy and to let an easy sunday evening start off to refill the tanks for the next upcoming week and its working schedule. And yes, I know, work sucks, haha;-). Nah, serious now again: You now get BILL HALEY AND THE COMETS playing and performing their classic "HOT DOG BUDDY BUDDY" back then in 1956 in "DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK". And it's just damn great!!! No matter if you take the music or the video, if you ask me then one just have to love it. And so, yehp, that's it all for now, for today and so for this very weekend, more again sooner or later the next week, I start moving this now coming next week some day so we will se how and when it all will go on up here (but I think the last two, three days many new posts saw the light of the day for the first time so just search tread through them and maybe then the next new post will be up and ready), time will tell, and until then: Enjoy it!!! And, of course: Cheers!!!


WORLD OF PAIN - "WORLD OF PAIN" (Tough Guy Mosh Beatdown Hardcore from San Diego, U.S.A. on "BEATDOWN HARDWEAR RECORDS" in 2011)

("Beatdown Hardwear Records"; CD):
The sympathic and damn great working german label "BEATDOWN HARDWEAR RECORDS", already home of the phenomenal 2 DIAS DE SANGRE, got another big thing coming, and this band is none other else than the great WORLD OF PAIN from the city of San Diego. I know this band since 2009 or so thanks to MySpace where they are one of my mighty online 'friends' and they convinced me right away from the very start back then. Bully and massive, bulky and heavy, hard and brutal, aggressive and harsh metallic Beatdown Hardcore with some Tough Guy factor in it as well as a huge Mosh potential. Great shouted as well as staccato like into the mic spitted very gruff and grim, mean and angry, brutal and aggressive throaty lead vocals (plus some very good chosen cool guest vocal singer parts on top of it, that also know really good and pretty cool to rap in a very flowing performed way and that makes it all really round and interesting), a totally destructive and devastating if not atomizing massive and full guitar section at work that knows how to deliver grapping bulldozer like styled riffing and also a bunch of great nice little baubles (thumbs up for that, builds up a lot of tension and so also momentum with that), and a all guns out firing rhythm section that knows how to start a bombardement on you from out of your speakers, great crew back ups on top of it, and really strong songwriting, interesting and grapping as fuck, thumbs up, and damn good and highly skilled musicians they are also anyway. I also have their "DEMO 2009" at home here since quite a while (yes, you're right, since 2009, haha;-)...) and even this was already quite an impressive statement this here is just a huge impressive statement of one of a kind. They have what it takes to make out of the today still pretty damn 'hot' and so often totally 'dead-played' style of Betdown Hardcore (and don't forget about the Tough Guy attitude and the Mosh stuff) something really great and they come already pretty close to the almighty 2 DIAS DE SANGRE (even this titans still remain unrivaled in the end yet). If you like 2 DIAS DE SANGRE, GIVE 'EM BLOOD, xTYRANTx, UNIT 731 and other great bands like this then you will also like if not love WORLD OF PAIN without only one single doubt. Really good lyrics, a great artwork and massive production sound on top of it, so don't think twice, go and buy it. Great!!! Also perfect to pump a lot of iron in the gym. (9 of 10 points)


Nice little footage of a surely more 'gimmickly' than anyhow 'truly' serious fight in a Sumo style between the legendary BOB SAPP, the one and only true savage "THE BEAST", and his opponent this time, the 180 cm tall and 180 kg weighing monster BUTTERBEAN, two massive giants storming at each other to throw their opponent out of the Sumo style ring, sheer force and pure power, bulldozer style, so check it out and I can promise you that at least and especially BOB SAPP will be o find in the future more often up here in one way or another, and maybe also the massive monster named BUTTERBEAN you will find some day in the future featured with more up here, we will see as time will tell. And now: FIGHT!!!

