Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

PALE CREATION - "TWILIGHT HAUNT" (Holy Terror Hardcore from Cleveland Ohio; a classic from 1999 rereleased via "A389 RECORDS" and this finally on vinyl in 2011)

("A389 Records"; LP):
This was a great suprise by the end of 2011, to see this gem, PALE CREATION's classic "TWILIGHT HAUNT" from 1999 (back then released by no other than "EAST COAST EMPIRE RECORDS" on CD only) being finally rereleased by the strong going "A389 RECORDS" label and this for the first time ever on vinyl and so it comes as a LP. This was and still is Holy Terror styled Hardcore in a great and pretty unique way. Back then it took a while but then this band and album blew me away. For sure you will find influenes of the founding fathers of this specific genre named Holy Terror Hardcore, which means that INTEGRITY as well as RINGWORM also left their mark on the art of this titans from Cleveland, Ohio/U.S.A. but they really made it their very, very own, so they took Holy Terror Hardcore and so then they took it with them and this one or two steps forward ahead. Metallic, shredding, crispy and massive stunning, very atmospheric, dark, sinister, melancholic yet pretty apocalyptic Hardcore, sick and heavily distorted and strongly distorting. Atmospheric and incredible strong and damn fucking diverse, massive and psychotic phenomenal guitar work, a brilliant and varying rhythm section at work, and for sure fucking damn charismatic totally sick and twisted, suffering yet brutal throaty shouted and screamed lead vocals full of passion and emotions, all melted together with a very dark and sinister somehow Gothic like spirit (old THE SISTERS OF MERCY style) to melt it all together, and all carried out by great and grapping and intersting songwriting full of suprising twists and turns, very demanding and challenging music and awesome and amazing great Hardcore that will be completly too much to only somehow possible understand for your typical Beatdown kid wanna be Hardcore mongo out there, and this all played by very skilled musicians and gifted songwriters. I won't loose any words more about how great PALE CREATION and their "TWILIGHT HAUNT" were and still are, just go and try to still get it. Intelligent and damn great lyrics on top of it, nice artwork, over the top vinyl (because it's vinyl, haha) and a stunning brilliant production sound. This was, is and will remain awesome and amazing, one of the best shit you ever could and can and will be able to get. HOLY TERROR HARDCORE, pure gold!!! (10 of 10 points)

STIGMA - "NOVA DOZA MRZNJE" (Crustcore from Zagreb, Croatia; self released on CD back then in 2010)

("D.I.Y."; CD):
Already released back then in 2010 but I just got it more or less pretty recently, thanks to a friend of mine. I hope I saw/see and got/get it right, that this CD is self-released by the band. STIGMA were founded in 2007 and released already two demos before this CD from 2010 and for all what I know they are still around and also still pretty active. STIGMA (or this here meant STIGMA) are from Zagreb, Croatia and play fucking heavy and damn brutal and hard Crustcore with loads of D-Beat fueled Hardcore in it, with no grinding savage assaults in it and with also at least mostly no Metal and also for sure not really any kind of MOTÖRHEAD influences in it, pure mean, angry, sick and pissed off, harsh and aggressive Crustcore music and beside the lack of the pretty often in Crustcore to be recognized Grindcore and Metal and MOTÖRHEAD influences/impressions you will also for fuck's sake find definitely no fancy trendy bullshit crap in the music and art and work of STIGMA. Sinister and apocalyptic atmosphere, created by stoic pushing heavy sawing and distorted shredding massive brickwall guitar riffing, stunning beating and punishing sick bass shredding constantly, massive and thunderous stomping and storming drum work, extreme throaty grunted and shouted brutal vocals comparable to EXTREME NOISE TERROR and mostly fast and heavy up tempo but also yet nicely varying changes of pace and structure of the single tracks, pretty good songwriting delivered by for sure good musicians. A great cover version of the DISCHARGE classic titled "FIGHT BACK" we get as well, and then the 15 songs in 24 minutes are already through. Combine DISCHARGE and DOOM with EXTEME NOISE TERROR (the crusty side of them) and you should know pretty good where to tart when you want to discover STIGMA. Lyrics in english and in the croatian language and at least the english (to more I can't say anything) ones are some good critical and cynical apocalyptic stuff even though some pretty Crust cliché stuff, the production sound is a bomb and the artwork is great even though yet also pretty cliché. Not changing the formula here, but who cares, STIGMA deliver really good Old School Crustcore that you should check out if you're into this stuff. Could also be interesting for some extreme Underground Metal maniacs that are at least a little open minded to other kinds of brutal musick. (8 of 10 points)

Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

DEADLY REIGN - "NO END IN SIGHT" (Crustcore Assault from Houston, Texas/U.S.A. released via ''CORRUPTION RECORDINGS'' back in 2011)

("Corruption Recordings"; CD):
Whoa, another more or less still pretty new Crustcore gem released via the to me pretty new and unknown label of the name of "CORRUPTION RECORDINGS" back then in 2011. DEADLY REIGN are a monster of a Crustcore band from Houston, Texas/U.S.A. and had been before I listened to this album damn fucking unknown to me. This band is damn cool shit and I'm fucking lucky that I own this great piece of new and fresh breath in the world of Crust. They aren't changing the formula or anything like this but they really have something special in what and how they deliver their shit, it's damn great, maybe we should or could call it the mysterious X-Factor a lot if not most other bands totally fail in earning it. Ths is raging and blasting out apocalyptic and gladiatorial D-Beat fueled pure Crustcore mayhem pretty much Old School styled with slight hints of MOTÖRHEAD in it and without any Metal flirtings or ultra speedy Grindcore impressions, ''jst'' thru and thru Crust, comparable to DISGUST and their masterpiece "A WORLD OF NO BEAUTY" from far back then in the 1990's. But it's all done very fresh and with an own character. Roaring and sawing, shredding and hacking fast paced guitar playing from the riffing to the militant leads and the sick solos all mostly nearly over the top, a slaying and heavy distorted sick buzzing bass, ultra tight and über precise D-Beat and Speedpunk styled drum work, and sheer violent forceful dustdry and massive brutal shouted throaty grim and gruff lead vocals, dark and aggressive atmosphere, grapping songwriting and well-versed skilled musicians at work. Great!!! All in all nine songs in nineteen minutes, and that's just the only problem because it's just too short for  full length full price album, anyway, and all is crowned by strong lyrics, a great artwork and a powerful production sound. Don't think twice if you like your musick crusty and extreme and militant, just get it. (9 of 10 points)


Hey folks, last post for now. This time some short ''Videos'' posting for you, a song and clip of the angry slasher "FORGIVENESS TO TYRANTS by the german metallic Hardcore silverbacks of PLANKS, for all what I know an older song of them, but anyhow a damn great one. I reviewed their for what I know latest album of 2010 (I guess, need to check it to know it precisely but right now I'm simply just too lazy go and see after it) back then over an year ago at the beginning of 2011 or something so like this, anyway, and this album was and still is some outshining shit that everyone who still don't owns it really finally should go and get it, point and fact, and this better damn quick than late, period. So, yes, that's it for this day respetively night, so just enjoy it and then sleep well and good night, more new stuff and shitloads of reviews and also again other material sooner or later again up here. Good night!!!


Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

DROPKICK MURPHYS - "GOING OUT IN STYLE" (Irish Folk Punkrock & Roll from Boston, M.A. on "COOKING VINYL" in 2011)

