Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010

Dos Dias De Sangre are fucking back on tracks... and not on the wrong side of them!!!

Hey folks,

I know it's been a little bit "laid-back" this month, but okay, you'll get soon a little 'General Informations' post about what's going on currently and why it's so "relaxed" and "laid-back" this month, especially compared with the last months. So, but more about that later, now to the 'News' that I have to tell ya:

The mighty DOS DIAS DE SANGRE are about to release their brandnew split record (I think again via "BEATDOWN HARDWEAR", or am I wrong?!?), and if you are a lucky fuck then you are able to buy it from them at their tonights show in the german city of Münster!!! If not, then get in contact with them as soon as possible, 'cause from Monday on they will be able sending their brandnew shit out to you guys, so I think you should know what you have to do right now!!! Great and sand-alone Beatdown Hardcore of one of a kind, so don't think twice and just get it!!! If you do think twice (what a damn jackass are you?!?), then take a listen to their new tracks that they've posted on their MySpace site (the link will follow here at the end of this text) and let them convince you. And yes, trust me, it will be great what will be coming at us!!!

I've also talked with Angelo about doing an interview with them the next time, and yeahr, we confirmed it, so keep an eye open!!! I'm very happy and proud about it, for sure, and so will also finally come some Hardcore again into play here on this blog and it's really about time for that!!!

They are playing tonight in Münster, so if you can go there then go there and mosh hard and dance violent, and they've also played a weekend tour the past weekend through Austria and so (if I'm now not going totally wrong) and will be playing next month in Goslar in the underground club "Tor III" (see the flyer at the end of this post), so just that you know it, if you have the chance better be there. If you are there, then also we will see us there. (Hey, what need you more to know if you'll be there or not, haha;-)...) Ah, and they have also some new cool shirt designs to offer!!!

Some cool stuff, like, for example, the "GODFATHER" shirt design you should be able to see by watching at the (or at least one) picture at the left of this text, on it you see Angelo wearing it in a cat-walk style... okay, or something like this;-). They are getting more and more fired up, or at least that's how it seems to me, and that's just damn cool and a great thing and also more than only 'just justified', 'cause they are a band that really deserve it. It will be cool to see what's next for them!!!

I can't wait to listen to their new record and see them finally live again next month, and for their show tonight I wish them all the best, and guys: "Tear down this fucking walls!!!" HARDCORE!!! IT'S A WAY OF LIFE!!!

Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

*** From the West Coast to the East Coast, it's American ROCK AGAINST COMMUNISM on the Attack!!! ***

Yeahr, here it is, a record that I've been waiting for, and that also for quite a while already now. I'm so fucking happy that FIGHTING 84 finally put out their debut release, 'Hell Yeahr!', and it's more than just cool that I got it, and for that a huge 'THANX A LOT!' is going out to BRANDON of FIGHTING 84 for sending me this CD, just great, I really appreciate it, so yeahr, 'THANX!' and 'ALL HAIL!' across the borders and the ocean to you my mate!!! 'Keep up the good fight!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!' So, like you all should know by reading this very blog here I'm a huge fan of FIGHTING 84 from the very beginning on when I first listened to them on respectively via MySpace and do yourself a huge favor and read the two interviews that I've already done with them here for this blog, and now we will go straight ahead to this record respectively the review of this record. It reached me this past saturday and damn it, but I was fucking curious about it and simply couldn't wait to listen to it... and I can't really tell ya how many times this CD ran up and down and was turned round and round in my CD player, no matter if it's my stereo at home or the one in my car, and on my MP3 player it's also and giving me the right music to go and pump iron in the gym, fucking awesome. So, the to me totally new and before this CD damn unknown COMBATE 49 are kicking this CD off. A spanish singing R.A.C. band from N.Y.C., if I'm now not throwing something totally across right now. Giving us two songs, "SOMOS PATRIOTAS" and "ENEMIGOS", and the first one they give us also in a live recorded version. It's a nice start for me with this band. Some angry and hard hitting Skinhead Rock'n'Oi! sound with patriotic and anti-communist lyrics (yeahr, you read it right, the four years of spanish as a subject in school hadn't been a complete farce, haha;-)...), and all very strong dominated by the angular and grumpy guitar playing and the very pissed off and pretty aggressive lead vocals. Also, and that's always cool, the bass playing is very well present, and it's a pretty heavy and well jaw chopping affair, and that's pretty cool and damn nice. Also the massive stunning drum work is really very well stuff. Sounds pretty good, but there's a annoying cosmetic defect to it, and that's the fact that it all could have be done really much, much more tighter and also much more certain when it comes to the timing, especially when it comes to the guitar playing that sometimes really getting out of the rhythm and pace of the songs. But okay, it's all not that annoying at all, because on the one hand it's all not that erratic like it now may sound (trust me!!!), and on the other hand this is just the first recording for them and they showcase us already some very strong potential, also because they already know pretty good what they have to do when it comes to writing songs, which means that their songwriting is already pretty good stuff that will catch your attention pretty fast. With "SOMOS PATRIOTAS" they give us a heavy and brutal mid paced Bootboy stomper, and with "ENEMIGOS" we do get a very evil, aggressive and damn pissed off fast hammered hatefilled bullet straight in our ears. Hm, one thing that I always recognize when it comes to spanish singing bands is that the lyrics more or less always seem to be too long for the songs, haha, just listen to "ENEMIGOS" and you will know what I mean: While the singer is still singing the strophes the music seem to have already reached the next part of the song and is just waiting for the vocals. Don't know what I want to say with that here and now, hm, but it's just something that I somehow usually recognize when I'm listening to 'spanish music' no matter of which genre, and I think that's all what I wanted to say to you with that, haha;-). All in all COMBATE 49 do get 7 out of 10 points, and that's already a good start if ya ask me, a really good start that not that many bands know to succeed with this days. Good, solid job by them, point and fact!!! So, after COMBATE 49 then are coming FIGHTING 84 from L. fuckin' A. city, and I was really excited about how they will sound here on their first recording. And now I'm even more excited about how damn good they sound, about the fact that they already sound that damn good, strong and also already really pretty tight and that there's no flurry hecticness to be recognized, and guys, for that my honest respect to ya!!! They give us three songs and are starting with their brandnew track "RED DAWN", and damn it, that's some pure hate track, a battle anthem that's filled with so much mercyless aggression and brutality that it makes you want to go out and kick in someone's head. Damn fast paced, full throttle and the engine is constantly running on full power in the red zone of the engine performance. Evil grinding and very sharp played guitars, a brutal hammering bass and fast and hard played drums are the ingredients of this song, and the brutal and very forceful vocals are really the golden crown on the head of this song. A very militant and gladiatorial song, filled with shiploads of energy and pure fury, great!!! Also nice quick break in the song to fasten up the pace even more. Nice shot!!! It's also all really pretty tight done, so thumbs up!!! Can't wait for more new songs of this quality, so hurry up guys!!! Then comes there 'old song' named "ON PARADE", and that's really an impressive statement. Compare this recorded version respectively this recording of the song with their first versions on MySpace and you will get aware of how much they have already developed. I like this song and its message, and also the raw and rough attitude of this angry and pretty fast staccato rhythm song, and I can really imagine how the crowd will go nuts when this song is played live. Also nice sound gadget in the middle of the track, and again it's a very fast track that will smash some P.C. faggots heads in. Then comes my peronal favorite of them, no matter if it's about the lyrics or the music, and that's the great "CLASS RAGE", the slowest song of them on this record here, but still pretty fast, coming with some nice and pretty 'unamerican' guitar work, some great 'Chiswick guitar riffing' in the tradition of the old SKREWDRIVER, great, and also some fuckin' present bass playing and very tight drum work, fuck it, that's what I'm talking about!!! Political lyrics that are also strongly critical on society and damn patriotic, anti-communist and gladiatorial and unbroken, great!!! They also know how to write grapping songs, and they demonstrate us how much potential they do call their own, even this is already a damn strong work of and by them. FIGHTING 84 do get 9 out of 10 points, and I hope that they will find some good label very soon that will back them up with some more bucks that they can spend on the production, because the production sound (especially when it comes to the guitars) is the only annoying thing here. But damn it, no criticism at all, 'cause it all costs a lot of money, and that's why I hope for a good label that will give them the more than only justified support. And don't get anything wrong, this here is R.A.C. the way it should have always been meant, just right wing, patriotic and conservative and anti-communist music, no White Power music faggot crap and no stupid NS Rock, that's how it should be always done. Ah, and this counts for both bands. And yes, you can also call it just fucking good Oi! music, nothing else, if ya have the guts to do it!!! So, the production sound, when it comes to both bands, could be far better, but it's a demo recording, so no real criticism at all, and also you get used to it very quick. The artwork looks really pretty cool (it really makes me want to know about the possible message behind it), and the CD comes as a CD-R in a Slim Case, just that you know it. And if ya now ask yourself what to do, ha, damn it stupid, nothing else then getting into contact with at least one of the bands and get this fucking little gem!!! Damn, I' fuckig happy and proud that I call it my own. Great stuff!!! All in all it gets... (8 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

"I am the mace and I am the axe, can't stop the flow and no turning back! And I am the sword and I am the blade, the triumph of all man has made! I am death and I will come, no time to speak and no place to run!"

