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SHADE OF MANKIND - "FONOGRAMS OF TERROR AND VIOLENCE" (Online EP as a foretaste to their upcoming full length debut album up on Bandcamp)

Okay folks, up next sort of a mixture posting between a ''Record Reviews'' and a ''News'' post but anyhow a new post dealing with my brazilian extreme musick faves of SHADE OF MANKIND. A still pretty young band that turned over the last year from a one man project to a full proper band and was featured up here with two reviews of their precursore releases as well as especially with a long and detailed interview. Currently they are working on getting their new and first proper full length album done, working title "VVE ARE THE PLAGUE", to be released some time this year or so, and this one here is sort of their newest output which is sort of an Online EP, titled "FONOGRAMS OF TERROR AND VIOLENCE", that is up on their Bandcamp site (but without any download opportunity) to listen to, and it is meant as a forestaste to or for their already mentioned about to come release "VVE ARE THE PLAGUE". It seems that this was already released by the end of October 2012 but I just got aware of it recently due to one of Rodericks several Facebook posts and I thought: "WTF?!?" I mean, why the fuck no one told me that this was out?!? Okay, anyway, finally noticed it, finally got or better listened to it (again and again) and so now here come some words about it. Some thoughts of me about it and sort of rating but that is, like the version of the songs up here, just to be taken as a sort of ''demo rating'' also not at least because this is just online without any download opportunity but anyhow totally for free to listen to or something like this and also not at least because the versions of the songs we can listen to online are also just demo versions, raw and unfinished. Anyway, the link to their Bandcamp site I will give you at the end of this post and maybe I can also stream (or however one may say to it) the musicplayer from their Bandcamp site up here on this very blog in this very post, we will see. But anyhow, from my point of view it's pretty important to spread the word about the news stuff in the SHADE OF MANKIND camp, so here we go, really extreme musick is now finally again the order of the day up here, so here we go!!!
("D.I.Y."; Online EP):
All in all we get five new songs in their raw and early demo stadium to listen to by SHADE OF MANKIND and Roderick managed to build a proper band around him, as well as he changed his artist name from Roderick Hellion to nowadays Roderick Deimos. If you know the interview that I've done with them or better him back then (if not or if you want to recall it and fresh your experience up then just you read here: http://manslaughterthuglife.blogspot.de/2012/04/shade-of-mankind-brazilian-crustcore.html), then you should know that Roderick is very focussed on his work with SHADE OF MANKIND and to create his vision on extreme musick, and that art in general and his art in particular is very important for him, so I wouldn't wonder if behind the changing of his name is lying some sort of a deeper meaning. But don't ask me which one this could be... And maybe it's also not so much important, at least or especially not for you and me right here, right now, so back to the topic, the new "FONOGRAMS OF TERROR AND VIOLENCE" by SHADE OF MANKIND. You really get aware of a big development that happened with growing over the time of the last year. SHADE OF MANKIND, started as grinding Crust Core powerhouse back then, is today very hard to locate, somewhere between really heavy and brutal Grindcore with some few portions of Sludge Core and heavy doses of totally distorting aggressive and sinister Death Metal, here and there cultivated with some few portions of devastating Hardcore and some few Black Metal vibes to it all. All done very stand alone and self constained, a really own and unique style and sound and really a very own interpretation of what extreme musick can be in 2013. Brutal and aggressive, deep and apocalyptic guitars, totally aggressive, hysteric, sick and psychotic lead vocals between throaty shouts, deep grunts and growls, and aggressive screams, and a rotten dirty and totally pissed off to work going rhythm section. Intensity without end, great songwriting, good skills, well chosen spoken word samples, and tight sinister and sick atmosphere to crown it all. This little appetizer made me really curious and hungry for their first proper album and shows really a impressive development of the band SHADE OF MANKIND. And even if you may miss the Crust Core at first, like me, you wil definitely start to mosh yourself into oblivion listening to this musical equivalent of an neutron bomb. To the lyrics I can't say that much, which means in fact: Nothing!, but the songtitles as well as especially the phenomenal artwork of this Online EP really promise a lot. The recording sound is raw and dirty and in a demo stadium but still already really good. Can't wait for their "VVE ARE THE PLAGUE" full length to be released (and I think that this will be via a record label), and you should really check this songs out. (8 of 10 points)
PS: Sorry, that I failed to stream or embed or share or however this process is anyhow meant the record player from their Bandcamp site, so you have to stick with the link above to listen to it promptly.

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