("Cooking Vinyl" / "Born & Bred Records"; CD):
Hm, don't ask me why a band that's one of my all time favorites and to that I listen to since 1997 or so is just today and with this pretty late in the three years of the existence of this very blog of mine here becoming a part of my working schedule up here. (And also don't ask me why the review also of this one again is just coming up that late again.) Anyway, I always loved the DROPKICK MURPHYS and I still love them, even this whole Irish Punkrock or Celtic Punkrock or Folk Punkrock or how the fuck you ever may like to call it is beside the DROPKICK MURPHYS (as well as the STREET DOGS) normally isn't really my cup of irish coffee especially after the quality standards within this genre drastically went down the drain over the last decade or so when it all became such a big hype and trend. But the DROPKICK MURPHYS (and so again also the STREET DOGS even in my book they can't really keep up with the ''original'' in the long run but that's just a matter of my personal taste and maybe also not that important at the end of the day) always stood tall above it all, and so they still do it today. When I started to listen to them, the DROPKICK MURPHYS, their linking chain or connection to Skinhead and Oi! was far more present then today and so not at least the DROPKICK MURPHYS brought me to American Oi! music. But that's a different story. With the last fifteen years that passed by in between 1997 and now today, 2012, a lot used to change, so myself as well as the DROPKICK MURPHYS. Today the Oi! and Streetpunk background is more some sort of an historical reminiscence or something like this and is also if you want so more or less ''only'' still to be found in the traditional strongly labour based working class and patriotic background as well as the gladiatorial blue collar over-all approach, hm, and over the last latest three albums (including this one, starting with "THE WARRIOR'S CODE" and going on over "THE MEANEST OF TIMES" to this very one here and now) also the factor of ''Punk'' in the Punkrock moved back and a little bit behind the factor of the "Rock" in the Punkrock of the Irish/Celtic/Folk Punkock of the DROPKICK MURPHYS. So, even this now may sound like a total clichè, you somehow maybe can say that this very one here, "GOING OUT IN STYLE", is a very grown-up album by a grown-up band, and even this now is leaving a foul taste in you it is at least here in this very case meant through and through positive. Especially after the evolution of the DROPKICK MURPHYS was always an organic and naturally well-grown one and they haven't change theirselves just to fit into a new crowd, if you may get what I want to say. And so no screaming Punk guitars jump in your face while you are listening to it, don't expect all in all too much of stuff like this from this very album one here. But don't understand here and now anything wrong, lame or boring or anything like this is here absolutely nothing. It's simply basically just more Rock & Roll or Rock than Punk and with this there's not a single problem, at least not with me. Forcful yet very emotional, damn varying and diverse and incredible strong and good done guitar playing, a very intense and massive stunning yet very soulful and especially very passionated rhythm section (especially the drumming is showing tons of Irish Folk influences), hell a lot of traditional classical Irish Folk instruments, broad and fat full back up crew chants and shouts, and all is crowned by the larger than life incredible charismatic double voiced lead vocals. All and everything is grounded on very skilled musicianship of every paticipating muisican on this one, and based on interesting and clever arrangements and grapping and diverse songwriting, as well as powerful rhythm structures and nicely varying changes of the pace of the songs. It's all done very fresh and energetic and dynamic and damn forceful as well as fucking passionated and full of emotions. It's amazing!!! Strongly (still that, even it's by all means more Rock than Punk or more punkROCK then PUNKrock, if you now understand this writing) Punkrock inspired Irish Folk Rock & Roll , and with guests like BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN himself you should all know about the deal here pretty well and you all should also know that you simply can't go wrong with this one. (And fans especially of the ''folky'' stuff of ''THE BOSS'' should also love this very one here.) Lyrically this is a very interesting and fucking good concept album, and still enlighted patriotism and thought-through as well as throught-ful authentic and sympathic left winged political positions go hand in hand in the lyrics and message of the DROPKICK MURPHYS, and that's also just great. Good linernotes to the great lyrics and the grapping concept we get as well. The artwork got a great look and the earthy and crispy warm production sound fits perfect to the soulful music. Thumbs up!!! Today "GOING OUT IN STYLE" is also already re-released as a collectors edition with a great live bonus CD and a amazing new artwork, my girlfriend owns it and it's just outstanding great. This album is another one that's way up high on my top ten album list of 2011. Also live they were again outshining when my girlfriend and I saw them live in Hannover this January. If you still don't have it then better just finally get it, otherwise you would miss something great and even more. Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

Montag, 14. Mai 2012

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - "THE PROMISE (THE LOST SESSIONS: DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN)" (The lost songs of ''THE BOSS'' finally released on a double CD back then at the end of 2010)

