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Fight for yor right ... and party! (Since 1988)

"WAHRSCHAUER" - Issue no. # 59 (Winter & spring 2011)
Fee: 4,90 Euro (includes a free issue CD sampler compilation)
Okay, again more of a magazine than of a fanzine, hm, but who cares about it that much at all... at least I really don't give a damn about it by myself. The "WAHRSCHAUER" is a very well established long time running german politically very left winged magazine between music, underground culture and left politics. Okay, the strong impact of politics and in this case here in particular left politics brings some problems with it (like it always does when politics take the lead, NO matter if left or right, and that the assfucked and braindead jackasses of the radical and more and more extreme becoming right are also totally nutjobs that no one need- and I would bet even not their parents- we don't need to discuss here anyhow) and in the case of this magazine it's really that it is totally stucked deep down into this whole "With us or against us!"-attitude and the thinking of knowing and owning the key to total wisdom and defaming everyone who's not totally on the same page as some dumb and stupid Nazi and Fascist friend if not even far more. It really makes me sick and wanna puke, point and fact!!! Why the left is doing the same thing as the right and is thinking and acting the same way is something I will never understand and it is something that really makes me feel sad... But okay, that said let us do get worked through the review of this very issue here: First of all, where I thought that the solely concentration only on music of the guys that are doing the "BIG FIVE" magazine sucked and took some of the potential of this magazine away I have here to say that the "WAHRSCHAUER" should really need to focuss finally more on the music again. It's been a while now since I've bought 'my' last issue of the "WAHRSCHAUER" magazine and I was really wondering where the hell the reviews of records and stuff like this had gone in the time in between 'my' last one and this very issue here. Okay, also the reviews of other fanzines and magazines you will search for without any kind of success at all, hm, and also reviews on or introductions of movies and gigs aren't to be found here. We still get the free compilation CD on top of it (some good stuff you will find on this one for sure) as well as interviews with all the bands that participate on this compilation sampler CD. Also a lot of other interviews we do get to read and then there is as usual the politics-special and this time it's all about 'Revolution 2.0' ("twitter", the world wide web and revolution, etc. pp.) and so also nearly in every interviw the bands get asked about their standpoint to revolution(s) in general and theso called 'Revolution 2.0' in particular... as if this would be anyhow interesting after all... Btw: After what?!? ... Then we do also get some special reports (French Underground, a interview with a 'Ultra' fan group of the the oh so anti-fascist and anti-capitalist german soccer club 'FC St. Pauli', etc. pp.) and some few introduction words. That's it!!! Even the guys that are doing the "WAHRSCHAUER" magazine may think different about it but this is everything but a anyhow 'special' magazine or so and it is all even not so interesting and grabbing at all, not at least because nearly ALL interviews are far too facile at all. Okay, anyway, maybe I'm also not really a member of the target audience of the "WAHRSCHAUER" magazine... and thank the mighty Buddha for this!!! All done and written in german, done in good layout, and all on totally politically correct eco-friendly paper it's printed, not so good tonguing at all (by several different writers), and that's all. Check it out if you think the 'Revolution 2.0' is something really that interesting for you... otherwise I would not recommend it to you anyway!!! Ah, btw, just some names of the bands and so you get interviews with to finally close this review: SLIME (what a non-sense talk, this band- at least specific memebers of it in particular- really need a damn reality check...), EGOTRONIC (bullshit music by a bullshit band and a totally un-needed interview), BAD RELIGION (okay, a interview with this legends can only be at least a damn good one, and so it's also here the case), SONDASCHULE (pfff...), ABWÄRTS (were once pretty important to me... once... fifteen years ago or so...), ALEXIS ON FIRE (great band, great lyrics, great music... but just an okay interview...), DRITTE WAHL (damn good band and also a nice interview, and also a nice tour diary of them touring Cuba), THE RIOT BEFORE (great interview, really a suprise...), MAD SIN (way too facile...), NINA HAGEN (bitter stuff...), PAUL DI'ANNO (what a bullshit talking and writing...), and also with RAWSIDE, COR, DRONGOS FOR EUROPE, OIRE MUTTER, SMALL TWON RIOT, DONOTS, SS-KALIERT, DIE KNAPPEN, THE SKATOONS, RADIO HAVANNA, TOCOTRONIC, and many, many more. That's it, like I've said, if you are heavily interested in the so called 'Revolution 2.0' then maybe you should grab a copy of this issue, hm, but otherwise better don't think about reading this magazine... Really a dissapointment... (Ah, and don't ask me if a new issue is already out or when it ever will come out... but when it will be out you should be able to buy it nearly 'everywhere'- if you want to do so- like also this issue here, too...)

Don't know who or what the 'BIG 5' are anyhow but here's their booklet...

"BIG FIVE" - Issue No. # 06 respectively issue no. # 01 of 2011
Fee: 4,50 Euro (includes one free Issue Compilation CD)
Okay, it's really about time that also the category of the so called 'Fanzine Reviews' gets finally continued up here. Hm, maybe you wouldn't label this on here (with a lot of might that masters right) more a magazine than a fanzine but that's not really that important at all. This was my first copy that I grabbed of this magazine and it was because a lot of interesting bands were announced on the cover to be featured in this issue and here comes now what turned out to be my favorites: The interviews with ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS, DEADLINE (great!!!), SODOM, SOCIAL DISTORTION, FLATFOOT 56, THERAPY?, DEVILDRIVER, ILL NINO,  BEATSTEAKS, and BERSERKER are really fucking damn good stuff. Beside this we get also a big bunch of more or less nice interviews more (with various different bands like MUSHROOMHEAD, REZUREX, ANTAGONIST, and many more), as well as some little book reviews (by musicians that showcase us their favorite books), movie introductions (thumbs up!!!), a lot of record reviews, a column of Sebi of STOMPER 98, informations about and reviews on tours and concerts, some few introduction words, a tribute to G.G. ALLIN (who needs this?!?), as well as some short band profiles. Yehp, that's all. Just music and so... Sounds now maybe a little bit 'unpassionated' at all but it's just nothing special or so, just a really very good done pretty professional magzine that covers a lot of different styles of underground music (what's pretty cool) and it's all done in german and in a very cool layout and good tonguing (by a big bunch of different writers). So, yes, it's just very professional but lacks some-how the emotions and something 'special' so that's why this review maybe lacks the passion and why it is so short and seems more like just a list of the content of this issue... Anyhow, if you are interested in the named bands then do yourself the favor and grab a copy of this one, because it will be worth your time and money. On top of it we get a really pretty good CD compilation sampler for free. Check it out, you should be able to buy it nearly 'everywhere' and a new issue should also be already out on the market (but don't ask me anything more about it). Like I've already said, if you like the mentioned bands and styles of music then check the "BIG FIVE" out.


