Sonntag, 25. März 2012


Hey folks, currently working on the last questions and translations and then the first two interviews for over one full year will hopefully come to happen, after last year the only two interviews I was about to do never came to happen, the one with THE WRECKED ENGINES because the band broke up before and the one with DOS DIAS DE SANGRE because nothing from the band ever came back until this present very day, sad enough. No I'm working with the finishing touch on the interviews next up and I hope they will work out and if so you can be curious about interviews with the two great bands SUFFER THE PAIN from Sweden and SHADE OF MANKIND from Brazil (the current releases of both bands I've reviewed recently up here), I'll keep you informed about it. Now for today just a ''Videos'' posting for you to close this day, week and weekend and to welcome the next and new day and week and now you get the cool clip of the smasher "WALL OF ANGER" by the Golsar Hardcore silverbacks of DEATH WILL SCORE, a band that was born out of the ashes of the almighty DOGMA IVS but also a band that never made it through due to certain ''real life'' circumsatnces back then in the days, sad anyway, but that is also today finally at least and first and foremost for the fun of it back on track and will start it all up again this year, for all what I was told, yes, and that's just great!!! So for now just enjoy the song and clip and then more in general again soon and for tonight I wish you all a good night and then sleep well. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!


DEATH WILL SCORE back in the days live on stage with your good boy good old Manslaughter Andy
in front of the stage on the left quite a few if now not truly many years ago.

Samstag, 24. März 2012

FORSAKEN - "NO PEACE" (Mad thrashing Hardcore from Wales released the D.I.Y. way in 2012)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Whooaaaa, cool shit that these welsh roughnecks are pumping through my speakers here. Former WARDOGS members (for all what I've heard/read) are at the starting line finally here again with their new band FORSAKEN and this is their for what I know first release titled "NO PEACE" and it was released this very year and this via an official and by the band done and authorized high quality MP3-Download that you can get through a little donation of just 5,00 $ over at their Bandcamp site (the link will close this review). What shall I say? Do you like NYHC?!? Great!!! Do you like East Coast and especially NY Thrash Metal as well?!? Great, too!!! And do you like also late 1980's/early 1990'S NYHC-NY Thrash Metal Crossover and also some "THRASH ZONE" impressions as well?!? Even more great and nearly perfect!!! If CRO-MAGS, S.O.D. and M.O.D. as well NUCLEAR ASSAULT and some few OVERKILL as well as some very few (later) D.R.I. are way up high on your fave list and if you like sharp and harsh sung pretty clear lead vocals, good timed full back up chants, savage and heavy massive guitars (including outstanding solos), a through and through bulldozer rhythm section, really good and interesting/grapping songwriting with tons of speed, pace and rhythm structure changes, demolishing and down beating stop and go moments, furious old school mosh and slam dance parts, thrashing artillery bombardements without end, energy and dynamics non stop then make sure to get this demo and to put FORAKEN way up high on your to watch out for in the future list. I like it also very much even I hope they cut this strong retro attitude and feeling the next time very much down because this sucks and it annoys me and if they do so the next time they will get an even better rating. Good artwork, good lyrics and a full and broad production sound on top of it. Truly damn good stuff for sure. So better just get this demo and enjoy this all in all five songs in about thirteen minutes. I hope more is to come of FORSAKEN pretty soon. (8 of 10 points)

WARKRUSHER - "DEMO 2011" (Grinding Crust Apocalypse from in between San Diego, U.S.A. and Tijuana, Mexico)

