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Last post for today/tonight and also for this very month, and I'll keep it short this time due to several different reasons, even the band that's now coming would really deserve some words more, but anyhow, I'm not Santa Claus... Okay, now the great and just brutal punishing SUPERJOINT RITUAL (with the awesome Phil Anselmo in their rows/ranks) are aimed at ya, damn great pretty stand-alone music/sound somewhere between EYE HATE GOD and PANTERA beside some other Core (Sludge Core and Hard Core) and Metal stuff. Check them out via this clip here if you don't know about them, and if you know about them then check this video clip here and now anyhow anyway. That's it from me for now, more soon with the next/new month coming finally up to embrace us all...


Mr. Floppy about addiction, 'Hollywood' stars in general, Michael 'jigging off his wife' Douglas and his 'sex-addiction' in particular, and the responsibilty of getting pregnant and becoming parents...

Hey folks,
now another 'new' and 'little' posting of the sort of thepretty well-known 'Videos' category sort of posting things, yehp, and this time it's finally the greatest who's back, the wise and smart and charismatic open-minded godfather of tolerance and political correctness, no one else than MR. FLOPPY!!! His giving us another great free speach (this time about the in the headline of this post mentioned topics) and it's just incredible great!!! I loved and still love this sitcom/show and especially this damn bunny, haha;-)!!! Enjoy it, here it comes!!!

MR. FLOPPY about addictions and responsibiliy...

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Old School Hardcore roughneck-veterans from the continent 'Down Under'!!!

Hey folks, now you get again a little 'Videos' posting and also some few informations about what's currently going on with this all up here (maybe we can call it some 'General Informations', too). I know, this month isn't (or wasn't) that active and 'weighty' like the last two ones that kicked off this year (with only some record reviews and a big bunch of new videos that had been posted here by me this month) but it's all about the work. I'm very, very happy that I'm in work again since the first of this very month (after being the first two months of this year- at least officially- unemployed) and it's some hard work (back to the Working-Class life for quite a while from now on) and it is eating pretty much of my time away and the pretty 'rare-grown' free time I try more to spend with my girlfriend when-ever and also as much as it's somehow possible and while the week-days are pretty much filled with work I try to fill especially my (or our) weekends with her to spend some real quality time, and beside this I'm also very happy that my injured shoulder is finally more than okay again and so I'm also doing a lot of Sports finally again (I'm very happy about it), and beside this there are also my family, my dog, and also my friends and to all of them I'm trying to give as much of my free time as possible and so I'm really not all too often online, being not workin' that much up here these days. The next month will surely become a little bit 'stronger' again (at least I really do hope so) with the DOC. MARTEN tribute (hi)story for the 'American Oi! History Series' (it's done, just have o translate it) and also some good and interesting 'Sports' suprises I'v got pretty much worked out for you (after I'm very glad to see that especially the DENNIS WOLF post very quick became such a 'audience-magnet' up here, that's really great to see, and THANX very much to all of you out there) and you can be pretty curious about it. Over the next month this all and hopefully also some stuff more will finally see the light of the day (surely new reviews of- new and old- records, and also of some movies and of some zines again, and there's still a gig report waiting to be written down by me), btw I decided also to start finally workin' on some new interviews over the next one or two weeks, I'll tell you more about it when there's more I can tell you all about it, watch out (but keep in mind that it will take some time). What's great to see is that latest from December 2010 on and especially over the last and this month the 'audience-attendance-ratings' up here are really going through all possible thinkable roofs (I hope you know what I mean, it's a 'common german saying' and I don't know if it's workin' out in english), and for this goes out again a really, really big THANX to everyone and all of you out there!!! Also to all my 'blogger-comrades' that linked my blog on their blogs/sites/pages: THANX a lot guys!!! So, and now finally onward to this 'Videos' post;-)... You now get a very cool and just great video clip of the stand-alone amazing Hardcore band TOE TO TOE from Australia, one of the longest running bands in the subcultural world of Hardcore, Oi!, and Punkrock from Down Under, and also one of the very, very best from there (and if you keep in mind that over the last years more or less truly only great bands came across the borders and oceans from there this is really a statement that means a lot), and so I hope that you will enjoy this clip, song and band as much as I do it, that's some really great WARZONE, SLAPSHOT, etc. pp. inspired Old School Hardcore with a very very strong own identity to make it all round, and so just and enjoy it and dance hard or die!!! Play it loud, motherf****r!!!


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Goslar Black Metal invading the throne in the light of darkness...

Here you now get something maybe a little bit controversial (once again one might think...), this time you get some Black Metal finally up here (I think that's pretty much for the first time that Black Metal is to be found up here...) and while some may think that fact, the fact that you now get Black Metal up here, would be controversial or something like this, nah, I love Black Metal music(k), it's the band, VARGULF, that's controversial. They were from Goslar (I don't think they are active anyhow anymore) and at least some members of VARGULF back then (Goslar was and is pretty small so you know 'them all' respectively so we know 'us all'...) grew more and more heavy into this radical and extreme whole retarded White Power and NS scene and should also play in acts like SCHUTZSTAFFEL (/SS) and other crap WP/NS bands and so also VARGULF soon and quick became labeled as a NSBM band, and their intense contacts to bullshit german NSBM bands (like for example FROST - respectively THE TRUE FROST...) made nothing better at the end. I don't know if VARGULF ever had been a NSBM band or not, I really don't know about it, just to judge by the lyrics and the artworks of their records I would say no, it's just satanic Black Metal stuff the very Old School Norway way of sound and style and especially also the old BURZUM should have been a pretty important influence on and for them. (Ha, BURZUM, things get even more clear might some of you now think...) Anyhow, like I've already said, I wouldn't label them a NSBM band even some of the members were (and are) it definitely, but for all what I know they had never done any NS, etc. pp. crap song and they've also never used svastikas or anything like this for the artworks of their releases (talking at least about all the stuff I know from them), yehp, and so I wouldn't label them as NSBM even some of you might think different about it. But how-ever, it's maybe also once again all not so important at all at the end of the day. (Even it was and maybe still is a pretty important 'thing' in some certain 'Metal circles' here from Goslar and so on...) You now get a little 'Videos' posting that gives you a little video clip of the VARGULF track "IN THE LIGHT OF DARKNESS", and it's (I tink) from their second full length album "INVADING THE THRONE" (a great album of pretty fine Black Metal), it's great Old School Black Metal, evil (oh-oh-oh) and satanic (even more oh-oh-oh) stuff so better say your prayers before you listen to it;-). Hopefully you will enjoy it, hell yeahr, from time to time I still really pretty much enjoy a good healthy dose of some good ol' Black Metal, and so that is also here the case with VARGULF, no matter if some of you out there now may like it or not, point and fact!!!


(old) Bandpicture
(Isn't Black Metal some frightening stuff or what;-)?!?)

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On a FLIGHT 666 with some dirty rotten $MONEYMAKER$ called MEASUREMENT JOHNNY, like a WILDOG, like MR. FUNKY, you better STAY AWAY FROM MY HONEY, it's now BADGE AWAY, it's about winning this DEVIL RACE...

