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In Retrospection: 2012 - Summary of a year in motion up here on "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE"; Chapter V: 2012 to 2013

(Note: After for some reasons Blogger seems to be wanting to ticking me off seriously I start the posting series with post part no. # V and I will let some hours went through the hour-glass before part no. # IV will be posted up here. Done it two days ago with posting all five parts one after another and Blogger was like somehow swallowing the last three parts away from the screen and to avoid this I will do it this way. If you ask yourself why I start with part V of this posting series and why the hell this planned as a single post turned out to be a posting series then just wait a little bit and read the introduction words to or of the first post which means post part no. # I of this very posting series here, maybe still today, maybe just tomorrow, and you will know why. That's it, now to what's the real post. Cheers!!!)

Part V: 2012 to 2013 - It has to change, it will change

Some passages above or so I already wrote that I was fed up with doing reviews on records all the time or mostly all the time in 2012 and that I will change this now in 2013. But this was just a foretaste for you there and then, because I will close this post with this final chapter now with giving you a short outlook on what I've planned in the future and for the future of this very blog. I started this blog with the aim to run it as and like a fanzine, and I think so I did now for the first and last three years more or less pretty to very well. But over the time and years more and more did slowly and silently changed. First the "Gig Reports" fell back off, simply because I couldn't find anymore motivation to do some of this stuff, because I think that one really needs to be "gifted" to do interesting reports of gigs and I really don't think I am one of those guys so there's no need for me to do more of this stuff. Maybe this thinking of me will change again some day, who knows, but currently I really don't think so, so better just don't wait for some to come. After this over the last one to two years the "Fanzine Reviews" fell back off more and more as well, not at least due to the already above somewhere mentioned die out of most of the fanzines I know and used to read. Currently there aren't really that many left and of that few nothing is really on my list of true interest, so also don't wait for some proper stuff of this kind to come up here soon in the near future. So this had been already two important ingredients for running this blog like a zine that at least today aren't any more. Also I cutted down doing that much interviews. It's always bullshit when you get no response, I mean, if the bands don't want to do an interview for what reasons ever, no problem, there's also no need to justify their "No!" decision, but at least answering is something the bands could do. Beside this also my interest in doing interviews in general grew smaller, can't tell ya why. But surely here and there some few (or maybe even more) interviews will be part of this blog also in the future, but I don't think that it will ever be that much as back then in 2010. And now also my still remaining lack of motivation in just doing reviews on records again and again take away the most important part of the "run it like a zine" concept. This is also benefitted by my not so rich financial ressources (something that probably won't really change so much over the next two years or so, read above if you want to know why), so we will see how this particular point will develop itself in the soon to far future of this very blog up here. So, this all made me think about changing the formula or the concept of this blog from now on in 2013, because the old concept simply won't work anymore and also these thoughts got fired up by myself being or better: becoming slowly bored with just doing all the same stuff up here all the time over and over and over and over again, year after year. I want to keep it interesting, for you the readers as well as for me the writer, and so I decided to make it finally really interesting again. Or at least I do hope to do so, we will see if I manage this. And so now in the next passage I will draw you a sketched picture of how this blog will change from now on step by step more and more.


