Sonntag, 17. Dezember 2017


(Running time: 44:23 minutes; 12 songs)
("Vanguard Records" & "Spinefarm Records"; 2017; CD):
Hey guys, yes, it's me again and I'm back @ work again up here and after it is already a little bit later tonight I will now head more or less straight and direct into the action to get this post still up and ready and done tonight before my bed is calling me too undeniable strong. So here and now you get my review on the current new FLOGGING MOLLY album titled "LIFE IS GOOD" released (I think so) this summer via "VANGUARD RECORDS" and through "SPINEFARM RECORDS". And... damn it... because of all the stuff that strongly made time far too short from september on (let us call it real life) pretty much until now respectively pretty recently and so now a big bunch of record reviews is coming up in a row and this means also in particular a big bunch of reviews on really strong releases and with the review on FLOGGING MOLLY's 2017 full length release "LIFE IS GOOD" here's already the next such case coming up and this time here now we have a review on one of the strongest and best releases of, for, and in 2017 (at least so definitely in my book). Because of the current 'night-time' I'll really and desperately try to keep it short this time right now and right here (like above already mentioned) to still come up with it tonight and still also sort of get sooner not later to bed, yes, and so... FLOGGING MOLLY serve us one hell of an outstanding album in their very unique and characteristic Folk Rock or Celtic Rock style with some slight Punkrock roots to it that shine in through few Folk Punk or Celtic Punk impressions and some well-served Country and also 'Americana/Mexicana' influences to enrich it all; all is heavily atmospheric and powerful and really mighty intense with being filled with very strong emotions and even in the music-wise most sensitive and sometimes even melancholic moments the songs and in general the music of FLOGGING MOLLY especially here on "LIFE IS GOOD" are so incredible rousing, powerful, intense, and filled with tons of a positive and life-affirming and 'militant' attitude that this is nothing but an outstanding forceful and really bright shining, larger than life album of an immense high quality, point and fact. And it all really comes to life through the fantastic diverse and multilayered, highly intense and atmospheric songwriting full of grapping arrangements, exciting song-compositions, rousing and overwhelming twists and turns along the whole ride, and a lot of changes of the pace, the rhythmic architectures and structures, and the moods of the different songs. It's just simply nothing but really absolutely fantastic, period. It's all then filled with strong and emotional and very charismatic and pretty unique vocals as well as such guitars that are also highly rousing as well as sensitive/emotional and at the same time sheer bursting of power and might, yes, and both 'ingredients' are heavily marking the songs of FLOGGING MOLLY's "LIFE IS GOOD", yes, and this for all the right reasons. Same counts for all the phenomenal Folk, Country, and 'Americana/Mexicana' instrumentations, just amazing; and the elated and high skilled rhythm section then finally backs it all up in sort of an it all cultivating way and manner. Fantastic lyrics, a beautiful artwork, and a warm and earthy production sound then round it all up. All in all, yes, no need for further talkings, hell no, if you still shouldn't have or even know it, why the bloody hell ever, and if you are into Folk Rock and also Folk Punk and also if/when you are a BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN fan then by any means trust me when I say that you definitely need to have this precious big gem here and call it your own and also trust me when I say that you will definitely love FLOGGING MOLLY's "LIFE IS GOOD", definitely. My personal favorites are "THERE'S NOTHING LEFT PT. I", "THE HAND OF JOHN L. SULLIVAN", "WELCOME TO ADAMSTOWN", "REPTILES (WE WOKE UP)", "LIFE IS GOOD", "CRUSHED (HOSTILE NATIONS)", "HOPE", "THE BRIDE WORE BLACK", and "UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN", yes, and so maybe start your discovery journey with this everything outshining larger than life masterpieces. I really love this very album here very, very much. It's totally fantastic. Okay, yes, and now for tonight I say good night and we'll read again soon.
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(Running time: 31:37 minutes; 12 songs)
("WTF Records"; 2017; CD):
And already back @ work up here again, my dear readers, I just came back home again from some nice early evening activities with some colleagues and before I leave my apartment and my town again to own the night with some friends at this saturday one more time again I thought why not try to give the finishing touches to this post and bring it finally up as a late night post right now, right here - and this is a perfect match after the record (of course this is a record review post) that I am now about to review up here for you is currently constantly on heavy rotation (since a few months now already) here in my realm and is also currently running its rounds while I give this post the finishing touches and while I'm prepping up for tonight, yes, so you see, definitely, sort of the right moment to come up with it finally right now and right here. The whole talking was and is about the (brand)new SPIDER CREW full length album "SOUNDS OF HATRED", hell yeahr, and I can't believe that it is now also already again 15 or 16 years that I moshed'n'slammed the first time in front of stage to the SPIDER CREW, damn it, I grow old... more and more, and from day to day... damn it... fuck it, who cares, yes, at least not me, myself, and I, yes, and so after some too many fuckin' years of silence and no new SPIDER CREW (full length) release we have now 2017 and now in 2017 this finally changed and the grandmasters of Vienna Style Hardcore are finally back, bloody damn fuck yeah', the almighty SPIDER CREW with their newest masterpiece titled "SOUNDS OF HATRED" released via (the so far to me unknown) "WTF RECORDS" at the 15th of September of 2017 (and also it's out as a vinyl edition, too). SPIDER CREW, raised out of/from the ashes when ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS called it a day back then at the end of the 1990's respectively the beginnings of the 2000's, always stood for the best of Vienna Style Hardcore in particular and Euro Core in general and with albums like for example and first and foremost their absolutely masterpiece "A MENACE TO SOCIETY" they showed their sort of 'big heroes' from the big apple how the damn bloody hell New York Hardcore was, still is, and always will be meant to be played and they enriched and cultivated their