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In Retrospection: 2012 - Summary of a year in motion up here on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE"; Chapter III: The Best of the Rest of 2012

(Note: Next part of the "Retrospection 2012" posting series coming in, this means that now part III is on the bill. Part One and Part Two will be dealing with personal and mausical/subcultural/"scene-al" stuff and this very one here deals with a lot of other different stuff that moved or entertained or what-ever-... me in 2012 what is the reason why this part is basically named "the best of the rest". Enjoy it, after it the last two parts will come up which are in fact the first two parts of this by any means in this form unplanned posting series. Why I choose this running order, why there are some hours in between and why this one turned out to be a whole posting series instead of being just a single post like it was primarly planned to be will all become clear to you when this posting series is complete and you've read the introduction words to the Part One post some time tomorrow. Now that's it, and so here it now finally comes, "the best of the rest" of 2012, enjoy it.)

(Old School!!!)

Part III - 2012 and what else was going on: Here comes the best of the rest (or something like this)
Bodybuilding as a metaphor for life; or: Bodybuilding = Life.

Here I will give you a sort of a shorter overview over several different aspects of 2012 that I think are worth mentioning in a review on or retrospection of it. Let us call it the best of the rest, after it's all mixed up and not solely to be categorized in just one category, like before in personal stuff and music and such stuff. This will be a list of mentionable things'n'stuff that used to happen in 2012. So, okay, we will have a good look on some more aspects of 2012, like I said, here now comes the best of the rest... or something so like this.
There had been better times... and thankfully I grew up in them.
Okay, starting of with what comes first to my mind, and this will be some words to my personal favorite movies of and in 2012. And, okay, so here we go:

My 2012 Top Movies

(cast feat. Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude van Damme, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Liam Hemsworth, etc. pp.)
What could ya expect from a movie with a cast like this? Right, nothing else than the movie that's meant to be the damn best movie of the whole year and so this one turned out to be, the damn best movie of 2012 if not even far more than this. The only one who's missing is the almighty Steven Seagal, but okay, who knows what the future may will bring and anyhow: I love it!!! You have to see it!!! And the DVD version should also be out released in a global context. This one fucking rules, the real deal!!! (And, just for the record, I really need to buy the DVD finally some day soon by and for myself.)

("Splendid Film")
(cast feat. Steven Seagal, Steve ''Stone Cold'' Austin, etc. pp.)
Here's my other absolutely favorite movie of the year of 2012, the to me newest one of the master himself, the almighty Steven Seagal. Fantastic! And as if this wouldn't be already enough he used to team up with no one else than Steve "Stone Cold" Austin for this very one, hell yeahr, 3:16 baby!!! The result is one hell of a amazing great violent Action movie and another one in the ongroing list of new superb Steven Seagal stuff with "BORN TO RAISE HELL", "DRIVEN TO KILL", "A DANGEROUS MAN", "THE KEEPER", "KILL SWITCH", "PISTOL WHIPPER (/DEADLY WEAPON)", and the "TRUE JUSTICE" series, to name just a few. I simply just love this stuff!!!

("Hasbro" / "Universal Pictures")
(cast feat. Taylor Kitsch, Rihanna, Liam Neeson, etc. pp.)
Oh yes, I know, a total dumb movie, haha, but also just a damn cool and fucking entertaining one. It makes "Boom!!! Ba-da-boom!!!" pretty much all the time, some nice chicks running around, some of them even shooting with guns and rifles, mean evil ugly aliens, mega weapons, space ships, naval warcruisers and old veteran battleships, "HARD AS A ROCK" and "THUNDERSTRUCK" by the almighty AC/DC as the soundtrack, nasty language, Rihanna that maybe for the first time ever made a truly really hot performance, etc. pp., what want ya more?!? A story with weight and of value and such stuff, oh come on, go and ejaculate on some bullshit oh so intellectual independent movies and let me have some fun with putting my mind/brain on stand by for two hours and enjoying this movie :D !!! (Also this movie I should definitely finally buy on DVD some soon day.)