("People Like You Records"; CD):
The next one of my definitely low price and hopefully high quality old or 'older' "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" label releases I bought in a package more or less recently and I'm now about to introduce to you. This time it's the "EIGHT SPEED IMPROVED TRACKS - EP" titled CD EP of THE SPITTS and what I have to say first is that this was released some years too early (back then in 2001), because if it would have been released from some time from 2005 on with this whole Punkabilly, Drunkabilly, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Surfabilly, What-so-ever-Billy hype and trend and the (even more) retarded 'masses' that follow this trend and cheer to every cheap fart out of the 'Billy' genre it would or at least could have been a pretty top seller or something like this. Anyhow... THE SPITTS (never knew them before this one here, hm, and to be honst I also only know this one here) used to play (and maybe they use to still play it) what you can easily call Punkabilly, taking Punk'n'Roll and mixing it with what's today announced to make it all a What-so-ever-Billy stuff release: Speed, very roots oriented guitar riffing, reduced drum beats, über-sweet 'poppy' and catchy refrain and in general lead vocal arrangements, and fast paced more or less (and here more less and less more) 'slapped' bass work, and et voila here you have it: Punkabilly!!! Combine Punkrock with Scandinavian Guter Rock'n'Roll, fingerpointing Stadium Rock qualities, lots of classical Rock & Roll impressions, and a huge dose of catchyness and melody, and also here and there some good doses of modern (Psycho-) Billy musick (think about MAD SIN and maybe also the NEKROMANTIX,  most clearly to hear when you listen especially to "DEVIL RACE") and you get a pretty good idea of what these guys from Sverige used to do here on this one. What is great is that they use a Contrabass only (!) at one (!) song, the already mentioned "DEVIL RACE", and that they otherwise use to play with a real (!) bass (!) guitar (!), and also it's pretty cool that the guitars do really rock and that they dominate with a lot of ideas as well as power and force the songs and music, and I mean that the guitars REALLY ROCK, and that also the lead vocals are in no way any kind of a cheap wasted on a drink ELVIS PRESLEY clone and pretty 'punky' instead of it. Especially the fast and truly rockin' guitar work caught me by suprise right from the start. And they also managed to write some really impressive anthems ("$MONEYMAKER$", "WILDDOG", "STAY AWAY FROM MY HONEY", "FLIGHT 666"), really catchy shit!!! All is coming with some pretty 'funny' (but NOT dumb) lyrics (not printed but easy to understand while you listen to the songs), with a great sunny party feeling to it that will leave you thirsty for more, and all in a nice artwork with some obscure-funny 'Gore' and 'Horror' aesthetics mixed up with some weird-nice 'Gangsta' attitude to it, and all in a cool and very good, clear or clean (but not too clean) and also really pretty heavy, production sound. That the energy level is more than 'just' (very) high should be clear for everyone used to this kind of music, as well as that it all is filled up with dynamic and speed and power as fuck, and yehp, that's really some pretty cool stuff!!! Nothing groundbreaking and hell not nothing anyhow lifechanging, but who cares, as long as it's at least some really good and damn cool musical affair like it surely is here, hm, and that's at the end of the day sometimes even much more important, point and fact. The band is for what I know still active today, relasing records and playing live, so check also their 'newer' material out if you're interested in that kind of musick (as described above in this review here) and try to grab a copy of this little album here and don't look too much just after or at the price, because in the world of Punk'n'Roll, Punkabilly and What-so-ever-Billy (especially this retarded circus clichè garbage it uses to be today) this one here stands its ground, tall and proud, and is worth every second of your life you choose to give to it with listening to it and it's also worth every little cent you're maybe about to pay for it. Pretty cool and really good stuff!!! (8 of 10 points)


("People Like You Records"; CD):
Here's the next one, after the reviews of THE BLACK HALOS, DAMNATION, and MANTARAY-K.D. records this one here is the next review of a (this time really pretty) old "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" release that I got with the already mentioned and reviewed (beside some other) records, and you can still get it and this normally for a very low price and after a lot of you guys out there seem to not know about NUCLEUS (from NYC) and I also by myself didn't knew them before I thought that it would be a nice move of me to give ya something about them and then decide for yourself if you want to get this record that was primarly released back then in 2000. This record is a four track CD EP that was recorded in the legendary "RAT PISS STUDIOS" in Brooklyn, NYC and this by no one else than BIOHAZARD's Billy Graziadei and Danny Schuler. But no, some Hardcore music you don't get here. A look at the cover maybe tells ya already something, a weird combination of a bandpicture showing the guys in the band in some strange old school Psychedelic Rock pose (some would maybe also talk about some Hippie aesthetics, haha;-)...), combined with a patriotic touch of the Red, White and Blue, and latest when you take a look also at the backcover you also get aware of some pretty rough'n'tough Biker (Rock) aesthetic. And yehp, if that had been your impression by looking at the artwork then you had been putting yourself into the correct department. NUCLEUS played a mixture out of very heavy, hard and intense Stoner Rock (with deep roots in classic traditional 1970's Psychedelic Rock music), some good old BLACK SABBATH inspired classickal Doom Metal influences, Old School 1970's Classic Rock stuff, and a strong Biker Rock touch, full of roughness and toughness, and here and there you get also aware of some few 1990's influences of heavy Grunge music in the tradition of ALICE IN CHAINS. Ah, and I forgot to say that also some CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (just listen to the groove'n'riff-work of NUCLEUS) found its way into the music of NUCLEUS. Yehp, what now may seem a little bit weird is nothing else than a damn good describtion of the music of NUCLEUS, and it should make ya hungry for them because they do it all in a nearly more than 'only' damn great way!!! The guitar playing is ultra-tight and über-heavy, droning as well as (especially) rocking like hell, brilliant riff and solo work, great job, the rhythm section also is a tight and sheer forceful and heavy great done more than only a very, very well-versed affair, and the charismatic, strong and full, 'smoky' and 'throaty' lead vocals really give the music and the songs it's crown. And don't forget about the great groove work and the brilliant and damn flowing changes in pace and mood (of the songs) and also somehow style of the songs. These guys played their instruments just great, and their songwriting was even far way better, point and fact!!! We get four songs at all in something around ca. 15 minutes, and the only real problem is plain and simple that this just isn't anyhow enough!!! My two personal favorites are the strong rockin' machine "OUTLAW" (FTW, hell yeahr, baby!!!) and the noisy and incredible grapping  and 'doomy' hit "BOULDER BREATH", both songs really shine!!! "TOUCH", the opener, does it also too, to shine!!! Maybe the most 'pure' or 'true' and most and heaviest droning Stoner Rock smasher, yehp, and it's just a damn great song!!! The more or less bandhymn, "NUCLEUS", is the weakest and in general the only somehow 'weaker' track on this one here (even it's definitely NOT a anyhow really weak track), but it's still really and truly one pretty good song, no doubt about it!!! The artwork looks really cool and is pretty... hm... let us call it somehow different... good done so that it gives ya a good impression of what NUCLEUS did here. The production sound is phenomenal and the lyrics (even they aren't printed, sadly enough) are some great Underdog style, thumbs up!!! So, all in all, if above described music is something pretty interesting for you (how could it not?!?) and if ya still don't know about NUCLEUS and/or this release here just get known to it, better yesterday than today..., then don't think twice and just go and get and buy it, asap!!! This was and still is one of the damn much very, very best STONER ROCK stuff that you just should get known to and then get it like all the rest of your deluxe Stoner Rock department... Ah, and: Try everything to go and still get this one here, better asap!!! (9 of 10 points)
(I'm very sorry, but I've found nothing like a homepage or a MySpace site of the band and also nothing else- beside some very few other reviews of this their record reviewed already here- so that you've to stay with my words here. Maybe I'll post one or two video clips of them in the-near- future, we'll see as time will tell.)

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Hey folks, my dear readers!!!