on New York Hardcore and Euro Core raised Vienna Style Hardcore with a huge and massive dose of Oi! and Streetpunk and they kept it all incredible fresh, grapping arranged and exciting composed over all the years, yes, and exactly so they do still today and this even with more 'musicianship-skills' then before 15 years or so ago. This is massive and strong, heavy and dynamic, highly energetic and eruptive, rousing and battle-scarred Hardcore that stands on a pretty characteristic 'stand-alone-position' somewhere between ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS, BACKFIRE!, HARD RESISTANCE, and RIGHT DIRECTION on the one side and AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL, WARZONE, and SICK OF IT ALL on the other side with big and heavy doses of Oi! and Streetpunk from english legends like COCK SPARRER, dutch godfathers like DISCIPLINE, and some American Oi! like maybe the legendary and larger than life almighty STORMWATCH in it all, yes, and all done in all positive senses independently and also very, very strong and skilled and truly 'excitingly' fresh and grapping and this over all the time, melting this all self-contained into their very own Vienna Style Hardcore breed. And they turned it all also today one more time again into a totally up-to-date Album - great job. A very forceful and dynamic songwriting that offers nicely diverse variations from harsh stompers, slashing blast speed beasts, anthemic sing a long hymns in mid to up pace, to powerful 'moshy' Hardcore 'groovers', yes, here we find and get it all, yes, all we want and need. And that this guys know how to play their instruments I only state here for the record, yes, should be clear anyhow. All is filled with fast and sharp and yet crushing and dustdry guitars, two very strong lead shouters each with his own 'identity-of-voice', loud and proud gang vocals to back it all up as well as very well-chosen guest singers, a militant rumbling bass, and harsh and 'stunningly' forward stomping drums, yes, and all is done massively tight and to the point. My personal favorites are "ENEMY WITHIN", "YOU AIN'T LIVED IT", "THIN ICE", "SIX FEET DEEP", "ALL IN ME", "LA FAMILIA", "WON'T BREAK FREE", and "NEVER FADE AWAY", yes, absolute anthems and pure platinum, period. But anyhow also the other not mentioned songs are first class pure gold stuff and so you might could also check them out as well and it would make no (big) difference anyway after all at the end of the day. Strong street-raised outspoken lyrics, a very cool artwork, and a heavy and yet still nicely dirty production sound then round it all finally up, yes, and this also in a damn great way. Enough words are spoken, yes, get this formidable album if you are into Hardcore and also Oi!/Streetpunk as well, definitely, because you will love SPIDER CREW's "SOUNDS OF HATRED", hell yeahr, it is one hell of a great album that is highliest recommended by me to you. Hardcore!!! Fist!!!
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Samstag, 16. Dezember 2017


(Running time: 48:53 minutes; 12 songs)
("Nuclear Blast Records"; 2017; CD):
Hey guys, yes, it's me again and I'm back @ work right up here - you may could say: all for you - and so without any long introducing smalltalk we rather jump on straight into the action and here and now this or the action is all about the current new 2017 full length album release by/of no one else than the just pure and simply  larger than life grandmasters of Blasphemous Death Metal from the U.S.A. and I am talking about and I am praising and hailing no one else than the almighty IMMOLATION, the legends from New York City, and their newest full length album release that carries the title of "ATONEMENT" and it's their tenth studio full length album in their 31 years or so spanning career (1986 - 2017) and it was released at the 24th of February of this very year of 2017 via the german based "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" label, yes, and here and now I finally get it done to do my review up here for you, yes, and so now here we go... and, just btw, IMMOLATION's "HERE IN AFTER" from 1996 (I guess) is still to and @ this very day one of my top ten all time favorite Death Metal albums ever; but now back to the topic, yes, IMMOLATION's 2017 "ATONEMENT", yes, and so now finally (again) here we go: "ATONEMENT" is one absolutely amazing and awesome, sheer unbelievable high skilled piece of satanic and blaspehmic, sinister and brutal Death Metal that's incredible intense and through and through interwoven with sheer palpable close very deep'n'dark atmosphere and overwhelming huge and massive and all the time very alive-lively emotions, yes, this album is on all levels nothing but the absolutely sheer and pure and full force and might set to musick, hell yeahr, and that this one here is also one of the very most brutal and also technically highest skilled releases (of 2017) I only state here for the record, yes. IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT" then really comes to life thanks to the fantastic songwriting that's very, very massive and intense and yet very diverse and rich on variations and truckloads of surprising and so not expected moments and that above all is also so damn fuckin' atmospheric and full of a high emotional scale/'scaleing', yes, and that also offers a wide variety of grapping song arrangements and exciting as well as rousing and no prisoners taking rhythm and riff compositions, large pace variations from in sort of  'this all and everything in-between' annihilating blasts to crypt-like Doom parts and 'slammy' mosh monsters, a very lot of massively soul- and playful finishes/'cultivations' to each of the songs, and a very strong and sinister and evil glooming and yet bright shining 'play' with dissonances that anyhow flow smooth (as 'smooth' as Death Metal can be ;-) - if you get what I mean ............) all together, yes, and this so incredible rich songwriting is done and delivered in such a phenomenal highest skilled musical way that it will absolutely take and conquer you by storm and in a very, nah, in an absolutely and totally supreme way, style, and manner, yes, this is definitely absolutely pure platinum and this on all fronts, period. All is packed up to the extreme max full with diverse smashing and yet really sort of symphonic guitars that are delivering the very best of the goods no matter if we look at the briliant rhythmic work or the full force fantastic riffing on the one side or the outshining sinister and dark 'lead' work with its glorious play with disharmonies/harmonies, dissonances and melody lines on the other side, totally awesome, and above the fantastic solo work we don't even need to speak and that/this simply because there aren't not enough words of praise around to do it