Can't believe that I missed out on this one so far:
("Marvel Studios" / "Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures")
(cast feat. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Cobie Smulders, Samuel L. Jackson, etc. pp.)
Fuck it, I really can't believe that I really missed out on this one so far, on this one that is surely a masterpiece of its very own (yes, so I really think about it). Bad financial ressources and not at least due to this different settings of priorities costed me this pleasure so far but I will change this as soon as possible because it's simple, I finally desperately really have to watch this one!!! Damn it, I really need this fucking DVD finally!!! And, honestly, I can't wait for it anymore!!! And this also counts for the next "IRON MAN", "CAPTAIN AMERICA", and "THOR" movies. (Are there any plans for a new "HULK" movie maybe as well?!? Anyone a idea?!?)

This was is all about my favorite movies of 2012. And what was else in 2012?!? Hm, let us have a look on it as well, continuing it all with this one:
My 2012 Reading Affairs (some of them...)
Yes, next up will be some words about books and reading of and in 2012, but, hey, hey, hey, calm down all you ''enemies of education'' ;-) , just a few words and then that's it already again. (... :D...)

("Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf" Verlag; Berlin; 2011; 3. Auflage)
(ISBN: 978 - 3 - 86265 - 041 -5)
(Titletranslation - not official: BUD SPENCER: "MY LIFE, MY MOVIES - THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY")
The most interesting read and the by far very best book that I've read in 2012 was without a doubt the almighty biography of no one else than the almighty BUD SPENCER. As you may can think I've read the german edition and so here comes the title in german: "BUD SPENCER: MEIN LEBEN, MEINE FILME - DIE AUTOBIOGRAFIE". It's originally already from 2011 and it was a birthday present in 2011 from my parents but due to all the bullshit stress that marked 2011 I just find the time and lust and mood and mind to read it in 2012 (like I started in general in 2012 again with reading as often and as much as I just anyhow possible could). It's a fantastic book telling the grapping lifestory of a fantastic man and it's a incredible inspirational read that also owns the ability to strengthen you up when you feel down and out, beaten and broken with and in your life. Thanks to BUD SPENCER a.k.a. CARLO PEDERSOLI for giving us this all!!! If you still don't know and/or don't have it then by any means just get and enjoy it!!! Amazing!!!

("Westend" Verlag; Frankfurt am Main; 2012; 2. Auflage)
(ISBN: 978 - 3 - 86489 - 028 - 4)
This was my personal book in things of political stuff on the book market in 2012, this new little short quick to read book by the great ALBRECHT MÜLLER about our new german federal president of the name of Joachim Gauck. Won't go in it too deep, just for the record: This little book is "something" especially for all my german readers and it should have been read attentionally by all the german meatheads around that were and still are hyping such a plutocratic nepotistic pseudo libertarian nutjob like this guy... Great and important serious book that anyone (in Germany) should know and should have read (and a book that anyone should better understand) by any means, point and fact. Very important.

("Piper" Verlag; München; 2011; 20. Auflage)
(ISBN: 978 - 3 - 492 - 20001 - 1)
(Titletranslation - not official: HANNAH ARENDT: "MIGHT AND VIOLENCE")
This is a political and philosophical classic in the form of a all in all still pretty to very small short book by the legendary great HANNAH ARENDT. I have to admit that since I've done my graduation examinations in Political Sciences and Philosophy beside other academic disciplines this is my first "new" "meeting" with her via the grapping and interesting read of this very old classic one by her and I enjoyed it heavily and strongly, very much I enjoyed this book and the reading of it, the finally again or "new" "meeting" with her. This book, that I somehow didn't know before, is a very old one and my copy is part of the 2011 edition of it but I bought and read it just recently in 2012. And, by looking at the fact that this book is originally already from 1970 or something so like this it's really shocking with how right and correct she and her thoughts and conclusions still are today especially by looking at the Weltanschauung the self proclaimed today often as AFA and/or ARA known ho so "progressive" left is caught in and the fascist ways they think and act and behave. Shocking, but even more grapping and important on every levels and by any means, highly recommended by me to you, period.

