Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

BAD ADVICE - "FOUNDING FATHERS" (Mississipi Hardcore in 2012 all the D.I.Y. way + Download Link)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Hey folks, at least at the end of this month some more posts do see the light of the day up here again, and so I will also do and finish this one here finally tonight, before it's going straight to bed. I've stumbled some weeks ago over this demo album by BAD ADVICE titled "FOUNDING FATHERS" that was released as a give what you want MP3 download at the Bandcamp site of the band as well as also as a MP3-Download for free officially done by the great guys of the "HARDBOILED WEBZINE", and both links you will find at the end of this review. If there are or had been any physical copies of it floating around I just don't know, only know of and own this one, the MP3-Download version. BAD ADVICE offer about five songs in around eight minutes. And what offer they to us? Really good Hardcore pretty much the NY way with some Rap/Hip Hop flavor as well as very cool pretty old schoolish Thrash Metal impressions to it and all to be located loosely somewhere between BIOHAZARD and MADBALL, but just as loose corner stones, because the well-known and well-reputated formula BAD ADVICE spice nicely up and so they make out of it already with this demo here pretty much their own. Thanks to this must go out first and foremost  to the shining and also really pretty cool guitar work as well as the great songwriting with that BAD ADVICE demonstrate how good they manage it to walk the path between sheer heavyness and brutal fast pace on the one side and grooving assaults and fists in the air shout up parts with very good to already great suprising and interesting rhythm work on the other side. The great charismatic spitted shouted lead vocals backed up by massive crew back ups and a brutal grunted shouted backing vocals only add up to this, as well as the very forceful to work going rhythm section. Really cool shit!!! Good HC lyrics, a great Old School artwork and a very massive, beefy und bulky production sound then round it all up. If they just work on as focussed as on this one here and tight it all up and manage to keep it fresh and make it all even more their very own in the future this band can become one of the best active Hardcore bands in the near future, the potential they demonstrate here already. Where's the label to give them a good fair proper record deal?!? Come on guys, don't sit on your ears and wait for the future to come when its already there. A band we can calmly and surely look out for more to come from and this one here is clearly recommended. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (8 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012