justice anyhow anyway so larger than life great it is, point and fact. Then there's the phenomenal overwhelming massive and powerful, tight and precise and absolutely to the point played and yet 'amazingly' diverse and varying rhythm section that also really nothing but shines and adds much class and quality beefy and bulky weight and mass to IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT", yes, and that's above all absolutely superb. All is then made round and finally cultivated and enriched by the deep and harsh, brutal grunted guttural lead vokillz that shine in a bloody and sinister, deadly and devastating way. All in all IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT" is not just an absolutely breathtaking and overwhelming larger than life masterpiece and it is also not just maybe perhaps the very, very most best album in the anyhow incredible strong and massively impressive discography of IMMOLATION but it is also clearly and far ahead of all the other/potential 'rivals' outta there (that in a lot cases also released strong to great and phenomenal good albums this very year) and so definitely the by far best and most strongest Death Metal album of 2017, definitely and without a single doubt. My personal highlights are clearly "WHEN THE JACKALS COME", "THE DISTORTING LIGHT", "RISE THE HERETICS", "THROWN TO THE FIRE", "ATONEMENT", "ABOVE ALL", "FOSTERING THE DIVIDE", and "POWER OF GODS", hell yeahr, but don't do the mistake and think the other and also anyhow anyway only few not named songs would be sort of 'weak(er) stuff' because hell no also this songs totally rule and destroy everything and everyone. We then also get blasphemous and bestial, sinister and dark lyrics, one of the most gorgeous artworks I've seen this year (and also in years), and a blasting and bombing production sound that's nothing than a deadly striking wall of sound, yes, turning IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT" then 'finally-finally' into the real deal and making it to the complete package. If you are into real Death Metal and you really still should not know or have IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT" then do yourself the huge, huge favour and change this and this best instantly right now because this masterpiece definitely needs to be a (prominent) part of and in your record collection, definitely and also without any doubt. So, in short: Get it!!!
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Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

CKY - "THE PHOENIX" (2017)

(Running time: 30:45 minutes; 8 songs)
("Entertainment One" & "SPV"; 2017; CD):
Hey guys, me again, next post, next record, next review, yes, and this time on the new album of/by a band that I also just recently discovered this very year of and in 2017, for what the damn bloody fuck reasons ever, and here and now it is all about the brandnew CKY full length release "THE PHOENIX" released still pretty recently in 2017 via "ENTERTAINMENT ONE" and "SPV"; and eight years that passed by since its proper actual full length precursor album "CARVER CITY" from 2009 the albumtitle is maybe pretty 'programmatic' or sort of. After CKY were (without any kind of justification) more or less (beside some cool shirts back then) totally unknown to me I will spare me any band introduction and will jump straight and direct into the action, yes, and I will do so this time with naming you the probably biggest "What's wrong with it? That's wrong with it!" part of the whole album... it's simply by far too short, its running time is way too damn short, point and fact. Beside this... damn it... this is a damn strong and really fresh and exciting and mostly nicely varying and diverse metallic as well as grungy modern Alternative (Hard) Rock album that leaves you truly demanding for more. Beside this there aren't really negative points. Surely not all is gold but really pretty much and it is all on a strong and really fucking good level of quality and with the lead voacls, hell yeahr, the singer is so incredible strong with his very cool and smooth and yet very forceful style and way of singing and intonation, oh yes, this is really, really damn very, very strong and a pretty unique and a the songs and the music very strong marking feature of CKY's music on "THE PHOENIX", bloody hell yeahr, with such a singer and such lead vocals delivered by such a singer you already have one hell of  a huge plus already from the get-go on your side and so do CKY here on and with "THE PHOENIX" and this without a single doubt. Beside the really outstanding vocals we get a big and strong guitar work that's really stunning and dustdry boneshaking heavy and yet very sensitive and melodic and above all really grooving as hell and wafting with smoothe and chilled tones and that's packed up full with grapping playful elements and shines with a lot of passion and soul in a really just nothing but cool (and also pretty unique characteristic) way and this with the riffing and in the rhythm department as well as and maybe even especially with some bombing lead and solo work, yes, also the guitars are a true trademark of the sound and music of CKY (at least here on "THE PHOENIX"). Then there is the strongly present walking and talking bass and the stunning and nicely massive drumming adding beefy meat to the bones of "THE PHOENIX" as well as a cool organ that's really enriching the songs in most parts heavily. The songwriting is also pretty fresh and focusses beside some nice surprises and play- and soulful moments especially on the strong arrangements of the rhythmic structure with their strong organic grooves and their in most parts strongly rousing alignment. And here definitely a bunch of skilled musicians is at work, yes, just for the record. Maybe imagine a very self-contained mixture out of AUDIOSLAVE, DANKO JONES, DEFTONES, some new METALLICA, a bit of CREED, and some PUDDLE OF MUDD, hm... maybe, and you get a good first impression of where to start with your imagination of what is waiting here for you with CKY's "THE PHOENIX". At the end of the day a bit more variations and a bit more diversity to the grooves and the rhythm structures and "THE PHOENIX" would be even more better but also so anyhow CKY delivered a really damn strong album here with it that also comes with strong lyrics, a beautiful artwork, and a pretty natural and yet fat'n'heavy production sound that's a perfect match to/with the music and my personal favorites are "REPLACEABLE", "DAYS OF SELF DESTRUCTION", "UNKNOWN ENEMY", "HEAD FOR A BREAKDOWN", and "BETTER THAN GET EVEN", yes, so maybe start your listening sessions with this most precious gems. CKY delivered with "THE PHOENIX" a really damn strong album that I can only recommend in a very sure and calm way to you, point and fact.