("D.I.Y."; Demo):
First comes first: Great to have friends that stick up to their ears deep in the total underground of sick, brutal, aggressive and violent musick of the true extreme kind and so I got in a bunch with the yesterday or so reviewed HATROSS demo also this one here from a friend of mine some time ago. WARKRUSHER are a collab band of guys from the U.S.A. (from San Diego, exactly) and Mexico (from Tijuana, yes, yes, yes, ''caramba'' olé) and this here is their demo release from 2011 and it delivers seven songs in something about sixteen minutes or so and the musick they play is some truly really good shit full of aggression, brutality and violence, mad fucking raging chaos in its purest form set into music(k) or something like this you might can say. A highly destructive, chaotic, apocalyptic massacre between brutal blasting pissed off Grindcore and furious raging heavy Crustcore and thank the mighty Buddha for the fact that this here is no clean one million beats and riffs per minute hyper pace blast cyber noise Tech Grind/Brutal Death stuff, no, this is raw, sick, twisted, chaotic, unpolished, brutal, loud, noisy, extreme, rotten, rough and tough old school flavored Grind (less, but still much/a lot) meeting exactly such Crust (more) in a apocalyptic noise mayhem and a sheer violent raging and aggressive beating around angry and evil bastard, sick music for a sick world and extreme stuff for sure. Cracking and pounding, snarling and raging drums, brutal guttural grunted and sick screamed and shouted lead vocals, shredding and sawing devastating heavily distorted guitars and an sinister buzzing bass at work, brutal and chaotic (mostly) fast pace and structures of the songs, all done well-versed and also nicely diverse on the side of the writing of the songs and all done damn intense and grapping. Apocalyptic raw hell noise of an pretty impressive kind and true underground noise of the damn good if not already great sort. Extreme shit, so nothing for the ''clean-cuts'' out there, if you know what I want to say with this here and now. To the lyrics I can't say anything, the production sound is very raw (but yet not too raw) but/and pretty good and you will get used to it especially because the production sound perfectly suits the music more than well, and the artwork is great. If you like extreme and dirty raw musick then don't think twice and get this demo and if you have neither a friend on the extreme side of musick who gives you such stuff nor have good links to Mexico or the U.S.A. you can also find a by the band authorized download link for free on the awesome "CRUST DEMOS" blog ( and if you are interested in this stuff then at least there you should go to get it. I really want more, because WARKRUSHER rule, period!!! (9 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

FAT BELLY - "HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH" (***Video*** - ***Live & Unplugged***)

Okay, now to close this day a little 'Videos' posting for all of you out there finally again and this time something pretty melodic, soft, catchy and you might can say ''poppy'' is coming for you with the Melodic Punkrock band FAT BELLY from Hannover here in Germany and they play their great version of the 1980's Pop classic hymn "HEAVEN IS  PLACE ON EARTH" and this live on stage and unplugged. I saw them back then in 2008 live on stage for the first time and they took me by storm even this kind of Punkrock music normally isn't my favorite style but who cares as long as it is done good and better and FAT BELLY knew and know how to do it this good and better way, period. So just check this clip and song out, even the sound quality isn't the best after all, and if you like what you hear go and buy the "TURN THE AMPLIFIERS ON! (ALTER!)" and also "SET THE FLAG" titled albums of the guys and try to go and finally really see them live on stage rocking the crowd if you have the chance to do so, yes, and then I wish you for now and tonight a good night, more soon again. Sleep well and until soon. Cheers!!!


MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT - "TAX IS CONTROL" (American Oi! in 2012, self-released online EP)

This band I became known to thanks to the great "THIS IS OUR CULTURE" compilation album by Brandon  and FIGHTING 84 and "A DYING BREED RECORDS" (the comp I reviewed a month ago or so up here) and nearly everyone nearly everwhere announced them as the best in American Oi! since years and so on and so I was pretty curious about it. And you know what? This talking was and is bullshit, period. But anyhow they are for sure a damn good and really impressive band. They released this EP by themselves and for free as a legal and authorized for free MP3-Download EP the last month as a appetizer for their upcoming new second full length album that shall be released sometime later this very year. The first two songs, "WORKING POOR" and "TAX IS CONTROL", are more or less through and through great tracks/songs and should be known from and by the already mentioned compilation album, the two other ones, "DIVE BAR" and "DYLAN HARVEY", are completly new ones (at least to me) and even not as good as the first two ones still for sure truly pretty if not damn good shit. MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT play American Oi! with a strong Punkrock impact as well as and first and foremost a really heavy Hardcore respectively Hardcore Punk spirit in it and they play pretty much in the SQUIGGY department and this means two things: 1) Expect fast paced angry galdiatorial slashing songs non stopp, build up upon charismatic spitting into the microphone styled hard lead vocals, nice full back up chants, sawing and shredding high speed guitars at work, forceful storming bass playing and fast paced speedy and punky forward raging and powerful forward marching and stomping drumming; 2.) You can't go wrong with MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT, especially after for all what I do know SQUIGGY are still defunct these days. If now MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT also start to create a stronger own identity it would be all even more good and fine with me and so they would also spare me the feeling that I have to deal with some sort of a SQUIGGY rip off from time to time. Lyrical they deal with a lot of political and critical issues and topics and showing the economical and political establishment the proud and especially the stiff middle finger. Always good. Always righteous. The production sound is good, for sure, like the band, and the nice little cover picture included in the artwork shows pretty much what this is all about. Check them out, make sure you do, damn good American Oi! already yet and I would bet that there's far more to come from/by them. Since two weeks or so I finally call also their self titled debut album my own, so maybe I will also do a review of it some day in the future. Until then, get this little EP and become curious about their upcoming new album this year. Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