("List" Verlag; Berlin; 2004; 1. Auflage)
(ISBN: 3 - 548 - 60379 - 3)
(Titletranslation - not official: ORIANA FALLACI: "THE RAGE AND THE PRIDE")
Another political and maybe also in some ways sort of philosophical book. Originally released in its first german edition in 2002 this is a copy of the first edition from 2004 in form of a paperback or a pocket book done by another german publisher (= Verlag). This is a old or older book that I discovered new or again at the late end of 2012 and this simply because when Jane and I did our house moving this little book came to light finally again. (Yes, I have tons of books, 99% percent or so are out of the spectrums of philosophical and political/''political science'', historical, economical, psychological stuff, and so on and on books and all are read and worked through by me over the years, and also the huge water damage in the summer of 2012 in our old and then apartment only managed to destroy a small part of my book collection, small in relation to the size of my complete collection and so I still had to throw away still something around like 100 books or so and it really hurt me to throw them away because that's something no one should do with books, and so yes, from some point of view you can easily say that in some ways I live in library or so.) I discovered it again and really just felt the need to finally read it again. A post nine eleven 2001 book, a offensive and totally pissed off, militant and outspoken book with also some huge doses of vulgar language in it declaring war to the Islamofascist faggot scum and the western appeaser cowards and traitors. A (still) justified and (still) damn important book, a book that everyone who still holds the ideas of freedom and cultural identity dear to his/her heart, and fuck the Islamists and the appeaser scum!!! A book that I red-iscovered in 2012 and that enlightened me one more time again, and that I so only can highly recommend to you, one of my biggest reading pleasure also again in 2012, and that's the reason why you find it here and now.

Okay, that's it for now to the topic of books of and in 2012. The four ones that gave me the most in 2012, all four books are very highly recommended by me for/to you, and at least for all my german readers all the necessary data you may need if you want to buy them or one of them I have given you here and now as well, so see what you make out of it. Ah, and not that you wonder, the announcement of the new biography of the immortal ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was my biggest "I need to have this!" moment in 2012 in the case of books and I was given it by my sister as a christmas gift in 2012 and read through it soon and early in 2013, but you see, after I read it in 2013 it won't be a part of this year review on 2012 in any other form than this here and now. But don't make any mistakes, I think that this will be my read for 2013, even it's still damn early in 2013, a amazing and awesome read, a damn inspirational person in every way and sense and so is his biography!!! I pretty much think, that it will definitely be a part of the review on 2013, be sure about it. And now onwards to the next topic.
So, okay, that's it for this right here right now, so now let us see what is coming up next right here right now for you by me. What is it or what it will be? Let us see and stick with and try this one, so here we go, the next topic is coming crashing in...
My 2012 T.V. affairs or something like this you may can call this...
Okay, next up some short words about or to some of the stuff on the brainwash machinery known as your T.V., about some of the stuff in there that really gave me a lot of pleasure when watching it, and this all dealing with 2012 stuff, hey, and only some short words for sure. So here we go one more time...

("Fox Television Studios")
Yes, in 2012 that amazing TV series was finally back in Germany with a new season and it still runs hot with new stuff. I damn fucking love this series, loved it right from the start when watching it for the very first time ever years ago and I still love it today, maybe even more than before with it being finally back and adding some new elements and good doses of healthy portions of fresh ideas to the formula and this without spoiling it. The best there is!!! I won't go in it too deep now, just keep it like this and will close this now with saying that I really hope that "BURN NOTICE" will go on for years, if they keep up this incredible great quality, and that it is a weekly pleasure for me to watch it. I just love it!!! And, yes, you have to love it not at least due to the almighty Bruce Campbell and just one word to the amazing Gabrielle Anwar: Hooooot!!! And Jeffrey Donovan is one hell of an outstanding lead actor playing the main character. The best there is, watch it, enjoy it, love it!!! And never forget: Never fuck a burned spy and his crew, because they will fuck you at least twice!!! The nearly absolute best stuff to get outta there, period!!!