Last post for today, after some (or not some but just two...) pretty long record reviews you now get at the end of this day just some short words and a nice little video clip, yehp, that's it for today and so here's coming finally a 'Videos' category sort of post for you at this day, too. A damn important band for me, but I've writen this all and even some stuff more before because you already got a 'Videos' post to pay my honour and tribute to them this very year (I think back then in January) and I'm talking about no one else than the Skateboard Hadcore Legends SUICIDAL TENDENCIES from California. A pretty old song you now get via ('a-not-so-really-real') little video, and this song is their incredible great anthem "JOIN THE ARMY", and it's the title track of their brilliant second full length album, "JOIN THE ARMY", released back then in 1987. Great song by a fantastic band with cool lyrics and legendary and just damn pure gold great music(k), so yes, enjoy it and then for now I wish ya all a god night this very night called 'tonight'... More here to come pretty soon, we read us!!! Skate or die!!! Cheers & Oi!


ROAD ZOMBIE riding lonely thru the dark night like a DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH while CALIFORNIA desperatly cries the MACHINE GUN BLUES, while in BAKERSFIELD they use to be STILL ALIVE, and the ALONE AND FORSAKEN try everything to finally understand the WRITING ON THE WALL...

("Epitaph Records"; CD):
This was (and still is) a hard one for me... Since back then in 1996 I saw the almighty SOCIAL DISTORTION live I am a huge, huge fan on this outstanding band. Their record "WHITE LIGHT, WHITE HEAT, WHITE TRASH" is even today one of the best albums that had ever been recorded and released in the history of music (not even 'just' Punkrock or Rock & Roll music) and it's still totally larger-than-life and 'unbeaten' and 'unrivalved' today. It was the first SOCIAL DISTORTION album that I used to call my own. Then came the phenomenal "LIVE AT THE ROXY" live album of them, one of the very best live recordings ever, and after this for years nothing new used to come out and I worked myself deep into their earlier releases, fell in love with every single damn fucking one of them. When "SEX, LOVE AND ROCK'N'ROLL" finally came out the world used to shine in a whole new 'brighter' light, it hell sure not beaten or only rivalved the "WHITE LIGHT, WHITE HEAT, WHITE TRASH" masterpiece but it anyhow set the standards new. And then, after again far too many years without any new SOCIAL DISTORTION material being released, at the beginning of 2011 the new album finally was released, "HARD TIMES AND NURSEY RHYMES" (via the legendary "EPITAPH RECORDS" label). I already received it a week before it was officially released (thanks to my dear ressource out there that wants to stay anonymous... Thanks a lot!!!) and this was some time over the first days of January 2011... and now we have pretty much something like maybe the final days of March 2011 and even today I don't really know what to write anyhow here about this record. I talked some time like one-and-a-half-month-or-so-ago at a concert with Renee ("All Hail, my dear friend!!!") and Julian (Also to you: "All Hail, my dear friend!!!") about it... and listened to it since then again and again and again and again... uncountable times I've listened to it since I received it at the very beginning of this very year here and now... And still I feel uncomfortable with writing finally down this review... Like you all now may already understood is that I can't beat the feeling that this record is just somehow not really 'enough'!!! It's not something like a dissapointment or something like this, no, no, no, it's just not 'enough', it leaves me unsatisfied, it not keeps me satisfied, it's like a heartless relation to a phenomenal woman you may would call a true bomb but she's giving you somehow nothing, you know you should be lucky and satisfied and all but you just only know that you are nothing like this, you just feel somehow left 'empty' and when-ever you may get to her, see her, 'take' her you really don't feel comfortable and there's also no real 'kick' in it and then when you have to leave her again you feeling somehow bad and sad because you know that this can't be everything and that this relation should and also could hold so much more for you (and her) in store like it really does but then you feel also lucky that you can leave her and be without her and on your own again, knowing that this all is damn close to being nothing you're left unsatisfied and only feel somehow 'empty' but you also can't let loose, can't let her go and leave her because you know that there is waiting somewhere somehow much more with her for you (and her) and so you give it again and again and again another try and a 'always-new' round always more or less with the same outcome and you find yourself somehow stucked in a pretty vicious circle where you don't find or only see some way out... That's maybe a pretty abstract and 'metaphorical' describtion but it really describes pretty good how I feel with this album. SOCIAL DISTORTION have grown up, but that already over an decade or so ago, and today they somehow became old, somehow old and tired. Don't know, maybe today you shouldn't talk about SOCIAL DISTORTION as a proper band but more of MIKE NESS and some musicians (and friends) playing together with him, but that's not so important after all. The Punkrock is pretty much completly gone, today SOCIAL DISTORTION do play a mixture out of classical storytelling American Rock music, some few good old Rock & Roll impressions, some few Country influences, a huge dose of Blues and also Soul, as well as a lot of Singer-Songwriter marks, and only very few Punkrock notes to it. Combine the 'old'/'older' SOCIAL DISTORTION with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, JOE STRUMMER, JOHNNY CASH and loads of Blues and Soul and also some (melancholical) Rock & Roll and you pretty much know about the "HARD TIMES AND NURSEY RHYMES". It's done great just looking at the skills of the musicians, no matter if it comes to playing their instruments or to writing songs, especially the guitar playing (riffs, leads, solos) and the brilliant lead vocals of MIKE NESS really shine, and the pretty often to be recognized hammond (?) organ is also just great, and not to forget about the 'soulish' (pretty often female) back up vocals, and that the very, very well-versed and diverse rhythm section is also just a great 'thing', and this all without only one single doubt about it. The problem is that this record is really lacking a lot of power and also somehow 'emotional-diversity', it's all too much the one and only single mood all the time, and as much as I love SOCIAL DITORTION and MIKE NESS I really just have to admit that when I want to listen to some BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (and I want this very, very often, you might can say daily) then I still listen to the unbeaten and unbeatable original one, 'The Boss' himself, because even SOCIAL DISTORTION and MIKE NESS can't beat BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN even they try their best and fail like only true champions can and do fail in the end. And there's also this other problem with this album that I described above in and with the 'relation-metaphor' (or at least I tried to describe it with it) and that I can't really describe better. I really feel that this is a great (and even more) album but somehow I just can't find an entry to this potential or maybe this album can't find an entry to me and so we live 'alone-together' (to return to the metaphor for the last time again) being left unsatisfied with each other and with that what we two together have... Without a single doubt this here is a damn good album, but and even it could be so much more... What's still phenomenal is the storytelling ability of MIKE NESS and the great diverse and multi-layered Underdog lyrics he do write. Also the production sound- very warm, earthy and dirty- is just great, and the artwork looks phenomenal good. Anyhow... Best songs are for sure "MACHINE GUN BLUES", "CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" (also some great ZZ-TOP influences, as well as a lot of good old Rhythm'n'Blues marks to be recognized in this one), "BAKERSFIELD", "ALONE AND FORSAKEN", and "STILL ALIVE", these songs really shine, point and fact. Okay... Maybe your relationship with this album won't be a somehow heartless one like the relation that this album and I do have (as described above one or two times), so just go out and check it... even I think everyone of you out there interested in it already calls it his/her own... Maybe I should take a break from this 'relation' for a while and maybe then I'll try it later again, if we two then can still agree on/to each other... (8 of 10 points)