("Pirates Press Records" & "Contra Records"; CD):
Yes, here it is, another album that I had been waiting for also for quite a while now already. (Like it was also the case with the three directly before this very one here reviewed albums up here on this very blog, to name BIOHAZARD, RUNNING WILD and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, just that you know it if you haven't already read or even at least saw the reviews, even it was always a little bit different from each other with this by me long awaited albums.) The first full length album of the HARRINGTON SAINTS, released back then in 2010 also as a cooperation work between the U.S. american "PIRATES PRESS RECORDS" and the german "CONTRA RECORDS" labels, was a fucking great statement and made it directly into my top ten album list of 2010, scored in there at the position rank no. # eight. Then, at least I do think so, in 2011 they released some 7'' albums or some split stuff or something so like this, but due to the fucked up mess named 2011 that I was heavily and deeply stucked into I really should never ever be able to listen to any 2011 release of them, of the HARRINGTON SAINTS, so far and also don't know the whole picture, so this is, if you want so, my first experience again with this great band in two years. And so I was also comparable like in the cases of the three albums reviewed directly before this very one here, already mentioned above in this review, damn excited and curious about it. Then this very June at my birthday this was one of the birthday presents/gifts that my beloved girlfriend held in store for me and from then on, yes, again the HARRINGTON SAINTS managed to take me by storm, yes, and this also directly and right from the very start. Personally for me pretty much one of the few very, very best currently active Oi! in general and American Oi! in particular bands outta there, point and fact. Also one of the few very best bands outta there in general, no matter if Oi! or what the hell else ever. Some (wouldn't make me wonder if not mostly self-proclaimed) Oi! hard knocks may bitch around this would be more Streetpunk than Oi! because it would be too melodic, catchy, anthemic and so with this too ''soft'' and not enough street level music like or what the fuck else ever enough and also because of the fact that the HARRINGTON SAINTS stayed true to a critical working class somewhat left winged political approach and a pro union standpoint instead of doing bullshit "Love your land and wave your flag!" - and then shut up - lyrics they won't earn more points in the books of this tough Oi! hard knocks. But you know what? Just don't give a fuck about this dumb crappy dickheads and false poor nutjobs, period. And so now here we go forth onward in this very review, so yes, here we fucking go, righty right. The HARRINGTON SAINTS play a very stand-alone and self-contained sort of melodic, catchy and anthemic/hymnal U.S. American Oi! Oi! Oi! music that includes a pretty strong own identity and a unique character as well as a big assortment of great musical diversity and a strong skillful level of delivery of the gladiatorial and fists in the air pumping music, all founded in grapping and really forceful storming nicely varying and more than only well-versed songwriting. They play a sort of American Oi! or maybe U.S. Oi! if you may want so of their very own but maybe you can locate them loosely somewhere between PATRIOT to their "WE, THE PEOPLE" phase, PRESSURE POINT to their "RESIST & RIOT" and maybe also their "TO BE CONTINUED" era and a little bit THE ANTI-HEROS back then in their "AMERICAN PIE" days as well as some very few MADHOUSE DISCIPLES (thinking of their split album with PRESSURE POINT), and then add some good healthy doses of the good old legendary THE CLASH (thinking about "BLACK MARKET CLASH", "LONDON CALLING" and a little bit of "COMBAT ROCK") to it, mixed all through and melted together with spicy flavor of a very own and strong identity and character for the cultivation and crowning of it all. Hard yet damn melodic and catchy ''singing'' and also pretty advanced or maybe better skillful guitar work, that's really driving the songs mercylessly forward without regrets and without remorse, is the keystone of this album, combined with the brilliant and damn charismatic lead vocals that are really sung and not shouted, and this damn much stand-alone and with a real unique character of their very own. The massive and stunning, heavy stomping rhythm section is a pure slashing and smashing bomb, not to talk about the great back ups and mighty sing a longs. The pace and the arrangements of the songs vary nicely and the songs crush that mighty in and through it all that you just have to sing a long, dance fucking hard and go bloody rampage to. Amazing!!! It's quite a while now that a new Oi! album made me feel that much and massive energy in a positive sense and way than this very one here, the new HARRINGTON SAINTS album, the "PRIDE & TRADITION" masterpiece. Also lyrical they deliver the whole and complete package, again, from Skinhead Way of Life lyrics to a lot of socially aware, political and critical on the farce the ruling system that we are all forced to live in is lyrics, and especially the songs of the second kind are just great. Yes, for sure the lyrics are kept short, like the songs, in two and something minutes or so, so don't expect a new Shakespeare or somewhat like this, but why the fuck should you and this especially when you think about how great they have done the/their lyrics and that are also it all saying and telling lyrics, yes, that's what you can expect anyhow because that's what we get here by the HARRINGTON SAINTS. Great!!! The artwork of this beautiful CD is just pure eye candy and I'm very sorry that the scan of the cover and backcover art above isn't a better one (again, like back then in 2010, the scan of the cover picture of the reviewed HARRINGTON SAINTS album isn't that good after all, maybe with their third album we'll - and in this case ''we'' stands for my technical equipment and me - be able to fix this finally...), and the bombing daman precise and ''massively'' tight yet nicely dirty production sound is just a sort of a pure platinum affair, thumbs damn way up high for that. A pure platinum affair like the whole album, which now means like the music, the lyrics and the artwork. So, yes, what shall I write here more, what shall I write here on and on, this is a amazing album that will be also to be found in my this years top ten 2012 album list. This is just an awesome great album, so don't think twice but just get it. Brilliant!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