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Donnerstag, 14. Dezember 2017


(Running time: 75:42  minutes; 12 songs)
("High Roller Records"; 2017; CD):
Can anyone please tell me why this sort of "Veteran-Formation" was to this year absolutely unknown to me? Ah, but okay, first things first, so yes, so hey guys, your dear Manslaughter Andy is back at work again and so he's delivering you here and now his newest post and so his newest record review and of course... yes... I definitely should stop talking about me, myself, and I in the third person, that's not a very 'healthy sign' after all... or so they say. Jack Starr, a former VIRGIN STEELE member, raised back in the 1980's his own band named JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR and released a bunch of albums under this banner back then before more or less calling it a day, for all what I (think to) know, and then in the early (?) 2000's reuniting and reforming JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR with a new 'crew' and now in 2017 Jack Starr respectively JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR released with "STAND YOUR GROUND" a brand new album via the very sympathic "HIGH ROLLER RECORDS" label, yes, and so now here we are, undeniable, and so now let's go: The artwork of "STAND YOUR GROUND" totally caught and conquered me and I instantly turned into sort of a curious teenager (- if you get what I'm saying) who nothing else wanted more than finally and desperately listen to this beauty of an album, yes, and so I did and I instantly took it with me. This is absolute fantastic traditional (but yet very fresh and 'amazingly' alive-lively and in no way any lame and stale retro crap) and really hymnal as well as powerful and also really harsh shredding Heavy Metal (or some may like to call it Power Metal) with a strong U.S. American identity and so call it U.S. Metal or (U.S.) American Heavy Metal and it also showcases pretty often a strong epic character and so some may even would call it Epic Metal for some well justified reasons... but at the end of the day I don't really care about what 'trademark-label' may would please you the most and so for me this is nothing else but one hell of an incredible strong through and through real Heavy Metal album, hell yeahr, maybe epic Heavy Metal as well, anyhow, point and fact. Wrapped up into first class to absoultely highest class songwriting that offers a wide variety of different play- and soul- as well as thoughtful song arrangements, rousing rhythmic structures, strong and nicely varying pace compositions, and a great diversity of rich emotions, different moods, and a colorful palette of 'tonings'n'colorations' that turn the songs into grapping and exciting events here we get pure platinum real Heavy Metal with a very strong and impressive own identity and delivered by high skilled musicians and expect to get it all from rocking Power Metal stompers over catchy fists-in-the-air Heavy Metal hymns to hard shredding fast paced through'n'through heavy Headbangers over epic Monsters of Metal tracks to powerful Heavy Metal ballads, yes, JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR deliver with "STAND YOUR GROUND" for sure the real deal and the complete package. Expect one hell of a strong, charismatic, and absoultely great clean and powerful yet very melodic and with a lot of honest emotions shining lead singing voice that marks the song heavily for all the right reasons; expect a brilliant guitar work that offers a fantastic rhythmic work, shines with forceful riffing, and conquers completly with its large leads and melody work as well as really, really strong solos, that also delivers shredding(s) of the first class, yes, and that's for sure the biggest trademark and the strongest marking element of the songs and the music of JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR (at least here on "STAND YOUR GROUND"); and then expect it all to be massively and in an imressive way being backed up and cultivated and enriched with and/or by a sheer full force tight and precise and yet nicely varying and anyhow very, very forceful rhythm section that gives the songs the needed powerful punch to become real Heavy Metal asskickers of the highest grade. Fantastic, strong and thought-provoking lyrics, a powerful and yet dirty and old schoolish production sound, and an absolutely amazing artwork finally round one of the if not the strongest (traditional) Heavy Metal albums of 2017 and also in (and probably also for) years finally up. My personal favorites are "THE SECRETS WE HIDE", "THE ENEMY", "STAND YOUR GROUND", "HERO" (pretty much the über-hit of the whole album), "WORLDS APART", "ESCAPE FROM THE NIGHT", "STRONGER THAN STEEL", and "FALSE GODS", yes, so maybe start with the discovery of JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR's "STAND YOUR GROUND" maybe wit this larger than life gems first but don't make the mistake to think that the other (anyhow only few) not mentioned songs would be anyway sort of weak songs because hell no they are also very strong stuff, period. If you are anyhow into Heavy Metal then you simply need to call JACK STARR's BURNING STARR's "STAND YOUR GROUND" your damn bloody own, period. Highly to 'highliest' recommended, yes, and so enough of the talking now just go out and get it as soon as possible if you still really shouldn't have it. Heavy Metal is the law!!!