(Sumo contest)


Nice and always welcomed news hit me today when I was surfing through the web and riding again on the "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" (the link will follow at the end of this 'News' post as well as links to the Facebook and MySpace sites of FIGHTING 84) wave, and there I've read that the mighty FIGHTING 84 have finished their work on an whole-american Oi! and R.A.C. compilation that carries the title or banner of "THIS IS OUR CULTURE" and it will be released pretty soon and it will officially be up to download for free at the "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog (and there you also find currently a little 'promo video clip' of it all and so on), hm, and I think that also a CD or so as a physical copy of it will be released as well. So check the next days the mentioned blog (as you should check this great blog usually on a regular basis) if you're interested in it and I'm pretty interested in it and really curious and excited about it. That's it and it's damn good to see FIGHTING 84 that active these days. Keep the faith and all the best to Brandon and his F84 crew!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!

PUNISHABLE ACT - "UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT (- DOGS OF HARDCORE)" (Hardcore Godfathers from Berlin, Germany going finally strong again in 2011)

("Punishable Style Records" / "Core Tex Records" / "One Voice Records" / "Spook Records"; MP3-Download):
Yeahr, the champs are back, PUNISHABLE ACT the roughnecked Hardcore silverbacks from Berlin, Germany are back in 2011 with their current release and this one will be released in form of various physical copies (CD's and I would also bet that good old vinyl will be at the starting line, too) by the above mentioned labels in a cooperated working agreement, and it's also released as a official MP3-Download by the band itself for free at their homepage (for all interested the link will as usual follow at the end of this review). I think the last full length album of them was titled "RHYTHM OF DESTRUCTION" or something like this and was released some few years like something like two or three if not four years or so ago. Hm, thinking about it I just can tell ya that it really was and surely still is a really truly good record... but why the fuck I don't have it and why I'm not into it that much I can't tell ya somehow; I always loved PUNISHABLE ACT and their "ANTI-VISION" (2003) masterpiece and their even better "FROM THE HEART TO THE CROWD 1993 - 2006" (2006) gift were and still are and will remain to be sheer classics and masterpieces and beside all the pretty big attention that (also damn good and legendary) german Hardcore acts like the RYKER'S, BRIGHTSIDE and so on got I always felt and thought that PUNISHABLE ACT have been treated not right with standing behind the above respectively current mentioned bands, hm, but anyway, PUNISHABLE ACT are back and still here and they show who really owns the crown when it's about Hardcore in and from Germany. Born and bred in the legendary 1990's tradition of New York Hardcore like MADBALL, SICK OF IT ALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT and the CRO-MAGS as well as great 1990's Eurocore like BACKFIRE!, HARD RESISTANCE, RIGHT DIRECTION and ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS (as well as the SPIDER CREW and BUST THE CHAIN) the roughnecks of Berlin named PUNISHABLE ACT really made their own thing and created their own unique thing of P.A.B.-Hardcore sound and music, all driven by a authentic and steadfast "Unity!" screaming and demanding vision. Authentic and real Hardcore we do get from them, battle-scarred, gladiatorial, and unbroken and unbowed with a lot of pride, honour, trust and respect, dedication and devotion to the music and the message and all it stands for, spitting society and all trendies and weak-hearted right into the eye before and also after crushing their faces. Charismatic and tough, hard and very rhythmic accentuated shouted lead vocals, harsh and just sheer and pure force guitar work full of dynamics and energy and ship loads of power and style, a bitter and angry evil chuggling and bubbling fat and broad energetic and forceful bass playing, and massive and stunning heavy drumming, all is done very well flowing and varying, tight and experienced and well-versed, the interesting and rousing songwriting is totally top notch work and that these guys take no prisoners and damn fucking know how to play their instruemnts right and what to do with them I think I don't really have to point that all out. A big mass of great twists and turns and totally grapping suprises we get as well just listen to the DANZIG like "ALL I WANT" that sounds like DANZIG goes Hardcore, brilliant and damn awesome. Mighty Sing-a-long parts and powerful crew back up chants round it all up, and some good doses Oi! and Punk influences there, some few healthy doses of Metal impressions here, and it all is getting even far better. Hardcore at its very best!!! Period!!! For all of you who really still don't know PUNISHABLE ACT then let me say it this way, if you can imagine a very self-constrained and totally stand-alone mixture out of MADBALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, SPIDER CREW and BACKFIRE! and if this imagination knows to please your gusto then don't think twice but just get this album, and that's a fact, period. Great diverse and authentic as well as sympathic lyrics, a perfect fitting heavy and hard, yet clean (in a positive way) as well as transparent production sound and a really pretty nice artwork (even I totally dislike the coverart and how they in a total stupid and clichè and mostly non-realistic way showcase some of the greatest dogs ever- to say it this way, even it sounds a little bit strange, sorry, but that's due to the fact that I'm not writing in my mother tongue- and it could also be a fucking Gangsta Hop'n'Hip'n'Rap cover artwork, and damn it, but it totally sucks) on top of it all, the totally complete package. And supreme in every sense. This one here really owns all the potential to be up in the top ten of the list of this years releases. So get the download and buy also the album at the record dealer of your choice and trust. Awesome, what you've done here with your new album guys, much respect goes out to Berlin to you. Forever PUNISHABLE ACT!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)