First of all the amount of posts will be tuned down in the future, due to the new concept and agenda of the blog that I decided to follow and realize here more and more from now on. (And also because my private real life is simply so packed up full that I beside all other things also simply don't find the time to do as much up here like in the last three years.) Up first, the well known posting routine with random posts of any category (for sure mostly of the "Record Reviews" sort, I know, haha ;-) ...) will be mostly and in the very most large parts put or set or laid to rest from now on up here, point and fact. I want to refresh it all up again and, like already described, the current situation makes it, by looking at it now, nearly anyhow impossible to go on up here like before after my current situation does not allow me to work on running this blog like a fanzine anymore and so with or better after many, many thoughts about and on it I decided for myself that's it really about time to change the formula up here, due to many partly here described reasons. The first change will be that I will try to concentrate on putting not single reviews on records (or stuff like this) up here after other single record reviews, for example, but that I will try to make a ''package-post'' of it, with collecting and combining the several single reviews into just one post. So in contrast to before with, for example, fifteen or twenty or twenty-five ''Record Reviews'' posts in a month in the future we will now just find one or two posts of this kind in a month. More or less the same counts for posts of the ''Movie Reviews'' category, as well as also for posts of the "Fanzine Reviews" sort and the "Gig Reports" kind in case that some of this stuff will maybe see the light of day in the future. Anyway, I know that this will cut down the amount of posts pretty strong and significant, but this I think won't hurt anyone. So, you see, make yourself friend to and with the fact that mostly all the stuff up here will from now on come in packages and not anymore like before so far yet up here. Also this will allow me to spare some time and you will get your healthy doses in bigger portions. The posts of the ''News'' and the ''General Informations'' category will remain how they always had been because nothing else would make sense, and pretty much the same is to say about the future of the ''Videos'' posts even honestly I don't know when there will come something new up here again, after, come on, I mean, if you want to watch some video stuff on the web then just go to YouTube or some virtual place like this there you will find more or less all you are searching for, so why should I try to do the work of YouTube, you get what I am saying here and now, yes, I think you get it. And don't ask me about any other new ''Polls''... But there are more changes to come.

The bigger changes will be the installation of something I would like to call "Theme Days" or maybe better "Theme Weeks" after I am planning to let those "Theme Days" dedicated to one specific topic and idea run for a week what would make "Theme Weeks" out of it, all dedicated to one specific topic, idea or, right, theme, with one or more posts to and about it coming each single day for a week. I decided to do so because I think it will be great to work hard and intense and detailed on one specific topic/idea/theme/etc. pp. and only on this one for a certain time to deal with all aspects of it in a proper way. And for what I would say now this will especially be something with huge benefits for posts of the "Sports" as well as the "American Oi! History Series" category beside the fact that so easily other new themed posts have good chances to come up here, stuff about music as well as some maybe even drastically different kind. And this makes me really curious and excited about it by myself. Also, surely, "Movie Reviews" and "Record Reviews" and especially new "Interviews" will be part of future "Theme Days" or "Theme Weeks" up here. The first concepts for the first "Theme Days" or "Theme Weeks" ones had been already in the making and some time after this huge post here it will be finally up and ready for you, so that you can start to stay tuned for the first "Theme Days" to come up here. Just by thinking about it, it sounds like a very good idea, at least for/to me, so we will see how it will work out in the end. I will work all the different "Theme Days" post out and finish them before so that in this then current week I just have to post them here and then that's it already. In the time between those "Theme Days" I will here and there do some of those above mentioned "package posts", when enough material is settled together, to keep it all going and rolling on up here, and only rarely some random single posts. We will see how this will work and how you, the readers, will like it or not. Because, keep in mind, those refreshing stuff isn't caused by low audience data, no, that's thankfully still no problem for this very blog here, and that's something I really want to thank you the readers for, that's something very important. If it wouldn't be for your support then I maybe would have called it a day now with this post, who knows. This refreshing stuff is just caused by me feeling for the need to change the formula due to some to many different reasons, and especially and definitely not at l(e)ast to keep this interesting for me and to avoid that it becomes boring for/to me to run a blog like this very one here. I hope it sounds good to you what will change in the future of this blog that starts after this very post here and now. And now some last words to the near future of this blog or, to say it another way, let us have a look what will be up next here after this very giant one of a post here.

