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(Running time: 31:47 minutes; 11 songs)
("I Scream Records"; CD):

(02.) "STEP BACK"
(03.) "HE'S MY FRIEND"
(07.) "OUT IN THE FIELDS" (GARY MOORE - cover)
(11.) "EYE IN THE SKY"

(Note: The first paragraph of this article gives you just some 'general informations' on/about what's currently going on in my real life and why it was for nearly one-and-a-half-month so damn 'silent' up here and also tries to give you a little outlook into the near future up here, so, yes, if you're not interested in it, no problem, just skip it and scroll down to the second paragraph of this very article.)

Hey guys, yes, trust your eyes, I'm still alive, still not dead yet. But... oh damn it, real life currently eats my time away - and this sort of in a 'drastic way'. If you should know me personally or if you are a reader right from the start of this little blog back then in 2010 (damn it, really eight years already… I grow old, goddamn it) then you maybe know (or probably should know) that in real life I make my living being a teacher and despise all the bullshit-clichées this is anyhow a pretty time consuming job but that's not that what I mean right now, nah, I'm working towards becoming a principal one day (and hopefully and if it all now works out the right way better sooner than later) and this all takes quite a bit of time and effort that needs to be invested (like you may can imagine) and so this all combined with the  fact that it wasn't that easy for me to keep up my normal and real social life over the last weeks due to my 'working-towards-becoming-a-principal-one-soon-day' plan it gets maybe clearer why I and with me also this very blog here was sort of like in stand-by modus since the beginning of last month. I don't know if already this month this 'mess up here' will get better again but at least I hope to bring up a handful of posts still this month. A lot is overdue (to be honest already again by far too much is now already by far to long, long overdue), this starts with record-reviews on current (and also past) records as well as this "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH" post in its "MAY 2018" edition (that you now obviously get first) and ending by the two now already since a few months announced bigger posts up here and so on and so on. For this month I aim at bringing, like already mentioned shortly before/above, at least still sort of a handful of posts up here and beside this very one right now right here this means at least still the two bigger posts and at least two new record-reviews on current albums as well. But, yes, please keep in mind that this all up here is absoluetly nothing else and nothing more than  simply a through-and-through hobby, a passionate one, for sure, but still just a hobby; and so at the end of the day the priorities should be clear to anyone who's older than three times six and calls a real life his/her own. Anyhow: From the end of June 2018 and especially July 2018 on then I have summer vacation(s) for six weeks and even I will hopefully be up and away a lot and also be pretty active in this time (if all goes good and stays fine…) I still have to do a lot for my Job but I'm pretty sure that finally then again more new stuff will come up here, also more frequently and then hopefully again on a more regular basis. Just let us wait and see. But just that you know about what's-up currently in camp MANSLAUGHTER. And now, yes, finally (by far) enough of the introducing smalltalk filled with 'general informations' to the max and so now finally into the action and why you probably came here in the first place; and if you've made it so far through my egotrippin' rambling you're a champ and so now finally all breaks off and here we go…!!!

Originally this was meant to be and still is the newest (even it's already very long overdue now) "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH" post in its very own "MAY 2018" edition and this time it will be and is all about the almighty RIGHT DIRECTION and their masterpiece "BURY THE HATCHET" released via the legendary "I SCREAM RECORDS" label back then eighteen years ago in 2000 and this to for all what I know so far only on CD. And all of you who are also now already a bit longer around now maybe can draw (already) some lines between the two last "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH" posts that payed tribute to HARD RESISTANCE (and their "ENGINE OF HATE" masterpiece) and DEVIATE (and their "STATE OF GRACE" gift of the gods) because (at least to me and damn sure not only for me) this bands are linked (closely) together, yes, all of them being at the frontlines of what was back then one day labeled Euro Core. Hard and heavy and crushing and yet still sort of catchy Hardcore raised on a heavy New York Hardcore diet enriched with far more flavoures of Metallic Hardcore, Metal, Holy Terror Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Punkrock, Streetpunk, Oi!, and more, yes, and all delivered by fantastic acts like the already mentioned HARD RESISTANCE and DEVIATE as well as (early) DISCIPLINE, BACKFIRE!, BRIGHTSIDE, RYKER'S, ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS, the almighty SPIDER CREW, and BUST THE CHAIN, to name just a few, and all this bands added their own identity to it all and this with their very special own flavour. What has this all now to do with RIGHT DIRECTION? They were one of the greatest back then and their fourth full-length-album "BURY THE HATCHET" from 2000 was and still is and for sure will always remain to be nothing but a total masterpiece, hell yeahr, and they also added their very own flavour to it all and this was especially on "BURY THE HATCHET" a strong and very hymnal/anthemic and catchy, melodic Streetpunk/Oi! taste of highest quality and 'deliciousness' while remaining a heavy hitting Hardcore band all the time. Here and there also still some few metallic influences are to be noticed, hm, maybe mostly in the guitar department.