Montag, 29. Oktober 2012


("Sony Music"; CD):
Yes, and another album that is a more than just great proof of how fucking incredible strong and, yes, ''amazingly'' great year this very year of 2012 is in the case of new music released this very year so far. I can't tell you how amazing from my perception BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and his musical as well as lyrical work simply is/are. From his early works on over his most know and highly well-reputated era from "BORN IN THE U.S.A." on to his impressive works of the ''younger past'' and today and his great, hm, let us call it comeback with the E-Street band some years ago to finally his new album "WRECKING BALL" he knows to shine off and shine out mostly everything and everyone else and so also this new album by him was awaited with curious tension by me and again it didn't dissapoint me and it's again a statement of its very, very own and of the totally highest quality. This is passion, this are emotions, this is soul, this is attitude melted into music like you will only find it delivered by the Boss BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN himself. This is something that so many others have tried, and even more have failed. But who cares, as long as the original one and only the Boss is still standing proud and strong. This album was long or maybe better hungry awaited by me and, like I've already said/written, with curious tension, and so it was just plain and simple great when this year in June I got this CD beside ''some other stuff'' as a birthday present/gift from my sisters and her boyfriend to my, yes, you already got it, right, my birthday. It was already a little bit longer out back then, but unfortunately it was in a fiscal sense a troubled time then and so I didn't manage it to get it earlier via buying it by myself. But so even far more happily I was when I finally got it. And somehow I lost focuss and somewhat like my direction when working this year through an never ending seeming working schedule of record reviews up and for this very blog here and so the review of/on this already larger than life album just comes up today, that pretty late and also that pretty late this year. Okay, anyhow, it is like it is, anyway, so back to the topic: For all what I know also a limited CD edition (I think consisting out of the CD and a DVD... or was it the CD and a demo or rare recordings CD... or even both... or the CD and some sort of a little book or something so like this... ah, I don't know it for sure, sorry) as well as finally also a LP version were released by/of this album, beside this one here, the regular CD album version that I call thankfully my own. Again also on this album BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN stayed true to his roots, attitude and identity, but without repeating himself and also giving us a lot of fresh air and new stuff and nice to great suprises that we all are invited to enjoy and cheer up to. All delivered in an authentic and earthy-organic just through and through pure way and it's an impressive journey through the struggle of the todays hard working people, this is still true working class music with a heart and a soul, a passion for the people struggling everyday through piles of shit and sorrow just to make it somehow through but still come up strong and with pride and fire in their hearts, without clichés or artificial rebellious attitude crap, this is pure true and real music for real people who need no mask to hind behind, that need no clichés to cloak theirselves in to seem stronger and bigger than they are. And with this the music of the Boss again gets also even by far more sympathic than it is also already anyway as well. Musicwise this is pure and authentic Rock & Roll or maybe better just real Rock music, all done for sure some sort of old school but without any cheap boring retro crap in it and instead of this all done very fresh and grapping, fucking interesting and you can really feel the music pulsating and coming and being alive more and more every single time you listen to the album as a whole or to each song as a single song of its very own without the context of the complete album as a whole exclusively song of its own in this moment you listen to it. Rock & Roll or Rock or maybe better Boss Rock or E-Street Rock & Roll of its  very own and of the very best, enriched with a large and varying amount of different influnces, impressions, styles and marks, from (American) Folk (a song, nah, a larger than life anthem like "DEATH TO MY HOMETOWN", just as an example, would have also been a incredible hit on the unforgettable groundbreaking - American - Folk journey entitled "WE SHALL OVERCOME" of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, trust me upon this) to Gospel, some Soul and also Blues we really find a lot on this very one here, the new BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN music child. All makred especially by the larger than life voice of the Boss as well as an incredible soulful and passionated, diverse and skillful guitar playing, a forceful and demanding, yet nicely room to the vocals and the guitars as well as all other instruments and all other singings giving more than just well-versed rhythm section, and also a whole armada of other instruments, influences and singings, from folkish and folking instruments to saxophones and awesome Gospel choirs and such other stuff, all packed up full with grapping suprises and interesting twists and turns, amazing stuff you wouldn't have expected. Also lyricwise this album is incredible strong, and it's for sure also the most socially aware and most political album of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN in a while now, even politically and socially aware and also critical as well as solution-orientated lyrics have always been an important part of the work of the Boss rocking out of New Jersey. So you really need to listen to the music as well as to the words for sure, to discover and enjoy this album in its whole greatness. The digi pack styled artwork is a pure beauty and the very natural organic earthy and nicely dirty production sound just is pure platinum, like this album as a whole. My personal favorites up here are the already mentioned forceful American Folk'n'Rock smasher "DEATH TO MY HOMETOWN", the incredible intense and atmospheric goosepimples serving title track "WRECKING BALL", and outshining songs like the folkish masterpieces "EASY MONEY" and "SHACKLED AND DRAWN", "JACK OF ALL TRADES", the impressive soulful and emotional opener "WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN", the mighty "ROCKY GROUND" and the awesome heads up song "WE ARE ALIVE", but also the not mentioned tracks are infamous and damn great hymns of one of a kind. Like I've already written above, for sure an album that will be to be found way up high in my top ten list of 2012. And I can only highly recommend this one for you and if I could do so I would command you to go and buy it promptly in case that you still don't own it by and for yourself, because this is the very best. Amazing, and I really love this album!!! It's so incredible strong and powerful music, really tough music for real tough folks out there without any bullshit cliché flirtings and other bullshit crap of this kind. This just amazing and awesome music, yes. So go and fucking get it, period!!! (10 of 10 points)

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

RUNNING WILD - "SHADOWMAKER" (Heavy fucking Metal is back on the attack!!!)

