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(Running time: 16:40 minutes; 6 songs)
("Lost & Found Records"; CD):

(3.) "SLOWLY"
(6.) "TOGETHER" (YOUTH OF TODAY - cover + hidden bonus track)

And here it comes, oh yeahr, the final entry and article for this very year of 2018 in the "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH" series with the "DECEMBER 2018" edition, yes, and the "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH - DECEMBER 2018" is none other than the groundbreaking 1995 "FIRST BLOOD" EP of'n'by the RYKER'S released back then via the today (for what reasons ever may differ) Pretty legendary "LOST & FOUND RECORDS" and it was back then the third release of'n'by the RYKER'S following "PAYBACK TIME" (1994, "LOST & FOUND RECORDS") and "BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER" (1994, "LOST & FOUND RECORDS"), two (also) absolutely legendary and damn great and also personally to me very important albums that were followed up in 1995 by "FIRST BLOOD" and this very EP is definitely an all time classick for'n'to me and it is also still up to this very present day one of the if not even my personal-most-favorite-album that the RYKER'S have ever done and also like with so many and the most if not in fact sort of all albums in'n'of this very series there are also so incredible many fantastic memories linked to this album and that certain time period back then so that it also definitely owns and has a huge emotional meaning to me, definitely, but also all this 'personal blah-blah' aside the RYKER'S' "FIRST BLOOD" EP is nothing but and nothing less than a damn great album and personally to'n'for me also one of the defining moments of European Hardcore in the mid 1990's and it was and still is and surely will sort of forever remain a fantastic EP and this from start to finish, yes, and it was re-released (on vinyl) for all the right and more than well justified reasons some time ago. Back then the RYKER'S played it all far more raw and angrier and more in a direct Hardcore Punk way and with only slightly Metallic Hardcore notes and only very, very, very slighty Streetpunk marks mixed into their crushing massively by New York Hardcore inspired devastating and raging Euro Core especially comapred to later and also their present sound'n'style. Btw, I don't want to repeat myself all too often ever and again and so just short here'n'now the RYKER'S were back then in the 1990's one of the very most important and succesful Hardcore bands in central europe establishing the greatness that shall become known further on as Euro Core and together with bands like BRIGHTSIDE, BACKFIRE!, DEVIATE, HARD RESISTANCE, ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS, RIGHT DIRECTION, and so on they formed the spearhead of it back then, yes, and this for nothing but the most highly deserved'n'justified reasons. And like all the mentioned bands here also the RYKER'S, yes, as far as their was and is sort of a 'common ground' to all this bands on which they were born and bred anyhow all this bands had a decent and own tone and their own style, yeahr, and so also the RYKER'S. Hm, and maybe especially here on and with "FIRST BLOOD" sort of the very most. (At least so in my book, or so to say.) The foundation was heavy and harsh New York Hardcore somewhere between the CRO-MAGS, BIOHAZARD, and AGNOSTIC FRONT with a damn sinister and highly intense approach to it all that always reminded and still reminds me 'atmospheric-wise' of/at CARNIVORE. To this they added some few healthy doses of SLAPSHOT and old tyme Straight xxx Edge Hardcore a la YOUTH OF TODAY and a harsh direct and compact evil sawing Hardcore Punk identity and a grim and nasty, an ugly and proud and angry bastard was born and raised and finally named "FIRST BLOOD", an early milestone delivered by the almighty RYKER'S. A huge own identity the RYKER'S showed already back then especially thanks to that damn harsh and sharp slashing guitar tone, the incredible massive beating bass, and Kid D's very characteristic and accentuated lead vokillz. And also the drumming showed a very decent and own fast raging playing-technique to it all. Intense and compact, heavy and mad'n'evil raging, to the point played and written and yet massively tension-building, rousing and just overwhelming devastating and battle-scarred/militant songs full of huge dynamics and filled to the burtsing levels with energy non stopp and still today so incredible fresh and alive/lively, great and relevant as back then 23 years ago, yes, and all 'explodingly' hammered out by sawing guitar playing, crushing bass work, smashing drumming, and pissed-off angry into the mic and through it out in(to) the world spitted vokillz with some harsh backings and all done in a totally unique and own way, yes, that's what we got and that's what we still get from the RYKER'S' "FIRST BLOOD", hell yeahr, and all is crowned by a fantastic YOT cover and a hidden atomizing grinding bonus track. Add angry and outspoken and nicely diverse lyrics, a damn sinister artwork, and a 'perfectly to it all matching' raw and hammering production-sound and you (will) see that and why the RYKER'S delivered back then in 1995 with "FIRST BLOOD" an outstanding and still today totally amazing and stand-alone album that any fan of raw sawing, heavy crushing, and harsh roaring, highly intense, militant and dark, and onwards storming Hardcore (Punk) definitely should know and own and I hope that with this little article here'n'now I maybe brought a new gem to your attention that you before haven't had on your radar screen or that I managed to point your attention finally again to this purest platinum masterpiece. I would really hope so. I simply and really love this little great album and it means so damn fucking much to me and so only thanks to the RYKER'S for their "FIRST BLOOD" EP and to do this little tribute to it was a huge pleasure and a great honour for/to me. And, btw, the RYKER'S are still damn active and also today you definitely should still check them out and follow them. Hardcore!!! Fist!!! (-the link to the facebook site of the band)

RYKER'S - "FIRST BLOOD" (1995, the complete'n'full album)



(Running time: 28:56 minutes; 12 songs)
("I Scream Records"; CD):

(03.) "DON'T STAY"
(04.) "THE WAY I LIVE"
(05.) "I REMEMBER"
(06.) "FREEDOM"

God damn it, hey guys and it's sort of like an old story happened again and this is the old story of me nearly forgetting the current "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH" article up here and this time it nearly had been the "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH - NOVEMBER 2018" edition-article, oh boy, busy month(s) but anyhow'n'anyway because better late than never or so to say and so here'n'now we finally go one more time for the next round and so to say the next dose. For the very month of November 2018 I've picked a(nother) very special (also on a very personal level) and still today damn fucking great and relevant album and like so often this year with articles in'n'of this very posting-series also this time it will be all about nothing else and especially nothing less than the almighty (old tyme) Hardcore and here'n'now it will be and in fact it is all about the immortal BACKFIRE! and their absolute masterpiece from out of the year 2000 titled "STILL DEDICATED" released back then via the legendary "I SCREAM RECORDS", oh hell yeahr, a more than 'just' worthy entry in'n'of the "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH" series up here, yes, and so finally and definitely here we go again.

