Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

TIRADE - ''DEMO 2011'' (D.I.Y. London Hardcore atomizing any resistance + Download Link)

TIRADE - "DEMO 2011"
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Whooaaa, this is some great stuff I've stumbled upon when surfing through Facebook. I don't know if this stuff was ever released on any physical copy way even it would be more than worth it but this here is officially put up for free downloading affair by the band itself and as usual in cases like this I will give you the link to the download at the end of this very review here so calm down and do it then but make sure to do it anyway. So okay, back to the topic: TIRADE are from London and they are playing incredible strong and truly great Hardcore in the tradition of almighty London Hardcore like it was born and bred by the brilliant KNUCKLEDUST but they do it their very own way and know to work influences of New York Hardcore (AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL, SICK OF IT ALL, BIOHAZARD) and Boston Hardcore (SLAPSHOT) into it as well as metallic Hardcore from xEARTH CRISISx and HATEBREED to xTYRANTx and DO OR DIE left it marks and somehow the almighty ST. HOOD also come to my mind, too. And TIRADE not only throw it all into the mix of things but they do it all also their already with this very demo here their very, very own style and way. All done very well-versed and damn multi-layered as fuck, with a lot of emotions and expressions as well as attitude and spirit in it, full of heart and passion, packed up full with massive, heavy, harsh and hard yet damn catchy and also damn diverse guitar work already with a very own tone that marks the music very strong, with really incredible damn hard yet very clean shouted throaty lead vocals and broad and fat and massive gang back up chants, as well as a very bulky and beefy pounding bass and devastating and smashing everything down into the ground drumming, marked by great grapping interesting and diverse multi-layered songwriting and really damn good and strong musicians are here at work anyhow. And like I've already said, they do it their very own way and style already, they already own this special something you can't really describe and instead of this we just name it the ''X-Factor'' here and now. This is some damn great stuff, and even more!!! The lyrics are damn strong stuff as well, the artwork got a great look and the production sound is a true bomb, period. Awesome shit, I need more, and hopefully a good and fair and hard working label will get this guys signed to a fair and proper deal very soon. Pure gold!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 Points)

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