("Hostile Class Productions"; CD):
Okay, first of all: If you read my blog regulary and from the beginning on then you probably know about the problems I used to have with this very band here, BRASSIC from L.A., SoCal. Reading in interviews about being against SHARP and stuff like this, pfff, I don't give a fuck about it at the end of the day. I mean, I'm against Bonehead faggot scum and subhuman lowlife garbage of this kind, but I don't think that it is so important at all at the end of the day. Reading that old school Britain R.A.C. (SKREWDRIVER, BRUTAL ATTACK, etc.) as well as early American R.A.C. (ARRESTING OFFICERS, etc.) are important influences for them, whooaaa, good and important and necessary music stays good and important and necessary music even the message it carries is some total dull crap (and this counts for both sides of the fence). But then reading that the "stiff-arm-salute" (...) is a well-known sight at BRASSIC concerts (especially in their hometown area) and that the band cheers to it and reading then all this 'culture' and 'heritage' stuff and that they use to play- for all what I've heard- with bands out of the WP/NS Haterock scene of the U.S.A. really turned my meaning about BRASSIC around and set an end to my interest in BRASSIC. Later I've read some other interviews that set some things straight and so I decided to choose a more diverse kind of a meaning about them and slowly also my interest in them came alive again. Even a foul taste remained and still remains. Now here's their debut album (after two D.I.Y. demo releases) that was announced to be released via the german (at least) White Pride record label "Oi! AIN'T RED RECORDS" based in the german city of Hildesheim a little bit more than a half-hour away from here I live (btw, yehp, that's right, Oi! ain't red but it also ain't a thing of or for the black shirts and/or the brown jackets, you stupid bastards) but that didn't come true (thank the mighty Buddha for that), and now it's released via the (to me pretty unknown) "HOSTILE CLASS PRODUCTIONS" label. And I have to say, that a lot of the stuff that gave me such a foul taste is back here again. It seems totally like a not-outspoken and cowardly hidden White Pride/White Power band, all this talking about culture (and mixed up culture that would be the root of all evil, etc. pp.) and stuff like this in lyrics that somehow desperatly demand 'race' instead of 'culture', 'xenophobia' instead of 'heritage', and 'hate' instead of 'pride', and really scream for that are really some strange and bitter affair, just read the lyrics to the opener "INFESTATION" and you'll know what I mean. (Note: The lyrics aren't outspoken racist or fascist or anything like this, but there's a shady feeling and a foul taste that's left after it.) Doing a cover of the (btw also lyrically damn good) anti-alien-attack anthem "EVIL HAS LANDED" of the ARRESTING OFFICERS then also seems like a statement of the proof of believe sort of things. Ah, and to dedicate this album (beside other guys that passed away) to the WP activist and piss-poor-and-dumb coward Dieter Samoy of KILL BABY, KILL that used to end his oh so supreme white existence last year (or so) by his own hands when facing a prison sentence because of the beating (with a deadly result) of an african immigrant (that died later due to the beating and its consequences) is also just a total jackass affair, dumb and disgusting (like good old boy Dieter), but if ya want to know more about my opinion about it just read the entry about it here on this very blog. But then there are also songs and lyrics like "VOICE OF FREEDOM" that speak a somehow pretty different language. Also a lot of good guys out there pointed out that BRASSIC are just a right wing Oi! band (coming out of a- that's how it seems- very left wing Skinhead scene in SoCal) and in no way a WP/NS Rock garbage band and to be just right wing is more than only okay (at least to me, but a lot of guys out there see this a little bit different today, especially over here in damn fucked up Germany, a nation full of cowards and appeasers and U.N. assfuckers- from the left to the right and vice verca, pffff, I don't give a fuck about 'my' land and the society that's polluting it so much and rotting it down to the core), maybe comparable to STORMWATCH and COMBAT READY. So I don't know, maybe it's also just me with having my problem that I just can't really see thru it all, haha;-), but anyhow I'll leave it up to you what you're now about to do. (Hm, maybe I should request to do an interview with them by myself to finally seethru it?!? Worth every single damn word they definitely would be!!!) And, btw, don't get me wrong, I just wanted to point that out, my 'strange feeling about it' and nothing else, and even BRASSIC would be a WP band, ha, you know I would have done the review of this one here anyhow, hehe;-). So, okay, now finally (after more than enough introduction words) straight onward to and into this record review, hell yeahr, so here we go again: I always hated to read that BRASSIC would sound oh so 'unamerican' for an American Oi! band... and you know what, ha, now I have to write it by myself, damn it, haha;-). This is pretty much old school Britain Skinhead Rock & Roll with some strong early R.A.C. feeling to it, old SKREWDRIVER mixed up with some old BRUTAL ATTACK, here and there some few old tyme American Oi!/R.A.C. influences, yehp, and all done very fresh and exciting and in no fucking goddamn way 'retro', yes, truly cool stuff. Fast paced and good flowing and 'clinging' guitar work, a very forceful and present bass playing, tight as fuck drumming, and powerful and brutal sung 'smoky' and 'thirsty' vocals. The guys know how to play pretty well (thumbs up for that) and also they know how to work out their songs really good and pretty exciting as well as also pretty grapping, to say it short and precise: They know how to play their instruments and how to write songs, point and fact. I just miss here and there some more power and force (espcially the guitars could use some more heavyness and just sheer brutality and aggression) as well as here and there some more suprises or anyhing like this, some more changes in rhythm and pace of the songs for exxxample because from some point of this album on the songs sound pretty 'equal' when you listen to them in a row. I mean, you may can say it so: It works all damn good if ya look at each song with a 'single view', but over the distance of the full length the sound of BRASSIC could really use some fresh ups here and there. It's all not too annoying but something they should really take care of the next time, to compile a album with some different flavor here and there. Do a little bit something suprising the next time, damn it, you guys do own all the abilities to do so, you show it already here and now, so just work it out!!! That's all what blocks a better rating for the "VOICE OF FREEDOM" here. So, if pretty british sounding old school (but not 'retro') Skinhead Rock & Roll with a strong R.A.C. flavor is something for you (how could it be not?!?), if you like bands like SKREWDRIVER and BRUTAL ATTACK minus the (at least) outspoken WP message behind it, played by a strong and well-versed band from the States tha also know(s) how to do damn fuckin' great Sing-A-Long Refrains that really saw their way thru your ears into your head marking your brain for along, long time then you should give BRASSIC really a good round to try them out, and you know what, I promise ya that it will be worth your time and effort. On top of it some, hm, 'interesting' lyrics (somtimes 'shady', if not maybe even more, but often good and true), a great dirty and powerful production sound, a great artwork, and two cool cover songs ("EVIL HAS LANDED" of the ARRESTING OFFICERS and "FUCK L.A." of LONESOLDIER) and even both versions can't rival the original ones BRASSIC still did a damn good job with both songs. So, that are all the facs you need to know about this one here. And, to say it again short and precise: This here is NOT a anyhow WP/NS Rock record and/or band, above described 'strange feeling' is for what I do know now really nothing more than this, a 'strange feeling' I somehow can't really get rid off at all, so just don't do too much interpretations with and/or in it and don't judge about BRASSIC and don't label them because of this described 'strange feeling' of me that's also nothing more than my personal feeling. Judge them by their music, and by what they say and do (at least here on this album), and by nothing else!!! And if I got a total wrong impression than just contact me, I'm regulary 'here' doing some stuff on this blog so that here's no 'Anonymous' virtual warrior running his mouth about real people, nah, sure not!!! And to bring this record review now finally to its overdue end: Check them out (at least this), because for what they've done here they really do deserve it!!! I hope for more and even better stuff of them to come soon!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)
And now, if all works out like it should, you also get two videos of BRASSIC, two times live in action on stage, playing their Skinhead anthem "WARRIORS" and also the larger-than-life ARRESTING OFFICERS classic "DISORDERLY CONDUCT", and both times they just do great, so just enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!