BACKFIRE! were born and bred and still roar strong and loud from out of the dutch city of Maastricht and they were founded way back then in the spring of the old'n'gold year of 1994 by the four friends of Pat (vokillz), Wyb (guitar), Frank (bass) and Richard (drums) who all shared a huge passion for Hardcore. Pretty soon after being founded'n'formed as BACKFIRE! the four released their first demo "THE LAST TIME" and already with that very early piece they started to made themselves a name and left an impact and so they managed to get a record deal with the infamous "LOST & FOUND RECORDS" from Germany which back then released a lot of great bands and albums but anyhow anyway sort of always since then has a (very) poor and (pretty) bad reputation judging by quite a bunch of a lot interviews I've read back then and/or over the years. In 1995 they then released via "LOST & FOUND RECORDS" their debut EP "WHO TOLD YOU LIFE IS EASY?" and they toured together with the likes of MADBALL, 25 TA LIFE, and the almighty WARZONE. Yes, and the mentioned bands are also pretty good cornerstones if we talk about the influences of BACKFIRE!, yes, but this we will do in the next chapter of this article so just wait a little bit longer. Roughly'n'shortly a half year after "WHO TOLD YOU LIFE IS EASY?" saw the light of day BACKFIRE! released their proper full length debut "REBEL 4 LIFE" and this used to hit the Hardcore scene like a bomb and also legends like WARZONE were totally conquered by it and took them on their european tour and BACKFIRE! totally lived up to the high expectations and even 'out-matched' them (and this also pretty massively) and they really started strongly and massively to build up momentum and to make a name for themselves. After their tour with WARZONE then BACKFIRE! left "LOST & FOUND RECORDS" and got a new deal with "KINGFISHER RECORDS" where then in 1997 their follow-up album "ALL BETS ARE OFF" was released. With this album and their following touring activities together with the stand-alone DEVIATE they only build up their momentum more and more, yes, and this for nothing but damn well justified reasons. BACKFIRE! were one of if not maybe even the biggest and brightest shining star on the European Hardcore horizon at that time. After their touring activities to promote'n'support "ALL BETS ARE OFF" the band decided to take a little break to 'refresh' themselves a bit and some members focussed on side-projects or helped other bands on their tours and so. And all was looking fine if not very fine back then, yes, at least 'for all the world to see' or so to say. But this all changed at the 20th of March of 1999 when Richard tragically died by commiting suicide and the rest of the guys in BACKFIRE! thought about also carrying the band to its grave. Ultimately they decided to carry on and so with the former HOMETHRUST drummer Igor on the drums in the year 2000 they released their third-full-length-album "STILL DEDICATED" via "I SCREAM RECORDS" and they released it as a dedication to Richard. And this very album, "STILL DEDICATED", is not only my absolute and total personal-all-time-favorite-album of/by BACKFIRE!, but it is also here'n'now our very "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH - NOVEMBER 2018" album. To promote'n'support "STILL DEDICATED" BACKFIRE! toured heavily and this also again with for example MADBALL. In 2003 then BACKFIRE! released their EP "THE WAR STARTS HERE" which was followed by their phenomenal albums "CHANGE THE GAME" (2003, "I SCREAM RECORDS") and "IN HARM'S WAY" (2008, "GSR MUSIC"), added a second guitarist but for all what I know sticked 'else-wise' together as on "STILL DEDICATED", yes, and if I now recall it correct then they were for a time 'un-active' but since a few years or so to say they are still going strong with playing live and releasing new albums also still today, yes, and only thanks for that to the band. And after this brief BACKFIRE! history now in the next and final chapter of this article we will have a closer look on "STILL DEDICATED" in all its glory itself.