("Nuclear Blast" & "Metal Hammer"; CD):
Okay, this CD here was once a free garnish of a past "METAL HAMMER" magazine issue and it's a live album of the band of the name of DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER and I really don't know if this album was ever planned to be released as an official or commercial live album recording or if it ever was released once this way... so don't ask me anything about it. Anyway, the band, DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER (a.k.a. in english "THE FOUR HORSEMEN" or the "(FOUR) RIDERS OF THE APOCALYPSE" or something like this) is a german band and they play Metal music and I've never listened to them anyhow, haha;-). I just remember that I once (probably some-time around 1996 or 1997 or so) listened to a song called "METAL WILL NEVER DIE"... but this was a very long while ago and so I really can't remember any part of this track and that's also the reason why I can't tell ya if the song "WE WILL NEVER DIE" (that you can find on this CD here) is something like "METAL WILL NEVER DIE" with some smehow changed lyrics or what the hell else ever... But anyhow, I was never interested in this band and if this CD hadn't been grapped by me for free, hehe;-), I would probably have never ever listened to at least only one single DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER song. Would this had been something bad?!? Even this CD and especially band is lightyears and lightyears and lightyears away from becoming anything like anyhow favorites of me this is really some intersting shit that they settled together, and hell no, it's definitely not your anyhow ordinary Metal band. They mix traditional teutonic Heavy Metal (HELLOWEEN) and 'opera-like' (German) Power Metal (BLIND GUARDIAN) with 1990's New School Trash Metal like PANTERA and the PISSING RAZORS, and on top of it we do also get Gothic Metal/Rock and Dark Metal elements, somehow also pretty much RAMMSTEIN impressions come to my mind and all is delivered to us by pretty charismatic and diverse lead vocals, sawing and heavy yet symphonic guitar playing, a very cool organ/piano, a nice rhythm session that's pretty diverse and tight at work, a lot of interesting and more or less pretty often somehow grapping songwriting that holds some nice suprises (beside a lot of stuff where you just can say that it is really enough at such points), and to play their instruments DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER really know anyhow. Okay, from PANTERA over BLIND GUARDIAN and also HELLOWEEN to RAMMSTEIN and all mixed by some Dark Metal and Gothic Rock is a pretty wide distance to go and if ya ask me then it's maybe them who fail to walk the walk or it's maybe me who can't follow them (and who don't want to follow them... maybe...) and if ya ask me it's just all in all far too much what they are playing and doing here, they should really cut some stuff off and see what happens then... But who am I to give advice(s)?!? ;-) Okay, it's really not my stuff at all, even it's at least some solid stuff, but nothing more. Nice lyrics (even nothing anyhow 'special'), great artwork and really brilliant production respectively recording sound. Risk an ear, but more I can't recommend it here to you. (6 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 28. April 2011


Hey guys,
time for a little new post up here, and now you finally get  again a 'Videos' post especially for ya. (Ha, I could bet- or would I?- that you've all waited for that for a long, long time now, right, haha;-)?!?) I wanted to do a post to pay tribute to this now coming great band for a pretty long while now, yehp, and so now finally here it comes up: It's now all about the almighty RETALIATOR, british Oi! or better Skinhead Rock at its very, very best!!! And I don't care who of you so-called and self-declared political jackasses out there now cry about it, no matter if from the left to the right or vice verca, I just don't care about you so now go and fuck yourself (or get a real life) instead of all this tough 'cyber-hustle' in the 'virtual reality'. I don't know but for all what I've heard RETALIATOR shall be back on track again after they went seperate ways some years ago and some of the members went on to form the bands of the names of BALEFIRE and THE LONDON DIEHARDS. Anyhow, would be damn great if RETALIATOR should really be back alive. So now you get a live clip of them playing their incredible larger than life anthem "SKINHEAD ROCK" live on stage in Yorkshire or so in 2005 (not in 1995 like the introduction of the video says). Enjoy it!!! "RETALIATOR - NO COMPROMISE!!!" Oi!


Montag, 25. April 2011

*** "I AM MEAN!!!" ***

("Metal Bastard"/"Bellaphon"; CD):
And here comes the last review of my old "METAL BASTRAD" (/"BELLAPHON") record releases, and also (if you ask me) this one here was released back then some time around the mid to late 1990's and the (very) early 2000's. And also this one here was always everywhere announced to be an Oi! record and by looking at the coverartwork you might may also think you get some Oi! or maybe some Hooligan Rock & Roll stuff... but beside the reviewed STAHLSCHÄDEL record every "METAL BASTRAD" release reviewed here was once announced to be Oi! or something pretty similiar and all they (AUSSENSEITER, KRACHKANONEN, and now RASSELBANDE) felt in being so (okay, STAHLSCHÄDEL were announced to be Oi!, too, but they are respectively were exactly this, at least its specific respectively particular german version of it), so also the RASSELBANDE here was everything but Oi!, point and fact. What we have here with this band and record is rough and raw Hardcore Punk all sung in german language and all influenced strongly by the almighty THE EXPLOITED as well as the German Punk veterans DRITTE WAHL and also (musically) you won't make that much wrong with listening to the RASSELBANDE if you like bands like RAWSIDE as well as VKJ. The pace of the songs is mostly some pretty fast affair, sometimes some 'groovy' and pretty 'old schoolish moshy' parts to loosen it all a little bit up, mostly when the refrain parts are taking the lead of the direction of the songs. Very powerful music with huge loads of force and pressure to back it all up. Fast and heavy, very rough and raw guitar riffing, all done very harsh and 'mosh-and-pogo-compatible', is marking the songs heavily, as well as a very fast working (respectively playing) rhythm section, very tight and fast and hard and especially the drumming is some very present and also pretty nice thing, and then there are the vocals... and the vocals are really a let-down, mush too less expression and also simply far too less power and that especially if you set 'them' (the vocals) in the context of the whole music. Beside the vocals another major trouble or problem is the fact that the guys knew how to play and what to do with their instruments, no problems here, but they weren't the best songwriters anyhow because all the songs simply sound very equal and so they sound just the same, beside some cool bass playing suprises you won't find that much suprising stuff here at all. Also the arrangements of the songs, especially of the vocal lines, are all far too well known already by the first listen to it, if you know what I want to say with this words. So, okay, beside this really weak points the positive aspects, especially the huge doses of power and force and the 'tightness' of the music and some pretty cool guitar and especially bass parts, I've already mentioned as well, so what there's left to say is that we do get beside some total crap "Come on over and let me fuck you, you whore!", "You are a damn bitch!", etc. pp. lyrics also some really good lyrics about personal issues, lowlife psychopath rapist and child molester scum, and very critical on society and its ruling politics stuff, and that's always good. The artwork looks pretty good after all (evn the cover drawing looks a little bit retarded a all and it's the same 'slim' affair with no proper booklet- just the cover and a list of greetings- and also all done not so overy exciting anyhow, and that's the case with all "METAL BASTARD" releases reviewed up here) and the dirty production sound is also some good stuff after all. Best songs are "GELD REGIERT DIE WELT" (musically as well as lyrically) and "KEIN BOCK" (also lyrically and musically damn good stuff), and there are also some more pretty good songs that are waiting to be discovered by you, and we get ten songs at all in round-a-bound 29 minutes. Okay, all in all this record was and is in no way bad and if I would keep one eye and also one ear closed I would give it maybe one point more... If you are on the hunt for some hard and fast German Hardcore Punk (or Hardcore German Punk) and if you still don't know the RASSELBANDE you should really check them out (even it's really not 'my music' at all, to be honest) but keep their mentioned faults in your mind. Ah, and again like with all other here reviewed "METAL BASTARD" records also this one here should be to get today for damn low prices (even it's maybe again just and only via the second hand way of buying old things today in the new light of the current days). Solid midfield stuff, but if you're a fan of German Punk the Hardcore Punk way check it out because it's anyhow a  nice shot!!! (6 of 10 points)
(Sorry guys, but also of this former "METAL BASTARD" band I've found no homepage or MySpace site or what-so-ever at all.)