RIGHT DIRECTION started already back then in 1989 (yes, nearly already thirty years ago now) and they hailed out of the the city of Maastricht also known as M-Town in the Netherlands like also, just as a side-fact, the almighty Oi! Silverbacks of CLOSE COMBAT but that's sort of a different story (you know, different band, different story) and they called it a day ten years ago in 2008. For all what I know they are back today (also with four original members) but have so far no plans of releasing any new material. Their first album "HOW MANY MORE LIES" they've released in 1993, followed by "ALL OF A SUDDEN" in 1995. Both albums I didn't know back then and changed this then over the following years after I finally got to know RIGHT DIRECTION. My first contact with RIGHT DIRECTION was in 1998 when I was 17 years young with their phenomenal thrid full-length-album "TO RIGHT THE WRONG" and they took me by storm - just to overwhelm me even more only two years later in 2000 with their larger-than-life masterpiece "BURY THE HATCHET". In 2002 then they released their killer album "BEYOND THE BEYONDS" and this was and is so far their final output to this date. A bunch of vinyl sngles ("THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES"/1991, "NO REASON TO LAUGH"/1991, BEOWÜLF & RIGHT DIRECTION split/1994, WARZONE & RIGHT DIRECTION live split/1995, and "ALL THESE YEARS"/1996) and also the retrospection-compilation "ECHOES FROM THE PAST" (1996) they've released also over the 1990's. And then after six years of no new album since 2002 in 2008 they called it finally a day. And right now, right here we're here, yes, paying tribute to them, RIGHT DIRECTION, and their fantastic "BURY THE HATCHET" longplayer.

RIGHT DIRECTION toured over their existence with several great ones like WARZONE, MADBALL, SICK OF IT ALL, and SLAPSHOT as well as BEOWÜLF, YUPPICIDE, EXCEL, and BITTER. They also appealed to the Metal crowd like tours with for example GOREFEST showcase(d) to the world. Their original Drummer Richard Bruinen seperated ways with them in 1992 to join BACKFIRE! in the following years. (BACKFIRE!, also one of the greatest, hell yeahr, and they will be featured up here as well for sure some day in the future.) And you can be sure that bands like WARZONE and SICK OF IT ALL as well MADBALL and SLAPSHOT had their influence on RIGHT DIRECTION as well as AGNOSTIC FRONT and for sure definitely AWKWARD THOUGHT in heavy doses, too. But they, and of course I mean RIGHT DIRECTION, owned their very own spirit and also their very special flavour and on "BURY THE HATCHET" this culminated in heavy and fresh Streetpunk/Oi! vibes that also fantastic bands like the great TECH 9 or even the immortal and larger-than-life DISCIPLINE didn't do any better back then. A special guitar tone, highly charismatic lead vocals, huge dynamics, strong emotions, and also a very own melodic/melody work really added massive amounts of a unique identity and character to it all, yes, and this for all the right reasons.

With or to this band, RIGHT DIRECTION, and especially this particular album, "BURY THE HATCHET", I have very special and just great memories very closely linked. Great times, great friends, great concerts, great parties, yes, all this and even far, far more. RIGHT DIRECTION's "BURY THE HATCHET" for damn sure is another album that holds and owns a very special place in my heart. I mean, of course it is exactly this, yes, because otherwise it would not appear here and now despise the anyhow over-all premium quality of it all. But also beside this, hell yeahr, it absolutely and totally shines with outstanding and overwhelming quality and this still today after or with now being already 18 years old. Highly charismatic lead vocals, sing-a-long chants, smashing and incredible forceful yet damn melodic guitars, thunderous drumming, and a crispy bass work made'n'make the musick and formidable and still damn fresh and very varied and intense songwriting, tons of energy and dynamics, and all never shyed away from big and honest heartfelt emotions wrapped in tight atmosphere cultivated'n'cultivates it all, with a very unique character gave'n'gives it all finally the bright shining crown. One hell of a legendary and larger than life masterpiece of an album that anyone who really should not know it so far really needs to call his/her own and so I can't praise it anyhow anyway enough.