BACKFIRE! were one of the strong(est) going European Hardcore and/or Euro Core bands back then and they were out at the very front of establishing a damn great, vital, active, strong going, heavy blasting, and well reputated Hardcore scene of'n'in central europe together with formidable and legendary great bands like HARD RESISTANCE, DEVIATE, RIGHT DIRECTION, ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS, BRIGHTSIDE and/or the RYKER'S (to name just a few) they created something new back then and something damn great with an impact up to this present day. The cornerstones of BACKFIRE!'s sound'n'style were heavily influenced by New York Hardcore and especially legends like WARZONE, MADBALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, SICK OF IT ALL, and also 25 TA LIFE, hell yeahr, and all was'n'is massively and heavily enriched by a huge dose of slightly 'crusty' Hardcore Punk and a healthy dose of thrashing metallic heavyness and a huge and pretty independently by them done'n'arranged hymnal sing-a-long-fueled anthemic character to the songs and also with a pretty to very sinister and militant/battle-scarred atmosphere and tone to it all and all done in their very own unique way, having sounded and still just sounding only and always like BACKFIRE! themselves and like no one else or less, yes, with BACKFIRE! always having had and still have a very decent, own, strong, and unique identity of their very own. Hell yeahr, and on "STILL DEDICATED" maybe even stronger than ever (before). Devastatingly heavy and without any mercy or regrets everything and everyone down into the ground crushing guitars, sharp and harsh roaring lead vokillz backed up by loud'n'proud widescreen backings and strong guest singers, and a nails spitting and bodies grinding heavy thundering rhythm section deliver highly grapping and rousing, compact to the and on point played and written highly intense killing songs with a tight and dense atmospheric approach to it all on a highly skilled damn great and strong level of quality and this in general as well as in particular here on "STILL DEDICATED", oh yeahr, melting raging speed, down-breaking grooves, and hymnal sing-a-long-parts into one hell of an intense burning'n'raging inferno that was back then THE total hitter and that's still today THE total hitter and as strong, as great, as unique, as conquering, and as relevant as back then in 2000. Add to this very strong lyrics, a great'n'stylish Hardcore artwork, and a smashing'n'crushing production sound, yes, and you see why and that this here was and is the complete package and nothing but and nothing less than the ultimate real deal. If you are too young to know BACKFIRE!'s "STILL DEDICATED" from back then or if it back then went why the bloody hell ever then under your radar or if you somehow sort of forgot about it since back then in the last 18 years then trust me when I say that you should make sure to finally know BACKFIRE!'s "STILL DEDICATED" with getting your hands on it and finally discovering it or make sure to finally re-discover it again, yeah', because it's all "still dedicated to my music and family, still dediacted because it means so much to me". BACKFIRE!'s "STILL DEDICATED", yes, a definition of a timeless amd ageless true and real larger than life masterpiece and you should definitely know and own it. Hardcore!!! Fist!!!

BACKFIRE! - "STILL DEDICATED" (2000, "STILL DEDICATED") (-the link to the facebook site of the band)

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(Running time: 33:04 minutes; 17 songs)
("Century Media Records"; 2018; CD):
Hell yeahr, trust your eyes because here's now alreaday the next round fired at you and this time in the here'n'now it will be and it is all about the brandnew SICK OF IT ALL longplayer titled "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON" released still sort of very recently at the 2nd of November of 2018 via the veterans of and at "CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS". If you know and read this blog now for already a bit longer or if you would (or in fact do) know me personally then you would or should know that SICK OF IT ALL are one of my top five bands ever and personally to/for me one of the very most important bands of all time ever and so the passed sort of four years or so that passed us by leading up to "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON" had been sort of pretty long years - but pretty long years that are now finally over. And so, yes, I was truly incredible curious when SICK OF IT ALL's "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON" finally hit the shelves and dropped and thanks to preordering I received it right at the day it was finally released. And, yes, I know… don't ask me why it again took me nearly two months to finally get this review done and out to/for you… anyhow anyway, I guess… So, yes, it's 2018 and SICK OF IT ALL are finally back with "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON" (and they are back with a bang) and so without any more introducing ramblings now finally let's go: 17 songs in roughly 33 minutes running time, yes, and so one thing should be clear and this is that right from the get-go we will be or better are in for a fiery, wild, and furious ride here with SICK OF IT ALL's "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON". And so, oh hell yeahr, expect some amazing and outstanding New York Hardcore of the most supreme and unique kind done and delivered by this finest and almighty NYHC silverbacks that's just still after sort of 32 years of being around still is so incredible fresh and so unbelievable alive'n'lively that any new'n'young band outta there should shy away when confronted with this already immortal masterpiece, yes, and especially when we talk about Hardcore in 2018 things have changed a bit in my book which means that as fantastic as SLAPSHOT's "MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN" and WISDOM IN CHAINS' "NOTHING IN NATURE RESPECTS WEAKNESS" definitely are from sort of now on both bands and albums share the 2nd spot with SICK OF IT ALL's "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON" turning into my Hardcore album of, in, and for 2018. Here we get the absolutely real deal in form of amazing and fantastic highly energetic and highly dynamic as well as also damn diverse and multi-facetted/multi-layered songwriting that's offering a good healthy bunch of twists'n'turns and some fresh new notes'n'tones here and there and serving some good doses of cool surprising moves and parts, a damn huge and very fresh arranged and done sing a long hymnal potential, and adding several culminating moods all together (in)to nothing but and nothing less than absolutely amazing, exciting, grapping, rousing, conquering and just sheer amazing larger than life anthems of that totally unique own special SICK OF IT ALL tone and that's one more time so incredible strong present and marking here on and with "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON" and (at least so my perception) above all it's incredible fresh and diverse on here and this (even) more than the last times SICK OF IT ALL were around before. The ingredients out of raging (New York) Hardcore, some Metallic Hardcore notes, and a big bunch of Punkrock, Streetpunk and Oi! with added huge doses of hymnal melody lines and sing a longs in(to) it all, yes, this ingredients are all here and stayed the same (and why shouldn't they) but are done and arranged, composed, and structured damn fresh and sort of in a 'new' way and are unbelievable grapping, exciting, rousing, and energizing and this all will make sure that SICK OF IT ALL's "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON" will massively conquer you with supreme overwhelming force and will push you on and through everything and this also for hell a lot of some time for sure. Yes, this is Hardcore!!! All is served to us via one of if not the most charismatic and unique lead singing voice(s) especially in Hardcore outta there with Lou Koller delivering his absolutely almighty vokillz like only he can do it; via everything down smashing guitar-work delivered by Pete Koller shining with full force riffing and devastating rhythm work and adding great cool into the crushing riffing integrated great melody lines to it all and keeping it exciting with a huge bunch of great smooth flowing changes in the rhythmic arrangements and the pace structures of the songs and adding a lot of dynamic(s) to it all with doing so; via a loud'n'proud roaring and strutting and nicely present bass playing delivered by Craig "Ahead" Setari; and via powerful full force punching and smashing and not only incredible heavy but also damn smooth delivered crushing drumming by Armand Majidi; and a bunch of very strong guest singers join in as well as a damn huge sing a long fueled hymnal character is added to it all. This all makes an album that's from start to finish nothing but an all killers and no fillers album and so to name here any listening tipps maybe isn't making that much sense after all at the end of the day but if you really want or deman some then I would say my personal favorites so far or right now are probably "INNER VISION", "THAT CRAZY WHITE BOY SHIT", "BULL'S ANTHEM", "ROBERT MOSES WAS A RACIST", "SELF IMPORTANT SHITHEAD", "TO THE WOLVES", "ALWAYS WITH US", "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON", "BEEF BETWEEN VEGANS", "HARDCORE HORSESHOE", "DEEP STATE", "WORK THE SYSTEM", and "THE NEW SLAVERY" and so maybe or why not start your discovery of SICK OF IT ALL's "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON" with this ultra-platinum gems. Top notch diverse and very outspoken and also highly socially aware and political lyrics, a pure beauty of an artwork, and a clear and heavy and nicely warm'n'earthy production sound then finally round it all perfectly up. Okay, yes, I think so far I've said all what there was or what I had so far to say to/about SICK OF IT ALL and their brandnew "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON" masterpiece, the Hardcore album of and for 2018 (and probably also in and for years to come) and definitely also one of the very best and very most strongest albums in general of, in, and for 2018 (and again also probably in and for years to come), yes, and I can only most highly recommend this larger than life masterpiece to anyone outta there and so best just go out and get your copy of SICK OF IT ALL's "WAKE THE SLEEPING DRAGON" and this best instantly. Hardcore!!! Fist!!!
(10 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