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Montag, 11. Dezember 2017


(Running time: 45:43 minutes; 10 songs)
("E.A.R. Music"; 2017; CD):
Hey guys, yes, back at work again and this means here comes the next dose for you, my so far right now and right here newest record review is aiming straight at and coming direct for you, yes, and this time it is all about the 2017 full length album of/by the almighty DEEP PURPLE and it carries the title "INFINITE" and was released back at the 7th of April (of) this very year of 2017. "INFINITE" is the 20th full length studio album that DEEP PURPLE created and unleashed at us in their 50 years of existence spanning carreer, and if you ask me this is very, very impressive and also something that we today probably will not so soon if ever will experience again when a band like DEEP PURPLE finally leaves us and by looking at the age of the bandmembers that's nothing 'unrealistic' and also it's heavily rumoured and more or less for all what I got also stated by the band itself that the current tour and "INFINTE" will be their 'farewell-affair'. I first experienced DEEP PURPLE early as a child thankfully through my father who listened to them a lot and especially their larger than life "MADE IN JAPAN" made an everlasting impact on me. And then on a personal level or from a personal point of view also and especially "PERFECT STRANGERS" climbed somehow somewhat to the highest peak of my personal top favorites list. Anyhow, and now we're in 2017 and DEEP PURPLE delivered us "INFINTE" and I finally get it done to come up with my review on it for you, hell yeahr, finally!!! This is a fantastic mixture out of the pretty interwoven DEEP PURPLE 1970's Classic Rock mixed with their more straight Hard Rock/Heavy Rock era of the 1980's with a somewhat pretty cool chilled mood to it all like they established it maybe especially over the course of their precursor albums to/of "INFINITE" and also with some strong classical Rock & Roll impressions to it all and it is delivered so incredible fresh, dynamic, energetic, and with so much power and force and also with so many fresh ideas and cool surprises as well as truly exciting twists and turns along the whole ride that it simply leaves you sort of breathless and with your mouth wide open, yes, listen for example to the absolutely amazing and awesome dramatic growing and intertwined with a lot of great melodies and harmony lines and somewhat oriental aligned "THE SURPRISING" or the phenomenal smooth and cool rocking "JOHNNY'S BAND" that's nothing else or less than a pure Rock & Roll anthem or the fantastic "HIP BOOTS" that's practically Old School Rockabilly the unique DEEP PURPLE way or the absolutely smashing heavy groover "ON TOP OF THE WORLD" with its surely larger than life rousig and  upbuilding tension-arc or the forceful and yet so incredible sensitive and emotional as well as melodic and beside the airy cool yet forceful smashing rhythm structures also with a breathtaking lead and solo work shining "BIRDS OF PREY" or the majestic rockin' Blues hymn "ROADHOUSE BLUES" that DEEP PURPLE do cover from THE DOORS with its special extra in form of the amazing harmonica, yes, to just a name a few examples of the high quality and the absolutely fresh, exciting, grapping and varying arrangements and songwriting in general of "INFINITE" as a whole and each song in its glorious shining uniqueness as well. Beside the varying and diverse and yet tight and to the point delivered songwriting, all done by outstanding musicians, prepare yourself also for a fantastic and absolutely unique guitar work that excel in the glorious rhythm work with exceling arrangements and structures and grooves as well as with fantastic leads and singing solos, too; also prepare yourself for some of the most charismatic and brilliant, unique and best and strongest vocals ever, that mark the songs really heavily; make also sure that you are prepared for one of the best hammond organ, keyboard, and organ performances you propably ever listened to and will ever listen to; also prepare yourself for a walking and talking bass playing of absoultely one of a kind; and also prepare yourself for one of the most smooth and coolest, diverse and precise to the point done and delivered high skilled drumming that packs the final meat on the backbone of DEEP PURPLE's "INFINTE". My personal favorites on DEEP PURPLE's "INFINTE" are "ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS", "HIP BOOTS", "THE SURPRISING", "JOHNNY'S BAND", "BIRDS OF PREY", "ON TOP OF THE WORLD", and the THE DOORS cover "ROADHOUSE BLUES", oh yes, but to be honest I could easily anyhow name you the whole album and each and any song on it because here everything is simply absoulte purest platinum. "INFINTE" is finally made round in a sort of a perfect way with fantastic reflected and also self-aware lyrics, a pure beauty of an amazing artwork (that also comes with a nice little cool "IN ROCK" reference), and a warm and earthy, organic and yet also very heavy production sound, yes, so that here with "INFINTE" you really get the complete package and also definitely one of the very best albums of'n'in'n'for the year of 2017. So, yes, this is one of the 'highliest' recommendations of/by me you get, will get, and already got this year, yes, and so make sure that DEEP PURPLE's "INFINTE" finds its place in your record collection, point and fact. DEEP PURPLE will definitely and desperately be missed 'when they leave the stage' one day... anyhow, make sure to have and enjoy "INFINTE" and all the rest time will tell.
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Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2017


(Running time: 44:44 minutes; 10 songs)
("Steamhammer"/"SPV"; 2017; CD):
And the next round is already aimed at and coming for you, yes, next review up here on another 2017 album, yes, and here and now it is all about the new JAG PANZER album titled "THE DEVIANT CHORD", yes, and it's been a while, surely, that I followed JAG PANZER and so "THE DEVIANT CHORD" is sort of my first 'happening' with them in years. And what is there to say? Hm, a lot, I guess, and so let us start: The U.S. Metal legends that they, JAG PANZER, definitely and absolutely justified are, yes, deliver us first class and damn good U.S. American Heavy Metal that's packed full with massive and thundering guitars that really dominate the songs and the music and that offer a wide variety of different killing riffs and stunning and massive, heavy and powerful rhythm work with grapping arrangements and nicely composed twists and turns and also very nicely interwoven surprises and fresh ideas in it all, yes, and then there are the really shining (doubled) leads and the very mostly impressive strong solos, hell yeahr, and like already said the guitars really dominate and mark the songs and the music heavily and push it all without mercy forward, yes, and this for all the right reasons. Then we get the highly characteristic and absolutely amazing vocals that are the next biggest marking factor of the songs and the music, definitely, and that are very unique and just great, also definitely, and nicely backed up here and there by doubled vocal lines. The thundering rhythm section with its to the point played mercyless precise tightness and its strong massively stunning as well as 'airy-light' diversity finally adds a lot of bulky meat to the backbone and bones of JAG PANZER's "THE DEVIANT CHORD". These fine gentleman are very skilled musicians and also their songwriting is just nothing but a rich and skilled 'affair' with a lot of different rhytmic arrangements and pace-variations as well as fresh twists and turns along the way. My personal favorites are without a doubt the almighty opener "BORN OF THE FLAME", the smashing "FAR BEYOND ALL FEAR", the massively tension-building "BLACKLIST", the very impressive done traditional "FOGGY DEW", the dramatic "DARE", as well as the two straight forward hymnal Heavy Metal anthems "SALACIOUS BEHAVIOUR" and "FIRE OF OUR SPIRIT", yes, so maybe try this gems out first, The other, not mentioned songs are a bit weaker and especially "THE DEVIANT CHORD" simply refuses to speak to me, but anyhow, all in all we get here a very good, yes, a damn good album that I can only very calmly and clearly recommend to any fan of real and honest and strong Heavy Metal outta there and that is made round by strong lyrics, a pretty hard hitting production sound (even the drums really don't sound that strong after all), and a very cool and 'nerdy' (just think of Spider Man) artwork. Clearly recommended, yes, a damn good album and so any Heavy Metal fan should have it in his/her collection, point and fact.
