Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

DISTASTROPHY - "DISTORT THE FUTURE, DISTORT THE PAST" (New Hampshire, U.S.A. D.I.Y. Crustcore in 2012)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
This is a Noise induced Crust Core inferno by a two piece band from New Hampshire, U.S.A. of the great name of DISTASTROPHY, the two guys in the band also play in a band of the name of RAMLORD (but I have not a single clou about them, so don't ask me anything about them). This demo here is up for downloading for free on their Bandcamp site and I stumbled upon them while surfing through the web and reading through the great "CRUST DEMOS" blog ( I decided to dowload the stuff after by the end of the last year some pretty cool Crust Core and D-Beat releases finally crossed my way again. Anyhow, I will give you the link for the download of this demo at the end of this record review. We get six songs by DISASTROPHY in nearly eight to nine minutes and the black/white cover artwork you can see on the left at the beginning of this review is the cover included in the download, but more of an art you won't find. The production or recording sound is very raw and reduced and when I say raw and reduced then I mean in this case here über-raw and über-reduced, it reminds me somehow of totally Underground Black Metal so that you can only hardly figure out what is exactly going on there. This may be pretty true and stuff like this, but, to be honest, it pretty much sucks because I rather want to enjoy the music I listen to and get what all the guys are doing there instead of feeling how my ears start to bleed and melt away. And that the songs seem to be taken from different recording sessions isn't helping anyway. Due to this sound the songs/music very often tend far more to be some sort of slightly Black Metal inspired Noise Core than Crust Core. You may already get it, that from my point of view the terrible recording sound is really destroying a lot here, what's a big pity, because this two piece group owns a lot of potential. Okay, basically we get very heavy Noise induced misantrophic and depressive, by the world we see incredible terrible suffering Crust Core with a somehow suicidal approach. All based on highly suffering throaty and suffocating screamed vocals, loud and heavy pounding fast drumming from Speed Punk to D-Beat to Blast Speed style, sawing and shredding guitars and a incredible strong distorted bass (compared with this Lemmy of MOTÖRHEAD is playing an acoustic guitar). It's very evil, sick, twisted and morbid and I desperately would wish that these guys would have a far better recording sound, a by very far better one, period. Add to it a lot of Noise Core influence (far more that are healthy), some old school underground (Black) Metal feeling and spirit and you're pretty much in the camp of DISASTROPHY. To the lyrics I can't say anything, you don't understand a word and the lyrics aren't part of the download, and/but just judging by the songtitles I would say that it seems to be pretty much the usual P.C. Crusty stuff that we're all more or less used to, no matter what we think of it by our own. Best songs are "DISTORT THE FUTURE, DISTORT THE PAST", "GOD IS THE BASTARD" and "HATING MYSELF MORE EVERY DAY", the rest is due to the already with one or two words mentioned recording sound nothing else but utter garbage (just try "SAME CLOTHES AS YESTERDAY" while you're sitting infront of a mirror and watch your ears bleed and then rot away). A lot of potential being not used if not totally violated here, hopefully next time around more will be to come by them. (4 of 10 points)

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