Montag, 21. März 2011

The STRAY CATS live in 1981 @ the german WDR "Rockpalast" playing, performing their larger-than-life classic "STORM THE EMBASSY"

Hey folks, I'll keep it really short this time and here and now (even the band that's now coming would deserve a treatment much different than this, but there will some day coming more about them), I'm fucking tired and will now go to bed pretty soon, but now you get a great old live clip of one of my all-time-faves, the almighty STRAY CATS, playing one of my total favorites of them, their incredible larger-than-life classic anthem "STORM THE EMBASSY". Amazing and outstanding band and song, also with awesome lyrics (I will maybe do a special solely post on this topic in the future or maybe I will just add them soon the next days to this post here, time will tell, let yourself be suprised) and a very special spirit that's not so typical for Every-kind-of-Billy-music, but, hey, it was (/is) also a very special and gifted band (and also a great live version - just listen to the breathtaking guitar solo). And all of ya out there who know think "Rockabilly?!? WTF is going on with the good old Manslaughter?!?" - calm down, this all Billy stuff still isn't and will never become 'my music at all', but anyhow the STRAY CATS are just a brilliant and phenomenal and nearly everything else outshining band, I really love them (as well as also the solo works of BRIAN SETZER respectively THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA and also LEE ROCKER are damn great and brilliant stuff, no doubt about it), hell yeahr, and this song was played and performed live- really live, no playback crap- back then in 1981 at the so called "Rockpalast" (was and still is a german live Rock music show on the public german TV channel WDR), and yes, that's all, just enjoy it and then sleep well, dream even better and a good night to all of ya outta there. Read more soon!!! Cheers & Oi!


Sonntag, 20. März 2011


("People Like You Records"; CD):
And here's another already a little bit older "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" release, this time even from 2001. Again also this CD I got some months ago for a very low price and after for what I know it's still around out there to be bought by you I thought that a review of it won't hurt anybody anyhow. The band was totally unknown to me and don't ask me anything about them, just own and know about this album here. So, okay, enough of the small talk, first point: They steal in a ridiculius way the opening riff of the larger-than-life THERAPY? classic "NOWHERE" for their song "HIGH TIMES" what gives them no single point in my book (violating such a great riff and song like the original one)... but okay, that's just one for the record. We get some heavy and massive 'Balls-Out-!!!' Hard Rock/Rock-&-Roll music by these guys from somewhere in Scandinavia(?). Two fisted guitar work pumping a lot of heavy riffing as well as some nice leads and some cool solos up and out, all backed up by a massive beating and brutal cracking drum playing as well as some heavy nice snarling bass work, and all coming with some snotty and dirty typical Rock & Roll lead vocals. All done somehow metallic and pretty heavy, but also with a huge party spirit to it. The songwriting isn't really that grapping at all, too long guitar solo parts in nearly every song and also pretty much the same pace and rhythm structures of the songs (you get pretty good aware of it when you're listening to the drumming), and this whole oh so cool Party Rock & Roll feeling/spirit/attitude is also somehow annoying me, so that it is maybe not really a huge problem that the album is just something around twenty-one minutes long. But all isn't also that bad, because the vocals are mostly pretty good stuff and due to the metallic or Metal influences at least the level of heavyness and power is quite a good one so that the energy and force of the songs often helps to lift the standard of the listening-pleasuer quite a bit (or at least somehow a little bit) on a somehow solid level. If you can imagine a mixture out of MOTÖRHEAD, 1990's Scandinavian Gutter Rock & Roll (GLUECIFER, THE BACKYARD BABIES, THE HELLACOPTERS, etc. pp.), some angry and noisy American Redneck Punk'n'Roll (remember THE HOOKERS), and on top of it some Thrash Metal influences (like the german legends of SODOM bred it) then you know pretty good what MANTARAY-K.D. did here on this one. Best songs are definitely the three more unique and pretty fresh songs "SATURDAY NIGHT" (strong STATUS QUO impressions, how-ever this may came to happen, just listen to the guitar riffing and the stoic boogy'n'rockin'-and-rollin' rhythm of the song, and also the solo sounds great, to be located somewhere between Country and, right, STATUS QUO), "TEENAGE LOVE" (the opening riff reminds me pretty much of COCK SPARRERs "RUNNING RIOT", haha;-), while the rest displays again some pretty strange but also pretty cool STATUS QUO influences), and the incredible good Old School Thrash Metal anthem "NIGHTMARE" that sounds like SODOM could have done this song in their "BETTER OFF DEAD" period and just forgot to put in on the record, just great, and also some MOTÖRHEAD influences are again pretty present in this song. The other five songs sound pretty much quite the same or equal (if you know what I want to say) and are a little bit too much stereotypical Big Balls Rock & Roll clichè stuff of the most ridiculous kind and style, even songs like "MISS STRIPTEASE" or "X-GIRLFRIEND" do show us some good potential, without a single doubt. The lyrics are some childish and ridiculous bullshit crap, full of bitches, whores, and sluts, as well as alcohol (ab-)use, and doing drugs, so yes, all typical clichès (?) that you may expect from a title like "RED LIGHT DISTRICT" you will find here. Nothing special (hell no)- even not back then in the days when it was released- and maybe this is already all what there is to say to the music and the lyrics, but the production sound is damn great stuff, even the artwork looks a little bit strange nd childish (displaying striptease and porno women in some lesbian action dressed in devil doll clothes... no comment) after all and looks also really pretty cheap, but okay, anyhow;-). You maybe don't need to have it anyhow, trust me, even some very, very few songs rule (the three above mentioned ones) and some do at least showcase soe potential, hm, and that's it all for now. Don't know of any other releases of MANTARAY-K.D. and what they've done before or after releasing this one here, but it's also not such a huge lack in my knowledge when it comes to music. If you're heavily into this all (let us call it again) boozing Big Balls out Hard'n'Heavy metallic Party Rock & Roll from the gutters of Scandinavia (?)- ain't that a great music- and genre describtion or what;-)?!?- and you don't know this band and record then ya should maybe finally give it some sort of a fair try, hm, if not (which means if you're not heavily into the described music), nah, then don't waste your time on this one here there's far better stuff out there to listen to... (5 of 10 points)
(I was yesterday night damn fuckin' tired and the heavy head injury I incured Friday at work and resulted in a damn fuckin' strong and also annoying cerebral concussion did also their best that the review yesterday night resulted in the end in some 'strange writing' and in a too high rating of this record, so don't wonder why I worked it over a little bit this Sunday morning.)