Samstag, 19. November 2011

ROGUES - "GET OUT ALIVE" (***Video***)

Hey folks, so okay, now's really and truly the last post up for today, and on this you can take my word. Now comes a video of an almighty and legendary band, the larger than life ROGUES from Detroit that were an offspring of the legendary ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH and they played a incredible intense and great and still today very damn fucking unique style of Oi!/Streetpunk/Punkrock music, just listen to the phenomenal lead guitar work as only one example to proof this thesis. I could write far more but I won't, because I'm pretty much getting tired and unconcentrated currently and I will also just let the music speak for itself. Last words go out to Bernando of the great "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog where I primarly found this (also damn cool) video. I hope it's okay that I've borrowed it because I want to have it up here by myself as well, haha;-). That's all for now, more some soon time the next days or so. Cheers!!!


VARIOUS ARTISTS - "EXTREME AGGRESSION" (Metalcore, Deathcore, Brutal Death and Modern Metal compilation compiled by "METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE" and "IMPERICON.COM" in 2011)

("Metal Hammer Magazine"/""; CD):
Okay, okay, for a short review up and online here at work again, but this time really for the pretty much last time today. This CD here was respectively is a free garnish CD of the I think so current issue of the "METAL HAMMER MAGAZINE" and compiled and released in cooperation with "IMPERICON.COM". The CD comes in a proper jewel case with a pretty cool done artwork and packed up full with what you might could call with some justification the who's who of the today's Metalcore, Deathcore, Brutal Death and Modern Metal scenery and so everyone should now know what we get here: Brutality, aggression, heavyness, power, force and technically pretty if not very well-versed and more or less multi-layered working bands, and the bands featured on this one here are BRING ME THE HORIZON, PARKWAY DRIVE, SUICIDE SILENCE, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, AS I LAY DYING, WHITECHAPEL, ALL SHALL PERISH, CARNIFEX, ADEPT, LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES, and CALLEJON. My personal favorites are without a doubt CALLEJON (incredible great stuff by this german or at least in german singing band with their over the top weird melodic and yet damn heavy Metalcore that will make you go windmilling intentionally), BRING ME THE HORIZON (the crew back ups and the structure really give it an anthemic Hardcore background that you can't stand, brilliant), AS I LAY DYING (masters, no need to say more), HEAVEN SHALL BURN (great band and their TIAMAT cover of "WHATEVER THAT HURTS" that they give us here is just amazing and brings on top of it a lot of good memories when I think about the originals and the times back then when it was on heavy rotation, and yes, it's phenomenally great done and even coming with fare more might and anthemic qualities than the original one), and the almighty ALL SHALL PERISH (masters, too, no need to say or write more, too). The rest is also really damn good stuff and beside the from my point of view dramatically overhyped WHITECHAPEL and CARNIFEX I can't find any real minus points or weak chapters here on this one. So, what shall I write more, you should know what you get here, ah, btw, just that you know it, this compilation would also stand its ground if you would have to spend money on it to buy and get it. Damn good stuff and good overview over the above mentioned styles and genres, and top production sound values on top of it. (8 of 10 points)


So okay, last post for today, and btw, it sucks to be forced to stay at home because you're ill at a weekend and to spend your time with watching T.V. and writing online while everyone is there "out in the fields", haha;-). So okay, now a nice little 'Videos' posting again, and you get via a clip the awesome hymn "THE COST OF LIVING" by the almighty WISDOM IN CHAINS, one of the very best Hardcore bands around these days. Great lyrics, awesome music, so yes, just enjoy it, no more words left to make here. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!