("Electric Entertainment" / "TNT")
Don't ask me why I discovered this awesome series about a crew of skilled modern Robin Hood like characters filled with great grapping plots, brilliant jokes, and non stopp action and thoughtful characters so damn late, it's amazing shit, point and fact!!! Smart and hard deeds, hell yeahr!!! The characters are awesome, the plots amazing, the dialogues just brilliant and fun of the best of kinds non stopp, and it's always entertaining and interesting and grapping to watch what goes on and what they which means the crew is about to do this week and then next week and then the next week and then... so on and on. I discovered this series due to "BURN NOTICE", the ultimate real deal (read the short words above), because "LEVERAGE" is broadcasted directly before "BURN NOTICE" on the same TV channel here in Germany and while I was waiting for "BURN NOTICE" to start finally again "LEVERAGE" grabbed this chance and totally conquered me. Highly recommended!!!

("Sutter Ink." / "Fox 21")
This list won't be complete without this amazing series about a fictional (?) Outlaw Biker Gang from and in Redwood, California, pretty much ruling their homeground area, and all the trouble about betrayal and loyalty, crime and retribution, love and lost love, sex and violence, Money and business, riding bikes and wearing your gang/crew/chapter tattoos with pride and with honour, and all the other stuff around. Great series, and a one that you simply have to know and so just watch and enjoy it, point and fact. Thanks to Stefan for making the first series a present to Jane and me, thanks a lot bro!!!
("ITV Studios Germany" / "GreenSkyFilms")
A german TV series, you can translate "DER LETZTE BULLE" pretty much as or with "THE LAST (REAL) COP", and it's simply some of the damn fucking very best stuff I've seen or watched ever on TV in my whole life so far, at least I do currently think so at the moment, hm, and yes, I do really think so, point and fact. The over all story is great if not awesome to amazing stuff, the plot of each episode is brilliant, the characters and their developments and how they are played will make you kneel down, the music (1980's hymns all the time, from IGGY POP to MODERN TALKING you will find them all) is phenomenal, the actors totally rule, better dialogues you won't find anywhere, and a main actor who plays the lead character who wears a KREATOR shirt is anyway pure gold as well. Just watch it, you will love it!!! Amazing!!!
And still standing strong in 2013, after all this years "on the run":
(a.k.a. "NCIS")
A decade now already on ''heavy rotation'' and still standing strong and still being pretty much my absolute favorite T.V. series, this says a lot. Or at least something, after I don't know if this is also automatically a lot, but anyhow, it says something... I love the "NCIS" series and watch it now since it was broadcasted for the first time over here in Germany constantly. Best characters, best plots, best of all and also, just for the record, it features the most amazing and hottest character on T.V. and in cinema(s), the gorgeous Ziva David played by the hottest and most charming actress and celebrity known as the fantastic Cote de Pablo. Love this series, highly recommended, just in case that you should really don't know it by now already, if so then here's your order: Watch it!!!
The gorgeous Cote de Pablo (who plays the NCIS character Zive David)


Another picture of the just gorgeous Cote de Pablo
(now you watch "NCIS", I know)
("Primrose Hill Productions" / "CBS" / "Warner Bros. Television")
Discovered this T.V. series some years ago and enjoyed it heavily right and direct from the start, one of the best, most entertaining and thoughtful, one of the smartest in every sense of the word moments in the history of T.V. and T.V. series, definitely. Won't say anything too much more about it here and now because I would bet that the most of you reading this have already heard of it and seen it on T.V. and so I can spare me every word more about it here and now. Highly recommended by me for/to you, so just you watch and enjoy it!!! Brilliant series, brillian acting and actors, amazing plots, yeahr baby, it's all there and even more, so, like I've already said, watch and enjoy it, if you know what's good.
Okay, that's it for this and about this topic, now let us see what is up next here and now... You want to know what it is, okay, it's this...
2012 in the eyes of a geeky nerd
Okay, now some words to what moved and enjoyed my nerd or geek heart in and over 2012. I will keep also this pretty to very short, but after I am and I always was what is today enthusiastically named a nerd or geek even before this became cool and hip and trendy due to "THE BIG BANG THEORY" titled T.V. series, and so, heartfelt and honest, here we go, just some two or three points that I will name here and now. And we will start with the by far very most important thing, you will see soon, very soon... oh yeahr!!!
Now that's what I call a real & true ''Gymshark''!!! ;-)
First up, no one else but and than "HE-MAN" and the "MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" are finally and really back, back with a bang you may can say with all and every justification behind it!!! At least they are "finally back" for me, because others may or definitely already know about it all for some time which means some years now already these days. But anyhow, for me this was new. And to me that had been more than outstanding news in and for 2012 (and the following years as well, of course). They are back with a new toyline or collectors-toy-line, done by "Mattel", of course. The line is called "MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE CLASSICS" or in short just "MOTUC" and is, beside and or better but despite the typical "Mattel" business bullshit and ''fan-treachery'', running pretty well and very strong for some to many years now already for all what I can say. And not only the toyline, but also a lot of Merchandise and licensed articles and also a new computer or maybe better app game as well is out and the rumors go heavily about a new cinema movie that now shall finally come in the next years (shouldn't make anyone wonder after "Superheroes" movies based on Comics and/or Toylines are going very well and strong over the last years now already).