HATROSS - "ECHOES OF WAR" (D.I.Y. Crust D-Beat madness hailing from Bogota in Colombia)

("D.I.Y."; Tape):
Here's another one that reached me by the end of last year thanks to a friend of mine, and another one serving my needs in new Crustcore musick again as well. This here is a for all what I get D.I.Y. Tape release by the band themselves and the stuff on this one here was originally recorded back then in 2010 and was redone in 2011 and that's how this Tape came to happen. HATROSS are already pretty well known today for all what I found out with being part of compilation and split albums like "D-BEAT HASTA KE TE SANGREN LOS OÍDOS", "SOUTH AMERICAN HARDCORE STRAIGHT EDGE MY ASS" and "CRUSH THE TERROR OF THE SKIES" and so some of you outta there may know them already pretty well or something so like this. They are to me a pleasent new discovery in my new found love in and with Crustcore music. After a intro track consisting out of samples of war noises and some Wagner impressions the first track "INNOCENTS" kicks off and showcasing already pretty good what they are all about, heavily influenced by old school Crustcore and D-Beat acts as well as Hardcore and Anarcho Punk bands with some few vey old school styled Black and Death Metal influences and this all done with an undeniable south american flavor of raw and rough, dirty, noisy and tough aggression in sound, music and style. Shredding and noisy distorted guitars (could just be a little bit louder in the end mix), a evil and angry, brutal and harsh sawing strongly and heavily distorted bass (great!), unstoppable forward rumbling 'speedpunky' D-Beat styled drums, throaty shouted and screamed brutal and sinister guttural lead vocals, the very most of the time full speed ahead and power, force, aggression and brutality non stopp. Including the intro track we get seven songs in total in something around eleven or twelve minutes or so, pure Crustcore D-Beat mayhem somewhere between DISCHARGE, ANTICIMEX, G.B.H., BATHORY and HELLHAMMER. Best songs in the bunch are the stoic stomping hypnotic masterpiece track titled "MESSIAH" and the fast higfh speed angry and evil noisy slasher "ANTICIMEX" (yes, a cover, guess of which band), but also the other tracks know to convince. Some more ''upshakers'' and HATROSS (or HATRÖSS...) would convince me here and now even more. Critical and sinister typical Crust D-Beat lyrics dealing with the good old topics of this genre, ''horrors of war'' styled black and white artwork, and an all in all pretty good production/recording sound after all. Get in contact with the band and get this tape if you're into Crust and D-Beat musick. Should be also interesting for some of the Metalheads out there, at least if they have also a faible for dirty, noisy, raw, heavy, fast paced, rough and tough slash everything and everyone inside musick with also a pretty clear message behind it all. Thumbs up!!! (8 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 21. März 2012

AGNOSTIC FRONT - "MY LIFE, MY WAY" (New York City Hardcore the original flavor)