THE CORPS - "BOTTLE OF ROCK & ROLL" ("Rebellion Records"/"Scampkid Records"; CD):
As you all maybe know I am also a very, very big fan of this whole world of Oi!, Hardcore, Streetpunk, Punkrock, etc. music from the continent down under named Australia. MOUTHGUARD, BULLDOG SPIRIT, SICK 46, R*U*S*T, PLAN OF ATTACK, THUG, FOOTSOLDIER, TOE TO TOE, just to name a few and no doubt about it, all great if not even better bands, and this guys here, THE CORPS are to be named pretty much at first of this row of mighty bands with a heavy Street Charme from Down Under, and this one here is their current and newest release. A very big THANX goes out to BALAZS of "SCAMPKID RECORDS" for sending me this masterpiece!!! THANK ya my mate!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! So, back to the topic, the review of this, the newest masterpiece of THE CORPS. They had been always something like that 'special band', to say it that way, because of their very unique style of their own that they are playing and serving to us through and with their music. A very heavy and stand-alone combination of hard hitting, guitar dominated old school brickwall Oi! like CONDEMNED 84, a heavy and lethal dose of some of the best good old Rock & Roll music out there, just to name ya ROSE TATTOO, MOTÖRHEAD and THUNDERHEAD (for all of you out there who do call a Hard Rock and espacially Heavy Metal past their own, you all should know about them), and all cultivated with some (but only really very) few grim and mean old school Hardcore influences. That's a pretty good description (or at least I do think so...) of the sound with that they first caught me by suprise some or many years ago with immortal hymns like "ITCHIN' FOR EVIL" (just to name only this single one). They somehow stayed true to their unique style, but they also developed quite a bigger bit. To be honest, then I have to admit that (only to judge from listening to their new songs here) all the Oi! influences are now-a-days just to be called only very rudimenary, if they are still to be recognized anyhow. But shall I tell ya something? Okay, it doesn't matter if I shall tell it ya or not, I do it anyway: It really doesn't matter to me if the Oi! influences are strong or only rudimentary, just to get this straight!!! Instead of Oi! and Streetpunk and Hardcore the Rock & Roll influences are today outreachingly present. And not only this, they are also damn diverse, and it really makes me still hold my poor rotten breath (hm... rotten breath, fuck... damn it, to all the ladys out there, don't take it anyhow serious or anyway literal, it's just a metaphor, haha, and damn it, that's the naked and well odorant truth coming out of my clean mouth:-), just ask my chica amante and she will tell it ya... at least I do hope so, haha;-)...), cause here's so much to discover... where shall I start... First of all the guitar playing is phenomenal good, they (the guitar players, who melse...) create a strong and intense atmosphere and every single song really gets it done to create a very special mood of it's own in ya while listening mindfuly to them, and not at least this is a just outstanding achievement of the guitar work. Stand-alone and more than anyhow 'only' well-versed, very diverse guitar riffing, hot as fuck guitar leads ("AIN'T ENOUGH" will give ya goosepimples of one of a kind when listening to it, trust me, if not then you should grab a shovel, dig a hole, lie yourself down inside it, close ya eyes and wait for some friendly guy to dump ya with dirt and earth until you are all covered with it and there's no hole in the ground to be seen any more and then sleep well, 'cause then you're nothing more than already intrinsicly dead, so go and die instead of living dead), fantastic solo work and special stuff like a good old (but don't understand it wrong, with 'good old' I don't mean retro, in no fucking way, it's very exciting and very fresh, no boring retro crap) Slide Guitar how you know it from out of the good old Rock'n'Roll and also Country music, and this is only one exciting suprise that really will take ya by storm when ya're just listening to the opener "ALL MY MONEY" (damn, the lyrics are more than only true, haha;-)...), but after this one a lot more is waiting, trust me. Again: Trust me. Also the rhythm structure of the songs is great, grapping as fuck and forward into battle pushing like not much else on this damn earth, and the mood of every single fucking song is (like already mentioned) damn unique and stand-alone, and with the pace and the different rhythms the changes of it are really flowing without any kind of breaks or something like this in it, just great, and this also counts for the arrangements, just listen to the 'talking' between lead vocals and the guitar work, brilliant. Beside the guitar work also the rhythm section is just doing a phenomenal work and it's really worth it taking some more intense listening sessions to discover what bass and drums are really doing for a fuckin' awesome job here on this record. Fantastic!!! On top of it sits the crown, where else, right, and this crown is the heavy, full, powerful and throaty, whiskey and cigarettes fueled lead singing voice, the vocals of Alex are just more than only outstanding, hard, smart and charismatic-characteristic, truly one of a kind. Yeahr, just great!!! Beside the very heavy and strong Hard Rock notes THE CORPS also became much more metallic, and with the phenomenal intense and really bulldozer like forward cracking "I AM DEATH" they give ya a true beauty of a heavy groovin', more than good rockin', wonderful clichè free Metal headbanging track that will really give ya a hard hit after a hard hit second for second of the song, and it will make ya totally enjoy this beating. Then they do also two cover versions, one of "ACE OF SPADES" of MOTÖRHEAD and one of "NICE BOYS" of ROSE TATTOO. Ha, while reading this I first thought: "Damn it, why this two songs?" I mean, they are covered that often, who needs new versions of them on record, I mean, live yes, but on record?!? But trust me, this two versions you really need!!! They pay their tribute to this legends in a fantastic way, and to be honest I really like the THE CORPS versions somehow even more than the original ones, damn it, I think this is close to being blasphemy, so that's it for me, onward into hell I will go, but fuck it anyway, haha;-). And you know what, this two songs are done more than great but are still the weakest songs on this record, and this really means not just something, not just a lot, no, but it really means nearly everything!!! All is backed up with a lethal dose of Street Charmè and Street Credibility, so you can say that the Oi! and Punk background is still fucking there, even it's only the feeling that's backing it all up, but to me that's more than just okay, and so it should also be to ya. We also get a bunch of great Rock & Roll lyrics, covering quite a pretty wide distance, where I find myslef very often in the different topics and issues of the lyrics, for better or fo worse, haha;-), and for that I also just can say my honest 'Thanx!' to THE CORPS. The artwork of this record looks just awesome, and the brilliant heavy and dirty prodction sound is also just a pure and true beauty. So, what shall I say more, this is Streetrock & Roll at it's very, very best, and if ya're searching for some stand-alone, nearly all else outshining record and band, then hurry up and just get this fantastic record, point and fact!!! I'm currently also working on an interview I hope to do with them, so be prepared for it in the future!!! This is just fantastic music, so again: Damn get it!!! Now!!! (Ah, I think there'salso a nice vinyl version of it floating around, released by "BANDWORM RECORDS", limited ad so, but maybe you're a lucky guy and you're able to still get one of them...) (10 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

American Oi!'n'R.A.C. - If you feel the need to get some pro-white and pro-american right wing American Oi! then make sure that you get known to this two great and legendary bands... and yes: THE EAGLE FINALLY FLIES AGAIN!!!