("Sony Music Entertainment" / "Columbia"; 2CD):
This is a historical and just a great release by no one else than the immortal almighty BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN a.k.a. ''THE BOSS'' released at the end of the year 2010 but back then I just got aware of it at the very beginning of 2011, totally curious about it but due to a mixture out of the fucked up mess 2011 turned into and the at first very high price of something like 20,00 to 25,00 Euros it took me quite a while until I finally bought it back then in the October of 2011 and it took again quite some time more until now finally comes the review of it up here. Lazy bastard I am... Anyhow, I am a total nearly ''nerdy'' fan and some sort of an addict of the music and the lyrical work of ''THE BOSS'' and I am really damn happy to own this great album. Two CD's in a absolutely beautiful packaging and packed up completly full with all in all twenty-one BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN anthems from the years of 1977 to 1978 planned to be released back then but never did became so and then in 2009 the idea came up to change this sad fact of Rock & Roll music history and in 2010 then this change finally happened. The songs are what you all should know from BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and his works in the mid to late 1970's and this songs were meant to bereleased between the "BORN TO RUN" album and the "DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN" masterpiece. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN changed after "BORN TO RUN" the direction of his music and should start to create what he is still today more than only well-respected and best-known for, true and real honest pure American Working Class Rock & Roll that tells the big stories of the hard working day to day everyday life in authentic ''art-samples'' of reality, if you maybe/hopefully know what I want to say with these words. Rich and thoughtful and grapping arrangements, larger than life chorus lines, melodies that will make your head turn around non stop, charisma, an authentic and sympathic attitude, rich meaning, great message and pure emotions and passion set into Rock & Roll music with a raw 1970's early Punkrock edge to it. Rebellious and heavy, hard and just real, yet full of great emotions and true passion, sweet melodies and dynamic arrangements and all absolutely free of any disturbing and annoying clichés. Great!!! Awesome songwriting, amazing musicianship and above all this larger than life charismatic lead vocals, all damn brilliant and phenomenal. The lyrics are brilliant stuff like above already mentioned, the artwork is amazing as also already mentioned above, really damn fucking great liner-notes we get also as well on top of it all, and the production/recording sound is just pure platinum. Amazing!!! Don't think twice, better just get this album promptly if you still don't have it and when you are about to do it then don't forget to buy the new BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN album titled "WRECKING BALL" as well. (A masterpiece of an album and the review of it will also see the light of the day up here one more or less soon day, trust me.) Awesome!!! If I just would have owned it already back then in 2010 it would have been way up high in my top ten ranking list. And to everyone who know thinks this album and music wouldn't be brutal and harsh and aggessive enough to serve the need of live up to the fullfillment of oh so hard and tough subcultural underground scene and music clichés: You ar damn sad and poor jokes who I only can feel pity for. Anyway, get this album, get it as soon as possible and best directly now, period. Cheers!!! (10 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

FRONTLINE SOLDIERS - "OATH OF LOYALTY" (Long forgotten amazing American Oi! from NYC on 7'' vinyl finally released via "UNITED RIOT RECORDS" by the end of 2011)

("United Riot Records"; 7'' EP):
This is one hell of a mighty vinyl single release. The FRONTLINE SOLDIERS used to be a great classic American Oi! band from the NYC formed at the beginning of the 2000's year when a lot or most of the big old bands of the 1990's went separate ways. Few bands back then popped up to fill the void and make their own thing, but the FRONTLINE SOLDIERS were one of those few bands. Unfortunately they did not lasted too long and also they never released that much. A few songs or so on a compilation back then, I guess the comp was/is the "STREETS OF AMERICA" or something like this titled one, and then they recorded only some few songs more before they broke up, but this songs weren't released until this one here came out some time around at the end of 2011 by the great (!!!) NYC based record label "UNITED RIOT RECORDS". Okay, if you want to know more about the history of the FRONTLINE SOLDIERS then read for example the history retrospection printed on the inside inlay of this release. The bandmembers were pretty young back then (at least to judge by the bandphotos) and through and through Skinheads. They had close ties to the likes of OXBLOOD, FIRST STRIKE, the TEMPLARS, as well as FED UP! and STEP2FAR. FRONTLINE SOLDIERS played a pretty much Hardcore influenced NYC born and bred style of roughnecked, gladiatorial, militant, hard as nails, sharp hitting, battle scarred, aggressive and brutal and heavy stomping American Oi! music. Dominated by harsh and brutal, angry and heavy played, bonedry and rough'n'tough guitars, a roaring and aggressive bass work, tight and militaristic harsh and precise stomping drums, and hard and angry pissed off aggressive shouted charismatic lead vocals. This is thru and thru true and authentic NYC Oi!, and even it's not changing the formula or something like this (and keep in mind this something like over and decade old already), this is damn fresh, just fucking great and all done in a pretty own way by this way too shortlived roughnecked band, that was/is to be located in a loose way somewhere between the almighty OXBLOOD, FIRST STRIKE, FED UP! and WARZONE, with a very own edge to it. Great and even more!!! On top of it militant, patriotic and battle scarred great American Skinhead lyrics, a truly mighty and just great artwork (''Muna'' rules okay) and a dirty, dry, earthy, yet heavy production sound and the 7'' comes on beautiful camouflage vinyl. A phenomenal release, long, long overdue to be released and we should all thank and hail the mighty "UNITED RIOT RECORDS" for getting the job finally done. Not only one of the best American Oi! releases of 2011, also one of the very best top ten releases of 2011 in general. I highly recommend this brilliant piece of the ''younger'' American Oi! history to everyone with a good music taste out there. Amazing!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