("Nuclear Blast Records"; CD):
This one here is the current full length album release of the godfathers of NYHC, no one else than the almighty AGNOSTIC FRONT. Released by spring last year or so and I finally got my hands on it last summer when I was visiting my sister and bought it down there in Cologna and then after listening to it over and over again and after can't stop listening to it even not today one thing is and was clear pretty fast, and that's the fact that this album is definitely way up high in the top three of my best and most favorite albums of 2011 but what beside this wasn't and also still isn't clear is why it damn fucking took me so long to finally do review it up here. Okay, anyway, "MY LIFE, MY WAY" is the third AGNOSTIC FRONT album in a row released on and via "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" from good old fucking Germany. After their ''comeback'' era in the 1990's with their three damn great and very Oi! and Streetpunk influnced masterpiece albums "SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE", "RIOT, RIOT UPSTART" and "DEAD YUPPIES" they changed directions and released the strongly metallic NYHC bulldozer "ANOTHER VOICE" followed by the forceful and anthemic, still pretty metallic but not so sinister and dark after all "WARRIORS", also two total larger than life albums, and now the new or current one "MY LIFE, MY WAY" is up and out with a nice great retro tribute cover artwork and with a undeniable harsh and heavy, strong and yet still a little bit (sometimes also a little bit more) metallic musical NYHC direction, but the schedule of the "WARRIORS" full length album with cultivating it all with a heavy and damn fresh Old School (New York City) Hardcore vibe as well as a nice ''street-charmed'' Oi! and Streetpunk/Punkrock feeling and damn cachy and anthemic Sing-A-Long moments in it they kept alive and true with sticking to it and making it all damn round and just amazing, all done incredible high skilled on all levels and damn complete so that today with this one here we may get the most and best representative work of the guys so far with melting it all together what AGNOSTIC FRONT became known and loved and respected for and this is an already today classic of real and thru and thru (New York) Hardcore music, period. Heavy and diverse, truly damn hard and really mean and pissed off guitar work on all sections (riffs, leads, solos) done very skillful, fucking well-versed and nicely multi-layered/diverse so that you have a lot to discover if you listen to it focussed on it, brilliant charismatic love/hate vocals, a forceful and massive giant rhythm section, mighty gang shout back ups, great diverse songwriting and changes in the pace and the structure of the songs, and all done very dynamic, highly energetic, with the right attitude and incredible catchy and hymnal/anthemic. To compare them with other bands would be nonsense, because this here is the real deal, point and fact. On top of it great lyrics, a brilliant artwork and an incredible powerful yet dirty production sound. If you really still don't have it then you need to have it desperatey. Phenomneal shit, awesome!!! I love this band!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 13. März 2012


Hey folks, now the only post for today, a little 'Videos' post for ya, the anthem "PELA GLORIA DE LA RUAS" of the brazilian Oi! band TROPEL (I reviewed their album two years ago or so). Really good stuff, enjoy it. Soon more again!!! Cheers & Oi!


Samstag, 10. März 2012

OLD WOUNDS - "OLD WOUNDS" (Sick and twisted, distorted and distorting Whiskey fueled suicidal Metal Sludge to bring you down)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
A totally new band to me and they used to take me by storm. This is for all what I know their current and so their newest release, released by february of 2012, and it's released as a D.I.Y. MP3-Download on the Bandcamp site of the band for only 3,00 U.S. $ but it looks like it would be also released as 7'' what would be perfect. Anyhow I'll give ya the link to their Bandcamp site at the end of this review. Three songs at all we do get here in a proper production sound and one song is a very dopesick cover version of an JEFFERSON AIRPLANE song and the artwork is great and the lyrics some pretty sick stuff. Musicwise OLD WOUNDS deliver us a self-hating and self-destructive, suicidal and damn sick and twisted, heavy and intense, aggressive (also self-aggressive) and brutal, dopesick and mercyless mixture out of Sludge Core like EYE HATE GOD and clichè free dirty and raw Metal musick melted together with some doses of Noise, intense and sinister, heavy and atmospheric as fuck, marked by awesome thick and massive guitars, suffering screamed lead vocals (very extreme and sick) and a broad and stunning rhythm section. MuSICK to take an overdose of pills and ''sleep away'' to or to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, nothing for the mournful or the weak hearted ones. Extreme musick, and it's damn good shit, point and fact, so better get it!!! (8 of 10 points)