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(Running time - CD 1: 34:41 minutes; 10 songs /// Running time - CD 2: 71:31 minutes; 18 songs)
("K.B. Records"; 2018; 2CD):
Hey guys, yes, finally back again after christmas and first and foremost I hope you all had some fantastic christmas days and now without any further ramblings let's go for the next round up here and so here and now you get my review on the new and (so it seems) final album "WIE TOLLWÜTIGE HUNDE" of and by the infamous German Oi! roughnecks of GERBENOK released at the 30th of November of 2018 via the mighty "K.B. RECORDS" as a drop dead gorgeous digipacked 2CD (and I think also on vinyl) with the "A TRIBUTE TO PROBERAUM DEMO / LIVE IN ZEITZ" disc as a bonus. I wasn't aware of that GERBENOK are still around today and what shall I say, yes, this is a very pleasant surprise and if this will be their final album, if I understand the linernotes and some of the lyrics correct, then they are one more time going out in style and they are definitely leaving with a bang. Back then I wasn't sort of the biggest fan of GERBENOK also simply because I am normally in general not that much sort of the biggest fan of German Oi! in general and maybe that's why I lost them a bit out of sight, hm, but anyhow anyway and especially after this all sort of changed quite a bit in 2018, to say it that way to keep it short, it's all not that important after all and so here we are and GERBENOK deliver us their "WIE TOLLWÜTIGE HUNDE" album consisting out of four brandnew tracks, three new recorded classicks, and three so far unreleased Bootboy smashers and what we get here is bonecracking heavy and facesmashing hard stomping and cracking German Oi! that's driven forward by mercylessly pushing heavy stomping rhythm arrangements that shine in a pretty fresh light and showcase a nicely strong and in parts Chiswick inspired British mark that I wasn't aware of before in the sound'n'style of GERBENOK and that's so a very nice surprise for/to me. Also is the pace work very nicely flowing and GERBENOK manage to shake things very nicely up and keeping it so all fresh and exciting and as a fact I can't remember that the songwriting of/by GERBENOK was that strong and fresh back then. This is harsh and hard hitting and sharp aimed'n'cutting German Oi! of the gruff and grim kind that will please fans of the (older/earlier) KRAWALLBRÜDER, the DURSTIGE NACHBARN, old TOXPACK, SCHARMÜTZEL, and also some RAW INSTINKT and this for sure for all the right reasons. What really sets GERBENOK sort of apart is the fact that they really deliver great melody lines and showcase a strong focus on great melodic leads that really mark the songs massively and this also and again for all the right reasons. So expect songs that are delivered via hard'n'smart fresh and exciting songwriting with a very special and 'uniquely' own tone done and carried out by nicely skilled musicians and that are marked by highly charismatic very hard vokillz, sawing and crushing guitars, stomping drumming, and a loud'n'proud around strutting bass, enriched by massive backings and a huge hymnal sing-a-long potential. Add to this outspoken lyrics, a drop dead gorgeous artwork, sympathic linernotes, and a heavy cracking production sound and you have GERBENOK's "WIE TOLLWÜTIGE HUNDE", a damn strong album that I can only calmly and highly recommend to anyone into (German) Oi!, yes, and of course also add to this the second disc "A TRIBUTE TO PROBERAUM DEMO / LIVE IN ZEITZ" that features GERBENOK's old demo recordings as well as a pretty cool live recording of them from back in the days. "A TRIBUTE TO PROBERAUM DEMO / LIVE IN ZEITZ" is (at least so in my book) definitely not on par with "WIE TOLLWÜTIGE HUNDE" with getting very roughly 8 out of 10 points from me and "WIE TOLLWÜTIGE HUNDE" earning strong 9 out of 10 points so in my book but that makes all in all still definitely the complete package and the real deal with 8,5 out of 10 points in sum and, again, I can only calmly and highly recommend this package to you outta there and this even when back in the days GERBENOK weren't that much up high on your personal favorite list, like in my own case too, because they really developed massively since for example "WER ZULETZT LACHT" and so better make sure to check them out these days. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
(8,5 of 10 points) (-link to a discgraphy page of/for the band)