Samstag, 19. März 2011


("People Like You Records" / "Evil One Music"; CD):
This is also a already pretty old record (released back then in 2003 by the german "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" label, hm, somehow in cooperation with the- to me totally unknown- "EVIL ONE MUSIC" label), but just some months ago I got it (never heard anything of the band before) and also for a very low price (together with- beside some other records- the THE BLACK HALOS record I reviewed some days ago). First listened to it, yehp, and without a second thought I decided that this is some fuckin' cool stuff. I always loved Horrorpunk and especially the MISFITY really have always been one of my favorites out there, and what shall I say, also DAMNATION are a great Horrorpunk band influenced by the godfathers of this musical style, no one else than the MISFITS. But unlike a lot of the bands today they really didn't copy the legends (even the influences are quite clear to hear), and also they keep their musick basically totally free of any Metal stuff (thank the gods for that), yeahr, and any kind of What-so-ever-Billy influences you will also not find here (thank the gods for that even more). Horrorpunk like the MISFITS is the concrete but DAMNATION also work with some great Melodic Punk/Core influences, some Dark Gothic Rock (remember DANZIG) impressions, as wel as also some pretty few dirty'n'sick Rock & Roll notes to it (think of THE HOOKERS), hell yeahr, and then you have the music and style of DAMNATION. All dominated by the strong and rich on variations and also damn charismatic and theatralic (in a very positive way) lead vocals, the great "Ohhh-Ohhh-Ohhh" back up chants, as well as the very fast paced and tight, heavy and hard, yet meldoic and sharp guitar work (also the solos and leads are really cool and damn good stuff), and the heavy bass playing and the commanding drum stomp-rhythm really give it all the necessary power and force behind it. It's really damn fucking good stuff. Problems are just the shocking weak tracks "SHUT THE HELL UP!", "FORMALDEHYDE", and "R.I.P.", as well as the sadly enough in general far too short running time (just around twenty-two minutes), if that minus' wouldn't be around in this context they would get also a far better rating then they already get so anyhow. The lyrics are really some damn cool stuff (perfect Horrorpunk stuff), the artwork looks really just great, the production sound fits perfect and the two bonus live songs are some nice bonus stuff (includng also a pretty cool THE SUBHUMANS cover version, namely "KILLING"), even the recording-sound of this ntwo songs isn't really that good anyway. Best songs are definitely the opener and über-anthem "FUEL INJECTED PRIEST", the pretty weird "GARBAGE TRUCK", their band- and scene-hymn "CA. DEMONS", as well as the two smasher songs "66613" and "BLOODJUNKIES". So, yes, if you still don't have it and you're in love with some pretty 'occult' and 'satanic' music and especially Punk(rock), and even more especially if Horrorpunk is your favorite choice then don't think twice and give it at least a fair try with one or two good rounds, hm, or maybe get in anyhow anyway asap. Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)


Hey folks, next up is some fine Hardcore Punk from Germany, the mighty RAWSIDE are aimed at ya and they bring with them their über-anthem "TEARS OF YESTERDAY". It's my personal favorite of them and they are (or at least were) a fucking damn great band. I love especially their legendary "STAATSGEWALT" full length album (their second output) and this one is probably one of the few very, very best albums and releases in general in the history of Punk to ever come out of Germany!!! Short an precise: You need to own it anyway!!! Also their debut and especially their brilliant tribute 7'' EP to the legends of VORKRIEGSJUGEND (/VKJ) are great stuff that you should also call your own, too. Their last two full length albums ("OUTLAW" and their more or less brandnew output of the title of ... - I don't know it anyway, haha;-)...) didn't really convinced me and 'to go shopping' with the AFA and to adopt and preach and practise and propagate this whole "If-you're-not-with-us-you're-against-us-and-this-means-you-must-be-a-damn-fucking-retarded-Nazi!!!" mentality and attitude of this self-proclaimed left and antifascist politically correct AFA scumbag scene also don't gives 'em to many points in my book today (btw, maybe this whole bands and guys in this camp should think one or two times about the fact that despise their oh so strong antifascist left-wing message uncountable- young- Nazis and Fascists of today love to listen to the music and lyrics of 'their bands', whihm also includes a band like RAWSIDE... maybe because it's totally the same mentality, attitude, and also somehow the same 'world-view'), hm, but all of this changes nothing when it comes to their first two full length albums and the mentioned 7'' EP, and especially "STAATSGEWALT" is nothing but a masterpiece, and also especially "TEARS OF YESTERDAY" is some damn stand-alone high quality Hardcore Punk anthem that knows not about too many potential rivals out there. So damn it, check it out!!!You get the song in a pretty cool live version (even the vocals lack some expression and emotion and power), played live in (I think) 2007 (?) in Germany live on stage on the at the "BATTLE OF THE SOUTH" festival, just that you know also about this hard facts of this pretty nice little video clip that's now coming for ya. So, yehp, like I've already said, now just you enjoy the clip and all and everything will be pretty fine;-).


Dienstag, 15. März 2011


("People Like You Records"; CD):
Here you now get a review of the second (?) full length album of this (for what I think to know) Canadian Punkrock band, THE BLACK HALOS (from Vancouver in British Columbia (?) up and over there in Canada), and this album was released back then in 2005 via the german "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" label and is or at least was some months (uh, I think 'some many' months) back (in 2010) sold for very low prices. That was the time, place and reason how I got it, trying it out, and what shall I say, this album is really some good and very strong rockin' and rollin' Punkrock that knows how to defend and stand its ground. (And it would have been worth even a full price, if you know what I want to say.) Hard but melodic and very relaxed good rockin' PunkROCK music, energy and big doses of some chilled laid-back mentality are combined here very good, all delivered to us with a lot of heart and soul and passion. The mood changes pretty good, dark and melancholic tracks change rapidly with some battle song stuff just to be replaced soon by some chilled as well as rockin' songs, and so they manage it to step away from some boredom stuff that would take this record down. The guitar work is really strong and it's markin' the songs heavily, no matter if ya take the riffing work (that dictates the rhythm as well as the mood of the songs in a very strong way), the truly cool and damn good guitar solos or the great lead guitar work, it's really some great stuff. The rhythm section is heavy and precise at work, and the changes of and in the rhythm structures are pretty quick and tight and btw also some really pretty cool stuff. Then there are the lead vocals, some snotty and somehow partly more spoken and whispered (in a 'smoky' way) done and 'sung' then what you may would call some 'classical' singing stuff. The vocals are a truly love or hate thing, at least that's what I guess, because I think you have not only get used to it but you have to fall in love with them if not you will pretty much hate them. But anyhow, I somehow really fell in love with them, hm, and maybe that's all what matters here at the end of all days, haha;-). Here and there we get also nice suprises, like a piano or some cool distorted voices chanting the back ups and some other stuff like this. Ah, and don't forget about the pretty cool band back ups. Problems of and with this record is just the fact that sometimes they go a little bit too chilled-relaxed and also here and there too much Rock or Rock & Roll, I would really love to hear and see them stay more in the Punk or Punkrock department. Hm, but I think they called themselves Punkrock & Roll and so I guess that things have to sound this way. And anyway that's just my personal problem... If ya like the BACKYARD BABIES as well as SOCIAL DISTORTION and also THE HELLACOPTERS, all mixed up with some Glam Punk stuff (think, for example, of the german band SECOND DISTRICT) and also some few 1977 old school Punkrock marks then you will also more than just like this canadian originals that, sadly enough, are history today (for already some years now). So, yes, a really good record of a really good band that you should check out if you don't know or own it and especially if ya can locate your personal gusto in music (at least also) somewhere between the above mentioned bands and styles. Ah, and don't let yourself be fooled by the bandpictures, this here is no THE 69 EYES like Gothic Rock copy, haha;-). (Even I really like THE 69 EYES anyhow.) Check out "THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND", "ALIVE WITHOUT CONTROL", "DARKEST CORNERS", "I NEED TO KNOW" and the fantastic "BURNING TRASH" if ya want to know how great this band used to be in its/their strongest moments. All is coming with good lyrics, in a great artwork and a damn good production sound, just that you also know about this 'hard' facts. Really good stuff!!! (8 of 10 points)
Now two videos of them should be coming for ya, "THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND" and "DARKEST CORNERS", so check them out and hopefully you will enjoy them and it will make your decision easier if you go and buy and grab it or not, so open up your eyes and ears right now...