My personal favorites here on RIGHT DIRECTION's "BURY THE HATCHET"? God-damn it, that's a hard one. Yes... a really hard one. And I mean a really, really hard one. You really ask why? Okay... simply because every damn song is purest platinum up here on this most precious gem. But, hm, okay, let's go, yes, I'm trying my best to give you or better pick for you my personal favorites… Sort of my absolute faavorites up here. I massively love the damn catchy and Streetpunk fueled "ELECTRIC GUN", the highly atmospheric and intense "HEROES NEVER DIE", the Saxophone fueled fantastic anthem "HE'S MY FRIEND" (sounds more and better like DOG EAT DOG than all what they've done after or since "PLAY GAMES" and it offers strong SKA vibes, too), the harsh hitting anti-racist tune "STEP BACK", the in all honesty damn great GARY MOORE cover "OUT IN THE FIELDS", the by crushing Oi! influenced angry Hardcore slasher "THE BAR THAT ONCE WAS MINE", the every resistance slaying harsh Hardcore wrecking ball "SONG OF FRUSTRATION", the Hardcore-ish raging Dutch Oi! beast "TWIST MY WORDS AROUND", and the purest platinum Streetpunk/Oi! monster "FIGHT VIOLENCE WITH VIOLENCE". Yes, nothing but the best of the best - back then and still today and probably this will never change. And don't make the mistake to think that the (anyhow only very, very few) not mentioned songs would be weak or what the hell else ever because hell no, they are also nothing but purest gold. So, yes, that's it, I think I've said so far all what I had to say right now and right here and I will now close this tribute post with saying clearly that I can only recommend RIGHT DIRECTION's "BURY THE HATCHET" to you and you should definitely know (and have) it to close a big portion of blank space in your Hardcore history and collection and it's damn good that RIGHT DIRECTION are back even if they 'only' play live. I love this stuff!!! Welcome back, guys. HEROES NEVER DIE!!!

RIGHT DIRECTION - "BURY THE HATCHET" (2000) ///the complete album\\\

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MALICE - "LICENSE TO KILL" (2018; Rerelease)

(Running time: 39:23 minutes; 9 songs)
("Rock Candy"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, next load and dose is already coming right in aimed @ you and so without any further smalltalking words of introduction right into the action and this action is here and now the fabulous 2018 rerelease version (delivered via the great "ROCK CANDY" label) of the glorious second full-length-album of/by Los Angeles' finest MALICE's titled "LICENSE TO KILL" that was originally released back then @ the 12th of January of 1987. I did not know MALICE before but "ROCK CANDY" were known to me due to their great rereleases of fantastic (Hard) Rock albums like for example WINGER's breathtaking "IN THE HEART OF THE YOUNG", STONE FURY's glorious "BURNS LIKE A STAR", or VALENTINE's brilliant self-titled killer record, yes, and so I was instantly damn fucking curious when I saw MALICE's "LICENSE TO KILL" and it was very soon absolutely clear to/for me that I would desperately need to have it and call it my own and so it finally very soon came to happen. MALICE hailed, like already mentioned, from out of Los Angeles and their second full length output was/is to the max filled with brilliant and just totally fantastic Hard Rock fueled incredible powerful yet damn catchy and hymnal/anthemic Heavy Metal/Power Metal that melts perfectly British Heavy Metal and U.S. American Power Metal via heavy doses of Hard Rock to something truly just outstanding with a great, street raised snotty and nasty very own identity, somewhere sitting between JUDAS PRIEST (clearly the biggest influence, at least so I would say) and W.A.S.P. on the first two sides of thir 'triangle of influences' and ALICE COOPER on the third side with some very slight'n'few MÖTLEY CRÜE marks and RIOT notes thrown into the mix for good, and somehwere in the middle of this all MALICE sat/sit on their pretty own position and this made/make manifest with "LICENSE TO KILL". Absolutely everything and everyone killing razor sharp cutting and precise aimed heavy kicking and always full throttle high octane onwards pumping and pushing fantastic guitars that deliver brilliant riffs and first class and multi-layered rhythm arrangements as well as absolute killer leads and massively rampaging solos were/are in combination with the pure power, clean and clear sung very charismatic and just pure fantastic lead vocals that sounded/sound like a snotty and nasty, 'punky' version of JUDAS PRIEST's very own Rob Halford surely the biggest trademarks of MALICE and all is backed up by a highly dynamic and energetic rhythm section consisting out of a fantastic walking'n'talking bass and stunning thundering drumming. Fantastic songwriting, very intense, rousing, grapping and through'n'through exciting, delivered by high skilled musicians surely was/is also one hell of an outstanding trademark of MALICE's "LICENSE TO KILL". Every song is a pure hymn and an absolute pure platinum anthem and for glorious and majestic songs like "AGAINST THE EMPIRE", "VIGILANTE", "CHAIN GANG WOMAN", "LICENSE TO KILL", "MURDER" and/or "BREATHIN' DOWN YOUR NECK", yes, MALICE can't be worshipped enough and by any means this band should have been far bigger than they were. Cool lyrics, a powerful production-sound, a very nice artwork, and very interesting linernotes finally make this rerelease damn round. I can nothing but recommend this masterpiece to any fan of real and authentic Heavy Metal/Power Metal and fans of smashing Hard Rock/Heavy Rock should also definitely risk one or two ears on it - or even far better get it instantly right from the get-go, too. And now... bang that head that doesn't bang!!!
(10 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