Sonntag, 24. April 2011


("Metal Bastard"/"Bellaphon"; CD):
Okay, after I am already doing reviews of some of my old('er') "METAL BASTARD" records I thought that I also need to have to do finally a review of this one here. Don't really remember when this one here was released back then, maybe at the end of the 1990's or the beginning of the 2000's, hm, I don't know it, yehp, but anyhow anyway that's just not really that much interesting after all at the end of the day. KRACHKANONEN, a band I didn't knew back then and I also don't know anything else of or from them than this six song containing CD release. Bought it many yers ago because I knew some other releases of the label that I liked and the price was already back then truly really damn low. Okay I have to say that also paying some (much) bucks more for it wouldn't had been a mistake back then anyhow anyway, no, really not. No Oi! or something comparable anyway (after the band was- and still is- also pretty often announced as an Oi! band back then in the days, what a bunch of crappy bullshit), this one here came out some a lot years way to early because today it would have been a pretty god success in this whole Deutsch Rock (a.k.a. German Rock) scenery even the KRACHKANONEN had really much more to offer than just third class copy songs of the mid too late 1990's BÖHSE ONKELZ period. Hard and heavy, yet damn melodic and very 'lead-dominated' guitar work, a great pushing bass playing, tight and forceful driven drumming, and some really great damn charismatic lead vocals, hard and powerful yet pretty clean and melodic, and all done with some strong riffing structure, great leads and a big bunch of pretty cool (Hard Rock guitar) solos, as well as a lot of very cool rhythm architecture work (and suprising changes of this architecture), cool arrangements of the verses as well as the refrain parts, and also a big bunch of very cool suprises (a great funky bass to lead the way of "STEH AUF!", breath-taking hammond piano to mark "WIR SIND ZURÜCK", etc. pp.), it's all there, and it's really damn good shit!!! If you like the mentioned BÖHSE ONKELZ period and the mid 1990's German Rock band DIE VERLORENEN SÖHNE, as well as bands like FREI.WILD, the ENKELZ and this whole currently on-growing German Rock stuff than do yourself a huge, huge favor and check the KRACHKANONEN out because they will be exactly something for you and they do have also so much more to offer than your ordinary bands out of this genre. If the song "GEFÜHLE UND GEDANKEN" wouldn't annoy me that much with it's too impelled rhyming style of singing the verses and if the last track "ENDSTATION" could maybe stay away from some of its too overboarding pathos this record would get a even far better rating than it already gets here and now anyhow. Ah, before I forget about it, we do also get very good lyrics (multi-layered and rich on thematic varities, also often pretty critical and political), a very good clean and hard, yet earthy and warm production sound, and a nice artwork, yes, and that's all what there is to say about it... okay, beside two last final things: 1.) Damn best songs are "DER WEG ZUM ERFOLG", "STEH AUF!" and "WARUM?"; 2.) And also the record should be still out there at some sources to be bought by you for pretty low prices so just get it. Hm, btw, like a lot of the "METAL BASTARD" bands also the KRACHKANONEN got (and still get) attacked for respectively being labeled as a Neo-Nazi NS Rock band but, hm, even and also today listening to them don't makes me think I would listen to the soundtrack of a new 'Reichsparteitag' anyhow... (8 of 10 points)
(Sorry guys, also in this case here I foud- again- no hompegae or MySpace site or what-so-ever.)

Freitag, 22. April 2011


("Metal Bastard"/"Bellaphon"; CD):
This is also already a pretty (if not very) old record that I now do review here for you. Released by the same label and distributor as the STAHLSCHÄDEL record I reviewed some days ago already for ya I also thought that I could also do it with this very one here anyhow, yehp, and so here we do now go. This one was definitely (at least I would say so;-)...) released at the end of the 1990's and that was also the time when I bought the CD. It was back then a time when I was heavily fascinated by german subcultural underground Heavy Street Rock acts like the infamous TROOPERS (I still like this kind of music anyhow and especially this great and legendary band, but I wouldn't seek for stuff like this anymore- for years now- if you know what I mean) and back then I've read everywhere that the AUSSENSEITER (a.k.a. the ''OUTSIDERS'') would play TROOPERS like music(k) cultivated with huge Oi! influences (no, the TROOPERS aren't Oi! anyhow and they never were it anyway), yehp, and so without a second thought I bought this CD here that was also out to be bought by a not so high price already back then. Okay, first of all: Forget totally about the crap-talk of the announced Oi! influences because this here is anything but definitely not Oi! and there are also definitely no Oi!influences on this one to be found. What you get is nothing else than really pretty damn heavy and truly metallic Street Rock & Roll music all delivered to us by some cracking jangling drum playing that comes with a lot of brutal and loud stomping force all the way, a deep popping bass, heavy and metallic guitar playing, abrasive gnarled snarling lead vocals and here and there some few (a little bit weak) back up chants. Good organic groove behind it all, nice tight rhythm work, and all done mostly in heavy yet buoyant mid pace but also at least sometimes here and there coming with some nice suprising arrangements. All in all the AUSSENSEITER really knew how to play and what to do with their instruments. Biggest problems are the all in all to equal pace and rhythm arrangements of the songs that really disrupt every better rating, even it's still some pretty solid and definitely also some good stuff, no doubt about it, but there's also no doubt about it that this here wasn't or isn't anything groundbreaking or lifechanging or something like this. Maybe if it would today be released under the banner of Streetcore or German Rock (a.k.a. Deutsch Rock) and thnigs will be clear what I mean with them, all really very heavy and harsh and metallic stuff, and if you like the TROOPERS and if you can imagine them jamming together with (oh, oh, oh, now it gets really very wickedly 'evil'... again;-)...) the german Right Wing Rock (a.k.a. Rechtsrock) band of the name of KETTENHUND (yehp, 'evil', finally again;-)...) then you should check this record here still out even today (if you still don't call it your own), hm, or better (after I would bet that it's all over the place to be bought for really damn low prices) just get it asap. Nice artwork, good production sound and some pretty good and also everything but not not-interesting lyrics (especially the title track and its lyrics are some great shit), and so you see, you do get here a pretty round package that you should check out if you like the described bands and music, point and fact!!! Even you really need to have a big favor for Metal music, sound and style of writing and playing songs it's pretty good stuff. (7 of 10 points)
(Sorry guys, no http://www.-links/ found, sorry!!!)