EMMURE - "SPEAKER OF THE DEAD" (Modern Metal with a Metalcore edge to it on "VICTORY RECORDS" in 2011)

("Victory Records"; CD):
A good friend of mine finally pointed me straight and direct into the direction of EMMURE some few months, one or two or so ago, with playing some songs of them to me and what I listened to knew to please my gusto and so I decided to grab their newest release some soon day and this was the here reviewed "SPEAKER OF THE DEAD" album of them released by the very well-established long-running "VICTORY RECORDS" label this very year and I grabbed it relatively promptly after making this decision to go and grab it and since then I've listened quite a lot to it. If you ask me I would call the music that EMMURE create Modern Metal with a clear and sharp Metalcore edge to it, nothing for oh so elite old school Metalheads or whom or what the fuck else ever who wants ''his'' scene being kept ''clean'', no matter if this scene now is Metal or something Core related to. Combine New School Metal pioneers of SEPULTURA (to their "CHAOS A.D." phase and also their "ROOTS" period) as well as SOULFLY and also KILLINGCULTURE, the LOST SOULS and MACHINE HEAD (to their second album), too, combine it with up-to-date today's stuff like EKTOMORF as well as AS I LAY DYING and UNEARTH (but EMMURE really lack the melody-focussing of AS I LAY DYING and UNEARTH), mix it all through with silverbacked roughnecked tough and metallic Beatdown Hardcore and Metalcore like SWORN ENEMY and maybe CATARACT, then give some 1990's heavy Crossover music background to it, cultivate it all with a lot of electronical and 'samplered' and also scatching suprises and twists and turns, focus(s) strong especially and first and foremost on ultra-heavy, über-hard and highly destructive and devastating Grooves and Beatdown Parts in mid pace and also in down paced style with damn good and highly varying lead vocals (from Death Metal like grunts to some sort of nearly rapped spoken words passages), and then you know what EMMURE are about. The atmosphere is pretty sinister and dark and also damn intense, yet nicely free of any clichès that you might anticipate when you think about Metal music with such trademarks as the above mentioned ones. The foundament truly is the really über-heavy/über-hard guitar work as well as the above mentioned suprises and the outstanding lead-vocal work, the incredible weighty an harsh working rhythm section is giving it all the necessary beefy and bulky backbone and is placing and pointing every pound and every beat and every down (you know, betadowns...) exactly and perfectly in time and place. It's all done damn well-versed and if EMMURE would just work (sometimes far) more variations in it all (maybe especially when it's about the structure work and the rhythm architecture as well as the pace of their songs, because so at some moments you catch yourself thinking that it's all good and fine but despise the sheer heavyness and harshness and the tight atmosphere it gets from time to time pretty boring) the rating would be even a bit if not far better. Anyhow, if you can imagine out of the above mentioned influences a creation that pleases your gusto if you're searching damn hard and ultra heavy music to headbang as well as windmill to you should go and buy this album anyhow damn soon if you still don't have it, and anyhow you can easily and calmly risk an ear or two on it. Good and somehow nicely varying lyrics, a cool artwork and a fat, broad and heavy production sound on top of it all. Next time more over the top songs like "A VOICE FROM BELOW", "CHILDREN OF THE CYBERTRON", "DRUG DEALERS FRIEND", "MY NAME IS THANOS" and "CRIES OF CREDO", and stay away from utter garbage like "LIGHTS BRING SALVATION" and I will be pleasent even more. Good stuff for sure anhyow already, point and fact. (7 of 10 points)

Some general words about style, music, subculture and politics up here; and: CASPER (feat. GMC) - "VERFLOSSENE LIEBE" (***Video***)