("SPV" / "Steamhammer"; CD + DVD limited edition):
Okay, and now with one or two more days, uh, yes, I mean: Okay, okay, maybe even just after three or four days more delay then primarly planned finally another new post is coming up here in this very relaxed and silent month. And so now without loosing any more words for the introduction here and now straight onward into this very post which is a record review post of or on the new current RUNNING WILD album. And so you see, yes, finally good old teutonic Heavy Metal is the order of the day up here. I discovered RUNNING WILD finally at the age of thirteen back then in 1994 when I saw and bought, fascinated by the whole artwork, their soon to be a true classic gem "BLACK HAND INN", a groundbreaking and lifechanging record for me. So you also see, that I know listen to RUNNING WILD for nearly something like twenty years, and even over the last decade when Metal lost more and more of its importance to me I always enjoyed and celebrated RUNNING WILD. And from then on, which now means from 1994 on, I was, yes, you can say that I was some sort of addicted to RUNNING WILD, a total stand-alone band to me, point and fact!!! From 1994 on every single new album was high if not number one on my priority lists of the meant then current times and I bought and, to be honest, celebrated them all heavily, also live and best of albums I bought enthusiastically. And it's logical that I bought all their old and earlier than 1994 recordings soon and, yes, also celebrated them heavily, and so today I can say that I have them all on CD or LP, all RUNNING WILD albums. Hell yeahr!!! Also the albums that came after the "VICTORY" masterpiece and that had been pretty often heavily discussed if not defamed, "BROTHERHOOD" and "ROGUES EN VOGUE", I like very much, and especially "ROGUES EN VOGUE" is just pure might, period!!! So it was a ''Bang!-Happening" of the negative kind when some years ago Rock'n'Rolf declared the end of RUNNING WILD. It sucked!!! And even Metal isn't today what it many years ago once was for me and some years ago, when RUNNING WILD were laid to rest, Metal meant even less to me than these days, RUNNING WILD always stood their ground and remained one of the most important bands for me and so, yes, I was really shocked when I heard about the end of this larger than life band. So, and after especially in 2011 I missed out on a lot of things, yes, and so I also missed totally out on the return of RUNNING WILD and was incredible suprised when I saw suddenly a new RUNNING WILD album when I visited the local record store in, I think so, this years April or so, and even my first impression was "WTF?!?" because of what a crappy ugly bullshit cover was to be seen I bought it recently and promptly. And how I was curious about it... jumped right in my car, put the disc in the stereo and cranked up the volume and with loud ringing and cracking speakers I made my way home. This album wasn't welcomed with open arms by the Metal press and in the world of Metal music in general, at least for all what I saw and read online and based on this can say so far. Not a real band anymore respectively still or again not a real band anymore, just a one man project of Rock'n'Rolf named RUNNING WILD and today also soleley recorded and all this stuff just by Rock'n'Rolf himself, and on and on and on. All the same bullshit that was to be heard and read already when the "BROTHERHOOD" and "ROGUES EN VOGUE" titled albums were released. Never gave a fuck about it back then, don't do so today. And maybe Rock'n'Rolf just refused it and still refuses it to become one of the oh so true Metal house pets of the "ROCK HARD" magazine guys, like maybe Götz Kühnemund expects it, so that there is no other way to deal with RUNNING WILD latest today then with bashing them off. Who knows, I mean, I'm just thinking... Also the ranting of nothing new and nothing really anyhow creative coming in through and blah blah blah on and on and on. The total unbelievable thing is, that first of all RUNNING WILD created a very own style and a sound of their very own like bands like MOTÖRHEAD and AC/DC and IRON MAIDEN and HELLOWEEN/GAMMA RAY for example and so the question is how and why such a band should take a drastic turn after the creation of something very own; and second of all this album is anyhow anyway packed up full with creative tension and fresh ideas and just great suprises. So what the fuck is this whole bitching around all about?!? Fuck all this trash talking nutjobs and bullshit spreading dickheads. Okay, anyhow, enough of such stuff, now more directly and more precise to this album. First of all, even a lot pretty close minded dickheads outta there will never be able to deal with it, this album takes a little bit the direction or course of that back then the "BROTHERHOOD" album, which means that this album is going strongly in the Hard Rock department full of natural organic earthy grooves and rhythms, hymnal arrangements and mercyless cracking heavy rockin' and hard rollin' guitar riffing and all is cultivated with and by that typical unique RUNNING WILD leads and melody lines and solos, a areal that btw RUNNING WILD are anything but strangers to. And this is not all what there is to announce respectively say about or to this album. The reason why Rock'n'Rolf gave new life to RUNNING WILD is, so he by himslef, simply the reason that new enthusiasm of writing new RUNNING WILD stuff is flamed up hot and new back again in him, and that's all good and fine as well as you can hear it in and through and with every single song featured up here on this one as a part of this album. Also anyone can easily see just by looking at and judging by the whole artwork that Rock'n'Rolf don't want to be just a ''recycled lifetube band'' with RUNNING WILD today and so he really did something else also already with the art of this album. Black jewel case, all wrapped up in a pretty beautiful designed black paper sheet, a new cover motif and band logo that looks like nothing of the old pirate days or so but instead of this more than some sort of a Cylon of Battlestar Galactica or something like this, and on the back cover there's again this Cylon-meets-a-cosmic-enforcer-meets-a-special-forces-G.I.