Freitag, 11. November 2011

GIANT - "DEMO 2011" (Old School Hardcore from Oslo in 2011)

GIANT - "DEMO 2011"
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download & Tape):
Okay, 2011 is a truly pretty good year for Hardcore if ya ask me, especially the D.I.Y. scenery worldwide is coming off pretty strong and here's another (not at least to me totally) new band and this time from straight out of Oslo, Norwegian Hardcore or Oslo Hardore so ya may can say. (Thanks to Facebook this time, because there I stumbled upon them.) Anyhow, haha;-). This one was for all what I know released as a old schoolish Demo tape as well as a up to date free download by the band itself uploaded on their bandcamp page (and all done not so terrible long ago in this very year) - where you can get it for free and as usual I will give ya all the link at the end of this review. (And, btw, I call just the MP3-Download my own.) I think this time I can keep it surely pretty short: At all we get about four songs ("CHOOSE THE WRENCH/GYM RATZ", "DO THE RIGHT THING", "INTRO/DOUCHE CHILLS" and "ME AND MY FRIENDS") in about six minutes and we get really Old School Hardcore of the New York Hardcore style and if ya love WARZONE (how could ya not?) you will also like GIANT, trust me, combine it with some early SHELTER (especially the lead vocals are bringing this comparision to my mind), some YOUTH OF TODAY and also PROJECT X reminiscences and you will get a good image of what they are doing here. (But don't ask me if GIANT are an Straight Edge Hardcore band or not.) The six minutes are filled with fast and sharp, dirty and cutting guitars (that offer beside sheer power and force also some very nice melodic suprises), charismatic and pretty clean and clear lead vocals, fast and precise drum playing, and a heavy and present bass, nice ideas and good structures when it's about the songwriting and also a great and very sympathic attitude, filled with a very positive spirit and a don't-take-it-all-including-yourself-not-all-the-time-so-damn-serious attitude. The wheel isn't invented new by GIANT and also they could work it all a little bit more out and also create even stronger an own identity, anyhow, but what they already do here is a very damn good thing and they do it all already very well and really good and so don't think anyhow twice if you're into the above mentioned bands and just get the demo and support this good and sympathic band of the name of GIANT if you call yourself Hardcore, period. Ah, great "Jordan Air" artwork, all the good lyrics (included with the download) and a very good recording/production sound on top of it all. Good stuff, for sure!!! (Btw, seems like the tape version of this demo is or was released at least in cooperation with the "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT" label, for all what I think I've seen, just that you know it.) (7 of 10 points)

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