Hey folks, now something a litle bit different, a incredibe great song coming to you by a 'Videos' post and this time I will give ya some german Rap/Hip-Hop music; beside some maybe necessary, maybe important, maybe both words in general up here. Back to the topic and the issue with Rap/Hip Hop music: Now I can see some guys out there thinking "WTF?" and maybe I loose all possible street-credibility now in their eyes, pfff, but who cares: I mean, after I got "attacked" (uh-uh-uh) and "defamed" (uh-uh-uh, too) over the last months up here about how I could dare to label this an Oi! blog and write about Oi! when I was just writing and posting R.A.C. and White Power Rock on the one side and Hardcore on the other side and- now comes the major mistake of them all- adding to all this that I would be looking just like a Hip Hop freak I should maybe be sent into an concentration camp for doing this blasphemy up here, and so it was maybe about time to do this here anyway soon...?!? Before the deportation commando comes knocking with jackboots on my door. Haha;-)!!! Oh, I'm very soory that I and my look don't fit into 'your' oh so necessary-to-live stereotypes to judge by and that I spoiled ''your'' clean music with me sub-human-guy looking like a weak Hip Hop guy writing about your tough Oi! music, I'm very sorry about it... and especially I feel sorry for you... get a life and start to complain about and work on real issues. Btw, that the critizism came form the so called or better self proclaimed ''political'' left you may already could think by yourself.
What a bunch of crap!
But some words to set it all straight about it before we come to the song and the clip; so here we go:
1.) Never written that this would be an Oi! blog anyhow or that I would (still today) be a Skinhead or WTF else ever. For more than a decade or something like this I was a Skinhead with my skin and shaved off hair and I was totally in it, but in 2009 I decided to say: "Fuck it all and FTW and especially fuck you all anyway!!!" Fed up with profane things like shaving my head one or two times a week clean and all the bullshit going on from the bitter bullshit that's called ''politics'' in this scene (as far as the Nazi boneheads are lower than sub when it's about humanity the so called and/or self-proclaimed left became over the last ten years or so also to nothing else than the bad and ridiculous joke that they are today and how we all can see them acting these days) and also fed up with this whole pseudo-'elitist(s)' subculture and scene crap I left it and decided to say a last goodbye to it, but still keeping what it all meant to me and still means true and dear to my heart and took with me what I need to live (music, attitude, message, pride, respect, etc. pp. how I understood it and what it meant to me, as it is always a very personal thing even the scene and style police will never admit or even get this) and then that's it. Don't get anything wrong: I love Oi! and it's still damn important for me (even this year was from my point of view a pretty weak year when it's about Oi! or Skinhead music beside Hardcore in general, but that's just my personal perception), but then that's it. And I've never said or written anything else, just that this is a blog featuring 'just' all the music I'm into, that I love and that's giving something to me, breathing life from a level of art into my excistence, no matter if this is now Hardcore, Oi!, Streetpunk, Punkrock, Metal, Rock & Roll, Country, Rockabilly, Folk music, Industrial, etc. pp. or maybe (don't know, maybe...) Trance or like in this case Rap/Hip Hop music. (Ah, and ICE-T as well as FORT MINOR are already featured up here anyhow for quite a while now.) So get used to it and if you're not able to get used to it then don't read the entries that feature music you can't deal with or stop reading this blog anyhow. That's it!!! Read the very first post ever up here and then you should know about the deal up here anyhow anyway. If you're searching for what-subculture/scene/music-ever-exclusive-blog this here is and always was and will remain to be the wrong place for you to search, period!!!
2.) Okay, in Germany we have a pretty weird discussion going on filled up with lies, defamation, hate, violence, bullshit-talking, hustle, witch-hunting, etc. pp. about what's Oi! and what's not, where Oi! ends and R.A.C. starts and goes over into White Power NS Rock music. Pfff, back into the 1990's, so it seems. The far right is back going strong, like in society in general, disguised and cloaked under a mist of pseudo-politically incorrect "you-should-be-allowed-to-say-this"-mentality, if you're not a total nutjob you should know about the deal; the left is totally running at least mentally and virtually total amok about it and everyone who's not totally and exactly on the same page as them is for them in their perception just a Nazi asshole or what ever... This is all so lame and so dumb (but not an Skinhead/(Street-)Punk/Oi! exclusive thing, look- for example- only at Metal and the state its in today) and so dull; nah, I'm glad that I'm totally out of it, taking care about my life, working to get up again and standing tall some day, living and working and struggling for my love, faith, trust, family, friends and doing it as hard and as good as I only possible can do, that's far more important than your bullshit and ridiculous and so unimportant scene and politics bullshit anyway; all of you, no matter if left or right, should get better a real life and taking care of real issues. Politics? I still care about it and I'm still pretty active, but not in the sense you and your bullshit scene is thinking about it. When it's about Nazis as well as the AFA I still spit both in the eye these days when it's necessary to do so. Wars come and go, but my soldiers stand forever... Manslaughter - Thug-Life!!! Ah, and back to the topic, I still think that all the bands that are meant when I got ''attacked'' (again: uh-uh-uh) because posting only R.A.C. if not White Power music instead of Oi! music are nothing else than Oi! and the bands that are up here that are R.A.C. (or maybe even 'more' than this) I've always labeled in the reviews as R.A.C. or wtf else ever; and that Hardcore is very strong present up here, haha, shall I really say or write sorry for or because of it;-)?!? Really, haha;-)... It's all so ridiculous and again I came to realize that my decision in 2009 was totally the right one. Anyway: Keep the faith and forever and ever Oi! Oi! Oi!, having a laugh and having a say!!!
3.) I'm very sorry that I'm looking like a Hip Hop fan/freak... but, damn it, you got me, don't know what I could write more about it... I mean this is SO incredible ridiculous and dumb that it's still shaking my whole body with laughter when I think about it, haha!!! Great!!! Sorry, but this is something that nearly forbids by itself every word more about or to it, ''attacked'' and ''defamed'' by this kind of thinking, haha: It tells everything and all and this on every level about the guys who think and talk so, and it tells and knows nothing about me and so it forbids by itself every single word more. Or are we still just only totally stupid dumb fourteen years old kids... At least: Not me.
So, that's it, with some general thoughts and words up here that had been maybe finally necessary and important and I'm very sorry (again: I hope you got all of the irony) for it all, again... If anyone wants to comment this, fell free to do so in which way ever, but don't expect any response, I've said all what there is to say about it and with being thirty years old by now I saw a lot and came a long way from my working class background and heritage (and so many thanks to my parents for all that they've done for me to help and support me, respect, honour and love forever: Viva la raza!!!) to where I stand today and I really grew out of the kindergarden long ago, so that's it.
And now finally directly onwards to the video:
It's a non-official ad not by me done video (so don't ask me who the fuck the at the end of this clip mentioned Anni is) of the incredible strong, powerful and great anthem "VERFLOSSENE LIEBE" (a love that's died is called in german so) by the awesome german Rap/Hip Hop artist CASPER (here feat. a guy named GMC - hm, isn't this an U.S.-american automobile brand, I think the "A-TEAM" van was one of these') and it's musically (the beat totally rules, the piano samples are brilliant, the rap is great, the flow is phenomenal, the rhythm totally rocks and the power totally strikes) as well as lyrically (it somehow totally fits damn good to what I came to realize finally lately over the last months and beside this personal meaning the words are also just damn strong) just total awesome stuff and I really need more of this soon, so I think I will go and buy his current album the next week or so, we will see. So long, anyhow, maybe you enjoy it at least a little bit or maybe you enjoy it somehow as much as I enjoy it, I'm totally in it!!! That I'm really heavily into some Rap/Hip Hop, yes, that's something that I maybe should say sorry for... Haha, nah, never, haha;-), and it's also pretty easy, it's music based heavily on a great bass and full beat and rhythm, so what could ya ask more for when it's about first elementary judges about good music?!? Exactly, nothing!!! More soon or so, and then that's it for now and again: Sorry guys, if this isn't anyhow exclusive about your subculture/scene/music but honestly I couldn't care less, there's far more in and to life than this social and mental microcosm you're all about. Ah, and maybe see it so: A Hip Hop guy is finally not posting Oi! and not even Hardcore but nothing else than Hip Hop, so he's not contaminating ''your' clean scene anymore with this post and so you can all sleep calm and save... Mission accomplished or how they say... ;-) Cheers, and all the best, your dear (Manslaughter-) Andy!!!