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(Running time: 39:00 minutes; 12 songs)
("I Scream Records"; CD):

(08.) "BURNED OUT"
(09.) "ONE BY ONE"
(11.) "LOW-DOWN"

Hey guys, yes, I know, I'm a bit too late with or for this very post here, the "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH" post in the "APRIL 2018" edition, and I'm sorry for or because of that but I just did not get it done at the 30th of April 2018 and yesterday... damn it... yesterday I was by far to 'hung-over' to say it that way and if you get what I mean... and so, yes, but anyhow now finally today it will come up for you. A little bit inspired by the "CLASSICK OF THE MONTH - MARCH 2018" post this very one here and now is, because right after my post about HARD RESISTANCE and their "ENGINE OF HATE" it was absolutely clear to me that this very one here will be the next entry in this little posting series up here and what I am talking about is the almighty 1999 full-length-release of/by no one else than the almighty DEVIATE titled "STATE OF GRACE" released back then via the legendary "I SCREAM RECORDS" label (correct me if I am now completly wrong but I think it was sort of just also due to DEVIATE that "I SCREAM RECORDS" were originally founded due to the fact that the bandmembers themselves founded this later-to-become-a-legend label back then in the first place) and DEVIATE, that like also HARD RESISTANCE hailed from Belgium (out of Brussels, to be more precise) and their "STATE OF GRACE" masterpiece album seem to me also like HARD RESISTANCE with their "ENGINE OF HATE" last month a today by far too often forgotten amazing jewel that far too many today just don't have on their radar screens anymore and this is something... god-damn it... this is something incredible unjust, unfair(ly), and undeserved in epic extent(s), yes, and so I will do my very best to pay tribute and give honour where it is more than justified and deserved, hell yeahr, and so now here we go.

DEVIATE's "STATE OF GRACE" was and is personally for me one of those albums that sort of made me who I am today, such a huge impact it had (and still has on me) and such a lifechanging and groundbreaking album it was and is to me and such a big influence it had and continues to has on me and this not only sort of ''in a musickal way''. I think (or hope) you get what I mean, yes, because I guess we all have albums like this that sort of added massively their immense weight'n'influence to making us to or turning us into who we are today and DEVIATE's "STATE OF GRACE" is one of those albums to/for me. And also personally for me there are so immense many great memories connected to/with this album that it also really always brings a really large, huge sort of  'emotional-smile' to my face when I listen to it and this again and again and time after time. But also (and especially also) all this maybe personal emotional'n'nostalgic feelings that may pop up here and there aside DEVIATE's "STATE OF GRACE" was and is and continues to be a true and real through'n'through manifest of the purest glory Hardcore can be and can have. DEVIATE were founded back then in 1991 and their first releases ("SMALL TRACES OF LIFE"/1993 EP; "CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE"/1994; "WRECK STYLE"/1995; "COLD PREJUDICE"/1996 EP) went back then completly under my radar (again, back then) and my first encounter with DEVIATE was in 1997 with their already third full-length-album "THRON OF THE LIVING" and it conquered me right from the start and together with bands like HARD RESISTANCE, BACKFIRE!, RIGHT DIRECTION, and the RYKER'S DEVIATE quickly turned to almighty champs to/for me and when then two years later "STATE OF GRACE" hit DEVIATE turned to one of my absolute favourite bands and this within the blink of an eye. When and where "THORN OF THE LIVING" was (and is) fucking great, there was (and is) "STATE OF GRACE" nothing but overwhelming and amazing and just outstanding and simply fucking lifechanging to me. The massive amounts of energy, the honest and heartfelt battle-scarred attitiude, the on fiery wings flying and golden through the smoke and ash shining intensity, the unbroken spirit, the highly compacted very sinister and dark but yet all the time unbowed and militant and gladiatorial atmosphere, the massive'n'intense songwriting, the high levels of skills on all fronts, and the very unique identity and character of DEVIATE and especially their "STATE OF GRACE" was (and still damn is) mindblowing and heavily conquering and how they created their very own style'n'sound out of Holy Terror Hardcore like INTEGRITY and IN COLD BLOOD on the one side, traditional NYHC like MADBALL mixed with Metallic Hardcore of the New York breed'n'kind like SUBZERO and 'early' New York raised Metalcore like MERAUDER on the other side(s) was and still is and damn sure continues to be nothing but damn majestic, glorious and fucking unique - and high skilled all the time, too.