DISMASTER - "NO GODS BUT DISMASTERS" (Crustcore from Finnlnad on Tape in 2012 via "VLAD TAPES" as well as viaan D.I.Y. MP3-Download + Download Link)

Whoaa, what a bomb!!! This is awesome D-Beat fueled Crustcore from Finnland with healthy doses of damn aggressive and very noisy interpreted MOTÖRHEAD influences in it and a very brutal approach, a morbid and sinister atmosphere and a dangerous feeling to it roaring down from the scandinavian lands in Europe (exactly from Finnland) to crash down every only somehow possible resistance. A very intense as well as sick Hardcore feeling also comes up due to the outshining and outstanding dry and throaty, brutal and aggressive shouted very charismatic lead vocals. The guitars are massive and furious unleashed forward storming, the D-Beat styled drumming is tight and hard as fuck, the bass saws every remeains of every possible resistance in nice little pieces and the amazing vocals give it all its very own crown. Great!!! Fast pace yet clever and grapping done arrangements and intersting and intese songwriting all the time, and, yes, also good musicians here at work and if you are in love with for example a legendary and awesome band like DISGUST then DISMASTER will be exactly your deal. Own identity, fresh ideas, incredible intensity and mighty bloody brutal songs non stop on this one. If you're into Crustcore you need t have it!!! The artwork of the tape is great (I own the tape version, yes, but there's also these days a free MP3-Download by the band itself released, the link will close this review as usual in such cases), the harsh hammering production sounds fit perfect to the musick an the lyrics are also great shit. The tape is officially sold out but give your best in trying your luck to maybe still find it being still sold somewhere, even today, because maybe you can still find some here and there. With only seven songs in something about just ten minutes it's just by far way too short on running time, that's it. Anyhow: I demand more, point and fact!!! Great!!! Cheers to Finnland!!! (9 of 10 points)

INSTINCT HATE - "VIVENDO O CAOS" (Old School crusty and noisy Grindcore from Sao Paolo, Brazil)

("D.I.Y."; Demo):
Got this 2012 Demo by a friend as a bootleg CD-R without any too many informations about this band, INSTINCT HATE, from Sao Paolo, Brazil. For all what I figured out the artwork seems to be more or less the original/correct one and the tracklist is complete. Don't ask me from where you may can get the original demo release (maybe just write to the band if you want one) and on which format it was released by the band, but if you want it promptly then check the brilliant "CRUST DEMOS" blog at http://crust-demos.blogspot.de/2012/04/instinct-hate-vivendo-o-caos-2012.html from where you can get an official and by the band authorized and provided MP3-Download of this their "VIVENDO O CAOS" Demo of 2012 (for all what I know). This band plays a totally raw and rough, noisy and crusty, mean and nasty, aggressive and furious through and through Old School styled Grindcore inferno mixed up with some infernal Old Tyme Death Metal impressions, some good doses of mad raging Thrash Metal and Crustcore influenced Punk. Sick and twisted mad thrashing guitars, chaotic blasting drums, sawing bass and obscure shouted gruff and grim but also sadly expression- and emotionless lead vocals, there they really need to improve a lot. All the other stuff works pretty good already. INSTINCT HATE aren't changing the formula that was created by TERRORIZER or EXTREME NOISE TERROR and why should they if they do a good job and that's what they have done here. Nothing new or too creative after all, and hell knows nothing fancy for the trendy but who cares, this is a good demo album by a band that showcases some really good potential and so hopefully more than just this six songs in six minutes will follow some soon day. Artwork is great (I like it!), the raw and dirty production sound is pure gold and about the lyrics I have not a single clou to say what ever about because it's simply not really my language. Good Old School Grindcore by a young band that should be interesting and being checked out by you if Grindcore is up on your list. Check them out. Cheers to Brazil!!! (7 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012