Hey folks,

here I'm back again, and it's really about time that the 'AMERICAN Oi! HISTORY SERIES' get continued, yes, and so that's what I'm about to do right now. But first a little general information 'bout it: I know that pristine the ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH were announced to be the next group featured here in this posting series but things changed (again) a little bit. Jan, who's doing the great german print fanzine "MAGDEBURG PUNX" asked me to do an American Oi! special for his next issues and yeahr, what shall I say, I'm gonna do it, haha, what had you thought;-)!?! And beside some other stuff that's already in the making also the ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH bandhistory will be a part of this American Oi! special, so just that you're not wondering about it why this legendary and often overlooked band isn't featured here and now. First they will be featured in the announced American Oi! special, then with a little bit bigger delay (after the fanzine came out and will be around for quite a while) they will also be featured some day here, but that will take some time. Trust me;-)!!! Okay, how-ever, that's the reason why you now get the bands that had been announced to be featured after the ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH, and so now it will get a little bit shady and controversial, earlier than planned, haha, but why should we or at least I care about it at all;-)!?! So yeahr, the EAGLE FLIES AGAIN, and this time he salutes the PATRIOTIC VOICE, the SPIRIT THAT CAN'T BE KILLED!!! Now you get histories and introductions of the ARRESTING OFFICERS and of NEW GLORY, and I'll give you this truly legendary and just great if not fantastic two bands in one post because they do really pretty much fit to each other very, very well. So, yeahr, here we go!!!




We are starting this 'AMERICAN Oi! HISTORY SERIES' post with the Philly boys of the ARRESTING OFFICERS. They were formed around back in the days of 1987 or so in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and they unleashed their debut record exactly in 1988. Their debut release was (and still is... I mean, what else...) titled "PATRIOTIC VOICE" and came out via the then already pretty 'prominent' (no comment...) german record label of the name of "ROCK O RAMA RECORDS". And this record was and still is one of a kind. Really outstanding guitar playing, that really was something damn new back in the days, and it also still holds some suprises even today. Then there was a great rhythm section at work that really gave the songs  pretty unique and also pretty suprising changes in pace, structure, and mood. On top of it had been the lead vocals, really outstanding charismatic stuff, full of aggression, power and force, as well as melody, harmony and catchyness, and the great and well-versed and varying songwriting really was (and yes, still is) just awesome, exciting and also suprising, just great stuff. Yeahr, just great!!! Yeahr, just listen to songs like the incredible great "FALLING TO BITS" and you will know what I mean, trust me!!! Also this record also features their biggest hits, leaded by "DISORDERLY CONDUCT" (this song, ah, damn it, this anthem should be known by everybody, point and fact), and also their great hymn "EVIL HAS LANDED", "SLUM RIVER", "GET THE REDS OUT" and "DISARM NEVER". It was through and through Skinhead music at its best, and nothing less (or else). Okay, let us discuss it if we should call it Oi! anyhow or R.A.C., hm, but at the end of the day their debut record was and still is just brilliant and outstanding American Oi! music, not R.A.C., not anything else. And yeahr, this is a record that really needs to be a part of every good sorted music collection. Point and fact!!!
In 1990 their second and also final record saw the light of the day, it carried (and still carries) the title of "LAND & HERITAGE" and it was also released on the german label of "ROCK O RAMA RECORDS", also then better known then back in 1988... The record came with a cover artwork that's nowadays pretty much shocking and in Germany also forbidden because of the showcased Celtic Cross and the censorship paranoia over here. But you know what: FUCK THIS LOWLIFE SCUM AND THEIR PARANOID AND SCHIZOPHRENIC 'CENSORSHIP WRATH' OVER HERE!!! AND YES, THEY STILL DARE IT TO CALL THIS FARCE WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRCY!!! FUCK IT!!! FUCK THEM!!! FUCK THEM ALL!!! The record displayed a pretty heavy development of the band, and it was more of a R.A.C. sound heavily influenced by Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music of that time, pretty much away from being 'through and through Skinhead music' at all, if you take the 'traditional approach'. Hm, but it's music played by Skinheads mostly for Skinheads, so I guess that makes it to through and through Skinhead music anyhow. How-ever, but don't get me wrong, it was and still is also everything but anyway anyhow bad. Very heavy and marking guitar work, thundering drum playing, a sinister bubbling bass, and this still just incredible strong vocals, all in mood, pace and structure of the songs very 'metallic', if you know what I mean. Hm, and it's funny when you now look at this whole Metal clichè crap today, with this 'Dungeons & Draons' like singing about nordic mythology that also the ARRESTING OFFICERS back in 1990 with becoming more 'metallic' also started to sing about nordic mythology within some songs. But hey, they've done it NOT in a fuckin' gaily 'Dungeons & Dragons' style, haha;-). And even I like the debut a little bit more also this record is a great piece of music that brings us some great anthems like "VICTORY IN OUR TIME", "WORKING CLASS PATRIOT", "LONE WOLF", "ANOTHER BLACKOUT", "TERRORIST BOMBS", "YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE", "DEFND US IN A BATTLE" and "THE HAMMER AND THE RAVEN", that really should be discovered by you, point and fact, and that's it. Ah, no, that's it not at all, 'cause also this masterpiece of American Skinhead music, hm, okay, let us call it American Oi!, even this masterpiece of American Oi! needs to be a part of every good sorted records collection, and nothing else. A fantastic record!!!
What's making this band 'so shady, evil, and controversial', haha, what a fuck, haha;-), is the fact, that they were a right wing band, and one from the far right. Anti-communist, strongly critical on immigration and what's called the 'new world order' when it comes to politics and economics, nationalistic and pro-white, and on their second release becoming more radical or extreme, then singing about being White Power and about White Pride and crap like this. As far as I concern I can say that their first release, hm, I mean I don't share every point they make, but with some or a lot of the stuff they say (or were saying) they were simply right (and they still are it anyhow), so to me it's just a right wing Oi! record where I don't really have an serious problems with, and, by the way, keep in mind that they were active in a time perod that was the final and also the last heated phase of the Cold War, and that really means something. And not just something, but a lot!!! With their second record they took sadly somehow a wrong turn, lyrically respectively politically, if you ask me, showcasing some xenophobic and racist views, but okay, I don't have to agree on everything but for what I can say even this record was nothing like NS Rock faggot crap, so that's at least all fine with me even I really wouldn't have needed White Power chants, but how-ever, like I've said, I don't have to agree on everything (as well anyone else needs to aggree on everything) and as a human being you develop yourself and change over the time of your life, growing up and making your own experiences, dealing with your own real life issues, living your own life, struggling hard and working even harder to make it through, so who am I to judge anyone... but also who am I to defend anyone... I've written about the political issue of or with the ARRESTING OFFICERS already quite a bit in the 'Videos' post I've done some time ago about them (so read there) and I really don't want to repeat myself anyhow, and again: Point and fact. But, by the way, with a song like the already mentioned "TERRORIST BOMBS" they do spek really the truth, even today, and that's fucking scarry anyhow. And they also made some strong points back in the days that are today even more true than in the 1980's and/or 1990's. "EVIL HAS LANDED", just as an (very good example) is such a song, the message (if you like it or not) is today more true than ever, but the problem is that if you articulate your standpoint against (mass) immigration your directly labeled as a Nazi by the self proclaimed left, the medias, etc., and also the right things you're such kind of human waste and think they can embrace you just because you make a point and speak out that somethings totally going wrong. By the way, if the left of today (or most partsof them) would be really a political left wing force, and not some worthless political correct AFA jackasses that ran their mouth against the state the live in (okay, why not, criticism is always needed and justified, but then you shouldn't...) from which they get monetary subsidies, then they would also be more than critical against (mass) immigration and it's consequences, but that's the problem today, too many Hippy and Yuppie kids call themselves today left and having totally forgotten about the real clients of the political left, the Working Class, and so they rather demonstrate against winning electricity out of atomic powerplants but not against the import of masses of cheap and slave like workers from where ever that are stealing the Working Class its political force and pressing down the wages to or even under a minimum so that the fucking bourgeoisie scum can make even more profit and enslave the Working Class more and more, day by day. Being critical on (mass) immigration means not being against immigrants as human beings, no, never, but being against the ruling class and its policy that's selling out all and everything just to make a quick and cheap profit more out of it, out of us, out of us all. Fuck this scum!!! Left or right doesn't matter!!! Fuck them damn all!!! So, okay, enough said, but you see, so easily black and white, so fucking simple isn't the world today and wasn't the world also not back in 1988 or 1990 and probably never before and never will be, so just shut up, open your eyes and maybe you see this shithole called society in a whole new light!!! Ah, and by the way, being against what's often called the 'New World Order' (when it comes to politics and economics) is always something with what you will never go wrong anyway, at least if ya ask me!!!
So yes, like it or not, but they had been a very important band when it comes to American Oi! music, at least their debut from 1988 (not because their second release wasn't worse or so, but just a little bit away from being 'true' Skinhead music), just take a listen to a lot of the bands from the 1990's golden era of American Oi! and you will get it, recognizing all the influences of this right wing Philly Boys. After their second record they departed and some members went on to form new bands that were and are away from this White Power shit and this bands carry the names of the SONS OF LIBERTY and LIMECELL, and especially the first mentioned are one of the very, very best American Oi! bands of the last decade, so check them out. Also the band STORMOFFICERS is today around, a combination of guys from STORMWATCH and the ARRESTING OFFICERS teaming up together to do live shows, and yes, with guys from both of this bands this can only be great. So you see, the story goes on and on, and at least if you ask me that's more than just a good thing. Yes, and don't get anything wrong, this is maybe nothing for the weak-hearted, but if you're into American Oi! music this band is necessary, like it or not. Hm, and I think even if you're into Skinhead, Bootboy or at least Oi! music in general, then also the ARRESTING OFFICERS are more than just necessary. One of the very best bands ever!!! Point and fact!!!
By the way, the SONS OF LIBERTY and LIMECELL also released a very cool split 7" single to pay tribute to the ARRESTING OFFICERS, relased some years ago via the damn good working german record label "DIM RECORDS". You need to have this nice little vinyl gem!!! Better sooner than later!!! Beside the two above mentioned and introduced records the ARRESTING OFFICERS were also featured on the two compilation records of the pretty cool "THE SPIRIT OF Oi! - AMERICAN SYTLE" series, hm, and I think also on a very, hm, let us call it radical sampler CD with SKREWDRIVER, BRUTAL ATTACK, and some more bands of this kind. Whooaa, that's enough for ya, right, haha;-)?!? If so, okay, what shall I say: "You pussy!!!" Haha;-)!!! It's funny how guys can think that music is making Adolf Hitler out of ya, even when bands have nothing in mind with this austrian-german guy with that well fostered moustache, and also it's funny that even I haven't met a STAGE BOTTLES fan that became Che Guevara anyhow, but maybe it's just that right wing music makes you transform into something else,  oh, oh, oh, but anyway, ah, and back to Che Guevara: Now beside the left also the right is wearing proud Che Guevara shirts... How-ever, things are strange these days, and here goes my reputation, but damn, fuck it;-). So it is, okay, then on to the next band, haha, and there goes my reputation, haha;-)!!!