NO TOLERANCE - "NO REMORSE, NO TOLERANCE" (Boston Straight xxx Edge Hardcore released by the end of 2011 via "YOUNGBLOOD RECORDS")

("Youngblood Records"; MP3-Download):
New release of this Straight Edge roughnecks from NO TOLERANCE, released by the end of 2011 via "YOUNGBLOOD RECORDS" for all what I know ''just'' as a MP3-Download over at their Bandcamp site for a price of only 4,00 U.S. $ and the link will close this review. Stumbled upon this one thanks to the mighty "EMPTY HANDS" blog (, ablog worth checking out over all the time. NO TOLERANCE play hard, bitter, aggressive, angry, mean, brutal and damn fast paced Straight Edge Hardcore the Boston way with some sinister metallic Hardcore infuence as well as sometimes coming to close to bulldozer styled Grindcore and all done with a clenched fist and shout out loud while you scream along gladiatorial attitude. Mix up PROCLAMATION with the Boston legends of SSD and some old angry NYHC like early WARZONE and CRO-MAGS as well and you know for the start pretty good what you get from NO TOLERANCE: Broad slightly metallic sinsiter and brutal guitar work, smashing bass and grinding devastating drums as well as brutal shouted massive and hrd throaty vocals and full speed ahead mostly non stop but still mixing it up to keep it not also damn intense but also pretty interesting over all the time. Damn good stuff for sure. Massive production sound, nice artwork and good lyrics on top. If yo're into this stuff just get it, period. Six short songs with only one being slightly longer than two minutes so this is a short release if you look at the running time and so this is a short review if you look at the reading time. Anyway, damn good stuff that I recommend to you. (8 of 10 points)

HELLCHARGER - "PROMO DEMO 2011" (Blackened Crustcore from out of Moneterrey, Mexico released via "NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE" back then in 2011)

("Nuclear Nightmare"; Tape):
Okay, this one here is a total Underground release from out of Monterrey in Mexico of the Crustcore roughnecks of HELLCHARGER. The guys in HELLCHARGER play also in the bands DISFUTURE, HEADSHOT, PANDEMONIUM 666 and TREPONEM PAL and this is their Promo Demo of the year of 2011 originally released as a Tape and with an amount of around (?) or exactly (?) 66 copies via "NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE" and to be honest I have to say that I don't own one of the tapes (and I would bet that they are long out of stock) but instead of this a CD-R version of it with the (?) or at least an (?) artwork and a short band biography of HELLCHARGER that a friend of mine settled together for me and gave me some few months ago and so a more or less through and throgh unofficial affair but anyhow, after you can currently find a download link of this material up on the awesome "CRUST DEMOS" blog I don't care anyhow and I just felt the need to give you an review of it after now a days thanks to the guys of "CRUST DEMOS" ( - and here more exactly: everybody can enjoy this band and their songs and not only 66 lucky guys owoning one of the tapes or guys with enthusiasticly bootlegging (when it's about rare and extreme stuff like this) friends that are in love with pretty extreme musick and so here comes the review of HELLCHARGER and their "PROMO DEMO 2011" for you, here we go. HELLCHARGER were founded and formed just about a year ago in the February of 2011 by four guys down and over there in Mexico with a love for classical DISCHARGE D-Beat styled Crustcore and old school U.K. Hardcore Punk like G.B.H. as well as very old and early Black Metal like HELLHAMMER, VENOM and maybe the first releases of BATHORY as well as CELTIC FROST and a huge MOTÖRHEAD influence we can also recognize when listening to it, hm, and maybe somehow they also remind me a little bit of the new DARK THRONE the masters of ''Evil Rock'' and this I mean seriously in a through and through positive sense and way. They throw it all in the mix and create out of it their pretty own stuff and style and HELLCHARGER name their musick and style by themselves ''Morbid Black D-Beat'' and that's a pretty good description of it anyhow and here they give us in about thirteen minutes five songs with the titles "ANARCHY ROAD", "HELLCHARGER SQUAD", "INSULTER OF JESUS CHRIST" (a DAMNATION cover tune), "METALPUNK WARRIORS" and "POSTNUCLEAR PARTY" and the titels or names of the songs may give you all also a pretty good description of the topics they deal with in their (not in my package included) lyrics. The musick of HELLCHARGER  is packed up full with distortingly as well as distorted screaming sick and twisted sinister as well a wasted on a drink throaty lead vocals, brutal heavy distorted noisy and dirty shredding and aggressive and harsh sawing guitars, a thirsty and noisy rumbling bully of a bass in the back and fast raging stomping and thundering fast punk D-Beat styled drumming, and the stench of alcohol and the smell of blood you can get aware of every second of the thirteen minutes.They know what they do and what they have to do to get their thirsty and sick and aggressive job done and to write songs they can as well. With some more time on their side and some few ''upshakers'' in the structure of their songs they will get even better and better I think and so this promo demo that was done by them also very early in their existence of and as the band HELLCHARGER already holds a lot in store for us and promises even more. Damn good stuff, thumbs up for it. For Crusties, Hardcore Punks and Metalpunks this will be very interesting for a lot of good reasons and also the Metalheads that favorite hard and aggressive yet very dirty and thirsty music should really give this guys a good round and with this a fair chance. The recording respectively production sound is very raw and rough (like the msuic) but not too raw and too rough (again: like the music) and totally rules as well as the artwork rules, too. I highly recommend this to you, period, and I'm really looking forward for more of HELLCHARGER to come. Cheers!!! (8 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT - "HATRED FOR MANKIND" (Pure hatred on "PROSTHETIC RECORDS" released back then in 2010)