Okay, even the figures of the "MOTUC" line aren't really favorites of mine and due to the fact that they are also pretty expensive and you have to import them from the States if you want to have them over here in Germany I don't collect them by now but when I will be able spend some money on them some day I will surely buy some of the new stuff in the future if I then can still do so. I was and I still am and I will probably always be a huge and fanatic fan of the so called "MOTU 200X" series, no matter if: toys, figures, playsets, cartoons, comics, etc. pp. and I really love this stuff and prefer it/them in any way. And I am also, no real need to say this but I do it so anyway anyhow here and now, a maybe even a little bit more fanatic geeky nerd fan of the vintage 1980's original series (LOVE IT!!! - But this whole "NEW ADVENTURES OF HE-MAN" stuff of the late 1980's to early 1990's was never really mine, even the T.V. cartoon series was really great but the figures and that stuff anyway sucked badly, and this bullshit "PRINCESS OF POWER" garbage I better clear again out of my memories) and in our new apartment Jane and I did manage to declare a whole room to be a "HE-MAN" and a "MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" room plus the whole other stuff that pleases my geeky nerdyness, okay, we call this room our or maybe better my "office", but okay, at least our "office work" I do in it as well, haha ;-) , ah, and it's also of course my "music(k) room" as well. Yes, I "love" this room :-) ...!!! Okay, back to the topic, but there had been some certain characters and figures that simply, due to the bullshit business politics of "Mattel", weren't released in or during the (by any means anyhow by far too short era of the) "MOTU 200X" years and after this especially counts for my total favorites which means "HORDAK" and his "EVIL HORDE" I will definitely buy the figures to/of this characters of the "MOTUC" line one day in the future as well as my personal favorite "EVIL WARRIOR" character/figure "SPIKOR" and my favorite "MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" character/figure "MOSS MAN" that hadn't also been released in the "MOTU 200X" era (okay, "MOSS MAN" was released in a very limited but in a no way proper version so just let us forget about it). But anyway, I love to see "HE-MAN" and the "MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE" going finally strong again and I hope that this will go on and on and on!!! Legends simply never die, point and fact.

After this also some other stuff made the nerd in me going crazy in 2012, but I will keep it short and just name the most important stuff beside the "MOTUC" stuff for me and then move on to the next chapter.
And this is very easy to name or say, because honestly I am talking about nothing and no one else than the return or comeback of no one else than the legendary and amazing "TEENAGE MUTANT HERO TURTLES" a.k.a. the "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES". Finally a new and from my point of view nicely improved and updated new T.V. series started in 2012 (at least over here in Germany just in 2012, maybe in the States or so already earlier, I don't know it) and for 2013 a new Toyline was announced (and is out these days as well and even I currently don't call any of these figures my own, something I will change as soon as possible for sure as soon as I can spaned some money on this stuff, I just have to say that they look great), and so hopefully nothing and no one else will stand in the way of the "TURTLES" to go on a strong new long run finally. We will see, and for now just make sure to check out the new T.V. series as well as also the new toys and figures of the new Toyline, could or should be worth your time for sure, point and fact. And if it's true what I saw lately than also "LEGO" will come up with a new "TEENAGE MUTANT HERO/NINJA TURTLES" playset line, oh yeahrrr, baby, this could be great.
Some impressions of some new figures of the new "TURTLES" toyline.