IRON CURTAIN - "DEMO 2011" (London D.I.Y. Straight Edge Hardcore on the attack in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Pretty new young (for all what I know) Hardcore band from London, U.K. sworn and dedicated to the 'X' here with their this year's demo release. For all what I know they've also released since then a 7'' and here's their debut demo release coming to us via an officially by the band itself done MP3-Download (don't know if any physical copies- which format ever- had been or are around as well - btw, the donwload link you will find as usual at the end of this very review). I've stumbled upon them once again thanks to the "THANKS, IT CAME AS A SET" blog and its brilliant work ( and I didn't know them before. We get five songs in total by them, all more or less with a length ca. between one minute and hardly two minutes at all, more or less, like I've already said before. This band is a mean and angry, hard and battle-scarred Straight Edge Hardcore bastard filled with fast and harsh and incredible hard and tight beating guitar work, throaty and pissed off and bitter 'screamingly' shouted lead vocals, a bulldozer platoon like precise and tight and bulky beefy rhythm section, and packed up full with fast speed as well as tons of heavyness weighting grooves and mosh parts, all done pretty much Old School styled, yet damn fresh and heartfilled alive-lively, so that every boring retro shit is being left out alone in the cold. Imagine YOUTH OF TODAY mixed with BOLD and some JUDGE and all done really heavy and damn hard as well as pissed off (so add some KNUCKLEDUST like heavyness and authentic and so sympathic battle-scarred attitude to it) and then you should have a pretty good picture of what IRON CURTAIN are all about. Nothing new anyhow, but something truly good and fresh, and that's all what matters in the end. Roughnecked silverback Straight Edge Hardcore on a rampage-mission, crowned by harsh no-fancy lyrics, a fantastic old tyme artwork and a rough and raw, yet damn heavy production sound. Next time around give us just more and maybe some at least a little bit longer songs so that the totally destructive mosh parts can do their mighty work even better and the high speed outbursts are even more eruptive. Anyway, now damn fucking check it out, or better get it anyhow as soon as possible, period. (8 of 10 points)