Sonntag, 17. April 2011

"When you're on your knees with a gun to your head it's better to be dead than fucking red! - The right to choose, we want the cruise!"

Hey folks, now today or tonight only a short and/or little post for ya, finally some 'Videos' stuff again and of a great, legendary, important and still some-how controversial (get a real life, you stupid nutjobs) band, the stand-alone COMBAT 84!!! (Can't believe that they weren't featured before up here on this very blog...) Like them or not, but if you really think just being right wing (remember that you don't have to agree on everything) made them (or make/-s anyone) a Fascist(s) or (Neo-) Nazi(s) then you really need a reality-check!!! I could write much more about that topic but, nah, I'm pretty tired tonight and tomorrow again some hard work is coming and only the wise Buddha may know how long it will take until fucking 'Blogger' finished the upload of the video clip, yehp, and so that's it for now. Enjoy this clip (okay, okay, again, hm, it's not really what ya may can call a 'real' video clip, I know, I know...) and especially the song, it's my favorite of them, of COMBAT 84, and this band really always was and still is one of all-time favorite Oi! bands (and not only of all the great and awesome Oi! bands around, from back then up to today, but also when it comes to music(k) in general, point and fact), and damn it, yeahr, I truly and honestly love this stuff, so hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do enjoy it!!! Great band, great music, great song, great lyrics!!! "THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE! - WE WANT THE CRUISE!" Militant U.K. Oi! - Cheers & Oi!


"Showcase is on again, looks like a Hollywood! Showcase is on again, where concrete flowers bloom!"

("Bandworm Records"; CD):
Some days (or so) ago I used to review the or a album of the Sverige Punkrock band of the name of THE VIGILANTES (that was also released via the sympathic german "BANDWORM RECORDS" label quite some years ago) and after also this band here is or was from Sverige and use(d) to play Punkrock and released this album via "BANDWORM RECORDS", too... ah, I feel, you can see the linking chain up here;-). This one here is also already quite some years old, released back then in 2004. Anyhow, here comes the review of it, if you like it or not, ha;-)! Okay, for all what I (think to) know the whole band (what shall mean every guy in and so member of the band) immigrated some-time in the 1990's from the back then bitter 'war-raped' Yugoslavia to Sweden and like we all know bands from there that are bad are only very rare and damn hard to find and here you will also not find a anyhow bad band, point and fact. Even some nutjobs out there will now talk crap like that they wouldn't had been a swedish band because of their 'foreign heritage' and bullshit like this the BLOCKBASTARDS played a very swedish style of their kind of music. Hm, what kind of music they played at all?; that you now ask yourself, right? Simple answer to your question: Punkrock! Streetpunk! You now the legendary VOICE OF A GENERATION? You always liked them? Right, that's great! You know BOMBSHELL ROCKS and more or less always liked them, too? Even better! You know the final and just fantastic 59 TIMES THE PAIN album releases of the titles of "END OF THE MILLENIUM" and "CALLING THE PUBLIC"? You always really loved them? Perfect! Okay, the BLOCKBASTARDS aren't or weren't anway anyhow rivals to 59 TIMES THE PAIN and VOICE OF A GENERATION (while they play(ed) in one and the same league with BOMBSHELL ROCKS) they did here a really strong and good, hell yeahr, a really good job. Power, aggression, and attitude, yet melody, anthem-character, and catchyness, and not to forget about giant larger-than-life Sing-A-Longs and a lot of cool suprising stuff that make this album and especially its songs pretty round. The charismatic and very specific cantillated and emphasised lead vocals really mark the whole songs very strong (and that for only damn good reasons), also the guitar playing is great and really something special (at least partly), and the very tight and massive rhythm section is also some totally convincing stuff, thumbs up for that. The rhythm and pace are arranged pretty good and cool, some interesting and grapping stuff, and there's a lot of heart and soul and passion in it, yes, you can really feel it while you listen to this record. Yeahr, maybe (...) nothing like a milestone or something like this, nah, but fuck it, who cares, as long as this here is and stays some really strong stuff, yes, and this it was, it is and it still stays it. Damn good and really pretty strong Punkrock or Streetpunk from Sverige for fans of 59 TIMES THE PAIN, VOICE OF A GENERATION, BOMBSHELL ROCKS, etc. pp. really something damn interesting, and for all of you out there interested in good and honest Punkrock this here is really something very interesting that you should check out asap (if you still don't own or even know it), yes, and nothing else. On top of it very strong and intersting lyrics, a very nice artwork, and a pretty strong production sound, and then that's it, and yes, check it out!!! Btw, today you can get this album for very low prices at some sources. (8 of 10 points)
(PS: Sorry I found no MySpace-site or band-homepage or what so ever...)

Freitag, 15. April 2011

We sing the FORGOTTEN WORDS to honour our BLACK HEARTED SON while the BURDEN FALLs...