Montag, 14. März 2011


Here comes a (very little) video clip of the German Punk band POPPERKLOPPER fr you. I usually don't listen to German Punk (read Deutsch Punk) and beside some very few exceptions I've never done so, it's just not my style, my music, my attitude, my '(sub-)culture' anyhow and never was it and never ever will be. But some very few bands I have to admit I like pretty much from all across the German Punk roster... but normally POPPERKLOPPER never was one of these bands, and still today they aren't it. But in 2004 they released some sort of a cooperation album called "NO COMPROMISE" together with PATTI PATTEX (of the semi-legendary Punkrock band SCATTERGUN) and this record really was some good stuff. (Sure nothing anyhow really desperatly necessary and definitely nothing anyhow groundbreaking or even lifechanging, nah, sure not, but anyhow some really and truly good stuff, back then as well as also still even today.) Not over all the distance (hell no) of the full length but it really called some very strong moments (read songs) its very own and so it was a album I decided to buy and so I did and (to be honest) even it never became anyhow some sort of a dear favorite of mine or something like this I always used to listen with some pleasure to it and I never thought that buying it was a mistake. Good (more by the Punkrock spirit of the U.K. than by this of Germany inspired) angry and noisy Punkrock music combined with politically charged rebellious (pretty radical left wing) lyrics (some good points they make while some total crap they also use to preach here and there and don't let us discuss some total non-sense bullshit they used to propagate here and there like- for example- their ridiculous and totally stupid Ant-Americanism and some other stuff like this), and all with a battle-scarred and authentic (like it or not) attitude to and reputation behind it. So here now you get a video clip of my favorite one (lyrically and musically) of the mentioned record, "UNDERWATER", great pretty charismatic Punkrock music and great Way of Life Punkrock Underdog lyrics with the potential to give ya strength and lift ya up when you listen to it when you're down and out on the ground on the cold concrete. So, yehp, that's all for now, just enjoy the clip and the song, I like it very, very much, hm, and maybe you will like them anyhow some-how, too. Really some good stuff!!! Point and fact!!!


POUND FOR POUND we all will find our freedom BEYOND THE PALE and so we're all forever DOWN FOR THE CAUSE...

Tonight I've got some videos packed up ready for you, and here now come three videos of the almighty and outstanding and legendary PRO-PAIN from New York City and they present here three outshining great anthems, to name "POUND FOR POUND", "BEYOND THE PALE", and "DOWN FOR THE CAUSE", hell yeahr, and so you now get three times one of the very, very best and (especially for me) most important NYHC (and Hardcore and music-in-general) bands of all times ever, PRO-PAIN!!! "POUND FOR POUND" is taken from their full length debut album "FOUL TASTE OF FREEDOM", and it's a great song (hard stomping and brutal grooving Metal influenced NYHC of the early 1990's and in the typical PRO-PAIN way of sound and style), and it's also a pretty cool and funny video clip full of that typical from the late 1980's into the early 1990's imported style and aesthetics (that today only make ya shake ya head). Damn it, still a great and stand-alone anthem, point ad fact!!! Then comes "BEYOND THE PALE" taken from their phenomenal and fantastic "AGE OF TYRANNY - THE TENTH CRUSADE" album from 2007, and it's a strong by Metal influenced heavily metallic NYHC beast and you really hear how much they've improved and developed over the passed 17 years from their debut album on. This is one of my favorites of them, and it's incredible how tight and strong and intense the atmosphere of this song is. Amazing!!! "POUND FOR POUND" and "DOWN FOR THE CAUSE" are (for what I do know) the official clips of the songs, just "BEYOND THE PALE" is some 'inofficial affair' but still a nice little video clip. Last song (and video) is then "DOWN FOR THE CAUSE", a crushing devastating song that you find on their (pretty often overlooked and underrated) 2002 regular full length album release "SHREDS OF DIGNITY", and it's one hell of a monster of a song of atomizing metallic and 'groovy' NYHC musick in that typical brutal beating and mercyless stomping PRO-PAIN tradition of music, sound, style and attitude. Fantastic!!! Hopefully you will enjoy the songs and the clips and this very little (but at least second) 'Videos' tribute post to honour and pay tribute to this unique and phenomenal band, the almighty and immortal and (at least for me) larger-than-life PRO-PAIN!!! Btw, also lyrically PRO-PAIN leave absoultely no questions unanswered, point and fact.




Sonntag, 13. März 2011


Good evening and soon good night my dear readers (damn it, it was a great day, hell yeahr, and so like you've maybe all already anticipated can I be pretty 'calmly' really friendly to ya;-)...), next, second and last post for today (or tonight). I've already posted the review of the "CREATE OR DIE" album of the WHISKEY REBELS and now you get a pretty cool live video of the title track of this record, "CREATE OR DIE", to watch and to listen to, and this is really one hell of an anthem, I love it, lyrically (damn great stuff) as well as first and foremost musically, so hopefully you'll just enjoy it (and it's also a damn cool live performance and live video clip). Outshining and just great and pure gold Streetpunk from the States, 100% authentic and amazing stuff!!! Enjoy it!!! And for now, yehp, ya all know what's now coming, I wish ya a good night and I will leave and go to bed, work is calling again louder and louder all the time and as usual tomorrow always comes a day to soon. Cheers & Oi!


PS: Do yourself the favor and check out the (as usual) stand-alone "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog out (, because Bernando is currently doing a great history-discography series of the stand-alone phenomenal and legendary WARZONE, the NYHC godfathers, and you really shouldn't miss it!!! Btw, don't get me wrong, you should also check out the blog regulary all the time, but maybe these days would be a good starting point if ya currently haven't done so, point and fact!!! (Yehp, and that was also a nice little 'News' fresh up for all of ya outta there;-)...!!!)