("Impact Records"; CD):
First of all shame on me that I just get it done to get the review of this awesome album now that late up after it was already released by the beginning of the last year. Shame on me!!! I wish I could erase large parts of 2011 at least forever out of my memories... anyhow... this here was and is way up high, very high on the top ten list of my personal favorite albums of 2011. THE TRADITIONALS are long running roughnecked and silverbacked veterans of the U.S. American Oi! scene and they never ever disappointed me. And this counts also for this album by them!!! A new singer on board and what hell of a great mighty lead vocalist!!! Amazing!!! Seems like he's pushing them to new heights and putting a shining polished mighty stomping boot in the Steel Town brewed American Oi! of THE TRADITIONALS. I always loved this band and their music as well as their lyrics/message and their certain style. Sharp played and bone-dry forward pushing heavy and hard sawing yet pretty diverse and multi-layered and more than ''just'' well-versed guitar playing, outstanding charismatic and very forceful and mighty throaty shouted lead vocals, fat and broad sing a long back up chants, harsh pulsating bass playing and damn tight and massive stomping pounding thunderous drumming. They remind me of the outshining THE ANTI-HEROS as well as the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, hm, but don't mistake anything here and now, THE TRADITIONALS do their own thing and aren't copying anything or anyone, point and fact. Great songwriting and damn skilled musicians here at work. Two covers we get as well, with the two classics of "VIOLENCE" by THE OPPRESSED and "BORSTAL BRAKOUT" by the SHAM 69. Maybe not very creative at all, but done in a brilliant way by THE TRADITIONALS and so it is all very good and fine with me after all. Great lyrics from political and critical topics to personal themes and Skinhead Way of Life issues on top of it all. Best songs in the bunsh are for me "AT THE BOTTOM", "HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?", "SOLD US DOWN THE RIVER", "C.I.A.", "ADULT IN A YOUTH CULT", "NOT GONNA CHANGE" and "MEMORIES". The artwork is really a great one, the dry and earthy production sound rules and the limited edition used to come with a very cool band logo patch. A outstanding album by a outshining amazing band. Get it if you still don't have it. Awesome and incredible damn great American Oi! that you need to have, period. Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

TEETHING - "TEETHING" (Crusty Metalpunk from Spain, released in 2012 as a 7'' as well as a MP3-Download + Download Link)

("Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records" & "Odio Sonoro" & "Nooirax Producciones"; 7'' + "D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Stumbled upon this one thanks to the almighty "CRUST DEMOS" blog on blogspot (check it out at http://crust-demos.blogspot.de/) and got the official download (up on the Bandcamp site of TEETHING for just 0,50U.S.$ as well as on the Bandcamp site of the above first mentioned label and there for free and don't ask me about any sense of it all - links will close this review) recently. Don't have that many informations about this band but they come from Madrid in Spain and are active since the summer of 2011. TEETHING play a Crustcore and D-Beat fueled mixture out of furious raging angry Hardcore Punk like for example G.B.H. and THE EXPLOITED as well as DISCHARGE (the founding fathers of D-Beat'n'Crust, to say it this way) and mercyless slaying and brutal slashing Thrash Metal like stuff from NUCLEAR ASSAULT and OVERKILL to SLAYER as well as some doses of Bay Area Tharsh Metal as well as old schoolish teutonic Thrash Metal hordes like SODOM and DESTRUCTION seem to have had an certain impact on TEETHING and this all is blended with some few Death Metal influenced chaotic blasting grindind madness and some only very few but still healthy doses of sick old tyme Death'n'Black Metal like POSSESSED. Somewhere between all this poles TEETHING are to be located, with their noisy slashing destructive fast paced and aggressive and heavy as fuck played guitars, there great charismatic throaty grunted as well as screamed lead vocal shouting, their incredible heavy buzzing strong distorted bass playing and their stunning massive tight precise drumming. The songwriting isn't changing the formula anyhow but is anyhow anyway a very nice and good done tight and diverse affair and the musicians are without one single doubt pretty skilled guys. The artwork is somehow disgusting, the heavy shredding production sound anyway pure gold and to the lyrics I can't say that much really. And all in all we get five songs in about eleven minutes. A really good record by a young talented and promising band that you should check out. Up the Metal Punx!!! Good stuff!!! Cheers!!! (8 of 10 points)