("I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison Records"; CD):
Here's the next one of the 'older' releases (this one came out already in 2003) of the german "PEOPLE LIKE YOU RECORDS" label that I got some time ago in a nice package for a very, very low or cheap price and of that I finally managed to put up the reviews of them in case some of you out there are possibly interested in this stuff and until today totally overlooked this releases. This is just a CD single and what shall I say, that's truly nearly the only annoying thing about this record here at all, because just three tracks (plus the promo video track of the title track) are really just simply too short or too less of this great band!!! THE AWESOME MACHINE... somehow a strange bandname... I never knew before I got this CD and also today I don't really know more about or of them, but okay, who cares about it, haha;-). This band took me by storm: Forceful, heavy, energetic Hard Rock music somewhere between great 1990's Hard/Heavy Rock like the almighty CREED and also heavy Stoner Rock influences (like, only for example, NUCLEUS that I have also reviewed up here some weeks ago), and all done really damn fucking good. Very, very well-versed and especially multi-layered guitar work (no matter if it's about the riffs or the solos, just great shit), a very strong and charismatic lead singing (!!!) voice (fantastic, totally filled with power and might, awesome), a heavy pounding bass at work and very diverse and just incredible heavy and tight drum playing, all cultivated by great rhythm and (song-) structure work, also very cool and diverse short and quick changes of pace and rhythm of the songs, just awesome!!! All very grapping and interesting, and also full of charisma, just great!!! If the live recording of "BLACK HEARTED SON" could just be more tight and precise than it's done here... And if the CD could contain only at least some few songs more... Lyrics (aren't printed) are pretty strong and interesting stuff, the production sound is very hard and clear and 'fat', yet dry and warm and dirty, thumbs up, and the artwork looks really pretty cool. So, what shall I say more, if you like described bands and music (and can imagine a very self-contained and stand-alone and not copying kind of band as the result of mixing it) then don't think twice and don't only look at the price, instead just go out and grab and get one of these here, point and fact and nothing else or even less. Great stuff!!! (9 of 10 points)
(Contact: - I think this should be the MySpace site of this THE AWESOME MACHINE band here...)

You love some good old 1990's clichè German Oi! Punk musick?!? Right, now comes something for ya!!!

("Metal Bastard Records" / "Bellaphon"; CD):
Don't get any wrong impression(s) because of the name of the label that back then used to release this record, this is in NO fucking goddamn way an anyhow Metal record, fuck no, this is traditionally brewed German Oi! Punk musick the 1990s way of style and sound, yehp, and for what I know it's also straight from out of the 1990's. I don't really know it for sure but I think this one here was released some-time around the late 1990's or so, and I remember seeing promotion for it in the magazines, fanzines and mailorders I used to read back then and just because of the pretty cool artwork and the name of the band as well as the title of the record I always felt the need to get this record... and despise the feeling of need it took quite a while and I just call it my own since 2010. Anyhow, 'now' I call the "KOMMANDO Oi!" (= "COMMAND Oi!") titled record of STAHLSCHÄDEL (= STEELSKULL) finally my own and after I would bet that a lot of you possible interested guys out there don't know anyhow about it I thought that a review of this forgotten little gem would be cool and nice move, yes, yes, yes, and so here we go: I don't know who was in STAHLSCHÄDEL and if they ever released anything else than this little record here, but what they've done here was quite damn good stuff even it was (or is) nothing groundbreaking or something like this and hell no this band wasn't building fusion bombs or mastering the challenge of time and space, hell no, but there was also never the quest out there to do so, and so anyhow, this is and was and still is some pretty cool stuff, point and fact. If you've used to grow up with 1990's German Oi! Punk musick STAHLSCHÄDEL will totally be something to serve your needs (even it's just some nostalgic feeling that needs to be satisfied). Snarling and biting guitar work with some strong "Schrammel Oi!" (don't know how to translate it, sorry folks...) spirit, a heavy buzzing and droning wumming bass and harsh stomping drums, and on top of it a very throaty and wasted-on-a-drink grumbling lead vocals. Nice pace and rhythm and structure of the songs, and all done petty heavy and without any happy gaily melody bullshit, and all pretty powerful.Thumbs up!!! Maybe not a milestone or anything like this, but something that I would say you really should have as a 1990's German Oi! Punk fan. Five song at all, one of them a typical 1990's instrumental used as the outro of the record, and STAHLSCHÄDEL are to be located somewhere between the old BIERPATRIOTEN (I talk about their "RANDALE, POGO, ALKOHOL" debut release), some BOOTS & BRACES (remember their great "SCHÖN WAR DIE ZEIT" release), some pretty strong BRUTAL DE LUXÉ impressions (anyone should need to know this veterans from the german city of Wolfenbüttel twenty minutes near where I use to live), and also some (no it gets 'evil', haha;-)...) STÖRKRAFT (talking about their "MANN FÜR MANN" release), yehp, and with this localization you should pretty good know what STAHLSCHÄDEL used to do here. Two more by BIERPATRIOTEN and BRUTAL DE LUXÉ and BOOTS & BRACES influenced songs, "TALKSHOWS" and "EIN SCHLUCK WEIN, EIN SCHLUCK BIER", and two more STÖRKRAFT like songs, "MEINUNGSFREIHEIT" and also "LEBEN NACH DEM TOD" (also some 'earlier' BÖHSE ONKELZ marks are to be noticed here), then the cool instrumental track, yehp, and then that's it. I like this record really very much, point and fact!!! All made round by some good and typical 1990's German Oi! Punk lyrics (cover topics like freedom of speech/thought, the disgust of religion, drinking and smashing bars and getting barred after it, as well as talkshows and the degeneration of society) and all done pretty good, a earthy and dirty production sound, as well as a nice artwork (please don't ask me why, but somehow I really love the cover art, fuck, don't sk me why, haha;-)...). Good stuff!!! If anyone knows anything more about STAHLSCHÄDEL please just let me know about it. If you like the mentioned music and the described bands, yes, then I would highly recommend this to you and, btw, you should be able to get this one here today for very low prices (if you still can get it anyhow from somewhere, but mayb just search a little bit for it). Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)
(Don't ask me about any http://www.-sites/ of STAHLSCHÄDEL, know of not a single one, found not only a single one, so you just have to stay with this review, at least for right now...)
(Note: Maybe I was wrong but- how could it in this 'maybe-and-but-case' be any different- I am not so sure at all, what I mean is that when you 'google' this band and record a lot of sites on the web tell ya that it was released around 2004... damn it, could I be so wrong with my 'retrospective-perception' at all... nah, that can't be true I could swear that it was released much earlier than 2004... But like I've already said, I'm not sure about it after all, so just that you know about it... I'm sorry that I couldn't tell it to ya more precise...)

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

This is about HUMAN HOLOCAUST, this is about GENETIC DEATH... this is about what's waiting for all of us...

