Sonntag, 27. November 2011


Awesome!!! Don't ask me why the bloody fuck ever this almighty silverbacks weren't featured up here before, I don't know it... I'm talking (or writing) about the (as mentioned) almighty, legendary, amazing and sheer larger-than-life SLAPSHOT from Boston, MA. I love this band (their music, their lyrics, their attitude, their message, their style), listening to them now since, uh, maybe 1995 or so (I don't remember it correctly, damn it, but something like this) and they play a totally unique Hardcore music, defining pretty much still today what Boston Hardcore really is all about (or should be), still putting Boston back on the map. Could talk (or write) far more but instead of doing so I will let them and their music do the talking by themselves. We now get their furious firy anthem "OLD TYME HARDCORE" (the name is a statement, and a statement of one of a kind, for sure), played by them live on stage during a concert of some "Eastpak Resistance Tour" in the past. Enjoy it and mosh fucking hard!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!


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