Freitag, 21. Dezember 2018


(Running time: 43:31 minutes; 11 songs)
("Nuclear Blast Records"; 2018; CD):
And here's now already the next load incoming for you, or so to say, trust your eyes, and here and now you get my record review on the new RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR album "THE LEGACY OF SHI" released for all what I would call still pretty recently via the omnipresent "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" in this days and age of 2018. So, yes, the french Crossover Hardcore/Metal roughnecks are damn fucking back four years after their outstanding precursor album "WELCAME" (my review on it you do also find up here) and I can only say that it was really by far about time that the RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR finally again lightened up the sky and this time even brighter than four years ago and also already back then the sky was set on fire, yes, but this time today in 2018 the whole sky is burning completly and totally and "THE LEGACY OF SHI" is written in bright and fiery burning letters across the whole horizon and beyond from the far east to the far west and back again. This is a hard crushing, a harsh ripping, and a sharp slaying, furiously grinning Crossover bastard out of massive and groove orientated Hardcore and everything down hammering Thrash Metal cultivated with huge doses of high skilled and damn 'uniquely' done Rap (Metal) influences and huge amounts of fantastic done very strong and amazing tight/dense and very fresh atmospheric markings in it and all done on the highest levels of skills and quality and with a very huge and massively conquering very own, characteristic, and unique identity to it all and carrying an overwhelming and nearly insane dose of intensity in it all the time, oh hell yeahr, being born and bred on a grooving, ripping, and shredding valuable diet consisting especially out of RHYTHM TRIP, MADBALL, SUB ZERO, BIOHAZARD, ALL OUT WAR, SLAYER, MACHINE HEAD, and ANTHRAX and melting this all together with stand-alone and very fresh and totally up-to-date ideas and some damn phenomenal and creative and above all unbelievable intense and damn diverse and multi-layered songwriting full of exciting arrangements, brilliant done silence-loudness-playings, huge dynamics, rousing energy, some of the most crushing and also most fresh groove and rhythm work I've heard in and probably also for years, yes, and the crown is given to it all by some damn unique, creative, intense, and simply grapping and exciting, goosepimples-for-free-giving atmospheric and very, very melodic and catchy playings and parts that mark, enrich, and cultivate RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR's "THE LEGACY OF SHI" incredible strong and turning it into an amazing and awesome full charge everything with supreme might and force conquering masterpiece of the most supreme kind. Fantastic, highly rich and diverse guitar work, forceful hammering and beating bass playing, thundering and massively charging drumming, brilliant multi-facetted stunning hard and very charismatic lead vokillz, and incredible broad and fat loud'n'proud gang backings, this are the ingredients of RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR's "THE LEGACY OF SHI" and all is delivered highly unique and damn fresh and alive/lively and this all by high skilled and also damn creative musicians, yes, and to/for me that's sort of a perfect combination. Any listening tipps I will here and now in this very case spare me, definitely, because the whole damn album is nothing but all killers and hell no fillers, again: definitely. A drop-dead-gorgeous artwork, very strong and thoughtful as well as thought-provoking and also nicely (self-)ironic lyrics, and a demolishing production sound then finally round this all in a damn fucking perfect way up. This is one of the very best albums of 2018 and I definitely would say also for the next years to come and so by any means you should definitely get your hands on it, yes, and this definitely best instantly right now. Hardcore!!! Fist!!!
(10 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)



(Running time: 52:41 minutes; 17 songs)
("Contra Records"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, finally the next one up here and this time it will be all about my review on one damn great piece of Punkrock/Streetpunk/Oi! Punk musick with a 'paying tribute to' focus and to be more precise here and now you get my record-review on the for all what I know pretty recently via "CONTRA RECORDS" released tribute compilation "A TRIBUTE TO OXYMORON: FUCK THE TRIBUTES, HERE'S OUR NOIZE..." paying tribute and giving praise and honour to one of the very greatest and very best bands ever to walk our barren earth, exactly, no one else and especially no one less than the absolutely almighty and immortal OXYMORON. Hell Yeahr!!! 17 bands from the U.S.A., the U.K., and Germany, from the likes of DDC, ARCH RIVALS, LIONS LAW, SNIPER 66, OUT OF ORDER, HARD EVIDENCE, BONECRUSHER, HARDKNOCKS, LEGION 76, BAD CO. PROJECT, DIE TRYING, THUNDER AND GLORY, WOLF BITES BOY and even more deliver their all the time and in all cases damn smart and nicely characteristic done tribute paying versions of immortal OXYMORON hymns like "BORED AND VIOLENT", "DEAD END GENERATION", "BEWARE POISONOUS!", "CRISIS IDENTITY", "SELFRULE", "ANTI", "CRAZY WORLD", "ON THE OUTSIDE", "WESTWORLD", and many more and they do it all with their very own twist and tone to it while still honouring the originals enthusiastically and that here all is about hard knocking, sharp cutting, highly melodic, ctachy and hymnal, and just damn exciting and rousing Streetpunk of and on the highest grade of quality and skill(s) I only mention because of reasons of completness because I think that this should be clear anyhow. A fantastic artwork, top notch linernotes of/by Sucker (OXYMORON and BAD CO. PROJECT) himself, and a thru'n'thru first class production sound round it all perfectly up. So, yes, this is a very short review and especially for/by my standards but I think all what needed to be said I did say and so enough of the talking and you best just get this amazing piece of Streetpunk musick and this best instantly. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the label)


Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2018


(Running time: 38:22 minutes; 11 songs)
("K.B. Records"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, hope you have a nice sunday evening and I'm back at work up here, at least a little bit, with serving you my record-review on the new DURSTIGE NACHBARN longplayer "FICKT EUCH!" released pretty recently via the mighty "K.B. RECORDS". This september I finally did my review on the direct precursor album of/by the DURSTIGE NACHBARN titled "ICH ODER DU" dating already back from 2014 and in this very review I've already mentioned that the DURSTIGE NACHBARN very soon will drop their new one and here it finally is: "FICKT EUCH!" If you've read my review on "ICH ODER DU" you know that this album was a great one and that I had high expectations concerning the successor one, "FICKT EUCH!", and if you haven't read the mentioned review then by now you know it anyway anyhow; so, yes, live the DURSTIGE NACHBARN up to this high expectations with "FICKT EUCH!" or do they fail them? To put it short: They definitely live up to them and they even excel the great precursor one a bit and they, which means the DURSTIGE NACHBARN, deliver to us with "FICKT EUCH!" one of the very, very strongest and very, very best German Oi! albums and/or Oi! albums from Germany of/for 2018 and also one of the most outspoken, most nasty, and most angry ones, yes, and this for all the right reasons, point and fact. Hard as nails rough and tough, grim and gruff Oi! with good healthy doses of roaring Punkrock notes in it as well as also some fresh SKA and SKA Punk marks and all nicely free of/from every Metal, Rock, and/or German Rock stuff, yes, and also serving some nice little funny easter eggs hidden here and there. The DURSTIGE NACHBARN play it all very self-contained and nicely independently but to/for anyone who sort of needs some bandnames as references then let it be told that fans of earlier/older KRAWALLBRÜDER, old TROOPERS, GERBENOK, and MARTENS ARMY will definitely cheer up to the DURSTIGE NACHBARN. Even I would say that the DURSTIGE NACHBARN especially today do it not only their very own way but also all very fresh and they surprise with a lot of twists and turns and they simply do it all damn fucking great and deliver some great songwriting with nice unexpected variations of rhythm and pace, and all is delivered via two angry and the songs very strong shaping lead singers, heavy smashing guitar work, a roaring bass, and bonecracking drumming. Diverse and very strong and also very often damn outspoken and angry-political lyrics, a first-class artwork, and a top-notch production sound then round it all finally and especially perfectly up. I will make it short this time because all what needed to be said is said, yes, and so: Just go out and get it!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
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Samstag, 15. Dezember 2018


(Running time: 39:44 minutes; 13 songs)
("Demons Run Amok"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, finally a new post up here and obviously I couldn't keep up the momentum from the promising start of this month, so to say, but in real life the pre-christmas-time is this year simply damn work-intensive and with also having a real social life then so this little blog of mine up here simply comes off a little bit short currently but I guess that's just life and so all is more than just good and fine with that at the end of the day(s). But with that out of the way it's finally time to do again a little bit up here and so here and now you get my record-review on one hell of a masterpiece and this one is the new WISDOM IN CHAINS album "NOTHING IN NATURE RESPECTS WEAKNESS" released this summer via "DEMONS RUN AMOK" and if you know this blog now already for a few years longer and/or if you know me personally than you know that WISDOM IN CHAINS are some of my total favorites and this latest since they way back then released their immortal "CLASS WAR" masterpiece in 2007 and now we are eleven years later in 2018 and WISDOM IN CHAINS are going sort of stronger than (ever) before with "NOTHING IN NATURE RESPECTS WEAKNESS", hell yeahr, and two months ago I did my record-review on SLAPSHOT's new one and what I wrote there about it (of) being my Hardcore album of/for 2018 I definitely stand for it but I also definitely already knew back then that this 'title' SLAPSHOT's "MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN" had too share with WISDOM IN CHAINS' "NOTHING IN NATURE RESPECTS WEAKNESS" but simply did not want to 'pre-anticipate' and spoil it back then already, yes, and so now here we are. (And after the almighty SICK OF IT ALL also finally released also their new one very recently we will later on see what that now may mean…) WISDOM IN CHAINS serve us here on and with "NOTHING IN NATURE RESPECTS WEAKNESS" the newest and most impressive dose of their highly intense and highly atmospheric, incredible creative and clichée-free Hardcore full of ongoingly delivered heavy truckloads of devastating heavy and highly dynamic energy and and a rousing attitude and potential like not much else outta there, yeahr, and they even enriched it all far more today in 2018 with "NOTHING IN NATURE RESPECTS WEAKNESS", so at least my impression, and cultivated it even more than before with totally getting rid of any bullshit Hardcore clichée crap and with just doing their completly own thing and this so even far more consequent than already before. Melting heavy amounts of catchy and sharp Heavy Metal and crushing Thrash Metal as well as symphonic Classic Rock into their bonecracking heavy and at the same time incredible hymnal and with breath-taking melody lines shining Hardcore the Land of Kings style and that's still deeply rooted in the NY(H)C and that then is all pushed only more and only heavier forward by a massive input of Punkrock, Streetpunk and some Oi! ingredients and that is this time with working- in some good and healthy doses of atmospheric ambient-Pop even only made more rich, rousing, grapping, exciting, and also entertaining. And also only even more conquering. So expect one hell of an impressive and 'overwhelmingly-conquering' rich and grapping songwriting full of great fresh ideas, surprising twists and turns all down the road along the ride as well as open huge surprises and a in that definitely larger than life way still before "NOTHING IN NATURE RESPECTS WEAKNESS" in that manner just unexpected and so damn strong moments of unrestrained and 'bubbling-over' creativity without any 'scene-limitations' that is just so damn impressive and grapping that WISDOM IN CHAINS take you for an overly exciting ride full of authentic, heartfelt big emotions that they will leave you with your mouth opened wide and a satisfied joker-grin drawn on your face, oh yes, and all is marked by a very strong and huge own unique identity and charcter and a larger than life intensity as well as a damn dense'n'tight atmosphere, yes, served to us by damn skilled musicians from start to finish on the highest grade of quality and full of soulful and heartfelt, sympathic authenticity and that's something that hopefully will never change in camp WISDOM IN CHAINS. All is delivered via highly charismatic and today more than ever versatile lead vokillz backed up by widescreen crew back ups and well placed co-lead vokillz, by a damn diverse and multi-layered, multi-facetted guiatr work, by a heavy smacking bass, and by a thunderous drum work. Any band comparisions? Senseless, too huge, too strong, too characteristic, and too unique is the identity of WISDOM IN CHAINS. But, okay, let me try it this way: Throw SICK OF IT ALL and MADBALL together with METALLICA, ANTHRAX, and LED ZEPPELIN into one big bowl and garnish it with some BONECRUSHER, RANCID, and OXYMORON and you have a good starting point to finally discover WISDOM IN CHAINS on your own. If you ask for any listening tipps then it should be clear that the whole album is the purest platinum outta there and this from start to finish, definitely, but if you're interested in my personal favorites then this are probably "LIFE LESSONS", "SOMEDAY", "BETTER THAN I WAS", "THE BOY AND THE CAVE", "HEART OF A CHAMPION", "TURN MY BACK", "DUCK DOWN, STAY DOWN", and "HALFWAY THERE" simply because this are the songs I've probably listened the very most to and so maybe check this songs out first. A great, sinister 'cartoonish' artwork, a heavy smashing and yet clear and warm production-sound, and absolutely first-class lyrics then finally turn WISDOM IN CHAINS' "NOTHING IN NATURE RESPECTS WEAKNESS" into the complete package and the real deal. What? You still need some finishing closing words? Really? Okay, then… damn it, just go out and (finally) get WISDOM IN CHAINS' "NOTHING IN NATURE RESPECTS WEAKNESS" and this instantly. One hell of a fantastic album. Hardcore!!! Fist!!!
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Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2018