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(Running time: 62:23 minutes; 13 songs)
("Artist Station" & "Soulfood"; 2017; CD):
Hey folks, yes, it's me again, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, again the next dose is coming for you. Hm, and now something very different and anyhow unique and maybe also especially for this very blog here something pretty to very new I have in store for you, surely, because here and now comes my record review on the current new 2017 full length album of/by the german Progressive (and maybe also Classic) Rock legends ELOY coming from the city of Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony, the german federal state I live in and this sort of just a hour or a-hour-and-a-half away from Hanover, (en)titled "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE" and it was released at the 25th of August this very year of 2017 via "ARTIST STATION" and "SOULFOOD", and yes, I will (once again) try my best to do somehow justice to this album... and this will anyhow anyway be an incredible damn hard job, a very damn hard try to do so, that I can already tell you by now. But, yes and anyhow, let's go one more time again: I never knew of ELOY, why the bloody hell ever, before I finally saw this album at my local record store... despite the fact that they are more or less 'constantly-existingly-around' since 1969 and despite the fact that they released quite a few albums since then and also despite the fact that they come from sort of 'around the corner' from where I live... but anyhow, yes, because now in 2017 this finally changed. The artwork, yes, the album, yes, the complete package appealed to me and spoke to me and I was curious what this might be right from the beginning. When I first saw it I didn't took it with me because I was in a hurry and had no time to do a little listening-session with it in the store. The second time I finally had the time and did so promptly and... it was pretty much right from the get-go very clear to me that this is an album and that this is music that demands time and effort of/from you and that this is nothing to discover properly not even a single bit while or when listening to it over shitty headphones in your local record store with far too many people running around you, definitely not, and so it was also right from the get-go very clear to me that I would definitely desperately need to take this little shining silver disc home with me, for sure, and so I did. This was sort of a week after ELOY's "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE" was released some few months ago still pretty recently this year of 2017, hm, and since then it is for all the right and justified reasons on heavy rotation here on'n'in my stereo, yes, and since then I also ask myself how the hell do I a review on it that does justice to this breathtaking and phenomenal rich'n'diverse and and just fascinating and totally larger than life masterpiece of an Album that it definitely is... and still I have not a single clou, nah, at least not a proper one... but with that review being now long, long overdue and with 2017 aiming more and more straight and direct towards its end I finally decided to not longer shy away from it, yes, and so now here comes my honest attempt and my honest try to a anyhow proper review on ELOY's "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE", yes, and so where do I now finally find the starting point to do so... ah, okay... maybe here: This is incredible skilled and varying, diverse and demanding (and this in all positive senses and meanings of this word or term) Progressive Rock strongly dominated by organs and keyboards and this without any annoying 'cheesy and corny kitsch' and massively enriched with medieval folklore instrumentation and parts and also offering surprising elements like- for example- a (children's) choir that add a lot of 'qualitatively weight' to the music of ELOY here on "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE". It's all very high skilled and diverse, varying done, yes, Progressive Rock with a very special and unique character and that also adds quite a bit of Classic Rock heavyness and marks to it all and this especially in the guitar departement. Also very, hm, yes, outstanding and pretty unique (maybe especially in the Progressive Rock context) and maybe even more convincingly are the widescreen and massive arrangements and the interleaved rhytmic structures of the songs that heavily (and I mean really heavily) mark the music on/of ELOY's "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE" and they even outshine the (anyhow also fascinating and exciting, grapping) solo work that's also a very prominent and outstanding ingredient and this of the highest quality here on this very album. Also the female lead singing voice of Alice Merton (you may know her the Mainstream charts storming hit "ROOTS" from this year or so) is an incredible superb enrichment and adds so stunningly massive lot to the songs, yes, it's just a complete and total "Wow!!!"-factor cultivating it all even more. This is absolutely unique music, incredible soul- and playful, coming from the heart, speaking out of the soul, with a clear and conscious skilled mind, and absolutely timeless like we're not so often able to experience it still today, for sure, and it is also extremly esthetic (and this in all positive sense), yes, this is surely 'true art'. And also, of course, expect tons of just breathtaking guitars, absolutely amazing vocals, and a fascinating work of the high skilled rhythm section, beside all the other outstanding great elements and ingredients of ELOY's "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE" that I already mentioned above before (at least I tried to do so). And that this guys are phenomenal musicians I also mention here but only for the record, yes, because this should be clear anyhow anyway. I think (or at least I do hope so) that to the phenomenal arranged and composed, highly diverse and much varying, 'proggy'n'complicated' and yet still absolutely amazing flowing and all the time comprehensible songwriting I also said quite a bit to quite a lot above and what the pretty unique focus of it all is and what dominates and shines perhaps the most and all this, yes, so please read above so that I don't have to repeat myself here and now so that this anyhow 'large monster' of a review grows not anyhow too big after all... okay, let us for a moment here and now act so like this wouldn't be the case already, yes... Because to repeat myself would maybe also prevent me from also praising the lyrical and in general the artistic approach and concept of ELOY's "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE", and this would suck, yes, definitely, because this album is the first of a two albums (and also a book) spanning storytelling of the lifestory and the timeline of the events of the historical as well as mystical and anyhow inspirational and sort of 'enlightening' figure and person that is or maybe better that was Jean D'Arc, the Virgin of Orleans. And this