("Prosthetic Records"; CD):
This album was released back then in 2010 by the well-reputated and well-known extreme musick record label of "PROSTHETIC RECORDS" and I bought it by the summer of last year and wanted to review it since then but due to certain circumstances together with a lot of other releases I just come now to review it up here but after copies of this album should be still floating around out there I don't see any problems with reviewing it still yet today even it was already released primarly back then in 2010 two years ago from now on. DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT from out of the deepest dephts of the United Kingdom settled a totally devastating purulent and infectious musical vomit chunk full of hate, anger, wrath, disgust and pure negativity together and the ponging filth creeps out of the stereo speakers and floods every inch around with total disgust and sheer hatred. Heavy and pushing as well as damn punishing guitar work, ultra-evil bass playing, brutal drumming, pure aggressive screamed and grunted as well as brutal shouted lead vocals and dazingly disturbing spoken word passages and samples, energetic and multi-layered songwriting and very talented and skillful musicians here at work that throw Sludge Core, Crust Core, Grindcore, Death Metal, Black Metal, Noize as well as some Hardcore and some Trash Metal into the mix of a big bowl and mix it all through with dirt, filth, hate, aggression, brutality and negativity non stopp. It's a pretty unique and a damn stressful music and style that DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT create and play on this one here. If you like it really extreme then check them out, even they could cut their songs more and concentrate them far more on the strong and important moments and could shake it all up to make it more fascinating and grapping over the complete distance of the full length album. Nice (as far as this album can anyhow be ''nice'' after all) stuff anyway, with a great thick production sound as well as a good artwork and good lyrics. (7 of 10 points)

New blog to check out... "HALFWAY TO RUIN"

Hey folks, a new blog popped up this year or so recently and if it will be long running enough and also hard working enough I'm sure it will offer quite an interesting bunch of stuff up there with downloads of not so typical stuff with weighty reviews and so on and if you're into Punkrock music I'm sure that the "HALFWAY TO RUIN" blog - oh yes, that's the name of the mentioned blog I'm writing about here - will definitely serve your needs. So check it out and enjoy it. Here's the link: - so just you enjoy it!!!