(Old School Turtles!!!)
Okay, this shall it be with the thoughts of a nerd or a geek about 2012, now we come to the last chapter of ''the best of the rest'' of 2012, with some short words about 2012 in the eyes of a sport and in particular a Bodybuilding fan, so here we go one more time again.

2012 in the eyes of an iron pumping freak
Okay, let's get something straight right from the start. I will keep this short and will concentrate on Bodybuilding (the "IFBB" way, of course), just that you know it if you not already should have thought so, and so here we go, let's roll!!!

What would I have given to be there, but okay, how could I have done so, haha. ;-) It must have been great, for sure, point and fact, no doubt about it. I mean, after I am running short on money and financial ressources and with fist jogging, then swimming, and then again jogging to Las Vegas from here in Germany being no option at and after all it was also no option to go there as well, at least I (still) do guess so... I was excited and it wasn't a let down. But, anyway, from my point of view the wrong guy took the win. Don't get me wrong, and no, I am not that much of a fan of Phil "The Gift" Heath and the incredible big hype around him is something that I will never ever understand, but still he's anyhow a great athlete and I also think that he's a good if not even more than this than just a good ambassador of professional "IFBB" Bodybuilding, so don't get here anything wrong, because no I am not a fan or anything like this but I am also not blind and not dumb and respect is given where it's justified, so no problem with this. But anyhow, in 2012 he simply wasn't the best guy up on stage from my point of view, it's clear to see for anyone with clear open neutral eyes, and it wasn't by far not only me, this little amateur writing here, also across the globe a lot of ''pro's'' and "experts" saw it this way. The by far best and most complete athlete had to be satisfied with just being ranked at position nomber # 2, no one else than Kai "The Predator" Greene. But look and judge by yourself, Heath is the left guy, Greene the right guy (and the real deal):
I think it's clear to see, even I didn't choose a picture of a pose with the back in the focus, because then it would be also even far more clear to see. But, okay, anyhow, we will see what and whom 2013 and the this year's "MISTER OLYMPIA" in Las Vegas again (at least I do think so) will be bringing up. But also Dennis Wolf should have been placed at least two ranks better, if not three, but Shawn Rhoden, ranked three at the end, brought a really fantastic package up on stage anyhow. But there was also another thing strange, from my point of view or in my perception going on and this wrong, because how the fuck could the amazing beauty perfect Nicole Wilkins just be ranked two after the more than ordinary Erin Stern in the "Fitness" category of the womens contest at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" 2012?!? WTF?!? Had the judges been blind and dumb all over the place and all the time?!? Come on folks, is the "IFBB" giving out drinks for free under the banner of an "all you can drink" slogan and is then sending their judges out to do what they are payed for or what the fuck else ever was happening there at and in Las Vegas. A ridiculous farce, period. Hopefully the next year around this will change again and the "IFBB" is choosing some more skilled judges to do the job. But at least the first ever "212 Showdown" at the "MISTER OLYMPIA" 2012 found its justified and unrivaled champ in and with James "Flex" Lewis who was in an awesome shape. And now some more impressions, beside the little on the left of the beginning of this passage of the amazing and breath-taking Nicole Wilkins before we move on up here:


And now tell me how could she not win... bullshit authorities!!!

I want and will finish the thoughts on sports in 2012 up here with this short few passages, this will it be for this for now for 2012 up here on this very blog. What's up next, what was else?!? A lot, but now also this chapter of this retrospection is finished, and we're coming closer to the end of this giant post. Now we will have a short look on my personal favorites up on this very blog up here. So, okay, forward again, here we go.
And now onwards to the next chapter, the Chapter IV, read it if you want to know about my personal favorite stuff of 2012 up here on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE". After this Chapter IV finally Chapter V which is in fact the final chapter of this posting series will follow, dealing with no retrospection topics but with an outlook on future developments in 2013 up here on this very blog. Read on and on if you are interested in it.
(The King of Kings!)

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