*** NEW GLORY ***


For what I know this is the censored verion of
the cover artwork of this record, 'cause the
Celtic Cross behind the U.S. Skinhead is
missing here on this one.
 And here are coming the next at least pro-white, conservative and anti-communist guys playing in an American Oi! band, and this are (or were) the great and just damn incredible good and brilliant NEW GLORY. The band also came from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was also a right wing band from the far right of the political spectrum. But more to this a little bit later. The precursor band of NEW GLORY had been the great THE UPRISE that are also already a part of this posting series here on this very blog. After their precursor band departed Matt Andrews and Rob Daly choosed to do a new one, and that had been no other band than NEW GLORY. Hm, and when I think about it, then some members of NEW GLORY were also members of ELITE TERROR, active from 1989 on to when ever, an through and through American R.A.C. band from, ha, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ha, you wouldn't or haven't expected this, right;-)?!? But after ELITE TERROR had nothing in common with being Oi! and had also been nothing more than ya pretty boring usual common R.A.C. band, playing nothing but some old farts guitar dominated gammy Rock music with some anti-communist and racist lyrics, having nothing done and also no meaning for American Oi! music, and having alo nothing special to offer, yeahr, and so they probably will never become or be a part of this series here. How-ever, back to NEW GLORY, right on, yeahr. By the way, damn it, but I really love this band!!! Just accept it, haha;-)!!!
The band was only around for something like circa two years and they just have one proper release brought out, their brilliant "BACKLASH" record, released in 1988 on the german label of "ROCK O RAMA RECORDS", also, like the records of th ARRESTING OFFICERS. And like them, also NEW GLORY really had something special to offer, and that even today, even they really throw all the Hardcore elements of their precursor band THE UPRISE totally over board. Fantastic guitar work, great grapping and sharp as hard guitar riffing, combined with a just breath-taking guitar lead playing, and especially the guitar work is really marking the music incredible strong, trust me. It was (and still is) really just stand-alone, I mean, just for an example, just listen to their larger than life anthem "RED, WHITE & BLUE", how they combine this pure aggressive but yet still melodic, hard hitting and pretty fast paced Oi! music with this 'goosepimples-giving' guitar lead that could have also be done by THE CURE is just phenomenal and incredible great and truly brilliant, and yes, it's just and only one example for how sheer phenomenal great this band was (and their music still is). Then there's also a hard and rich on variations being rhythm section, more than just and only well-versed, trust me. And the lead vocals, grim and mean, aggressive and yet still harmonic-meldoic and so damn charismatic, just giving the songs and the music it's crown. It's really something that wasn't heard in that way in Oi! music in general, and it's to say that it's still prett unique, something not many bands had managed to do, no matter what kind of musical genre you chooe. But for all what I know after NEW GLORY some members went on to play in the experimental, progressive avant-garde Hardcore/Metal band STARKWEATHER, so you won't be wondering about it anyhow. Ah, and by the way, their abilities in playing their instruments was very high, but there songwriting was even far better. They just released their fantastic record "BACKLASH" as a proper release and had been also featured on some compilations like "GODS OF WAR III" (I don't know it, but it shall be a very, hm, 'tendencious affair', to say it that way...) and also on the "THE SPIRIT OF Oi! - AMERICAN STYLE" compilation records they were featured. But for what I know that's all what they've released at all in general, hm, and that's not that many, what's a pity, but okay, who may knows for what it was good at the end of the day... Hm, but what day ever?!?
Also NEW GLORY had been a very far right wing band of the final but still heated phase of the Cold War, and that you can hear in nearly every song. Patriotic and proud, pro-american and pro-white (but for what I can say there're no White Power messages or NS homages in their songs, so that's all okay, even they do greet this "BLOOD & HONOUR" lowlife scum, what at least I wouldn't have needed at all, to say it that way...), Working Class and also very militant, anti-communist and anti-liberal and also against the whole capitalists scum that's selling out their own nation and culture to make a quick buck out of it, and yes, against the already above mentioned 'New World Order' (now-a-days we all use to talk usually as the Globalization if we do talk about it all), singing about social injustice (especially when it comes to how the U.S. politics and society had treated their (Vietnam) War Veterans), and that you should not gonna wait for a 'new Robin Hood' but that you have to do something by your own if you want something to change anyhow some day, and yes, we do also get some great Skinhead and Bootboy fighting anthems and Way of Life hymns, and like their music also their lyrics had been really great (if you like tehir message or not) and basically free of any stupid clichè garbage, what's always a damn cool thing at all anyhow, at least if you ask me. Also like the ARRESTING OFFICERS there are (or were) NEW GLORY a pretty if not damn good example for the fact that the world isn't always black and white, left and right, and that there are sometimes bands that speak the truth on both sides of the political spectrum, no matter if ya like it or not.
But I won't tell ya now again where I think they are totally right, today even more than maybe back in the days. Just take it as it is, if you like it or not, lyrically and musially NEW GLORY had been (and still are) a just amazing band, stand-alone and outshining, not just great, but brilliant and phenomenal, so just get known to this fantastic band, point and fact (yes, I've said it again, haha;-)...)!!! Just check out immortal anthems like "NEW GLORY", "SARGE", "RED, WHITE & BLUE", "ROBIN HOOD", "BACKLASH", "THE SPIRIT CAN'T BE KILLED" and "WE THE PEOPLE (FLY OUR FLAG)" and you will damn know what I mean!!! If not, hm, then you're deaf, or you have no taste when it comes to good music, hm, or you are just scared of some 'evil' pro-white music (oh, oh, oh, watch it, the PC police could be watching ya like the good ol' Big  Brother;-)...), hm, or it's a combination of some or all elements of the named ones, but how-ever, then it's your fault and it's something great that you are missing. Check this fantastic band out, and best do it NOW!!! One of the best American Oi! you can possibly get!!!
So, yeahr, after my reputation is now complety gone away time will tell what will be coming up next here in this series, we will see, haha;-). Trust me, the bands will be worth it, no matter what the weak-hearted P.C. guys may say, ah, yes, and no matter if they are from the left or from the right, 'cause yes, like I've said, fuck them all now and ever!!! Cheers & Oi!