("KB Records"; CD):
This is a new splitalbum by this two still pretty young german Oi! bands from Saxonia that comes for free and is announced as a Promo CD. We get one new track exclusively up here, the titel track named "UNTER SACHSENS FLAGGE" (to be translated as "UNDER THE FLAG OF SAXONIA" or something like this), as well as three tracks from both bands and I think that all these tracks were already released before on the latest full length albums of both bands but after this CD is out for free who cares in general and in particular I don't care after both albums are unknown to me. Btw, both bands are heavily attacked over here by the P.C. and AFA fractions and their legions of virtual warriors like "OIRE SZENE", just that you know about this bullshit. Okay, the CD kicks off with the colaboration track of the two bands (great fast paced sing a long party smasher) and then each band takes turn with every next upcoming song. Both bands play stomping Oi! Oi! Oi! music from Germany. Let's start with the MARTENS ARMY, the ''second band'' of Stöbi who also plays in GERBENOK. Hm, if I remember it correctly then he was at the cover of the last GERBENOK album to be seen as a Punkrocker styled THE EXPLOITED way with colored and mohawked hair and a leather jacket full of  studs and so on and now a days ''performing'' the through and through ''true'' and ''real'' Skinhead.... the german answer for Lars frederiksen and his OLD FIRM CASUALS or what... strange stuff... Anyway, I first listend to the MARTENS ARMY years ago when their "BOOTBOYS ON THE ROAD" (or something like this) titled debut respectively demo was fresh released and this demo was terrible and so I decided to not care about them anymore anyhow. But they developed quite a big bit and it all is far more tight and compact and consequent played down to the point, respect and thumbs up. The music is very strong by the golden 1990's of German Oi! music influenced Oi! Punk with loads of dry and dirty, heavy and angry  forward rockin' guitars, stomping bass playing and noisy and harsh rumbling drums, lout and totally wasted on a drink shouted vocals, some thirsty back ups, lots of sing a longs and if you like now a days very old and early LOIKAEMIE, mix it up with old and early and first BIERPATRIOTEN as well as some earyl and old 4 PROMILLE then you will like if not love the MARTENS ARMY that also give us some nice lyrics about Oi! and Skinhead, Bootboys and riots, drinking and smashing bars and people and about true love as well, and not to forget about the amazing intros that are samples of the cool "SCHOOL OF ROCK" movie and the brilliant and legendary "THE NAKED GUN II" movie. Today the MARTENS ARMY consist out of Stöbi and two other guys that play also in the BIERTRAS and so this split is maybe some sort of an ''organic affair'' or ''family affair'' and this is a good chance to come finally to the second featured band up here, the BIERTRAS. First: What a totally dumb bandname!!! After this the band is playing some pretty much up to date style of German Oi! that comes close to Streetcore music and is packed up full with hard rocking and heavy metallic impressions and is dominated by forceful and more or less pretty diverse and well-versed guitars , a harsh pounding rhythm section, dry shouted lead vocals (but the lead vocals are far too power- and expressionless) and some broad back up chants as well as some pretty nice sing a longs and lyrics about fake ass idiots, violence, drinking and wrecking other folks house parties. Mix up some TOXPACK with some KRAWALLBRÜDER and you know to where the journey goes, even the BIERTRAS yet already a good band are still far, far away from the standard and the quality of the two mentioned icons. If you're a fan of German Oi! Oi! Oi! music then and now I think this split CD that comes with a very good production sound and a nice artwork in a fat paper sheet without lyrics (but the lyrics you get when you listen to the bands and their songs) you shoud have anyway anyhow as soon as possible and as long as there are still copies of it floating around. All in all better get this split CD. (8 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

LIVSTID - "LIVSTID" (Crustcore from Norway released in 2011)

