Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

TEETHING - "TEETHING" (Crusty Metalpunk from Spain, released in 2012 as a 7'' as well as a MP3-Download + Download Link)

("Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records" & "Odio Sonoro" & "Nooirax Producciones"; 7'' + "D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Stumbled upon this one thanks to the almighty "CRUST DEMOS" blog on blogspot (check it out at and got the official download (up on the Bandcamp site of TEETHING for just 0,50U.S.$ as well as on the Bandcamp site of the above first mentioned label and there for free and don't ask me about any sense of it all - links will close this review) recently. Don't have that many informations about this band but they come from Madrid in Spain and are active since the summer of 2011. TEETHING play a Crustcore and D-Beat fueled mixture out of furious raging angry Hardcore Punk like for example G.B.H. and THE EXPLOITED as well as DISCHARGE (the founding fathers of D-Beat'n'Crust, to say it this way) and mercyless slaying and brutal slashing Thrash Metal like stuff from NUCLEAR ASSAULT and OVERKILL to SLAYER as well as some doses of Bay Area Tharsh Metal as well as old schoolish teutonic Thrash Metal hordes like SODOM and DESTRUCTION seem to have had an certain impact on TEETHING and this all is blended with some few Death Metal influenced chaotic blasting grindind madness and some only very few but still healthy doses of sick old tyme Death'n'Black Metal like POSSESSED. Somewhere between all this poles TEETHING are to be located, with their noisy slashing destructive fast paced and aggressive and heavy as fuck played guitars, there great charismatic throaty grunted as well as screamed lead vocal shouting, their incredible heavy buzzing strong distorted bass playing and their stunning massive tight precise drumming. The songwriting isn't changing the formula anyhow but is anyhow anyway a very nice and good done tight and diverse affair and the musicians are without one single doubt pretty skilled guys. The artwork is somehow disgusting, the heavy shredding production sound anyway pure gold and to the lyrics I can't say that much really. And all in all we get five songs in about eleven minutes. A really good record by a young talented and promising band that you should check out. Up the Metal Punx!!! Good stuff!!! Cheers!!! (8 of 10 points)

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