-Joe like character to be seen. No recatching of old fame of the old Pirate days of RUNNING WILD or so and also no recycling of old into the grave carried and laid to rest old fashioned ideas, instead of this something pretty new and fresh, if old fans now may like it or not. And this all suits pretty well the new music of RUNNING WILD, that is for sure through and through pure RUNNING WILD but all done very fresh and exciting, some sort of new, and that's just great. Like already above mentioned this new one by RUNNING WILD is a strong rockin' and heavy rollin' Hard Rock monster with a clear and strong teutonic marked Heavy Metal backbone that's backing it all in a pretty beefy and bulky way up. Hard groovin' and pretty dynamic, all done catchy and anthemic structured guitar riffing as well as clever arranged and heavy storming fast paced guitar riff runs all dominated by this unique and typical RUNNING WILD melody lines and leads as well as just sheer great solos mark the songs heavily, strongly and enormously, and that's just awesome, again, awesome and amazing, I'm just falling over and over again and again totally in love with that always typical as well as always fresh and always grapping RUNNING WILD guitar playing and arrangements. Then there's Rock'n'Rolf's typical damn charismatic style of singing the lead vocals and of structuring and delivering this unique amazing hymnal refrain parts, the next trademarks of the music of RUNNING WILD that you simply just have to love, amazing stuff. The rhythm section consisting of bass and drums is then just a pure tight massive precise working everything hard forward pushing and driving Metal machinery of the highest class and premium level. That the musical technical skills are damn fucking high and first class should be clear latest by now anyhow anyway. The songwriting and the compiling of the album is incredible fresh and lively and all done interesting and outstanding grapping and of a very, very high standard and of the first class. Also the album is packed up full with great and new, fresh and interesting as well as grapping ideas and interesting tributes or homages, like for example the clear and strong homage to THIN LIZZY titled "ME AND THE BOYS", the BEATLES inspired guitar intro lead of the amazing anthemic and catchy and melodic "INTO THE BLACK", the AC/DC inspired arranged stoic forward driving "LOCOMOTIVE" and the a little bit by the old glory days of the SCORPIONS and such Stadium Rock inspired larger than life opener "PIECE OF THE ACTION", the very doomy and somehow slightly british "BLACK SHADOW", as well as the stoic heavy metallic slightly british (in it's great done and totally positive meant monothon approach) forward hammering amazing and damn massive title track "SHADOWMAKER", and the sort of somehow tricky and by 1970's Prog Rock influenced lead line of "SAILING FIRE", and all done very stand alone and in the typical unique RUNNING WILD style. Just clear your ears to get all of this and quite more, as well as the overall outshining stuff on this very one here. And don't expect a return of RUNNING WILD to their glory Pirate Heavy Metal days. But even this album can't beat or anyhow at least rival their infamous larger than life classics like "MASQUERADE", "BLAZON STONE", "PILE OF SKULLS", "DEATH OR GLORY" or respectively and "PORT ROYALE", and not to talk about the groundbreaker and lifechanger "BLACK HAND INN", but who could ask for it and how could this album do anyhow so after the mentioned ones are all albums for that I would have to upgrade the rating scales here to twelve and up to fifteen points, if you get what I want to say. Anyhow, this is a more than great album that will make it definitely way up high on and in my top ten list of this very year of 2012. My personal favorites on "SHADOWMAKER" are without a doubt "PIECE OF THE ACTION, "SHADOWMAKER", "INTO THE BLACK", "RIDING ON THE TIDE", "I AM WHO I AM", "LOCOMOTIVE" and "BLACK SHADOW", but also "SAILING FIRE", the so far most un-typical RUNNING WILD song ever titled "ME AND THE BOYS" and especially the epic finishing track "DRACULA" are first class stuff. Just an amazing comeback album by the german Metal legends of the name of RUNNING WILD and it's more than great that Rock'n'Rolf strikes back under the banner of RUNNING WILD and even more that he is doing it all so fresh and totally not delivering a cheap boring retro rip off crap affair. The album comes with great and also pretty new and fresh lyrics dealing with a lot of un-typical topics for RUNNING WILD and without all that final battle mysticism of the "MASQUERADE", "THE RIVALRY" and "VICTORY" era (and that also marked "ROGUES EN VOGUE" again, at least some sort of) and so also lyrically it's no repeating of old stuff just to make sure that old fans will like it right from the start without taking an aware listening session approach. Thumbs up for that bravery as well as for the high quality, of the music as well as of the lyrics. The only more or less classical two let us call it Pirate theme songs, "RIDING ON THE TIDE" and "SAILING FIRE", are also done pretty exciting and not ripping off the early RUNNING WILD work and days. The artwork of "SHADOWMAKER" is also just great, at least if you look aside the freaky and somewhat ugly Cylon at the front cover. The forceful production sound is maybe a little bit too clean and clear, but it works out in the end very good and strong. So yes, this one is for sure highly recommended to you, especially if you are not expecting and demanding a retro RUNNING WILD album, but if you want something fresh and lively by RUNNING WILD then this will serve your needs for sure. An amazing comeback!!! Get it!!! (10 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Things will go on again...