DEVIATE deliver on "STATE OF GRACE" absolutely crushing and devastating, sinister, dark, and nihilistic but at the same time ongoingly and through'n'through gladiatorial, militant, and battle-scarred by 1990's Thrash Metal and also Death Metal inspired hard as nails Metallic (Euro Core) Hardcore with a very big Holy Terror spirit breathing life into it all and this all filled with like a tank assault cannon firing and destroying shredding and smashing guitars that deliver everything atomizing riffs, thunderous grooves, forceful rhythm arrangements and just sheer tons of heavy weight power without end leaving only burned and scorched earth behind, and all done high skilled and incredible intense and also with a very special own and unique tone to it all and also there are worked an ass-load full of twists'n'turns into it all to shake it all up always at the right time(s) - and this is to say in general to/about the full force songwriting and not only to/about the guitar work, just that you know that. The drythroated, harsh, and angry shouted lead vocals, backed up by loud'n'proud backing chants, only add up to it all, while the crunchy bass work and the bonecracking and faceslashing, highly dynamic and precise drumming add truckloads of weight, punch, and power to it all. The songwriting is incrdible intense and yet 'beneath the surface' highly (to highest) dynamic and also nicely and refreshingly diverse and the songs are studded with nice little to big fresh ideas and surprising elements and moments and plenty of with full force delivered twists'n'turns all along the ride so that if you are into DEVIATE's "STATE OF GRACE" you are in for a grapping, rousing, exciting, and overwhelming ride from start to finish and this still today and time after time again and again and this after now being nearly already twenty years old and that alone says a lot (if not all). Inspirational, intersting, thought-provoking and thoughtful lyrics, a fantastic artwork, and a sort of dark and raw and also smashing production-sound rounded and still round it all perfectly up, turned and still turning it all into the complete package and the real deal - and this for all the damn right reasons. No matter if you take "WOUNDS OF TIME", "STATE OF GRACE" itself, "EMPTY WORLD", "DAWN OF MANKIND", "ONE BY ONE", "LOW-DOWN", "WALK WITH DEATH", the absolute über-anthem "CIRCLE OF FRIENDS" or what-ever song else here you only find purest and most precious platinum and this still after now already nearly twenty years. And it all sounds as fresh and as relevant as back then in the good old glory days of 1999.

Exactly like last months HARD RESISTANCE's "ENGINE OF HATE" also DEVIATE's "STATE OF GRACE" is in my book and personally for me and my very own biography a through'n'through lifechanging and also groundbreaking damn masterpiece and also it is today for all what I get, see, hear, and read by much too far too often overlooked and/or even forgotten and this is (again) something I will never understand or will ever be just only able to sort of understand or what-ever and so I hope I could do my little 'to-do' up here to hopefully change this at least a very bit. I hope that if you don't or didn't know DEVIATE and especially their "STATE OF GRACE" so far you got a bit curious about them and that you will finally change this and make yourself familiar with DEVIATE and their "STATE OF GRACE" and if you should already knew them but should maybe sort of forgot them a bit over the last sort of nearly two decades then this little article here brought them maybe back to your mind and memory again and so that you can start to sort of re-discover them finally again. In my book and personally for me DEVIATE were one of the greatest and their "STATE OF GRACE" was and still is and continues to be one of the greatest moments in Hardcore and I can only highly recommend them'n'it to you right here and right now. DEVIATE called it a day back then in 2003 with their also damn great "RED ASUNDER" from 2002 being their final release and for all what I know so far there was and is no 'proper' comeback or reunion to talk of and so... yes... at least their lifechanging musick remains and so just in case maybe some former DEVIATE member reads this one day just let me say in all honesty thanks for it all guys. Much love and respect. Hardcore!!! Fist!!!

