Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

BIOHAZARD - "REBORN IN DEFIANCE" (Brooklyn Hardcore in ya face!!!)

("Nuclear Blast Records"; CD):
First of all: They really did it, they are damn bloody fucking back!!! Second of all: Seems like from Metal and heavy Rock and hard Roll music in general to Hardcore music the german "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" label is recruiting all the biggies to their roster. Hm, and why shouldn't they, right?!? Right!!! And now onward to and with the rest: BIOHAZARD!!! Brooklyn Hardcore in ya face!!! NYHC is striking back!!! And fuck it, I love this band. In 1994 I discovered them via their almighty "STATE OF THE WORLD ADDRESS" album, and since then I grew up with the almighty silverbacks from the NYC. Back then I first bought their precursor releases "URBAN DISCIPLINE" and the self-titled "BIOHAZARD" debut, and from then on BIOHAZARD and all their later on up to this very present day coming albums really had been huge highlights for me, some more, some less, for sure, but not one single album was a let down for me, not one single one disappointed me, hell no, the direct counterpart was always the deal. So some years ago when BIOHAZARD announced there decision of going separate ways after their giant "MEANS TO AN END" full length I was really sort of "Damn it, why the fuck and how the fuck they can only think about doing so and now they really do it, why, fuck it..." and when I think about the two follow up bands, SUICIDE CITY (I think so) of Billy and THE SPIDERZ (or something like this) of Evan no real sort of a new band of that phenomenal high quality and very own identity like BIOHAZARD was to be seen or heard. When they announced to come back and played their first live shows since some years ago back then last year in 2011 I was fucking curious and then like so many else I lost them again pretty much out of sight in this shitty farce my personal 2011 turned out to be and it really went straight aside and away from me that they would also release a brandnew album this very year in 2012 and so when I saw this album this March 2012 I was totally going nuts and without thinking twice I bought it and directly out of the store into my car and this disc in my stereo and the speakers up loud in an all out attack, totally going nuts, and how I was curious, like a little boy infront of a new toy or so, and damn it, BIOHAZARD are back as strong as they had always been, if not even stronger, point and fact. This is for sure and without a doubt one of the very best albums of 2012, one of the best five 2012 records or even the best three 2012 albums and maybe it will also be the fucking leader ranked no. # one of this very top ten list, period. It's all there, what you expect and even far more that you probably never ever had expected to come off big so. Skull smashing, bone cracking, blood spilling, Brooklyn born and bred NYHC the unique BIOHAZARD way of style and sound, as well as melancholical, groovy rocking, hymnal, catchy, pretty "alternative" as well as somehow "grungy" done metallic highly atmospheric goosepimple songs that also a legendary band like ALICE IN CHAINS couldn't had done better even not in their hey days. The only thing a long running BIOHAZARD fan could be missing here is pretty much the Rap/Hip Hop influence that BIOHAZARD are also pretty well-known and pretty well-reputated for, but they surely make this up for good for sure, period. This is very diverse, highly multi-layered, outshining atmospheric, damn high skilled, fucking grapping and incredible interesting, metallic, modern and by any means damn unique and highly stand-alone Hardcore music from out of the concrete dephts and gutters of the Big Apple, packed up completely full with massive stunning diverse guitar work, slashing bass playing, incredible tight and diverse hammering drumming, larger than life charismatic lead vocals by Billy and Evan, very fat and broad gang shouts, grapping structures and build ups as well as changes and twists and turns of the rhythm, pace and general architecture of the songs, organic heavy grooves and harsh down beatings, moshy stop and go rampage parts, fists in the air sing a long and battle scarred gladiatorial slam dance parts, as well as catchy, anthemic and hymnal, melodic and melancholic, pretty sinister moments, and all is keeping your attention and interest very high over all the time, in no way your ordinary run of the mill stereotypical Hardcore music, no, pure triple A+ rated thru and thru BIOHAZARD stuff, amazing and phenomenal. Also we get as usual in the cosmos of BIOHAZARD outstanding great and diverse lyrics, a earthy and dirty, crispy and organic, as well as harsh, heavy, massive and metallic production sound, and the dark, sinister and apocalyptic artwork is just pure beautiful. I think I've said it all already more than just one or two times and so I won't make any words more about it, this is the best you can get, period, a larger than life masterpiece album by this totally masterpiece band. By any means, get this album!!! Maybe the most diverse album since "NEW WORLD DISORDER" and maybe the best since "MATA LEAO" if not even since "STATE OF THE WORLD ADDRESS". And for sure one of the very most important and by far very best albums albums of this very year. Phenomenal, period!!! BIOHAZARD - in ya face!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! (10 of 10 points)
PS: If you now ask yourself if my motivation problems that I have blogged about yesterday are over, gone and through  I have to say no, not in general, but I finally really just wanted to bring up this review finally and so we will see how soon more will be coming up here, but, to be honest in this case in general as well, it was some fun again to bring something new finally up here. Cheers & Oi!

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