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Whoaaa, that's some great'n'fine stuff!!! Never heard of GOD HARVEST before this one here but for what I've read they are around since 2008 or so and this one here shall be pretty much something like their first proper release and if they continue to do so how and like they do it here it definitely won't be their last one. First of all two things: 1.) I just know about this (by the band itself authorized and done) MP3-Download version of the "DEMO 2011" release of GOD HARVEST, hm, but it seems that there are also some how-ever limited (?) physical copies floating around so just get in touch with the band via contacting them; 2.) Listening to this stuff you wouldn't have expected to listen to a D.I.Y. release so damn professional (meant in a very positive way) this all here is, point and fact. So, okay, it's late and I'm about to keep it short due to the fact that I'm damn tired today, yehp, again, I know, and also due to the fact that the "DEMO 2011" by itsef just runs its songs down in eleven or twelve minutes at all so what do GODHARVEST deliver here to us? A great mixture out of Hardcore, Metalcore (the old school way of it), Crustcore and Grindcore, hm, here and there you can maybe also get aware of some Powerviolence influences and also some very few (Trash) Metal impressions left their mark here and there. Combine the almighty NASUM with a good healthy dose of SKIT SYSTEM (minus the swedish lyrics, hm, but that should be clear anyhow), here and there some (early) NAPALM DEATH and also EXTREME NOISE TERROR marks, some WRECKING CREW and also CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER inpressions and a big bunch of good old school style Hardcore and also Punk (maybe we all could aggree with INFERNO?!?), cultivated by some few Powerviolence influences and only here and there some very few (Trash) Metal notes (remember SLAYER), yeahr, and then you have drawn yourself a pretty good picture of what GOD HARVEST use to do and they do it in an already fuckin' damn good (and damn much stand-alone) way!!! Incredible heavy and brutal punishing guitar work, great aggressive yet suffering lead vocals, and a rampage-going rhythm section, all played damn fucking strong. And the songwriting is just a sheer and true beauty, mostly fast and very fast if not 'death race' style fast, but it gets never (and I mean never!!!) anyway boring, great quick and (you wouldn't expected what's now coming...) fast ;-) changes of pace and rhythm, and on top of it all we do get always in nearly every (and I mean every!!!) song a bunch of very suprising stuff that you really need to discover for yourself. If they work out some of their riffs even more precise and make them so even more intense and if they could expend the amount of this damn great down-beating heavy and brutal grooves as well as maybe here and there even more their already mentioned suprises GOD HARVEST will get with their next release a even (far) better rating then they already do get it here. On top of it there are great lyrics and an brilliant (and very cynical) artwork (all delivered by the download), and an outstanding heavy and hard production sound. If you ask me, don't think twice (if you like your music- at least from time to time- really very heavy, brutal, and extreme) and get this great digital D.I.Y. release, point and fact!!! (8 of 10 points)

Montag, 11. April 2011

*** UNDISPUTED - IFBB Bodybuilding Majesty, JAY CUTLER, the four-time Mister Olympia is here!!! ***

JAY "UNDISPUTED" CUTLER: Hey folks, it had been some days since the last post came to happen up here and since this very month wasn't marked by such a 'big actions' it's really about time that finally something new happens here, yoahr, and so here comes the next (and) new post and it is (finally) one of the 'Sports' category again, yehp, and it's a tribute post to pay tribute and give honour and show respect to no-one-else than Mister 'UNDISPUTED', the currently reigning and all in all four-time(s) Mister Olympia JAY CUTLER, yeahr, and so now here it comes, one of the strongest, most impressive and biggest 'SILVERBACKS' out there and so you see, this post here is more than 'just' justified, yehp, and so here we go...!!!

*** UNDISPUTED *** - MISTER OLYMPIA 2006, 2007, 2009 & 2010

*** JAY CUTLER ***


The private person: JAY CUTLER was born back then in the days of the year of 1973, at the 3. of August of 1973 to be more precise at this point here. He was born in the city (or town... ?!?) of the name of Worcester, Massachusetts, something like 50 miles or so in 'western direction' of/from Boston. He was born as the youngest child of seven (three brothers, three sisters) to his parents, his mother was working in the 'finance department' of a local military base and his father was a superintendent for the state highway department of Massachusetts. Beside their jobshis parents also used to run a farm at which JAY CUTLER also used to work during his childhood days, this days should have been a pretty active and good and 'nice' time what you may can call all-in-all 'your lucky childhood (days)'. He graduated Highschool- he visited the Wachusett Regional Highschool (that consisted out of five towns which were Paxton, Rutland, Holden, Sterling, and Princeton)- in 1991 and went on to College. During his teenager days he used to work in the cement plant of his brother. After highschool he used to go to the Quinsigamond Community College and he completed succesfully his Associate Degree in Criminal Justice in 1993.

The early stages: Around 1991 or so JAY CUTLER started with Bodybuilding (his insipration to do so was a meeting with the personal trainer Marcos Rodriguez), when he was or became eighteen years old. At first his primarly motivation was just to get a better look respectively simply to look better. Pretty soon and with his first sucess he started to step into the world of 'Bodybuilding competition'... and the rest is history. Oh, nah, I was just kidding, haha;-), that wasn't all so here we go ahead: He was nineteen years old when he participated in his first official competition, so already after only one year of training and working and living Bodybuilding, and this competition was the "TEEN NATIONALS" 1991 in Raleigh, NC. He was the victor and this was the start for his (professional) Bodybuilding career. While JAY CUTLER and his grilfriend Kerry moved together in Worcester he started to train for the Pro Status. During this fast and intense time period he orked in several different jobs and Kerry was succesfully completing her nursing degree. In 1994 JAY Cutler should met no-one-else than Bruce Vartanian, a regional Bodybuilding legend and a business owner, and Bruce should take him under his wings and so JAY CUTLER should become to one of the very, very best Bodybuilders ever and also a smart and clever business man that knows about the "Do's!" and "Do-Not's!" respectively the "In's!" and the "Out's!" when it comes to the (business) world of Bodybuilding. With the help of and the training with Bruce (Vartanian) and also his diet mentor/coach, Chris Aceto, JAY CUTLER used to build the impressive physique to win the 1996 NPC Nationals in the Light Heavyweight category and so he used to get the IFBB Pro licence and to archieve his goal he was totally aimed at. He was offered many, many sponsoring-, etc. pp. contracts after this triumph and finally he signed to no-one-else than the legendary Joe Weider. In 1997 he then took a year out when it comes to competition but he came back in 1998 at the "NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS" in NYC. The result was some sort of a dissapointment for JAY CUTLER with just reaching the position ranked no. # eleven. He dragged his consequences out of this dissapointment and returned to old school training and dieting and returned in 1999 with gaining the third place at the "PRO IRONMAN INVITATIONAL" and the fourth place at the "ARNOLD CLASSIC", and also he made his first "MISTER OLYMPIA" appearance and reached position ranked no. # fifteen. Back then in 1998, at the 9th of July, he and his girlfried got married (after being already for seven years a couple) and they should move on to Aliso Viejo, CA. That should turn out as a more than good move for both of them, Kerry started working as a nurse Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, and for him, JAY CUTLER, the glory days were yet to come.