("Fysisk Format" / "Lukket Avdeling" / "Nakkeskud Plater"; CD):
Another damn good Crustcore band and album that came up last year and totally hit me right in time with Crustcore coming up off big again on my personal musical schedule after I somehow forgot about it quite a bit over the last years. This CD I've got from a friend of mine and it blewed me away right from the very start of it. In Norway they can do far more than ''just'' Black Metal, and this here is incredible strong and just damn good extreme Crustcore build on a massive fast raging ''punky'' D-Beat basement foundament cultivated with some Death Metal and Black Metal impressions and strongly dominated by the furious guitar work that's enriched by intense, dark, sinister and metallic, heavy and morbid guitar leads and solo lines, marked by incredible and bulky massive rhythm work and charismatic hard and evil sharp shouted extreme lead vocals. The multi-layered songwriting is really strong so that the mostly (very) fast paced songs refuse to become boring anyhow and that's always good, and also the technical skills of the muscians are way up high. If you like your Crustcore in between WOLFPACK respectively WOLFBRIGADE and DISFEAR you have to check out LIVSTID (even they aren't that metallic anyway) as well, you will like if not love them for sure, and a very own identity they have also to offer for us. They sing in their mother tongue so I can't tell ya something with weight about their lyrics, but what I can tell you is that the artwork as well as the production sound are just pure gold. Go and get this CD and enjoy it, really damn good stuff, period!!! Don't know if there are still physical copies (and where the hell) floating around but at the great "CRUST DEMOS" blog you can find an by the band authorized download link so at least look there ( to get it if you can't find it anywhere else. Damn good stuff and hopefully more of LIVSTID will come. (8 of 10 points)

"PARADISE COVE" Fanzine Issue No. # 02

(''Street Rock & Roll Zine'')
Issue No. # 02
(Price: for free)
Okay folks, after last week or so I reviewed the issue no. one of this very zine it's now time for the review of the issue no. two and that's also the very current issue. Like you all should (or may) know the "PARADISE COVE" is more or less some sort of a promotional zine of the german label "BANDWORM RECORDS" and so a lot of the bands and releases of this label get promotion on the pages of this very zine here. But in contrast of the first issue also more non label bands are featured in here and also it seems like "BANDWORM RECORDS" finally starting to release good and interesting bands again and not so much German Rock crap anymore, with current or upcoming releases of ALBERT FISH, the BUTCHER BOYS, STRANGLEHOLD, THE CORPS and HAMMER & THE NAILS some damn good stuff seems to be in the pipeline finally again. So beside this two ''contrast things'' not too many changes are to be recognized anyhow and so we get via interviews, introductions and tributes stuff with and about PERKELE (yes, again), STOMPER 98 (brilliant interview, a real gem and a true highlight), MARCHING ORDERS (one of the very best bands around, for sure), ALBERT FISH (new but anyhow long running "BANDWORM RECORDS" singning, promises quite a bit), the german Oi! Punk roughnecks of the SCHUSTERJUNGS, PUNISHABLE ACT (the german kings of Hardcore), the comedy "Oi"" band´BERLINER WEISSE from Berlin with a short tour diary, the mighty VOLXSTURM (nice little tour diary), GROBER KNÜPPEL (even it's just a picture page), the awesome BONECRUSHER and the BUTCHER BOYS (damn it, I'm very curious about this band), then the good "WAX & VIOLENCE" and the also good "CHAOS EN FRANCE" specials are continued, as well as the Boni/BLUTIGER OSTEN and the DJ EMPEROR record review colmns get continued, a history of and tribute to "SCHLEMIHL RECORDS" we do get as well, Tost/VOLXSTURM and Roman/EASTSIDE BOYS introduce their private classics to us, a drinking bar called the "PAKAUKAU" is celebrated and introduced to us, we get a report of the "BANDWORM RECORDS FESTIVAL" 2011, a big bunch of News and also some introduction words on top of it, but no reviews of records (beside the "WAX & VIOLENCE" special and the DJ EMPEROR column that also feature ''only'' old or older releases) or fanzines, all is written complete in german and in very good tonguing, a lot of photo pages we get as well and the full coloured professional artwork we do get also again as well. It's still a promo zine without a doubt (and if you ask me it will for sure stay a promo zine and truly really nothing else anyhow), just a little bit loosen up and this for good, so you all should know what you have to expect here and what you get, hm, and knowing this a nice short read is waiting for you and so if you like the featured bands and music you shouldn't think twice and just get it, not at least because it's for all what I know and experienced by myself for free. Btw, released this very year of 2012.