is done absolutely amazing and also 'outstandingly-awesome' with a lot of fantastic done elements that reminiscent a lot of audiobooks and the stylistic devices that are used there for the storytelling and here on "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE" ELOY really succesful and in a massively impressive way manage to work this all beautifully flowing into their music, oh yes, and this is absolutely magnificent and enchanting on a larger than life level and scale. The gorgeous artwork is a perfect match to this all, as well as the warm and natural, organic and yet clear production sound. After this is a concept album I definitely won't name you my favorites and this simply because it wouldn't make any sense after all, yes, because do yourself the favour and listen to ELOY's "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE" in its whole shining and beautiful, nearly magical glory and this repeatedly, yes, make sure to do so and this best again and again, for sure, period. Okay, so far I think... ah, I could go on and on talking about and praising ELOY's "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE"... damn it... but, okay, I think I anyhow sort of definitely need to have to come finally to a close of/with this very review here and now, hm, and so just let me say that I won't name you no anyhow comparable bands and albums because there are absoultely none that come to my mind that strong and especially unique is this album, point and fact, maybe just a very, very, very little bit the intense and atmospheric 'soundscapes' that ELOY create again and again here on "THE VISION, THE SWORD AND THE PYRE - PART ONE" are very, very slightly here and there reminiscent of or somehow comparable to PINK FLOYD, hm, maybe, but I'm not so sure about it after all. Anyhow, my last words here and now are that this very one here is one of the biggest or hugest surprises that I discovered this very year of 2017 and I can only massively, strongly, and highly recommend this to any of you open minded Rock lovers out there, yes, one of the definite very best and also most unique albums of this year of 2017, without a doubt, so just go and get it if you still shouldn't have it, why-ever, and this best instantly, period; and I'm looking enthusiastically forward to ELOY releasing "THE VISION, THE SWORD, AND THE PYRE - PART TWO" finally soon in 2018.
(10 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)

Official 2017 album teaser: ELOY - "THE SWORD, THE VISION AND THE PYRE - PART ONE" (2017)


(Running time: 34:21 minutes; 10 songs)
("Kernkraftritter Records"; 2017; CD):
Okay folks, yes, and here's now already coming the next new review for you, trust your eyes because it's damn true, and this time again on another 2017 release and this time it's sort of a little bit of a special one because finally BLACKLIST LTD. are back, yes, the boys from my hometown hood Goslar City finally release with "STILL LIMITED" a brandnew record and this time with their... hm... 'new' singer and 'new' (second) guitar player and also this time via a label, yes, and it's the german "KERNKRAFTRITTER RECORDS" label that is releasing "STILL LIMITED", yes, and the record label deal is more than justified and also anyhow long overdue, yes, at least if you ask me. Okay, and after this introducing smalltalk, yes, now straight'n'right into the action, yes, so here we go one more time again: BLACKLIST LTD. play a sharp cutting and rousing, heavy and yet very melodical Modern Metal that offers also a lot of 'alternative tendencies' as well as 'emo impressions' and often crosses the borders to Metalcore with some slight portions of Modern Hardcore and the focus consequently lies on strong and consequent on the singing melodies and tension building arrangements, the big harmony lines and the hymnal rocking riffs and loud'n'wide refrains, yes, and also on powerful and nicely grooving'n'slamming and instantly 'moshy' mid- to up-paced parts, yes, and you know what, for (mostly) all the right reasons BLACKLIST LTD.'s focus is lying on this elements, for sure. And so expect a huge truckload full of smashing and yet (very) diverse guitars, very well-skilled, hard, harsh, and heavy as well as melodic, hymnal, and 'fluffy' rockin'n'grooving played and really marking the songs heavily and no matter if we look at or listen to the forceful riffs and the grapping rhythm arrangements or if we look at respectively listen to the very marking leads, yes, it's just all damn strong stuff, point and fact. A heavy-ass stunning rhythm section delivers the much needed loadable backbone to the music of BLACKLIST LTD. and adds a lot of beefy meat to "STILL LIMITED", thumbs up. Diverse and strong vokillz then give it all the crowning x-factor and from brutal throaty shoutings and slightly guttural screams to very sensitive and soulful sung clean singing we get it all and also all delivered in a pretty strong way. Also the vokillz as well as the guitar work is pretty charismatic, also owning a pretty special or unique tone or toning, yes, and I think this only adds only more quality to it all. Really strong, oh yes, a damn good album and fans of acts like or from KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and CALIBAN to AT WITS END and ALIVE AT LAST will surely start moshing around while BLACKLIST LTD.'s "STILL LIMITED" is playing. Especially the catchy and melodic parts are really the hometown territory of BLACKLIST LTD., yes, the harsh parts they deliver also on point but by far not as strong. Just some too cheesy parts (also lyric-wise) will probably-definitely never be 'my homeground' but after all that's maybe also just me, who knows. My personal favorites or the for/to me strongest songs are "PREACH THE FAITH", "LEADERSHIP", "EGO", "RED OR GEAR", and "DELIVERY ON SUNDAY", yes, so start your discovery maybe with this shining gems first. I only miss some really big hits that this certain style of music definitely needs and some stuff is just too 'cheesy' for me, like above already mentioned, but this are only minor points of criticism and I have to say that I am really impressed of what the guys of/in BLACKLIST LTD. deliver us here with "STILL LIMITED", definitely, and it's a huge step forward by/for this anyhow strong band, yes, and you should also make sure to check them out live on stage; and I only hope that not again nine years will pass us by before BLACKLIST LTD. will release the succesor of "STILL LIMITED". Mostly good and interesting lyrics, a cool artwork, and a heavy and yet dirty production sound finally round it then all up. And for now I've said so much all I had to say right now and right here and so now I will close this review with pointing one last time clearly out that if you are a fan of the described music and/or the mentioned bands then BLACKLIST LTD.'s "STILL LIMITED" simply and definitely should be a part of your collection, yes, it's (mostly even highly) definitely recommended, yes, because it's for sure really a damn strong album, point and fact. Okay, and now, yes, good night my dear readers; and then and now more again soon.