I worked on this post now for more or less two months, February and March, and over the first days of April I tried my best in finding and correcting all the mistakes in here for the or better a first time. (And I can't believe how huge this post used to grown on in the end.) Surely not all the time what means not every single minute and even not every day and maybe a week passed before I worked on it again and it grew on and on every time I worked on it again, and this was always then when I could effort to spend some time writing up here on this very blog one more time again. So you see, this blog was never dead. And so now currently I am just satisfied and happy that this monster of a post is finally almost finished and when you read this finally up and ready and online posted for everyone to read who's interested in it I will just lean back for a while and do nothing for a week or so up here, and so beside this, beside feeling satisfied and happy, I am also feeling right now pretty much done, haha ;-) ... I just want to post it and then forget for some time, some days or one or two weeks or so maybe, about this blog. Haha, that's how it feels currently to and for me;-). But who knows, maybe as soon as this post is done and up to read I start promptly working on the first new stuff because I also feel the need to start to work out real proper new stuff up here. We will see what will happen next. Currently I just can say that as soon as possible I will start to work on the first project up here which means the first "Theme Days" or the first "Theme Week", and that will be a big and exciting project, you can be hungry for it surely and without a doubt because it will feed you more than enough, point and fact. But before this will come probably a first "package post" of new "Record Reviews" will see the light of the day after I have plenty of MP3-Online-Download-Releases (still) waiting to be (finally) released and posted up here, from Oi! and Hardcore over Crustcore to Sludge Core/Metal and some strange Instrumental music affair this "package post" of brandnew "Record Reviews" will take us then, from bands like ANCIENT HEADS to FISTULA and SUFFER THE PAIN to HELLTRAIN and ABRASSA this journey will lead us then. Maybe in one or two weeks from now it will come up here, maybe even earlier, we will see how soon I will find the motivation and especially the time to start writing here again after two months working just on this single one post here that you currently read and that you have nearly finished so far yet. But what will also come up here as soon as I find the motivation and time for working and writing up here again will be the interview that I've done with Angelo of and with and for the almighty 2 DIAS DE SANGRE, and yes, you read right, the interview really came to happen and together in the end after such a long time of being putted on the stand by line. Thanks Angelo, thanks 2 DIAS DE SANGRE. And you stay tuned for it!!! So, that's it, now you know how it will go on here and what will change and how this will change and also about the when you know now some informations. Hm, okay, then I guess it is really that for now and we can start to finish this incredible big and long post finally. Oh yeahr, that's how I like it!!!

Okay, then I just want to say thank you for your interest and time reading through this all and I really just hope that you really and truly enjoyed this very detailed "Retrospection(s)" on 2012 post and then the future of "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" is now!!! :-) I said all what there was to say already above in this never ending seeming post so now I will just close and finish this very post here, and again just thanks for your time and interest. The future is now!!!
- February to March and the early days of April 2013, your dear "Manslaughter Andy".
(Note: Unfortunately I couldn't work with my known old E-Mail access for a long, long while now and please don't ask me why because I have not a single clou about this possible damn why, but anyhow, finally since yesterday it works again, which means that it works finally again. Sorry to all the guys that wrote to me over the last months and this all without any response of me. I will see what I can do in your cases and if it's maybe still making sense to write you back or so, and in case that you send me your music/song material I will do review it anyhow anyway in the future as soon as I will post the first new "Record Reviews" up here, trust me on that. Once again: Sorry guys and also just thank you to everyone who send me their music/song material for reviewing it and also for all the great guys who just wrote to me and saying that they appreciate what I do with this very blog and wrote some nice kind words for me, thank you guys, you are great, thanks very much for all of your kind support. Cheers folks!!!)

(That's how it will be, if you just work for it!)

(Give it all the time all what you have to take it all at the end!)

(Pain is nothing but weakness that leaves the body,
so smile at it, it cures your illness!)

(Learn to respect and love the iron, in doubt it'll be the best you can get!)

(And that's all what matters most at the end of the day!)
(That's how it is, never forget this!!!)

That's it all guys, nothing's left, nothing's open, nothing's left to say about or to 2012, you've done it, I've done it, we've done it. Stay tuned for more new stuff to come in the future up here, and then that's it, we'll read again if you like to. And never forget, always remember: Keep the faith!!!

(Exactly, and don't you never ever forget about it.)

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