Hey folks now comes a live video clip of a once great and very promising band that's now-a-days sadly enough defunct for childish bullshit reasons some certain memebers came up with that I won't comment up here, not here, not now. A band from Goslar Rock City that used to arise of the ashes of THE POPTONES (nice mixture out of Mod Rock, Brit Pop and 1977 Punkrock) and that played a great kind of unique Rock & Roll music witha good modern touch and a lot of other influences. They really held all the opportunities to probably coming off big. Sad story!!! There was also a promising interview with them in the work this summer before they called it a day, hm, anyway, I think you can imagine where and why it's gone... Anyway, time will tell how it goes on, I hope that Julian (former singer of THE WRECKED ENGINES) will have some better luck to reach his aims and goals with his new band (currently still 'nameless' yet - and mate, I'm damn curious about it and make sure you'll be around again soon, some brews are waiting to be knocked down by us, ah, and also all the best for your new position as a phototgrapher and anyone interested in his photowork should check out his "THE WAY OF THE PIXEL" site), and as well as Julian I wish also all the best for their upcoming bands and projects (and maybe Halber will finally kick off some nice Old School Oi! Punk project, come on chummer, I'm waiting for it). Now you get THE WRECKED ENGINES live on stage playing their great Rock & Roll Outlaw anthem "LOSE, LOSE, LOSE", a real bomb it was!!! Enjoy it!!! Cheers!!!


Check 'em out with the following links:
Check out Julians work at:

Freitag, 18. November 2011

COURTSHIPS - "THE FERAL SOUND OR THE WHOLE ART OF COURTSHIPS" (Metallic Hardcore unleashes the pure Chaos in 2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Still damn ill but who cares, so I do some stuff up here and with 'some stuff' I mean this, the review of the new and I think so debut album of COURTSHIPS from Suffolk, VA. It's a little bit pity but maybe it's just me not catching it all today correctly due to my current ill constitution or maybe it's just that the almighty Google gods aren't that almighty at all or let me astray and made some fun out of me but I found no really further going informations about this guys and their album here. I just read that there shall be also a LP version out of it beside this by the band for free officially to download uploaded MP3-Download version but I found no informations about it, so don't ask me for example which label put it out or something like that. So I have to stick with this download and the download link I will give you as you know it at the end of this review, it's a Bandcamp page and the link to their Facebook site you will then also find there at the end of this review. So, okay, now to this very album here and now: It's a damn good year when it's about Hardcore (no matter which specific style or particular subgenre of it) and also COURTSHIPS are a perfect proof for this thesis and perception. They do deliver us nine tracks in twenty-nine minutes at all of progressive, damn high skilled (technically as well as when it's about the songwriting), chaotic (in every possible positive sense of it) and metallic Hardcore like it was born and bred by masters like CONVERGE and also BOTCH mixed up with some doses of stuff that remind me somehow heavily of acts like TORCHBEARER and it all comes with a (but only very, very small) Post-what-the-fuck-ever-Core feeling on top of it and cultivated with a good rockin' approach as well, pushing the boundaries forth and ahead. Awesome charismatic and emotional screamed lead vocals, amazing damn fucking well-versed and incredible multi-layered guitar work that's covering a wide, wide broad distance from noisy escapades to metallic runs over rockin' riffs and nice PANTERA styled larger than life groove moments and totally downpaced atomizers to sheer forceful Hardcore chords, a exactly timed and very present and damn tight working rhythm section, and all is crowned by damn grapping and interesting songwriting that shows what a band can do if just the focus is set right to create something really great and gifted. That you get exciting and suprising and excellent changes of pace, rhythm and structure non stop should be already clear by now, just to underline it. I can't really tell ya more what they are doing I just can hope that you are able to draw yourself a as exact as possible picture of what they are about based on this review and you have to know this band and album, point a fact. I'm totally into this and if it all would be in some moments just a little bit more flowing they would get the crown but also so they are already set to conquer the throne and this maybe already some pretty soon day we will see. To the lyrics I can't tell you that much and so I won't tell you anything about it before I talk crap about it, we get also a brilliant production sound as well as a phenomenal (cover) artwork to make it all round. Last words to point it out what there's left to say about COURTSHIPS and their album: Great!!! Get it!!! (9 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

STRAY CATS - "CROSS OF LOVE" (***Video***)

Hey folks, today or tonight just a little 'Videos' post for you, for more I don't have the time and also to be honest not the right motivation as well as I'm somehow rapidly became ill and I'm just aimed at bringing my working week tomorrow to a correct end and then going into the weekend and hopefully getting well again. A lot of good and maybe also some not so good at all records are still in the waiting line to be reviewed up here, from AGNOSTIC FRONT, the DROPKICK MURPHYS, STALKER, the BROILERS, JUNGLE TIGERS, FREI.WILD, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, IN FLAMES, CALVIN RUSSELL, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, RISE AGAINST, STRIBORG and SCURSHAHOR, PUNISHABLE ACT, COURTSHIPS, BRIAN SETZER, EMURE, OUTLAW HEROES STANDING, THE SILVER SHINE and compilaions like the "BUMMER SUMMER" by the HARDCORE COLLECTIVE and "THE R.A.S.H. UNITED ARMY - VOLUME III" by "MUSICA DELLA CALLE", and the reviews will be coming up over the next weeks (and I think so still this very year for sure). Beside this also finally the STARS & STRIPES tribute history post will be up still this year, as well as tributes to the current and new MISTER OLYMPIA 2011, PHIL HEATH, and one of his most promising rivals over the next years, KAI GREENE, are in the work as well as there is at least I hope so still the first and I think so only interview 2011 in the work with the almighty 2 DIAS DE SANGRE coming at us and hopefully it will happen and this hopefully pretty soon. And so before this totally becomes to a 'News' respectively a 'General Informations' post to the clip that is now coming for ya: (Neo-) Rockabilly at its very best and one of my total favorite bands, the almighty STRAY CATS, and they play live in 1990 their furious firy anthem "CROSS OF LOVE" and this is just awesome stuff so check it out and fucking enjoy it!!! That's it for now, yehp, and so now finally back to my T.V. (broadcasting "TRADING PLACES", one of the damn best if not the best movie of all time ever... you see, my favorite one) and relaxing and eating medicine like other chocolates all for the higher good. Cheers!!!