(Censored cover of the 2009 LP
rerelease version.)
From where you can get over here in Germany the NEW GLORY record I can't tell ya, maybe just try your luck in some second hand records shops or so. Some years back I've had the luck to get it from the "ADLER VERSAND", but I think they've sold out the records some time ago or so. Hm, so maybe just seek a little bit more intense, but anyway, trust me, this great record is worth your time and money, yes, more than just worth it. The ARRESTING OFFICERS records you can (for what I know) still and only get at "ROCK O RAMA RECORDS". Hm, you now must decide if you want to support this jackasses of the extreme right selling White Power stuff and more worse crap like this, support them with giving them your money. But okay, after "ROCK O RAMA RECORDS" is selling the CD's only as burned CD's with copied covers and without any proper artwork this question is not a question with any kind of relevance for ya, 'cause you may should rather seek for some good download opportunities, yes, 'cause then you can burn your own copy and don't have to pay ten bucks or so to some total business bastards that are just stealing your hard earned money with selling copied CD's as regular proper full length records... it should be enough that they've stolen my money. And if you are searching for some good downloads opportunities you maybe go to and find what you're searching for there. Hm, but let us keep this as a little secret between us, alright?!? Ah, but by the way, just to let you know it, "ROCK O RAMA RECORDS" did the last year a re-release of "LAND & HERITAGE" by the ARRESTING OFFICERS as a new LP version on many different kinds of clored and transparent vinyl with a censored cover artwork due to the fact of the above already mentioned german censorship paranoia. So maybe this one is something for ya, if there are still some copies of it floating around to be bought by you, at least if ya decide to give ya money to the jackasses of "ROCK O RAMA RECORDS", decide for yourself...
Anyway, if it all is now working like it should then you will now get two video clips to close this post, one of NEW GLORY and one of the ARRESTING OFFICERS. Of the ARRESTING OFFICERS you get the pretty nice clip to "CELTIC CROSS" from their second release "LAND & HERITAGE", and of NEW GLORY you get the great title track of their only release titled "BACKLASH", and so you know now the song title. Enjoy them!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!



Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

"Well we've got sunshine, guns, and righteous handlebars. Farmed hospitality with a heavy side of Dodge. We've got a swagger, '50 Chevy on the street, well-endowed women as far as the eye can see. Southern Identity. We're not ashamed of this identity, that's bred in you and me. Our identity."

THE BROADSIDERS - "PRESSED TO KILL" ("Longshot Music"/"Contra Records"; 10"):
And again, I know, this review was announced for quite a while already now and shame on me that I just manged to put it up that late online, but how-ever, the only thing that matters is that it is now finally online and up and ready to read. And yes, it's the newest or latest record of one of my absoulte if not my solely absolute favorite band, the mighty THE BROADSIDERS from Dallas, Texas/U.S.A., and yes, they are back!!! After releasing the "TAKE BACK THE STREETS" record (D.I.Y. CD and LP on "Dim Records"), the "AGAINST THE WORLD" record (D.I.Y. CD) and the Split 7" with AIRES & GRACES on "Longshot Music" and in cooperation with "Contra Records" (reviews of the last two mentioned records you can also find here on my blog, and their first release I reviewed some time ago in the blog section of my MySpace site, but that was back in the days where I used to do the reviews only/solely in german) they are back with their new 10" release titled "PRESSED TO KILL" released on "Longshot Music" and again in cooperation with "Contra Records" from Germany. I've also done an interview once with them, you can read it here on this blog and it was the second interview you was able to read up here (and make sure that you've read it), hm, and listening to this masterpiece I'm currently thinking about of maybe doing in the near future a second one with them. And yes, like the directly before reviewed record of the 45 ADAPTERS also this one here is one that will be on the top of my list of the best releases of 2010, if it's even not THE top itself!!! Yes, this is a damn great and fantastic record. THE BROADSIDERS seem to be often compared with THE TEMPLARS... but that's nothing but bullshit and maybe just becaue of the fact that THE BROADSIDERS do really play a sound and style of their very own. It's outshining American Oi! music, Skinhead and Bootboy Rock & Roll from the States, but all played damn unique and stand-alone. They blend American Oi! with huge and heavy loads of Southern Rock, melt it all together with a good, hot and lethal dose of Country and Blues Rock, as well as some clever rationed Rock & Roll notes and thank the gods (or whom or what else ever) it's all done in a pure beauty clichè free way, that's how I love it!!! Take the hardness and the unbroken gladitaorial fighting spirit of the very best American Oi! you can get, enrich it with the emotiveness and the honest hard working attitude of Southern Rock, give some intense feelings of the Country world to it, mix it up with some "Fuck it all!" attitude of the good old Blues genre, and cultivate it all with a strong fist in the air Rock & Roll mentality, yeahr, then you are damn close to what THE BROADSIDERS are doing, and how they are doing it, more than just really, really well-versed, now matter if you take the abilities of writing songs or playing their instruments, fantastic and more than 'just only' a great job!!! Brilliant guitar work, truly, brilliant guitar work with a huge load of grapping guitar riffing wth many variants, breath-taking guitar leads and an outstanding guitar solo work, song for song, that's just fantastic. Then there's a great rhythm section at work that's giving each single song it's special spirit, changing the pace and the rhythm structure of the songs very smart and clever, quick and very, very well-floating, no breaks or anything else like this in it. Thumbs up!!! Then we do also get some pretty cool crew shouts to back the lead vocals up, and yes, then there are still the lead vocals, and they're this time even more better than before: Hard and smart, full and smoky, power- and forceful, and characteristic and pure elite like nothing else, damn it, that's what I'm talking about, just great and more than this, yeahr, the purest platinum, damn it, and nothing else!!! Each and every single song owns it's own and special character and spirit, and that's just awesome!!! Fantastic job!!! If not more than this!!! We do get seven songs at all, and every song is a pure beauty pearl that wants to be discovered by you. Hm, it's hard, but if you ask me to name my personal favorites I think I would name you the fantastic "MODERN TIMES" (just listen to the breath-taking intro guitar lead, I demand more of this in the future), "1836" (taking pride in your heritage will never be a crime), "CASTLE LAW" and "REACTION". But also the other songs are everything but weaker than the named ones. Just listen to the totally over the top "SOUTHERN IDENTITY", then you'll know what I mean. On top of it we do also get a first class artwork (it's just a pity that the lyrics aren't 'really' printed, but you get them while you listen to the songs, trust me, thanks to the brilliant vocals), as usual great lyrics that cover a pretty wide distance of different topics (like I've said, the lyrics aren't printed, but you really get them while you listen to the songs), and the vinyl comes in an outshining look in white and brown into each other floating vinyl with some blue-and-grey marks in it, it looks awesome, and yes, it's again just great that THE BROADSIDERS take care that all their songs are coming in a fantastic dirty and earthy, yet transparent and hard, as well as full and warm production sound. The vinyl comes also with a official download code so that you can get the record as an MP3 record also with a bonus song (a re-done version of their classic "MID CITY MARTYRS", and yeahr, it's a great piece of music, but it's a pity that it's not also to find here on the vinyl version). So you see, "PRESSED TO KILL" is really the complete package, and there's no need to say more about it, it must happen a lot if that record here wouldn't be my record of the year of 2010. Yes, I guess you know what's now coming: To buy this record is your damn duty!!! So fucking get it!!! Now!!! Yes, and also with this one you make better sure that you're fucking quick, 'cause I pretty much think that it's also a strictly limited gem, so again: Hurry up!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

"Music is more than sound, it's a lightning bolt from you to the ground, it's a beat that makes us whole, anyone can feel it if they've got a soul!"