DEVIATE - "STATE OF GRACE" (1999) ///the complete album\\\

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("Running time: 45:29 minutes; 9 songs)
("Listenable Records"; 2018; CD):
Hey, my dear readers, yes, it's time or even maybe again about time that finally some new dose'n'load is coming up for and aimed at you, yes, and so 'it' does right now and right here and you now get my newest record-review and this time it's all about the newest offering titled "LIVIN' OBLIVION" of/by BLACK WIZARD from the cities of Vancouver and New Westminster in British Columbia in, of course, Canada and it was released still pretty recently this very year of 2018 via "LISTENABLE RECORDS" and I have it since last month and so now more or less exactly one full month and since this more or less full month it is pretty constantly and regulary on heavy rotation and this should tell you already quite a bit (if not- nearly- all). BLACK WIZARD were before "LIVIN' OBLIVION" totally unknown to me and so please don't expect any commentaries to or about their former releases or so, and instead of this I will concentrate solely on "LIVIN' OBLIVION" here and now. This is really very fascinating musick and it is really 'rich' in a sense of being diverse, multi-layered, and multi-facetted in an overwhelming way and above all it's incredible intense, atmospheric, and emotional and this really all the time. Damn fantastic!!! Music-wise BLACK WIZARD serve us a heavily grapping and really rousing, a truly overwhelming and immense conquering Doom Metal on all levels high skilled as fuck and massively enriched with/by dustrdry and boneshaking and pretty 'hypnotical' classical (Hard and Vintage) Rock marks that add to it all a highly cultivating Stoner Rock or (maybe better) Stoner Metal spirit to it all and the whole album, BLACK WIZARD's "LIVIN' OBLIVION", is marked by just absoultely amazing songwriting that's highly diverse and covering such 'wide territories of classy musick' and overwhelming big various emotions and serve it all ongoingly with that much fresh and organic intensity and with that incredible much of a dense/tight atmosphere that again and again you will find yourself being left with eyes, ears and mouth wide open, yes, and all is delivered by high skilled musicians that serve their very own Doom Metal/Stoner Metal with a through'n'through very own and unique character and identity that it is just and nothing less and nothing but totally amazing. Maybe best described as a totally independently and self-aware mixture out of THE OBSESSED and CANDLEMASS with some BLACK SABBATH in it all as well but all done sort of even more atmospheric (or maybe better with a totally unique brand of atmosphere to it all) and with a very own 'special' flavour cultivating it all, yes, and BLACK WIZARD are here on and with "LIVIN' OBLIVION" also not shying away from by Speed Metal filled Thrash Metal slashers that are perfectly integrated into the whole album and that even bands like TESTAMENT wouldn't do any better. The biggest trademarks are surely the powerful and full of 'big' expression and honest heartfelt emotions delivered clear and clean and impressive strong sung and delivered highly unique lead vocals as well as the ferocious guitars that shine all the time with their very own special tone creating a world totally of their or of 'it' very, very own and all is backed up by a rumbling bass and highly massive as well as diverse'n'skilled and incredible heavy and forceful punching full'n'pure high power'n'energy drumming that really adds a lot and I mean really a lot to the songs and the whole album as well. This is one of the best and pretty much most unique records I had and have the pleasure to listen to so far in 2018 and each and every song is purest platinum and I can nothing but recommend this fantastic piece of art and musick, that's also made round by very good and highly interesting lyrics, a gorgeous artwork, and a perfect heavy and yet very natural/organic production-sound, to any of you out there who's into intense, atmspheric, metallic and rocking musick of the highest (quality) grade and that's also damn fresh and re-freshing and nicely clicheé-free, too. Yes, and so what are you waiting for, damn it, get this masterpiece and with it definitely one of the very strongest albums we will get in this day'n'age of 2018. Absolutely amazing and fantastic and nothing but overwhelming, too.
(10 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)

BLACK WIZARD - "LIVIN' OBLIVION" (2018; complete album)

Freitag, 27. April 2018


(Running time: 41:47 minutes; 11 songs)
("Metalspiesser Records"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, belive it, it's true, the next dose is coming already aiming right at'n'for you and here and now this means that you right now and right here get my (newest) record-review on the new and for all what I know so far second full-length-album "LASS UNS FLIEGEN" of the young german band FORMLOS rocking out of the town of Thale pretty near to/from where I live and it was released pretty to very recently on/via the so far to me totally unknown "METALSPIESSER RECORDS" label. (Btw, also FORMLOS were totally unknown before "LASS UNS FLIEGEN" to me.) "METALSPIESSER RECORDS"? Hm, do give us FORMLOS some kind of Metal? Nah, here we have and get a through'n'through German Rock album - and a surprisingly fresh and good one I have to admit. FORMLOS have a very strong and own, a pretty and really unique character and identity. Surely some influences are more or less clear to be heard and it are bands like KÄRBHOLZ and some FREI.WILD that come to my mind when I listen to FORMLOS' "LASS UNS FLIEGEN" but they do it all already (for it is just their second full length release so far) really and very self-contained and, if you want so, pretty 'independently' with a strong focus on really huge and (for all what I can and would say) honest emotions that shine through in the very atmospheric rocking music as well as also in the somehow mostly really fresh and sort of massively surprisingly clicheé-free lyrics. It is not that the lyrics are sort of totally 'alien'-stuff in the world and context of German Rock and instead of this they are mostly to completly more or less typical German Rock stuff but they are delivered and worked out linguistically in a very fresh, very unique, and also pretty to very clicheé-free way and that's just really, really damn good. The same is to say to/about the music that's slightly melancholic and with some 'good' pathos (but thankfully never in an overboarding way) presented mostly through'n'through pretty much 'pure' and maybe just here and there a very little bit slightly 'punky' German Rock but that's filled with very huge heartfelt emotions that also reflect in the very own and sort of pretty 'special' tone of the fresh and strong rocking guitars that mark the songs and the music of FORMLOS (at least here on "LASS UNS FLIEGEN" in 2018) heavily as well as also in the pretty fresh structured and arranged in an 'independently' way compositions on this little shining silver disc that manage to really shine with a big rousing potential even with that somewhat melancholic vibe that's interwoven into the songs and the music. And even if not every song or every part knows to convince or conquer the by far most parts and songs know how to and do so and if FORMLOS should work on some more pace diversity and also some more rhythm variations in the future it surely will only get even better. But anyhow, from my point of view any fan of good German Rock should know (about) FORMLOS and their damn strong "LASS UNS FLIEGEN" album that's beside the already mentioned very strong and unique guitar playing especially marked by the surely pretty outstanding lead vocals that are full and powerful sung and just beautifully clear and melodic and also very emotional and just 'press on stamp' heavily. The pretty crashing rhythm section is then backing it all up in a pretty beefy and bulky way. Really good lyrics, a very cool artwork, and a clear and yet warm wafting production sound round it all up. I can calmly recommend this to if you are into German Rock and also to everyone looking for honest and emotional Rock music in general, yes, and so I do here and now and so go out and look for it.
(8 of 10 points) (-the link to the facebook site of the band)