(Running time: 53:51 minutes; 14 songs)
("Laute Helden"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, trust your eyes because it's true here's now already the next load in-coming for you all this month and so it's the second day of the month and here's the second post for it, not bad, but first let us wait if this will keep on going before I praise this too loud for you. And with this said now straight forward into the action, yes, and so here now comes my review on the (brand)new HERZLOS album "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON" released more or less pretty recently in 2018 via "LAUTE HELDEN" (a to me new subdivision of "SPV") in form of a beautifully designed and fat digi-pak CD. The band's from good old Germoney and is now already around for a decade or so but before "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON" HERZLOS were completly unknown to me. Okay, with that all said, hm, what do we get here, what is it that HERZLOS offer and serve us here on, with, via, and through "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON"? German Rock. Yes, German Rock is the answer. If you are into new TOXPACK, if the newcomers FORMLOS please your gusto, if FREI.WILD are some of your faves, if you like what KÄRBHOLZ has developed into, and if the later to latest BÖHSE ONKELZ albums are something that you (still) like, yes, if this all or some parts of this are true then you should definitely check out HERZLOS and give them a good and fair chance, because then "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON" will probably have a good time spinning in your stereo at home. This is energetic German Rock showcasing a strong melodic and also a modern touch and it all comes with a huge dynamic melted into the tracks marked by some more or less fresh but anyhow nice ideas (like for example some SKA marks in "STATUEN AUS GOLD" or some in general surprisingly fresh and rousing old school traditional Rock & Roll rhythmic arrangements like for example in "PLATIN" or a pretty dark and heavy and slightly grungy riff work worked together with short 1970's Rock inspired guitar lead lines into "ICH BLEIBE HIER") and a powerful punch that marks each and every song and all shines with a big melodic and a good amount of 'poppy catchyness' and a good healthy hymnal approach to it all. The guitars really drive and push the songs massively forward with a strong focus on a rousing and grapping rhythm- and riff-work but also shining with in parts already damn fantastic leads and some damn strong solos and definitely mark the songs heavily and are backed up by a forceful smacking and punching rhythm section, while the clear and clean and yet still pretty heavy and slightly throaty sung lead vocals that are backed up here and there by some loud backings really give the songs the finishing touches. And all in all here we get some mostly fresh and strong and anyway pretty ambitious songwriting delivered by some well-versed musicians and thanks to the pretty characteristic lead vocals and the guitars that sound in a nice own tone that best shines through in the leads HERZLOS also showcase anyhow mostly some good'n'strong own identity here on and with "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON". Next time maybe even bring a bit more distance between you and your inspirations and work out your own identity even (far) more (for example the already above mentioned "STATUEN AUS GOLD" as damn strong as it is sounds like strongly ripped away from FREI.WILD) and add a truckload of heavyness to it all and things will get even better and fresher; and on a personal mark, yes, please add some much more dirt to it all because sadly "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON" personally for/to me is by far too much polished. (But maybe that's just me and I'm just not that much into the target group after all...) Some good lyrics, sometimes very good (and also outspoken) and sometimes… ahrg… let us forget about it, a too damn clean production-sound, and a great artwork then finally round it all up. I think German Rock fans will definitely like HERZLOS' "SCHWARZ - WEISS - NEON" and will like it massively and this pretty much also for all the right reasons and everyone else who's into heartfelt and authentic Rock music with a only very slightly 'punky' touch to it and shining with big melodies and that's driven forward by strong guitars and (german) vocals should at least give it a fair try and risk one or two ears with checking it out, yes, so give it a try, definitely.
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Samstag, 1. Dezember 2018