45 ADAPTERS - "DON'T TRUST ANYONE WHO DOESN'T DANCE" ("Longshot Music"/"Contra Records"; 7" Single):
Yeahr, here it is, probably the 7'' single of the year of 2010. And yes, okay, okay, you've been waiting quite a long while already now for this review, I know, I know, and there's no saying "Sorry!" from me to you this time, damn it, it's just that I somehow was all the time too busy with other things on this blog than writing down this review, but don't you ask me fuckin' why, just take it like it is, a little big misfortune. But how-ever, it doesn't really matter anymore, 'cause now the review's coming!!! And yes, like I said it already, this 7" has all the potential to become one of the very best if not the best releases of 2010 (and also for many of all the last past years), no matter if single releases or what the fuck else ever. With the 45 ADAPTERS the city of New York is sending out its finest finally again, delivering us three new stand-alone and just great and pure gold if not platinum songs with this 7" masterpiece. On Side A we do get the title track called "DTAWDD" or "DON'T TRUST ANYONE WHO DOESN'T DANCE", and this track really is just larger than life. Call it Skinhead Rock & Roll, Skinhead Punkrock, American Oi!, Short Haired Rock & Roll, or just Punkrock, all with some Mod influences in it, how-ever, call it how you might, this is really damn well-versed and just great and brilliant music straight out from the streets of the cold concrete of NYC without any bullshit clichès or what ever, just REAL Underground Rock & Roll music and really something special!!! What I first noticed was the great and anything but ordinary rhythm structure of the song: Just listen to the strophes and this heavy yet delicate and suprisingly extravagant and damn fresh and agile forward marching rhythm work and watch and listen to how suddenly it then turned into this angry and hard hitting stoic rhythm of the chorus parts, without taking a 'rest' respectively break and without using and abusing any kinds of clichès, that's just fantastic and really something special. Brilliant job, no matter if you take the songwriting or the abilities of the musicians, in this case especially of the 'rhythm workers' in the band. Then there's also the great guitar work, great guitar riffing and just pure beauty guitar leads, that are really turning the pure gold of this song in nothing but just pure and great platinum. And on top of it there are this fantastic charismatic and very smart vocals, smoky, warm, full, and forceful, great, really giving the song its crown. Just great stuff!!! Also the lyrics are damn cool and also something special!!! If you've read the interview I've done with them here on this blog before (it was the first interview that was up to read here) then you know that "DTAWDD" is the only policy of the band so you might can say that this a political song of them that really comes without ANY kind of stupid clichès or stereotypes or something like this. Great!!! And even if you don't want to take it as a political song then it's 'just' a tribute to the lifestyle we all live in one way or another, and that also without ANY stupid clichè crap, and that's also just great!!! A brilliant piece of music!!! Okay, then on Side B we do get two tracks, "THROW IT OUT" and "BRAND NEW GOOD OLD DAYS", the last track is dedicated to Kevin "OXBLOOD" Geddes that tragically died much too young earlier this year. And there's also all of this what makes the 45 ADAPTERS to such a great and brilliant and outstanding band, the great and very marking yet not anyway gratingly and also very, very soulful guitar work, the very special rhythm work and rhythm structure, as well as the larger than life lead vocals that really do team up with the guitar leads to carry the songs to their climax' time and time again. Just great!!! Also the lyrics are fantastic, about finding real health in letting things go and throw this box of buried dreams and emotions out ("THROW IT OUT") and about how times change and what does change and what not and that it's not that fullfilling to live just in the past but to make some memories out of today that will last ("BRAND NEW GOOD OLD DAYS"), and also this lyrics are giving me so damn much that I just have to say an honest 'THANX!' to the band!!! There's really no good comparision with the 45 ADAPTERS, of course you can somehow still say that if you like THE TEMPLARS you will also like the 45 ADAPTERS but this comparision is just not doing justice to the 45 ADAPTERS anymore (if it ever had done...) so just take a listen by yourself to the band's music and I just hope that this review is maybe something like a cornerstone for ya if ya want to get in touch with their music, and that's something that you really should finally do!!! A fantastic band, and I'm really looking forward to their first full length record!!! The 7" is coming in crazy colors of yellow/green with blue and white splatter effects (but I think that there had been several different colors floating around), in a very nice artwork, with all the lyrics and some promotion for other label releases, and all in a great and very warm, full and earthy production sound, ah, and to play this record of the 45 ADAPTERS you finally need a 45 adapter, if you know what  I mean. All in all a more than just great package, that you really have to have. Point and fact! So get it! Now!!! Ah, and btter be quick, 'cause for what I know this 7" is again very, very strictly limited to a small number of copies, so it's I guess it's already a colletors gem, so hurry up!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010


Dear Readers,
having some time again here's coming the next new post. Before I'll say something to it: Somehow I've got some problems with the functions of blogger, so I've just noticed that only one post was shown at the first page of this blog, without giving any informations why the fuck the other posts hd been set back to the second page, then the video displayed 'Error!' from time to time when you want to watch it, yeahr, and the then done work over of the post entry by me totally fired back, so yes,  I'm now doing the post again and I'm trying to fix the problems (if they remain) sometime tomorrow or so, 'cause it sucks that the blog is showig only one post at the first page, and don't ask me why. But anyhow, tomorrow I'll start working on it, 'cause now I'm damn ired and want to go to bed some time soon from nowon. So yes: Now I'm doing the post again, workin' a litle bit on the pictures and loading also the video up again with also a new video that I've found that is really just pure gol, and I'm hoping that all will work out like it fuckin' should!!! So, now back to the primarly introduction words of this posting, and yes, enjoy it and I'm gonna workin' on the 'blog troubles' from tomorrow on, I promise to ya!!! Now back to the primarly post:

Dear readers,

even the amount of postings isn't that high this month (and maybe this won't change for the rest of it) but so the quality is more than just good, at least if you ask me (but hey, it's pretty clear that I would give ya thi answer if ya ask me this question, right, haha;-)... but how-ever, that doesn't matter, 'cause I'm damn right with it... and there's nothing you can say or do against it, haha;-)...), 'cause here comes the next interview again and not just another 'Videos' post or so. So, yes, even things had been a little bit slowing down here due to several different reasons I'm still pretty satisfied with how things work out here on this blog. And the next new interview here is brandnew and it's one I'm wanting to do for quite a while now. It's one with the great American Oi! (or Streetpunk or Streetrock or Working Class Rock & Roll or Beer Drinking Rock & Roll, ...) band of THE BARONS from Delaware, U.S.A. and I just have to say THANX A LOT to Kurt for doing it and spending his time and his effort on working on it, and you know what, if you ask me he'd done a really great job, the interview is giving you a lot of good and interesting informations and it's also a great read thanx to the answers, hey, and that's all you can ask for of an interview!!! Ah, and like you all may (or should) know Kurt is also the CEO who's running "NECK RECORDS", a great and sympathic and authetic D.I.Y. American Oi! record label, so hee and there maybe some questions will be away from 'just' THE BARONS and will aim more directly at "NECK RECORDS", just that you're not wondering about it. I now won't spend any more words to the introduction of this interview, now you just start reading it and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as did and still do it. And once again: THANX Kurt!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!

"Night's winding down it's quarter to two, a few more drinks before your night is through. Last call's coming so you leave by the side. Hey bartender give me one for the ride. Stagger down the street to your parked car, nights like this make me scream for more."