Mittwoch, 25. April 2018


(Running time: 48:52; 13 songs)
("Sunny Bastards"; 2018; CD):
Hey folks, yes, next load coming up and this means here and now that you right now and right here get my record-review on the pretty recently a month ago via "SUNNY BASTARDS" released second full-length-album of/by DELIRIUM ROCK'N'ROLL titled "DEM SCHICKSAL ENTGEGEN". Once again DELIRIUM ROCK'N'ROLL were a band totally unknown to me before I got my hands on their newest which means their "DEM SCHICKSAL ENTGEGEN" album and once again we are now talking about a band that I am now pretty happy and glad to finally know, even "DEM SCHICKSAL ENTGEGEN" is a bit sort of a 'weird' record because it kicks off after a 'stately' arranged, composed, and delivered intro with incredible hymnal and by crunchy and crispy guitars onwards pushed mid to up paced very 'rockish' German Oi! with some a thankfully fresh and not retro-like done/delivered 1990's spirit (especially the damn great tracks "DEM SCHICKSAL ENTGEGEN", "UNTER MEINER HAUT", "GEMEINSAM", "ROCK'N'ROLL GENUG", and "ALLES NUR ZUM SPASS" are here definitely to mention) and then more and more it sort of 'tilts' into a pretty much through and through German Rock direction but this (also thankfully) very self-contained and 'independently' with a strong and very own to pretty unique identity and character that shines best and clear through in the sharp edged and heavy hitting yet all the time very groovy rocking and catchy and hymnal melodic guitars that have a very unique tone and mark the songs heavily - and this for all the damn right reasons. Also the in my book phenomenal, very charismatic and very bulky hard'n'smart lead vocals only add up to it all. The forceful rhythm-section backs it all stunningly and massively up. And even when DELIRIUM ROCK'N'ROLL move more and more and then sort of completly into the German Rock sector, with for example the ballad "LEUCHTFEUER" or the sort of melancholic German Rock tune "HOL MICH HIER RAUS", DELIRIUM ROCK'N'ROLL still do (again: thankfully) their very own thing and so don't expect any lame BÖHSE ONKELZ clone, no stale FREI.WILD ripp-off, no KRAWALLBRÜDER copy, or what the hell else ever, hell no, DELIRIUM ROCK'N'ROLL sound all the time completly and only like themselves and this is something that I always cherich a lot and this even more when it's all done not only self-conatined but also (really) good and (damn) strong and with a lot of fresh ideas like here in the case of DELIRIUM ROCK'N'ROLL. Expect damn strong and fucking good by strong guitars and very characteristic and expressive vocals heavily dominated hard smacking and yet very melodic, catchy, and hymnal German Rock with some strong good healthy German Oi! marks in it all, delivered by well-skilled musicians and clothed in rousing and energetic, very dynamic arranged and composed songs that also offer a lot of fresh rhythm arrangements and a pretty surprising groove work. Beside the already above mentioned first five songs I also have to mention the powerful yet incredible anthemic "UNSERE LEIDENSCHAFT" and the high octane fists-in-the-air-smasher "HOCHMUT" that are also total faves of me, myself, and (m)I(ne) on "DEM SCHICKSAL ENTGEGEN". A bunch of pretty good and nicely multi-facetted lyrics, an absoluetly gorgeous artwork, and a crunchy and nicely dirty production-sound we get on top of it all as well. This is a damn good and partially also already fucking great record and I can only recommend it to any fan of German Rock and German Oi! as well after it sits perfectly somewhere in the middle in-between this two different worlds on its very own position. Very well done guys, very well. Cheers & Oi!
(8,5 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