The Glory Days (and their end): In the year of 2000 JAY CUTLER became the winner of the "NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS", which took place in May 2000, as well as Kerry and he became the owners of their first 'own home' in CA. Also in 2000 beside the private side of life, the sports also some very important business stuff happened, and JAY CUTLER was offered a contract by "ISS RESEARCH", based out of Charlotte in N(orth) C(arolina), and he was giving the opportunity to 'only' prepare a complete year for the 2001 "MISTER OLYMPIA", that was set to happen in te October of 2001. And the outcome was a great second place at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" 2001, only beaten by the legendary Ronnie Coleman, even this second place was a controversial one because not only few saw JAY CUTLER as the true victor of the "MISTER OLYMPIA" in 2001. This happening and its outcome really was a boost for his career, took him off to the next stages. Directly after the 2001 "MISTER OLYMPIA" he started preparing for the 2002 "ARNOLD CLASSIC" where he won over Chris Cormier. 2003 then should become the (first) year of JAY CUTLER with seeing him as the victorious one at the "IRON MAN PRO INVITATIONAL", the "ARNOLD CLASSIC" (again), and the "SAN FRANCISCO PRO INVITATIONAL", and he also won in 2003 the "ENGLISH GRAND PRIX" as well as the "DUTCH GRAND PRIX", and he scored in as the second winner at the 2003 "MISTER OLYMPIA", the "RUSSIAN GRAND PRX" and the "GNC SHOW OF STRENGTH". So, yes, it was the (first) year of JAY CUTLER, this very year of 2003. Also in 2003, in December, he signed a contract with "MUSCLE TECH RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT". In 2004 he won again the "ARNOLD CLASSIC". In 2005 for what I know he didn't compete at all, to return in 2006 in a phenomenal strong and impressive way with taking the victories at the "AUSTRIAN GRAND PRIX", the "ROMANIAN GRND PRIX", the "DUTCH GRAND PRIX", and finally for the first time the "MISTER OLYMPIA", what a great year it was, point and fact!!! Also in 2006 he and Kerry moved to Las Vegas, in the 30. of September of 2006. They still live there today, and he trains in the legendary "GOLD'S GYM". In 2007 he only competed at the "MISTER OLYMPIA", and again he was the victor. Over this years he and Ronnie Coleman became the most feuding rivals in the current Bodybuilding history.

The Return - Coming off big ("Stronger than before!!!"): After this amazing and great and damn succesful years in 2008 again he 'only' competed at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" and he was the most promising athlete up there on stage for all of the experts in the word of Bodybuilding... but he should be beaten by Dexter Jackson and 'only' came in as the second winner. It was a let-down and due to the fact that no beaten "MISTER OLYMPIA" before him managed it to rise to power and triumph again JAY CUTLER and his career was declared as history from this point on... But he should proof them all damn wrong with returning with incredible victories and/or triumphs at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" stages in 2009 and also in 2010, winning in 2009 over the then currently reigning "MISTER OLYMPIA" Dexter Jackson and winning in 2010 over no-one-else than Phil Heath (and Branch Warren, who scored in at rank no. # three). So, you see, there are many more than 'just' good reasons why he, JAY CUTLER, is ranked as the nomber # one Bodybuilder in the world today, even there are some very strong rivals that will challenge him tis very year very hard (just remember Dennis Wolf). He's training very hard and is also doing some practises that are pretty unusual (like you can read, for example, in the currnt issue of the "FLEX" magazine) to keep the crown of professional Bodybuilding. No matter what may come, but JAY CUTLER will stay on the top where he currntly is forever, because- to say it that way- there aren't and also weren't many other guys in Bodybuilding with such a great and impressive career and so many victories including four "MISTER OLYMPIA" trophies at all, and for that I pay him, JAY CUTLER, my honest respect and honour!!!

Basic Data: JAY CUTLER is 1,75 m tall and his competition-weight is 120 kg, his off-season weight is 140 kg. The ambit of his neck is around 54 cm, the ambit of his chest is around 147 cm, of his upper arm 57 cm, of his belly 87 cm,  of his femoral 79 cm, and finally the ambit of his calves is around 51 cm. His schedule for 2011 is already also put together and he starts this weekend at the 16th of April of this very year of 2011 at the "ORANGE COUNTY CLASSIC", and of course he will be back on the stage of the "MISTER OLYMPIA" of this very year of 2011. And 2011 will see him also cmpeting at the "DESERT CLASSIC" in Las Vegas at the "Red Rock Resort & Casino" at the 23th of April of 2011.  Today he's sponsored by many prominent sponsors in today's world of Bodybuilding, like "MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT", "SCHIEK", "SMART SHAKE", and "PRO-TECT FILM DISTRIBUTIONS", to name just and only some few of them. He'd also done training and work-out videos and there are also several merchandise articles in store of him that you can buy, beside also books in which he is featured respectively that are written about and/or with him.

JAY CUTLER ('Promo Video Clip')


JAY CUTLER ('Chest Work-Out')

JAY CUTLER ('Motivation Video Clip')

Montag, 4. April 2011

*** "Through the DEAD CITY on the BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS the WOODHALL BOYS seek their way into the PUNK ROCK HALL OF FAME, while lousy BACKSTABBERs sell out their own kind and it's still OUR WORK - THEIR PROFIT the damage done via SOUL CONTROL III, and between some excellent BYRDS and a lousy SLAVE we're waiting infront of THE YELLOW HOUSE BY THE BUS STATION for better days to come while OUR PRINCESS WAS ADDICTED TO DRUGS and still I WON'T DIE FOR YOU!!!" ***