*** THE BARONS ***

- American Oi! from Wilmington, Delaware/U.S.A. -

01.) Hey Kurt, how are you?!? THANX a lot for doing this interview here with me for my blog!!! First of all I think the readers as well as me really want to know who’s the guy that’s giving us here right now the answers, so please introduce yourself to the readers and me and tell us who you are?!?
Hey, Andy, thanks for taking the time to ask the questions! I’m Kurt Beers, the bassist and music-arranger for THE BARONS. I write some lyrics and sing here and there, Bill Ferrell (singer) writes the rest and everyone in the band adds a little of their own flavour to the songs we put together. The current line up for the band also includes Wes Hickman on lead guitar, Rog Hall on rhythm guitar and Phil Kavanaugh on drums.

02.) Okay, being in THE BARONS I won’t spare ya the question about the bandhistory of THE BARONS. I think it’s also a pretty interesting thing, ‘cause for what I know (former) members of THE BARONS were involved in other bands, like for example in the great RED, WHITE & BLUE and also in THE BOOZERS. So tell us your bandhistory right from the start up to this very present day. 
 Formed in 2005, THE BARONS actually grew out of a street punk band called ROAD TO RUIN from Delaware who were together back in 2001-2004 (they released 4 tracks on a French vinyl LP compilation called “Chaos Days” from Narayan Records and had a few tracks on Neck Records’ “Oi! don’t pay the bills! Volume 2). We inherited their singer (Dusty Huellemeier, our original frontman and lyricist) and their drummer (Ed Reiss, Jr., who has done a couple stints with us and was a long-time member of THE BARONS). Both of these guys lent their talents to the recording of our “American Beer Drinking Songs” CD. ROAD TO RUIN’s singer/bassist, James Peirce, was a member of RED, WHITE & BLUE for awhile and he later went on to play in Delaware street punk band LABOR DAY SAINTS with Ed Reiss, Jr., but none of THE BARONS were members of RED, WHITE & BLUE. (Uhps, damn  it, my fault... - Manslaughter Andy) Dusty left THE BARONS after recording “American Beer Drinking Songs” and went on to form THE BOOZERS in Tampa, Florida.

03.) Some words to the stuff that you’ve released already so far: From a D.I.Y. Demo to the great “AMERICAN BEER DRINKING SONGS” full length record you’ve released quite a nice number of records already. Some words to or about them, and is it justified to say that the mentioned “AMERICAN BEER DRINKING SONGS” record is something you might can call your complete discography so far?!?
Honestly, we’ve only recorded 20 songs, most of which you can find on “American Beer Drinking Songs”, but to have the complete collection you need either the original “Demo” or the Dim Records vinyl release (which has the “Demo” on the B side). There are some alternate recordings out there on compilations, but if I had to pick two releases that best represent us, it would be those two offerings. We tend to concentrate on live performance, rather than spending a lot of time and money in the studio, but I think we captured what we do live fairly accurately on “American Beer Drinking Songs.”

04.) Okay, what I think is funny: Why did you choose such an aristocratic band name like THE BARONS?!? I ask, ‘cause hey, I hope I’m not hurting you right now, but so aristocratic you really don’t seem to me, haha;-)!!! So, yes, what were the reasons why you choose this band name and is there any kind of deeper meaning behind it?!?
The name really gives us something to live up to, doesn’t it? I think it’s safe to say there’s no wealth or pedigree amongst our members, so like everything else about us, the name is tongue-in-cheek (a joke).

05.) You are releasing your stuff on your own label “NECK RECORDS”, as well as on other labels world wide, like for example on the german label “DIM RECORDS”, right?!? How’s the work going on, running a label in the States these days?!? I just ask, ‘cause it seems to me that all the big old labels from the 1990’s golden era of American Oi! music are today more dead than alive (for example: What the hell was the last release of “G.M.M. Records” and when did it see the light of the day?), and all the good new labels are pretty small (like for example “NAIL WALL RECORDS” and “OI! THE BOAT RECORDS”), while here in Germany at least five or six bigger Oi! labels and mailorders are sharing the market with each other and pretty much controling it, and there are still a lot of smaller labels working and doing a good job in releasing bands and supporting the music. You might can truly say, that it lokks all in all not that bad over here. So how is the situation in the U.S.A., from the perspective of an label boss?!? And how from the perspective of an American Oi! band?!?
CDs don’t sell very well at all in the US now and records are a very small, collectors’ market. Most Americans us I-pods, so we buy Mp3s instead. It doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to spend money producing “hard copies” of CDs at this point. Personally, I like to have a copy of a CD or record in my hand – it just feels more legitimate to me in that format, but I’m old school. We don’t spend a lot of money on artwork/printing for Neck Records releases. Most of the discs are laser printed CD-Rs that come in a plastic sleeve with a Xerox cover. We print 300-500 copies of each release. That’s probably all the hard copies the world needs and it ensures that we sell out of everything we do. What money we have to invest in a Neck Records release goes into the actual sound quality of the recordings (recording and mastering). If we do something we think European labels might be interested in, we try to license the music over there and let the professionals do a nice, full-colour cover CD or vinyl edition, such as the records we’ve done with Dim (THE BARONS and THE INCITED) and the MADDOG SURRENDER CD we produced for 4 Subculture Records.  We trust both of these labels to represent us well and do a high quality edition, certainly much better that we can afford to do ourselves. We’re also currently working on making the whole Neck Records catalogue available through as Mp3s, so we’ll see how much interest there is in digital sales. I’m sure if GMM and some of those bigger labels want to survive (if they’re even still alive), they’ll get into digital sales of their past catalogue more so than new releases as hard copies, if they haven’t already made this move.

06.) You’re also releasing the damn good “Oi! DON’T PAY THE BILLS” sampler CD’s on “NECK RECORDS”. Tell us something about them, your ‘label compilation records’. When did you have the idea to release them, and how do you choose the bands and who chooses the songs, etc. pp.?!? By the way, I hope more compilation of this series will see the light of the day ‘cause you’re doing with them a fuckin’ awesome job!!! So, is there already a thrid part planned by you?!?
The “Oi! don’t pay the bills!” compilations were a lot of fun to put together and they were produced cooperatively by all the bands involved. Most of the bands on the two different compilations have played together quite a bit and we’re all friends, so it was easy to present a couple of good CDs to show what’s going on with East Coast Oi! and punk now. It’s also a great way to promote the bands, while sharing the costs of the production. I’m personally pretty happy with how they both turned out, even more so with Volume 2, so I haven’t decided whether we’ll try to do better than the first two with a third, but we do plan to compile four early Neck Records demos together on one disc to be entitled “The Oi! Demos.”, which will be a limited edition, possibly digital-only release. (Sounds great, even I would love to have a 'physical' copy of it at home;-), but please keep me informed how things go wth it!!! - Manslaughter Andy)

07.) Right, back to THE BARONS and away from all this music buisness talk;-). Maybe a lot of guys will disagree but to keep it short and precise, to me you’re an American Oi! band, and a damn great one. But you’re playing also a very unique kind of sound. Working Class, Alcohol, Oi! and Streetpunk, Punkrock and Rock & Roll as well as sometimes some little Classic Rock notes, a great combination. So tell us about your influences, from the past to the present, and did anything changed over the years respectively what did change over the years?!? And had there any, hm, ‘musical rolemodels’ that had been a huge (and maybe ongoing) inspiration for ya?!? Ah, and with what kind of music you had been growing up?!?
We play songs to make people want to have fun and drink beer in a bar. Call it what you want, we’re really just a rock and roll band. I think we have a definite “East Coast” sound, considering that we all grew up listening to New York punk like THE RAMONES, THE DICTATORS and JOHNNY THUNDERS. At the same time, though, I think a lot of our other influences come from Southern/classic rock, punk and British Oi! We definitely have a very American sound, because we’re playing a lot of blues-rock riffs that have been a part of American rock and roll since CHUCK BERRY played them in the 1950s. Maybe some people don’t think we’re an Oi! band because we never actually shout “Oi!” in any of our songs? (Haha, that's easily possible:-), just take a look at all thse idiots out there!!! - Manslaughter Andy)

08.) I by myself did it, and also a lot of other guys that reviewed one or more of your records tried to compare you in one way or the other with the almighty THE WRETCHED ONES and all the New Jersay Streetpunk / Streetrock bands. What’s your opinion, somehow justified or not that really, and what do you think when you hear being compared to the named band and style?!?
We consider it an honour to be compared to THE WRETCHED ONES. They are one of our favourite bands and we’ve played with them quite a few times. Good people, great band. We play with a lot of New Jersey bands and we have a lot of friends over there. It’s not hard to understand why we would have the same sort of sound, since you’ll find the “East Coast Sound” from New York/New Jersey all the way down to Atlanta, Georgia with bands like THE LOOSE SKREWS and Tampa, Florida with bands like THE BOOZERS. One difference is that THE BARONS definitely have more of a Southern rock influence than a lot of East Coast Oi! bands. Hopefully, that adds a little originality to our sound.