Just that you damn fucking know about the deal!!!
Hey my dear readers!!!
I'm just writing to let you know that from tomorrow afternoon or evening on things will be started up here again, so stay tuned for some new stuff finally to come up here again. Things will be started up with reviews of three killer records, and this are: THE HARRINGTON SAINTS - "PRIDE AND TRADITION"; BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - "WRECKING BALL"; and RUNNING WILD - "SHADOWMAKER".
After this some new stuff is also in the pipeline, reviews of albums of WOLFBRIGADE, AS I LAY DYING, ONESTA, THE DROOGIEZ, SUFFER THE PAIN, HORRIBLE x HANGOVER, the LAZY BASTARDS, I AM REVENGE, the almighty PRO-PAIN, VARG, JOEY RAMONE, DISAGREE, GRAVE, ARMORED SAINT (a re-release, but who cares), VISION (old but great), as well as some few albums that reached me via electronical mail through the web the last days or weeks (THANX to the guys for sending me their stuff) are waiting to come up here, as well as some few new fanzine reviews of current issues of the "OX FANZINE" and the "PLASTIC BOMB FANZINE", and some movie reviews of several different stuff from first class movie hits to crappy cheap slasher thrash like "100 MILLION B.C." and "ALIEN VS. ZOMBIES".
And just that you know it, in the near future I will concentrate heavily on doing the mentioned review stuff before I focuss on doing other stuff up here again. Btw, next sport postings will be tributes to PHIL HEATH and KAI GREENE, currently I work on them both but don't ask me when they will up here to read, more or less soon, at least I do hope so, but for now the focuss heavily lies on doing the mentioned reviews. I simply just want to avoid the messed up shit on doing all the reviews that came off short or that I used to forget to do in 2012 then finally in 2013 and spending a large part of the next year up here with working my schedule of 2012 finally off, like it was this year in the first half. So okay, that's it, more finally again tomorrow. And then for now sleep well and good night!!!
Ah, in general, and never ever forget: KEEP ON PUMPING!!!
The austrian oak in action!!!

Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

The Evil Horde

Hey folks!!! Just a little ''Videos'' post tonight, a damn great video paying tribute to the greatest: HORDAK and the EVIL HORDE!!! Yes, I guess you can call me some sort of a nerd, gnaharharhar!!! ;-) It's damn cool and really great stuff, and also coming with a very good song that also fits perfect to the title, theme and topic of this video. (But don't ask me who was it that done this song. But my girlfriend said it would be a guy named JAN HEGENBERG and the song is called "DIE HORDE RENNT", and yes, perfect!!!) And that's my dose of ''nerdyness'' for today respectively tonight. That's it, and don't you ever forget: "ETERNIA WILL BE MINE!!!" :D

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

BIOHAZARD - "REBORN IN DEFIANCE" (Brooklyn Hardcore in ya face!!!)

("Nuclear Blast Records"; CD):
First of all: They really did it, they are damn bloody fucking back!!! Second of all: Seems like from Metal and heavy Rock and hard Roll music in general to Hardcore music the german "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" label is recruiting all the biggies to their roster. Hm, and why shouldn't they, right?!? Right!!! And now onward to and with the rest: BIOHAZARD!!! Brooklyn Hardcore in ya face!!! NYHC is striking back!!! And fuck it, I love this band. In 1994 I discovered them via their almighty "STATE OF THE WORLD ADDRESS" album, and since then I grew up with the almighty silverbacks from the NYC. Back then I first bought their precursor releases "URBAN DISCIPLINE" and the self-titled "BIOHAZARD" debut, and from then on BIOHAZARD and all their later on up to this very present day coming albums really had been huge highlights for me, some more, some less, for sure, but not one single album was a let down for me, not one single one disappointed me, hell no, the direct counterpart was always the deal. So some years ago when BIOHAZARD announced there decision of going separate ways after their giant "MEANS TO AN END" full length I was really sort of "Damn it, why the fuck and how the fuck they can only think about doing so and now they really do it, why, fuck it..." and when I think about the two follow up bands, SUICIDE CITY (I think so) of Billy and THE SPIDERZ (or something like this) of Evan no real sort of a new band of that phenomenal high quality and very own identity like BIOHAZARD was to be seen or heard. When they announced to come back and played their first live shows since some years ago back then last year in 2011 I was fucking curious and then like so many else I lost them again pretty much out of sight in this shitty farce my personal 2011 turned out to be and it really went straight aside and away from me that they would also release a brandnew album this very year in 2012 and so when I saw this album this March 2012 I was totally going nuts and without thinking twice I bought it and directly out of the store into my car and this disc in my stereo and the speakers up loud in an all out attack, totally going nuts, and how I was curious, like a little boy infront of a new toy or so, and damn it, BIOHAZARD are back as strong as they had always been, if not even stronger, point and fact. This is for sure and without a doubt one of the very best albums of 2012, one of the best five 2012 records or even the best three 2012 albums and maybe it will also be the fucking leader ranked no. # one of this very top ten list, period. It's all there, what you expect and even far more that you probably never ever had expected to come off big so. Skull smashing, bone cracking, blood spilling, Brooklyn born and bred NYHC the unique BIOHAZARD way of style and sound, as well as melancholical, groovy rocking, hymnal, catchy, pretty "alternative" as well as somehow "grungy" done metallic highly atmospheric goosepimple songs that also a legendary band like ALICE IN CHAINS couldn't had done better even not in their hey days. The only thing a long running BIOHAZARD fan could be missing here is pretty much the Rap/Hip Hop influence that BIOHAZARD are also pretty well-known and pretty well-reputated for, but they surely make this up for good for sure, period. This is very diverse, highly multi-layered, outshining atmospheric, damn high skilled, fucking grapping and incredible interesting, metallic, modern and by any means damn unique and highly stand-alone Hardcore music from out of the concrete dephts and gutters of the Big Apple, packed up completely full with massive stunning diverse guitar work, slashing bass playing, incredible tight and diverse hammering drumming, larger than life charismatic lead vocals by Billy and Evan, very fat and broad gang shouts, grapping structures and build ups as well as changes and twists and turns of the rhythm, pace and general architecture of the songs, organic heavy grooves and harsh down beatings, moshy stop and go rampage parts, fists in the air sing a long and battle scarred gladiatorial slam dance parts, as well as catchy, anthemic and hymnal, melodic and melancholic, pretty sinister moments, and all is keeping your attention and interest very high over all the time, in no way your ordinary run of the mill stereotypical Hardcore music, no, pure triple A+ rated thru and thru BIOHAZARD stuff, amazing and phenomenal. Also we get as usual in the cosmos of BIOHAZARD outstanding great and diverse lyrics, a earthy and dirty, crispy and organic, as well as harsh, heavy, massive and metallic production sound, and the dark, sinister and apocalyptic artwork is just pure beautiful. I think I've said it all already more than just one or two times and so I won't make any words more about it, this is the best you can get, period, a larger than life masterpiece album by this totally masterpiece band. By any means, get this album!!! Maybe the most diverse album since "NEW WORLD DISORDER" and maybe the best since "MATA LEAO" if not even since "STATE OF THE WORLD ADDRESS". And for sure one of the very most important and by far very best albums albums of this very year. Phenomenal, period!!! BIOHAZARD - in ya face!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)
PS: If you now ask yourself if my motivation problems that I have blogged about yesterday are over, gone and through  I have to say no, not in general, but I finally really just wanted to bring up this review finally and so we will see how soon more will be coming up here, but, to be honest in this case in general as well, it was some fun again to bring something new finally up here. Cheers & Oi!

Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012


Hey guys, two weeks already gone by this month and not much going on here, so I'm just writing and posting to let you know that currently I just can't find the motivation to do something up here, I can't come up with the energy to put into proper posts up here that I normally put into the work I'm doing with this blog and so currently I decided to lay it to rest for a while untill this changes again. Something that was already dawning last month, to be honest. At the moment there's just to many other stuff far more exciting and interesting, entertaining and important to me than blogging and sitting infront of my PC and staying in. I know that there's still more than enough to do this very year up here, just thinking of all the records waiting to be finally reviewed, so this is no saying bye for the rest of the year and also hell no deciding to quit, this is just the announcement of a little break or so up here, nothing more, nothing less. More or less regular readers know that this can change soon, prompt and quick, maybe already within the next week with the weather turning finally into Winter again, but maybe it will also take some time. And so, don't you wonder, just that you know about it. And untill then all the best and check out and get the new PRO-PAIN masterpiece album, finally this legends are back as strong as they and there work are meant to be. And don't you ever forget...

Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR - "PETER PAN SYNDROME" (Positive melodic Straight xxx Edge Hardcore from Germany on 7'' vinyl via "ANCHORED RECORDS")

("Anchored Records"; 7''):
This band I saw live on stage this June when I went to a gig of them with my girlfriend and there they used to convince me as well as also her right and direct from the very start and so it was very soon very clear that I need to take there record with me, and so I did. And no I sit here and just wonder why it took me three months before I finally now do the review of it. But okay, a very busy year so fear with reviewing a lot of albums and releases. So, okay, but anyhow, because the only thing that matters here and now is that this review finally comes up. Like I've said, I liked this band right from the start and what sets them apart from most of the rest is the fact that this is pure fast speeded very melodic yet fucking forceful through and through Hardcore that got the Straight Edge with a very positive approach and without any too much Metal stuff and no stereotypical Beatdown boredom, and this apart-setting was also at the mentioned concert the deal as well as it's in general the deal with or for LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR, a band that should also be more than interesting for Westcoast/Skate/Melodic Punk bands. The fast paced melodic yet hard and especially pretty catchy and hymnal as well as damn diverse and multi-layered guitar work, bloody forceful as well as filled with nice suprises and all done skillful and well-versed, is really the outshining trademark of the music of LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR, as well as also the pretty diverse and rich on variations being charismatic skillful lead vocals that are enriched with guest vocals and very different  styled voicing styles of singing, from clear and great sung melodic vocals to agressive brutal massive Hardcore shoutings you will find it all here, and all on a very high level. The tight and precise bonedry working heavy rhythm section gives it all the right beefy and bulky backbone, thumbs up for that. The songwriting is very good and so we find grapping arrangements, cool suprises, nice stop and go moments, brilliant placed and timed Beatdowns and some really not so expected stuff all the time hammered through our ears into our heads. All is done very unique and stand alone already, a really charismatic (and also sympathic) more than good band that is highly recommended by me for you and not only for fans of STRUNG OUT, so check them out. Damn good lyrics on top of it, a great artwork and a totally pure gold production sound make this all to a great little album. This 7'', that comes on beautiful blue vinyl, is about to be released on CD this days, if I understood it right, feauturing the four songs of this 7'' as well as two new (?) bonus tracks, and the rerelease will be done via "BRUISED & BROKEN RECORDS", so watch out. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (9 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

SUFFERING MIND - "AT WAR WITH MANKIND" (Grindcore from Poland on "DROP OUT RECORDS" + Download Link @ Bandcamp)

("Drop Out Records"; 10'' Vinyl & MP3-Download):
Okay, here's a brutal smash right in your face and going rampage through your head. Recorded and first released in 2008 all the D.I.Y. way, if I understood it all correct, and in 2011 released on 10'' vinyl by the Poland based Underground Indiependent Label, Distro and Zine of "DROP OUT RECORDS", and today it's also up for a official free high quality MP3-Download @ the Bandcamp site of "DROP OUT RECORDS", and I have this Download version that I call my own. And yes, as in usual you get the link to the mentioned download site at the very end of this review. All in all we get fourteen songs in about twentytwo minutes, and this is no bullshit bloody violent incredible brutal absoultely no prisoners taking bitterly pissed off angry and hatefilled raging Grindcore somewhere between NASUM and EXTREME NOISE TERROR, filled with mad chaotic skillful heavy harsh and brutal Blasts non stop, forceful violent shredding massive guitars and a very powerful and everything destroying rhythm section and totally sick and over the top female lead vocals from deep throated guttural grunts to hysteric piggy like screams, all in all a true wall of death packed in sound. All good and fine but what's making this to more than just your ordinary todays Grindcore commando is the fact that SUFFERING MIND work great rhythm arrangements and suprising twists and turns in the structure of the songs and work with cool totally non-usual tricky and slammy grooves + other suprises. Very good musicians as well as good songwriters here at work, for sure. The cover artwork looks really great and the production sound is a pure bomb, just to the lyrics I can't say anything. What I really like is that this band musically really lives up to the fullfillment of their bandname and albumtitle, pretty impressive. Totally intense brutal massive sick and stunning demolishing style modern Grindcore that knows about its roots and comes with a pretty strong own identity, and that's cool and really damn good. Check it!!! Recommended, period. (8 of 10 points)