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"PARADISE COVE" Fanzine Issue No. # 02

(''Street Rock & Roll Zine'')
Issue No. # 02
(Price: for free)
Okay folks, after last week or so I reviewed the issue no. one of this very zine it's now time for the review of the issue no. two and that's also the very current issue. Like you all should (or may) know the "PARADISE COVE" is more or less some sort of a promotional zine of the german label "BANDWORM RECORDS" and so a lot of the bands and releases of this label get promotion on the pages of this very zine here. But in contrast of the first issue also more non label bands are featured in here and also it seems like "BANDWORM RECORDS" finally starting to release good and interesting bands again and not so much German Rock crap anymore, with current or upcoming releases of ALBERT FISH, the BUTCHER BOYS, STRANGLEHOLD, THE CORPS and HAMMER & THE NAILS some damn good stuff seems to be in the pipeline finally again. So beside this two ''contrast things'' not too many changes are to be recognized anyhow and so we get via interviews, introductions and tributes stuff with and about PERKELE (yes, again), STOMPER 98 (brilliant interview, a real gem and a true highlight), MARCHING ORDERS (one of the very best bands around, for sure), ALBERT FISH (new but anyhow long running "BANDWORM RECORDS" singning, promises quite a bit), the german Oi! Punk roughnecks of the SCHUSTERJUNGS, PUNISHABLE ACT (the german kings of Hardcore), the comedy "Oi"" band´BERLINER WEISSE from Berlin with a short tour diary, the mighty VOLXSTURM (nice little tour diary), GROBER KNÜPPEL (even it's just a picture page), the awesome BONECRUSHER and the BUTCHER BOYS (damn it, I'm very curious about this band), then the good "WAX & VIOLENCE" and the also good "CHAOS EN FRANCE" specials are continued, as well as the Boni/BLUTIGER OSTEN and the DJ EMPEROR record review colmns get continued, a history of and tribute to "SCHLEMIHL RECORDS" we do get as well, Tost/VOLXSTURM and Roman/EASTSIDE BOYS introduce their private classics to us, a drinking bar called the "PAKAUKAU" is celebrated and introduced to us, we get a report of the "BANDWORM RECORDS FESTIVAL" 2011, a big bunch of News and also some introduction words on top of it, but no reviews of records (beside the "WAX & VIOLENCE" special and the DJ EMPEROR column that also feature ''only'' old or older releases) or fanzines, all is written complete in german and in very good tonguing, a lot of photo pages we get as well and the full coloured professional artwork we do get also again as well. It's still a promo zine without a doubt (and if you ask me it will for sure stay a promo zine and truly really nothing else anyhow), just a little bit loosen up and this for good, so you all should know what you have to expect here and what you get, hm, and knowing this a nice short read is waiting for you and so if you like the featured bands and music you shouldn't think twice and just get it, not at least because it's for all what I know and experienced by myself for free. Btw, released this very year of 2012.

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