09.) Hm, and what do you think in general of being compared to THE WRETCHED ONES and “HEADACHE RECORDS” being THE BARONS and “NECK RECORDS”?!?
Again, I have a lot of respect for THE WRETCHED ONES and what Pitt has done with “HEADACHE RECORDS”. They released some of my favourite music in the 90s, as did a lot of other small labels from that time. I like to think that “NECK RECORDS” pays proper tribute to all the hard working, Do-It-Yourself labels who have kept the music alive, just like “NECK RECORDS” has tried to do since we released our first cassette in 1987.

10.) You’re an american band and singing in english, but your MySpace site is also written in german. Tell us the story about or behind it?!?
Even before we did a record in Germany with Dim we got a lot of interest in the band from people in Germany, so it’s out of respect for our friends there that we like to keep a German-language biography on our Myspace page and we also post German reviews there. You’ll notice a German theme in some of our artwork as well (like the beer stein logo). With surnames like Huellemeier, Feuchtmayer, Reiss, Hoster and Beers, you can guess we’ve had a bunch of Krauts in various line-ups of the band, but we’re becoming outnumbered because the newer members are Irish, so I guess we’ll have to start drinking green beer now.

11.) Now a little bit ‘deeper’ to your music, respectively your songs or some of your songs. Let us start with “SOCIAL DISEASE”. I’m not so sure, but it seems to me like if there’s also a good dose of criticism on society in it. Am I somehow right or totally wrong?!? And what do you mean exactly with the title “SOCIAL DISEASE”?!? By the way, one of my personal songs, lyrically as well as musically, so who did the lyrics and is there any deeper meaning behind it, and if so, which?!?
“SOCIAL DISEASE” is the closest thing you’ll ever get to a “political” song by THE BARONS. I wrote that song after the Bush/Cheney administration passed the “Patriot Act”, which is a decidedly UN-patriotic series of “adjustments” to our American “Bill of Rights” that took away a lot of our civil liberties. It was an act of treason, as far as I’m concerned. The song was a vague comment about how the Government wanted more leeway to “spy” on Americans and limit our rights in a variety of ways to “protect us from terrorism.” The song is also a comment about poor leadership in general (which has been a big problem here for quite awhile, not only with Bush, but now with Obama) and the fact that Americans have become so politically polarized (you are either far right or far left anymore…no one’s in the middle). I guess I was trying to say that I’m not buying any of the bullshit and I will continue to stand in the (political) middle so I can keep a wary eye on both sides. (And that's the damn right approach to it!!! - Manslaughter Andy)

12.) “KILL YOUR TELEVISION”, no doubt about it, but what makes you so mad about it at all, haha, something special;-)?!?
Dusty, our original singer, wrote the lyrics to that. It’s an age-old theme in punk rock, I guess…the “idiot box”. It could just as easily be a song called “Kill Your Computer” because all the distraction and mindless entertainment we’re subjected to from the media is making us forget about the real issues in life (like having your own life, instead of living vicariously through morons on reality shows, for one example). Americans are obsessed with constantly being “on-line” and digitally “connected” and entertained.  You know it’s gotten ridiculous when you can see a group of people walking together or sitting together and instead of talking to each other, they’re texting people who aren’t even there with them. It’s the same with TV…people just sit there staring at the tube while munching down potato chips, getting fat and accomplishing nothing.

13.) One of my favorites of you is also your instrumental “BREAK IT DOWN”, impressive Classic Rock spirit in it, but really cool and fresh, no retro crap. Tell us who came up with the idea of doing this track, and it is and organ that we can hear?!?
Every band should have an “epic” instrumental track, don’t you think? I’m not sure how “epic” it is, but we needed a song with no vocals that we could throw into the middle of our live set, so our singer could run to the bar and grab us all a round of fresh beers during our gigs. And, yes, that’s an organ you hear in the song. We like to put some keyboards (played by our studio engineer Michael Lovett) in a few of our songs here and there. Michael played piano on “Haunted Trailer” and “Raw Deal” as well.

14.) You are from Delaware, and there had always been a bunch of pretty cool American Oi! bands from there, STORMWATCH, COMBAT READY, THE INCITED and you, just to name a few. Tell us how is the comradeship between you bands, and what bands do we have to know else from your homeland state?!? Ah, and how is the scene in Delaware, tell us about it, is it strongly ploitical divided, etc. pp.?!?
Delaware is a very small State, but our music scene has always been interesting. Aside from a handful of good Oi! bands, we always have some great punk bands and good clubs and pubs who promote live music. The bands and the promoters work well together because we’re all friends. Our scene is not overly political. People obviously have different affiliations here, like anywhere else, but it’s an “older” scene, so there aren’t a lot of young bucks who want to lock horns anymore. Our gigs are just big parties, really. Any band we’ve brought here from out-of-state will tell you about our hospitality. It’s something we’re proud of. I am currently promoting a Delaware punk band called THE KEEFS, who will have a European release out sometime soon. They’re the most promising new band right now (and you can hear two tracks from them on “Oi! don’t pay the bills! Volume 2”).

15.) Last question, coming to a close of this interview, what’s your favorite ‘case of brewtality’?!? Any american beers, or what the fuck else, and what do you think of german beers?!? Ah, and damn it, any secret hints that we all should have to know about, haha;-)?!?
We drink a lot of beer at rehearsals and during live performances, so, out of necessity, we have to drink the cheap stuff: usually Pabst Blue Ribbon or Shaeffer…the type of beer Germans wouldn’t waste time drinking. (Oh, too much honour for 'us', 'cause you wouldn't believe what 'we'- at least a lot of guys over here- use to drink, haha;-)!!!  Manslaughter Andy) Delaware has a good brewery called “Dogfish Head” that makes specialty beers I’m sure you would appreciate. Brewpubs are pretty popular here as well, so you can get good fresh local beers, too. As for German beer, I prefer weissbier. Two of my favourites are Paulaner Hefe-Weizen and Weihenstephaner. My favourite Oktoberfest Bier this year is Weihenstephaner Festbier. I doubt I will ever find a beer I don’t like.

16.) Ah, okay, one bullet is still left, and so please tell us about your future plans with THE BARONS, and when will there be coming new songs and a new record?!?
We’re writing a bunch of new songs now, so we’ll start recording sometime this winter. It’s been a couple of years since the release of “American Beer Drinking Songs”, so our goal is to release another album as soon as we can. Anyone who liked what we’ve recorded in the past should find plenty to like with the new material we’re writing, it’s still a mix of rock and roll styles, but some of the tracks will be a little more “traditional Oi!” influenced.

17.) That’s all for now from me, and again, THANX A LOT FOR THE INTERVIEW, great that you’ve taken the time for it!!! All the best from Germany, and keep in touch!!! Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!
Thanks, Andy, we appreciate the support! CHEERS from Delaware.

Yeahr guys, that's it, that was the interview, I hope you had some fun reading it and that you've gained some more knowldege about THE BARONS. Now go and buy their records and give them the more than justified support, 'cause you know what, they more than deserve it!!! And that's also the same case with their label "NECK RECORDS"!!! Once again a very big 'THANK YOU!' goes out to Kurt for doing it!!! Cheers mate!!!
Now you get a very good live video clip of THE BARONS performing the immortal MOTÖRHEAD classick "IRON FIST" live on stage at the "MOJO 13" at a show with the legendary MURPHY'S LAW, so yes, just enjoy the great performance of THE BARONS, and damn it, I really have to see them live some day (soon) no matter where!!! Cheers & Oi!