*** Niente politica solo Oi! ***

("Bandworm Records"; CD):
Here's some Old School Spaghetti Oi! (or Oi! from Italy... or Italy Oi!... you know what I want ta say with it). The band ASOCIALE was a to me pretty unknown band, even they exist(ed) at least from 1990 on. But okay, beside KLASSE KRIMINALE and NABAT (of the classics) and PRIMEA LINEA (of the 'young' ones) I'm not really familiar with Oi! from the land of pasta, pizza and vine (yeahr, clichès rock, haha;-)...), to be honest here and now. It's pretty much the same as it is with Oi! (Punkrock, Hardcore, etc. pp.) from Spain and/or France, I mean, nothing speaks against Oi!, Punk, and Hardcore, etc. pp. bands singing in their mother tongue, no problem with it, I think its's maybe always pretty cool somehow and from time-to-time, hm, but I just totally dislike the very most of the crap that guys from Spain, the French Republic, and Italy do sing in their mother tongue. This kind of languages make me really go nuts in everything but a good way, haha;-). But to all my readers from the named countries, just don't take it all too serious, I mean, it's maybe just because I normally don't really understand 'that many' of what 'your' bands are singing out there when it is about the mentioned languages, haha;-). (Damn it, sounds like a damn fucking apple-polisher is writing down these words here;-)...) So okay, even I don't know why the fuck I'm today/tonight now so incredible damn fucking tired I hope that this what I'm writing here still makes some sense at the end of your day... ASOCIALE had been (or still are... ?...) a old school and old style Oi! band from the state and boot of Italy, they were at least around from 1990 to 2010 and this here shall be the complete collection of their releases, thrown on the market by the sympathic german "BANDWORM RECORDS" label. Hm, after all 'complete collection' writing we only get eleven tracks at all, yehp, and that's not really a statement, at least not an really impressive one... at lest if ya ask me. So I don't know how serious this all 'complete' stuff is meant. We get straight forward and also straight and pretty well-paced 'old schoolish' and really very 'punkish' Oi! Punk music, here and there some SKA rhythms to it, and all marked by the nice and tight guitar section, as well as by the strong, clear, and really strongly wasted on a drink lead vocals and the massive Sing-A-Longs and Crew Choirs. It's some old styled Oi! Skinhead Rock & Roll, all played pretty quick (which means quick paced mid tempo stomping) in a very 'punky' style of the songs but als coming with some strong Rock & Roll marks to it (just listen especially to the guitar riffing work of some of the songs). Pretty cool are also most of the leads, some good solos are also to be recognized here and there, and the rhythm work is mostly really a good done job after all. Maybe you can compare them somehow with NABAT and KLASSE KRIMINALE, to be located in the middle of or between this two mentioned bands. It's all some good stuff, even it's nothing groundbreaking and I wouldn't give only one of my legs for this one here, but it's good stuff, no doubt about it, but the songwriting's really lacking some fresh ideas and they could loosen up especially the way the drums are played, as well as also the lead vocals could express more emotions and changes of the way how the songs are sung. But okay, a good record that should really be some very interesting stuff for the Italy Oi!, Streetpunk and Punkrock nerds out there. We get all (?) their old songs (seems like the band really and truly just released some 7'' singles and some tracks on various compilations over the 1990's) and some new ones (seems to be some sort of a comeback... but the style stayed the same), as well as a terrible violation of Dub and Offbeat by the band that's named "ASOCIALE DUB" (bitter crap) and a nice cover of the very, very old, old SKREWDRIVER anthem "ANTISOCIAL" (can't beat the original one... hell no!!!... but it still stands its ground). All in all a good album that you should give a good round and a fair try, especially if the language is no barrier or something like this for you. The album starts terrible (with "ASOCIALE Oi!") and ends terrible (with "ASOCIALE DUB"), but between this terrible starting and ending points you can find some pretty good stuff between some more average and solid stuff, so you can calmly check it out by giving it a fair try, at least this, for sure. All in all we get also a pretty good artwork, a nice and raw production sound, hm, and about the lyrics I can't really tell ya that much anyhow, maybe just that it's possible some antisocial stuff;-). (7 of 10 points)
Now you get a very little video of their bandhymn "NIENTE POLITICA SOLO Oi!", and I like this one of them really pretty much, so just check it out and enjoy it.


Dienstag, 8. März 2011

THE EXPLOITED still say: "FUCK THE SYSTEM!!!"; and they NEVER SELL OUT, no way!!!

Hey folks, now comes the only post for this 'away-fading' day and pretty much 'deeper-growing' night, and I also don't have currently that much time left because tomorrow always comes a day too soon and in circa five hours my 'alarm bell' is ringing loud at all fronts and I have to get up out of bed, so, you see, I'm pretty much 'short-on-time' (or how-ever this is expressed correct in english;-)...) and so you now just get a 'Videos' post that will feature a band that should already be a part of this blog for quite a while (don't ask me what happened that they are just now becoming so), no one else than the legendary and amazing Hardcore Punk veterans of THE EXPLOITED (or Wattie and his 'crew'...) and the clip of their great hymn "NEVER SELL OUT" (from their last and already-again-way-too-old last full length album "FUCK THE SYSTEM", again a stand-alone album of this great band). Despite the bad reputation of THE EXPLOITED (at 'many fronts'), I still stand for it that they had 'always' been a incredible important and just fantastic band (that you also should check out live, even you definitely need not everyone else from out of their audience, if you know what I mean), important and fantastic to me in particular as well as to music (and definitely not 'only' Punk and Hardcore music of any kind) in general, yeahr, and now just enjoy the clip and especially this anthem of an infamous great track. Hopefully the new album will finally be coming out asap, when-ever this may will be, coming out some (hopefully not too) far away day... Don't know why it all wasn't going like I've planned it (for) the last days, my Girlfriend is (/was) out of town and due to my terrible hurting back I also wasn't able to do my sports and none of my mates used to have time, hm, so beside working like a dog I haven't had anything going on and pretty much free time to spend, yehp, so a little bit ashamed of myself I have to admit that I have not a single clue why I just managed to post something around only two few posts or so (one of them being even nothing else than this 'quick' video-clip-posting here)... But anyhow, better times will be coming again, trust me;-). So, okay, for now enjoy the clip and then I wish ya all a good night for now and today. Sleep well!!! Cheers & Oi!


Montag, 7. März 2011

EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK is just nothing but a WASTE OF MY TIME and only SHE GOT ME OVER YOU, you're nothing but CREEPS...

("Dim Records"; 7"): This one here is (again) some sort of a classic(al) release, first released in 1996 by "LOUDBOY MUSIC" and licensed for the german and european market by the german "DIM RECORDS" label and released in 1997. I have no informations about the band, so don't ask me anything and also not if THE ULTIMATICS are still around (but I would bet that not - and I was wrong) or if they departed (I would bet that they've done so - yehp, like I've already stated, I was wrong) and what the guys in the band now maybe do today. But this is a pretty strong 7'' single, containing four songs at all (two per side), and I would anticipate that a lot of you (or at least some- more- of you) out there missed it anyhow until this very day, yehp, and so here comes the review of it, yes, and calm down, you all that have missed into until now can thank me later;-). So okay, onward to this 7'' here. All what I know is that THE ULTIMATICS had been an American band playing some pretty cool and old school style classical Punkrock with some strong Garage feeling to and good old tymed Rock & Roll marks in it. Dirty and noisy, rockin' and groovin' guitar riffing, pretty cool guitar leads and solos that are directly aimed at your ears and hit their aim pretty precise, all very snotty and 'unclad' and really direct and reduced as fuck to the minimum but so damn effective, great, then there is a pretty nice distorted bass playing to give the songs some good doses of force, and not to forget about the tight and precise truly damn effective drumming, as well as the really cool lead vocals, snottily and 'outspitted' as fuck, and also some cool back up chants are to be found. Also some really nice songwriting, and especially Side B is fuckin' strong with the two anthems "CREEPS" and "WASTE OF MY TIME", even Side A with "SHE GOT ME OVER YOU" and "EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK" knows also how to convince. Like I've already said, pretty nice and cool songwriting, especially the refrain parts are really strong, and also THE ULTIMATICS knew how to play. Okay, it's some pretty simple stuff, I know, so okay, I mean they aren't building fusion bombs or something like this here, but that's in no way something bad and they do a truly damn good job and display here a really strong performance, point and fact. Dirty and earthy, clichè-free and pretty roots-orientated Punkrock from the States with healthy doses of Garage, Early/Pre-Punk and traditional Old School Rock & Roll influences delivered to us. Don't know if THE ULTIMATICS released anything else or more, but this 7'' here was a good job done by them. Point and fact!!! Very nice artwork of this 7'' on black vinyl, pretty cool and good lyrics (you get them while you listen to the songs but they really should have been printed anyhow), as well as a really great dirty and reduced production sound. Nice shot!!! So, if ya don't have it already then, if ya ask me, do yourself the favor and 'check the market' where it's still to be found and then just get and enjoy it, maybe (or surely) nothing for the (at least self-proclaimed) Tough Guys of you out there, ha, but who cares, and btw that's really cool Punkrock. Point and fact. Cheers!!! (8 of 10 points)
(I think I was wrong, uhm, I mean I know I was wrong- by now- because they are still around and pretty active or somthing like this ;-) and here comes the link to their MySpace site:; there you can also get more informations about them and I think that I really need to get a new or at least 'newer' THE ULTIMATICS release asap!!!)