(Running time: 31:02 minutes; 10 songs)
("K.B. Records"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, finally back again, once again and after November 2018 was very silent up here I think it's really about time to change this up here again and to start off December 2018 right here and right now in a proper way and this proper way of doing so will be my record-review on the first full length longplayer of the almighty HAYMAKER titled "WE APOLOGIZE TO NOBODY" released (far) earlier this very year of 2018 and to be more precise someday back then this March of 2018 via the infamous and legendary "K.B. RECORDS" and... one more time again up here… please just don't ask me why it took me so long to finally do my review on it especially since I have it had pre-ordered and so it's part of my collection since the very day it was released… shame on me, again another time. HAYMAKER managed last year of/in 2017 with their last years' debut EP "WE ARE HAYMAKER" to deliver my absolute favourite personal album of the year and so you can imagine how curious I was when finally their longrunning debut "WE APOLOGIZE TO NOBODY" saw the light of the day far earlier this year and so now at the very end of 2018 we are finally here with my by far too long overdue record-review on it... yes, finally… and so, oh hell yeah', let's roll: HAYMAKER are back and they deliver totally on point and this in every way'n'manner and so "WE APOLOGIZE TO NOBODY" is amazingly strong done and delivered Oi! and Skinhead Rock & Roll with a truly hard, heavy, and strong rocking and sharp rolling-cutting edge to it and with an incredible high amount of dynamics and energy in it all that shakes your bones and make your boots go stomping imediatley right from the get-go. Think about a dirty and harsh onwards slashing and stomping and yet all the time damn melodic and highly anthemic/hymnal mixture out of PERKELE, early DISCHARGER, a bit of BADLANDS, and some THE BUSINESS with good healthy doses of Chiswick/(very) early SKREWDRIVER influences in it and add some mercylessly forward smashing MOTÖRHEAD-like hard and heavy Rock & Roll marks to it and all delivered as well as especially also cultivated with a very strong, huge, and unique character and identity and you  should definitely have a pretty good impression of HAYMAKER and their very special own Skinhead Rock & Roll to start with. All is made ready via a phenomenal strong and damn outstanding and very nicely diverse and also nicely multi-facetted songwriting that shines with a huge dose of fresh ideas like for example the fantastic THE BLUES BROTHERS reminiscence kick-off of the album with the opening-riff of the killer tune and also opener of the album "UNDERDOGS" or the RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE like sounding opening riff of "HANG UP YOUR BOOTS" that shifts smoothly and swiftly over to a great by for example THE WHO inspired rhythm structure of the song and that's repeated further on even more intense and the whole album also offers in general and far more nice damn great twists'n'turns all along the ride that is "WE APOLOGIZE TO NOBODY" and that really brightly shines with a so damn fantastic work in the department of riffs and rhythm architecture(s) that are from start to finish nothing but fantastic and really some of the very most fiery and rousing, highly energetic, strongly dynamic and above all and in all ways and meanings amazingly rousing and uplifting ones like you won't experience it in that way and of that highest quality that often anywhere anyhow anyway else and this also won't chnage that soon anyhow, point and fact. And also it's all incredible effective and damn intense and it all is cultivated by an inspirated as well as inspirational compositorial approach and by an overwhelming great melodic work that shines through in the general arrangements of the songs and excels within and throughout the leads and solos of the guitars as well as the vocal lines, yes, and all is also damn fucking hymnal'n'anthemic to the max. Oh boy, this is from start to finish one hell of a grapping, rousing, intense, and exciting ride with all thrills and not a single fill, hell yeahr, and all is done and delivered by very skilled strong musicians going focussed to work. A fantastic guitar playing with a very own characteristic tone to it, a proud and loud strutting bass, furious thundering drumming, loud'n'proud crew back-ups, and above all that shine fantastic and highest charismatic lead vocals, yes, nothing but overwhelming, this are the tools with and by which this absolutely amazing and definitely larger than life album that HAYMAKER's "WE APOLOGIZE TO NOBODY" without any discussion is came and by listening to it everytime again comes to be. Fantastic, diverse, aware, outspoken, and sharp aimed and even sharper cutting Skinhead and Oi! lyrics, a great Old School artwork, and a dirty and yet damn heavy and somehow still pretty clear first class production sound finally turn this into the probably most complete package also again in and of this very year of 2018 and this for all the right and most justified reasons, period. My personal favorites? Ha, after the whole album is nothing but and nothing less than the purest platinum you can pick any song you want, definitely, but "UNDERDOGS", "NO SOCIAL LIFE", "ONLY A SINNER BECOMES A WINNER", "SKINHEAD ROCK & ROLL", "TOO DRUNK TO FIGHT", and "WE APOLOGIZE TO NOBODY" probably are the songs most listened to by me over all the time now so maybe you want to start with one of them, yes, with one of this groundbreaking and larger than life hymns. Hell yeahr, signs are set that then for now two years in a row HAYMAKER had also in this very year of 2018 delivered my personal album of the year, yes, just to point that out a bit while we're still here all together. Okay, I think for now I've said so far all what I had to say right now and right here or so to/about HAYMAKER's "WE APOLOGIZE TO NOBODY" and anyone that's only slightly into Oi! and Skinhead Rock & Roll should definitely get this very one here as soon as possible just in case he or she really still doesn't own or even know it, hm, and let me say it this way, yes, if there's only one album of and then also in 2018 you can pick up this very year or (after 2018 is already running out again too damn soon) could have picked up this very year it should be respectively should have been this very one here, period. Get it!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
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HAYMAKER - "ROCKIN' IN THE FREE WORLD" (2018, NEIL YOUNG - cover; so far a non album track)