("Bandworm Records"; CD):
This is a already a little bit 'older' release, released by the great german "BANDWORM RECORDS" label some-time around back then in 2003 or so and currently you're able to get it via a damn low price (less than 1,00 Euro, and that's some kind of a statement), so if you see it and think about buying it then maybe I can help you. THE VIGILANTES are (or were) a Punkrock band from Sweden (never heard anything else of or about them, and I even don't know if they are still around or not), and that's usually some good stuff (I mean Punkrock from Sweden/Sverige). Looking at the bandpicture we see four guys, one is looking like a Skate Punkrock fan, one is wearing a ELVIS PRESLEY shirt, the other a ''Oi! - IF THE KIDS ARE UNITED'' T-Shirt, and the last one is looking like a typical late 1990's/early 2000's BLINK 182 ''Punkrocker'', hm, so what does this image tells us (if it tells us anything at all)?!? (Yes, it tells us at least truly something.) If you would change the BLINK 182 ''Punkrocker'' into one THE CLASH Punk and maybe also the Skate Punk into a RANCID Punkrocker that maybe also wears a RAMONES patch somewhere at his clothes, yes, then you would have a perfect picture of the music of THE VIGILANTES. Huge influences of both, THE CLASH and RANCID, combined with some big doses of the RAMONES, here and there some pretty few classical Rock & Roll impressions, and all made round by some few Oi! and Streetpunk marks, yehp, if you combine this all and form yourself a good displaying picture out of it then you know pretty well what THE VIGILANTES used to do here. The guitar work is very melodic and catchy, yet some nice hard'n'heavy stuff, the rhythm section is tight and well-versed (but could be even quite more present), and the vocals are some nice snotty stuff, ah, and the back ups and also here and there some few very nice Sing-A-Long are also a pretty cool job. THE VIGILANTES knew how to play their instruments and pretty often they demonstrate us also that they knew how to write cool songs, ah, and it's all also at the end of the day a not so simple affair at all, because they knew how to work with some nice suprising changes and ideas and had been also gifted enough to work them out through their music. But the record got two big problems: 1.) The vocals do just not express enough emotions and passion and are also too 'power-less' at all; 2.) There are just some few too weak songs up here between the pretty good and damn cool stuff; and so this two major troubles really do block a better rating at the end of the day (and that's truly somehow a pity at all). But there are still a lot of damn good songs on it, especially "WOODHALL BOYS", "PUNK ROCK HALL OF FAME", "OUR PRINCESS WAS ADDICTED TO DRUGS", and "OUR WORK - THEIR PROFIT". Also some good and interesting lyrics they do offer to us, hell yeahr, then the artwork looks really, really fantastic (great work, thumbs up for it), and the production sound could be a little bit more forceful but is still truly some good stuff, ah, and it's also some nice dirty stuff. So, all in all, also if you see the record for a load of some bucks more then 1,00 Euro then you can get it if you like some good and solid Punkrock, especially if you worship THE CLASH and RANCID, and for less than 1,00 Euro I think no one that likes Punkrock music needs to think twice if he/she should get it or not, even you could also calmly pay some bucks more for it. Solid and good Punkrock, nothing lifechanging or so, pfff, who cares, but some truly good and solid stuff out of the Punkrock genre. Check it!!! Hm, or better: Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (7 of 10 points)
(Contact & Information:

The reviews of the following records/releases will be coming up next for you (or at least this is how it's currently planned...):
- OUT CROWD - "DEMO 2011"

Beside this also some 'older' (and also 'newer' once that I will get/buy) releases I will introduce to you via reviewing them here for you, time will tell, so now you know the marching order up here at the front.

IFBB display of Bodybuilding majesty... here we go, '', it's all about the '2007 Giant Killers'

Hey folks,
some days have passed since the last post came up and online and ready to read here so you see it's really about time that finally this new one comes up. It's a short but damn impressive clip of some tough IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Roughnecks that show us some really damn pretty impressive workout tutorials, hard and brutal and mercyless impressions and nothing else than a statement of one hell of a kind. Hopefully you'll enjoy it and next up in the category of 'Sports' will be JAY CUTLER (a living legend and the currently reigning Mister O., damn it, so what did ya expect) and I'm thinking about doing something to introduce and honour BRIAN "THE WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN" SHAW (also currently reigning damn supreme, more monster than human, much respect) and then there will also be a nice little 'Old School' suprise of the world of Bodybuilding and the category of 'Sports' coming up for ya. Watch out and be prepared, you've been warned!!! Until then just you enjoy this clip and then from tomorrow on do something of that what you see in the clip the next time you're in the gym!!! Much respect to the guys in the clip!!!


Freitag, 1. April 2011


Hey guys, new month and (first) new post for this one, and we will kick it off like we've finished the last one, which means, dadada, that now comes a 'Videos' posting for ya. I've chosen a video clip of the almighty KREATOR, and this for two reasons: 1.) I love this song, it's my favorite of them, point and fact; 2.) The song and the lyrics really display what's going on currently if ya take a look at the state of the world how we can see it today. You get KREATOR playing and performing their incredible great anthem "WHEN THE SUN BURNS RED" from their (I guess) 1990 release "COMA OF SOULS", and it's taken from their live gig at the "ROCK HARD FESTIVAL" in 2010 (great quality) and it was also shown on the german public T.V. channel WDR (remember "ROCKPALAST"), and the lyrics draw a intense picture of the state of the world today, with the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, the countless 'freedom-building-missions-across-the-globe' of the NATO as well as the UNO, terrorism and islamofascism, all the daily murder, homicides and genocides, the killing of our planet and all life on it by the hands of the 'crown of evolution' and so on and on and on (it's easy to see that Friedrich Nietzsche was right with every single word he wrote once down), yehp, and so you get the lyrics (before the video) and this are the two reasons why you now get this clip. Enjoy it!!!

(the lyrics)

Savage heat is searing
Global warming has begun
Mother Earth is reeling
No protection from the sun
Forest fires are raging
While the rivers turn to ice
Foolish man creating
Mother Nature's cruel demise

Hailstorms, tornadoes
Cold spells, untimely frosts
Heat waves and blizzards
Global death's the cost

Faces the end of time
As we plunge headlong towards the day
Can't deny the signs
When The Sun Burns Red
The earth will turn
From blue to gray

Winter turns to summer
Then the seasons disappear
No one needs a prophet
To explain what's all too clear
Oceans overflowing
Islands drowning everywhere
Leaders wouldn't admit it
Now they're crying in despair

Hailstorms, tornadoes
Cold spells, untimely frosts
Heat waves and blizzards
Global death's the cost

Face the end of time
As we plunge headlong towards the day
Can't deny the signs
When The Sun Burns Red
The earth will turn
From blue to gray

Now rain shall wash away sad remains of man
Cities once so proud will crumble into sand
Buildings all collapse when all is done and said
The guilty ones will die with the innocent...
When The Sun Burns Red

And now here comes the video...

(the video)