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("People Like You Records"; CD):
Here's the next one, after the reviews of THE BLACK HALOS, DAMNATION, and MANTARAY-K.D. records this one here is the next review of a (this time really pretty) old "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" release that I got with the already mentioned and reviewed (beside some other) records, and you can still get it and this normally for a very low price and after a lot of you guys out there seem to not know about NUCLEUS (from NYC) and I also by myself didn't knew them before I thought that it would be a nice move of me to give ya something about them and then decide for yourself if you want to get this record that was primarly released back then in 2000. This record is a four track CD EP that was recorded in the legendary "RAT PISS STUDIOS" in Brooklyn, NYC and this by no one else than BIOHAZARD's Billy Graziadei and Danny Schuler. But no, some Hardcore music you don't get here. A look at the cover maybe tells ya already something, a weird combination of a bandpicture showing the guys in the band in some strange old school Psychedelic Rock pose (some would maybe also talk about some Hippie aesthetics, haha;-)...), combined with a patriotic touch of the Red, White and Blue, and latest when you take a look also at the backcover you also get aware of some pretty rough'n'tough Biker (Rock) aesthetic. And yehp, if that had been your impression by looking at the artwork then you had been putting yourself into the correct department. NUCLEUS played a mixture out of very heavy, hard and intense Stoner Rock (with deep roots in classic traditional 1970's Psychedelic Rock music), some good old BLACK SABBATH inspired classickal Doom Metal influences, Old School 1970's Classic Rock stuff, and a strong Biker Rock touch, full of roughness and toughness, and here and there you get also aware of some few 1990's influences of heavy Grunge music in the tradition of ALICE IN CHAINS. Ah, and I forgot to say that also some CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (just listen to the groove'n'riff-work of NUCLEUS) found its way into the music of NUCLEUS. Yehp, what now may seem a little bit weird is nothing else than a damn good describtion of the music of NUCLEUS, and it should make ya hungry for them because they do it all in a nearly more than 'only' damn great way!!! The guitar playing is ultra-tight and über-heavy, droning as well as (especially) rocking like hell, brilliant riff and solo work, great job, the rhythm section also is a tight and sheer forceful and heavy great done more than only a very, very well-versed affair, and the charismatic, strong and full, 'smoky' and 'throaty' lead vocals really give the music and the songs it's crown. And don't forget about the great groove work and the brilliant and damn flowing changes in pace and mood (of the songs) and also somehow style of the songs. These guys played their instruments just great, and their songwriting was even far way better, point and fact!!! We get four songs at all in something around ca. 15 minutes, and the only real problem is plain and simple that this just isn't anyhow enough!!! My two personal favorites are the strong rockin' machine "OUTLAW" (FTW, hell yeahr, baby!!!) and the noisy and incredible grapping  and 'doomy' hit "BOULDER BREATH", both songs really shine!!! "TOUCH", the opener, does it also too, to shine!!! Maybe the most 'pure' or 'true' and most and heaviest droning Stoner Rock smasher, yehp, and it's just a damn great song!!! The more or less bandhymn, "NUCLEUS", is the weakest and in general the only somehow 'weaker' track on this one here (even it's definitely NOT a anyhow really weak track), but it's still really and truly one pretty good song, no doubt about it!!! The artwork looks really cool and is pretty... hm... let us call it somehow different... good done so that it gives ya a good impression of what NUCLEUS did here. The production sound is phenomenal and the lyrics (even they aren't printed, sadly enough) are some great Underdog style, thumbs up!!! So, all in all, if above described music is something pretty interesting for you (how could it not?!?) and if ya still don't know about NUCLEUS and/or this release here just get known to it, better yesterday than today..., then don't think twice and just go and get and buy it, asap!!! This was and still is one of the damn much very, very best STONER ROCK stuff that you just should get known to and then get it like all the rest of your deluxe Stoner Rock department... Ah, and: Try everything to go and still get this one here, better asap!!! (9 of 10 points)
(I'm very sorry, but I've found nothing like a homepage or a MySpace site of the band and also nothing else- beside some very few other reviews of this their record reviewed already here- so that you've to stay with my words here. Maybe I'll post one or two video clips of them in the-near- future, we'll see as time will tell.)

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