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Samstag, 9. Dezember 2017


(Running time: 56:47 minutes; 10 songs)
("AFM Records"; 2017; CD):
Hey guys, yes, next post is coming up and so if you've read yesterday's post then you now know that this bloody 'cold' didn't fuckin' disappeared as quickly and as suddenly as it came yesterday, damn it, and so I'm sitting this saturday at home and my planned and long awaited concert trip crossing-through-Germany to go and celebrate a christmas in hell with SIX FEET UNDER and a big bunch of other cool bands... nah, no damn bloody fucking option today... and you know what? This sucks!!! Okay, okay, okay, calming down... enough of the senseless bitching-around and instead of this crybaby-shit I can also do something productive with my free time and so here now comes the next review for you up here by me, yes, and this time it's my take on the new 2017 full length album of/by ORDEN OGAN titled "GUNMEN" and released more or less recently via "AFM REOCRDS", yes, and so now here we go one more time again: ORDEN OGAN are a band that I never knew before some-time this very year I visted my parents and my mother played one of their older albums (can't remember the title right now, sorry...) and I was promptly stunned and it was pretty clear that I would need to 'dig-myself-a-further-bit-into' ORDEN OGAN and their discography, yes, and so I did, yes, and I did this as usual as it's my 'habit' with their most-current release and in the case of ORDEN OGAN I did so with their new 2017 full length album "GUNMEN", yes, and what shall I say... this was totally a right decision. ORDEN OGAN are a german Heavy Metal or better Power Metal band and they play it in a pretty modern or maybe better 'fresh'n'up-to-date' as well as epic and all the time truly very powerful and heavy and yet still through'n'through melodic and symphonic style'n'way. I really like this stuff, I mean for sure sometimes I think that the songs could be done tighten up a bit and the sort of 'omni-present' keyboard simply isn't really my 'most-favorite-thing' but this two 'critical-thinking-moments' are only so very few that  with this short sentence already 'everything-that's-wrong-about-it' is now already said'n'done, yes, if you get what I mean and/or want to say. Beside this expect a massive load of really huge guitars that are done simply just great and amazing and are full of fantastic riffs and a huge diversity and that totally shine with being packed up full with singing leads and outstanding solos, delivering fantastic huge, epic, as well as hymnal and catchy melody lines without end, yes, and also with being packed up full with forceful riffs and smashing rhythms and a big diversity in and of the rhythmic structure and Arrangements and the pace-structure of the songs that cover a truly wide and broad distance from modern and yet still organic grooves to fresh strong metallic rocking 'go-and-bang-your-head' parts over hymnal and catchy 'fists-in-the-air' moments in parts surely influenced by none other than almighty and larger than life RUNNING WILD  over symphonic and playful 'silent' elements up to powerful forward storming and pumping Speed Metal parts influenced by for example HELLOWEEN and loud blasting sheer Epic Metal greatness in the tradition of BLIND GUARDIAN we'll find pretty much it all here on ORDEN OGAN's "GUNMEN", yes, and this fantastic guitar work is enriched by mostly (very) good even if sometimes very (to over-)present keyboards and backed up by a stunning, massive, and yet 'greatly' varying rhythm section that's also absolutely tight and precise and without mercy consequent to the point played. On top of it we get strong and (very) charismatic lead vocals, yes, that are here and there nicely backed up by high quality back up chantings and strong female co-lead-vocals delivered by Liv Kristine. The songwriting is very grapping and exciting and also damn fucking rousing, yes, and how the songwriting is 'structured' or what it offers all to you and me or us when listening to ORDEN OGAN's "GUNMEN" I've already described quite a bit some sentences above when desribing the truly outstanding guitar work, yes, at least sort of, so there you find it all and I don't have to repeat myself already here and now. That the guys in ORDEN OGAN are also really strong and skilled musicians I mention here only for the record. A very cool and interesting sort of lyrical concept with really good and exciting lyrics, an absolutely beautiful gorgeous artwork, and a widescreen bombastic production sound then finally round it all up, yes, turning "GUNMEN" definitely into the complete package, period. My personal favorites are definitely the loud'n'proud "GUNMAN" (pure force and power turned into music), "FIELDS OF SORROW" with some of the greatest verse arrangements that I've heard in quite a while, the stunning "FORLON AND FORSAKEN", the everything else totally outshining "VAMPIRE IN GHOST TOWN" with great RUNNING WILD impressions (and my personal absolute über-favorite-hit), the killing "THE FACE OF SILENCE", and the great "ASHEN RAIN" and "ONE LAST CHANCE", yes, so start your discovery of ORDEN OGAN's "GUNMEN" with this masterpieces, oh bloody hell yeahr, but do yourself the huge favour and don't think or anticipate that the not mentioned songs would be weak stuff or so, hell no, the only really let-down is maybe the stereotypical "FINIS CORONAT OPUS", hm, but maybe that's also just me, or what ever, who knows. One last thing that I still (or maybe again) have to mention is the very big to huge strong own identity of ORDEN OGAN, yes, and also the all the time very high levels of energy, dynamics, and absolute power. Yes, really, really great. Anyhow, yes, I can only highly recommend this very one here, ORDEN OGAN's "GUNMEN", to any fan of Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Epic Metal, and maybe also in parts Speed Metal as well as Melodic Metal and Symphonic Metal, yes, so enough of the talking, for sure, so just go out and get it if you still shouldn't call it your own anyway anyhow. Highly recommended and another massively big surprise that 2017 finally brought up to light for me.
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)