Sonntag, 22. April 2018


(Record Review: 44:55 minutes; 13 songs)
("Sunny Bastards"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, next 'working session' up here and here and now (and, if you want to say it so, one more time again) this means that the next record-review is coming right now right here for you and this time it's all about the 2018 full-length-album of/by HARTE WORTE (en)titled "SO WIE IHR UNS KENNT" released (if I am now not completly on the wrong tracks) at the 19. January of 2018  via the (al)mighty "SUNNY BASTARDS" label, yes, and after I am trying to 'shorten' my record-reviews a bit so right here and right now direct 'into the action': This is now already the 4th full-length-album in ten years of existence of/by HARTE WORTE from the german city of Essen and it is for what reason(s) ever the first record of them that I know (and own) and so don't expect here and now any comparisions with/to their former records from/by me. What we get here and now from HARTE WORTE in 2018? Hm, I don't really know what's the story behind their "Pott Core" slogan, because I mean it's pretty clear that they come from Essen in the german region named the "Ruhrpott" and so the "Pott" in "Pott Core" is obvious and clear but the "Core" should better lead you in no wrong direction because after all and at the end of day all the Hardcore notes and marks in here are only very rudimentary and at its core HARTE WORTE's "SO WIE IHR UNS KENNT" is a very strong 'rockish' and only very slightly 'hardcoreish' German Oi!/Streetpunk album with a pretty sympathic and strongly outspoken anti-fascist alignment pushed forward by heavy hitting and sharp cutting guitars, noisy 'rowdyish' and nasty lead vocals, loud and full back up chants, a bone cracking bass, and heavy smacking drumming, the songwriting is all the time through'n'through very straight ahead but it still manages to cover quite a bit of different moods and emotions and thanks or due to the all the time pretty high and rousing energy it kicks ass pretty much all the time without turning sort of stale at the end. Mostly good and also pretty diverse lyrics, a pretty cool artwork, and a 'shooting' production-sound then round it all up. This is now so far a very short record-review and even quite a bit 'shorter' like I am aiming at with future record-reviews but this is due to the fact that all is good and fine with me and that I don't have that much anyhow anyway to say anymore to/about it and this is also due to my pretty much one and only problem with HARTE WORTE's "SO WIE IHR UNS KENNT", yes, and to say it short: Everything that HARTE WORTE do up here on "SO WIE IHR UNS KENNT" you've heard sort of a thousand times before (and often even a bit to a bigger bit better) at least if you're older than 18 and if you're into this whole Oi! and Punk 'thing' from Germany for longer than ten years or so. To me it's somehow sort of a 'kids record', even this may now sounds hard (but it isn't meant hard)... but at least they do what they do really good and so I will now close this record-review with saying that you can at least calmly risk one or two ears, and do yourself the favor and give it a good and fair try. Cheers & Oi!
(7,5 of 10 points) (-the link to the facebook site of the band)


Donnerstag, 19. April 2018


(Running time: 62:26 minutes; 17 songs)
("Rookies & Kings" + "D.O.R." & "Soulfood"; 2018; CD):
Yes, here it is, damn it, we're rampaging on loud'n'proud right here and right now going strong in 2018 and then also the glorious boys from the east are back: GOITZSCHE FRONT finally deliver us their newest full-length-album "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" (released still pretty recently, more or less, two months ago right in the middle of February 2018), the successor-album to/of their strong 2016 full-length-album "MONUMENT" (I did my review on it last year up here), and... by the way, I'm currently trying (finally again) to 'shorten' my record-reviews a good bit and so don't you wonder but straight and direct into it all... while "MONUMENT" was (and still is) pretty to damn strong (and this without a single little doubt then and now) in my book "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" easily 'beats' ist predeccessor-album and comes up or is already nearly pretty much 'on-par' with their (at least so in my book) so far groundbreaking masterpiece "...AUS RUINEN", such a damn fucking strong asskicker it simply is, point and fact. Anyone who is bitching around because'n'about this whole and still currently strong going German Rock stuff that is now since a decade or so 'ongoingly' on the rise with bands like the (al-)mighty KRAWALLBRÜDER, FREI.WILD (their new album is a huge surprise, damn it, absolutely unexpected, stay tuned for my review on it), KÄRBHOLZ, and a big bunch of other bands, yes, anyone bitching around because of this bands shut up and read on or read something else, how you like it, because surely there exist tons of absolute bullcrap bands in this genre with maybe more, maybe less shady 'political-unpolitical' agendas but a.) where not and b.) not all and c.) not everyone who has a different opinion than you is 'automatically' a nazi. And with that said and so out of the way: GOITZSCHE FRONT are damn fucking back and with "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" they deliver one hell of a new masterpiece album that's especially in its very own genre (at least currently) pretty much unrivaled. The (German) Oi! and (German) Punk/Punkrock roots are only as footprints still around this days but if you listen with attention you can still get them being proud parts of GOITZSCHE FRONT's DNA as a band and here and there we get also pretty harsh Metal influences (especially the guitars lead here and there in a harsh thrashing manner the way) and (sort of thankfully) the slightly Emo Pop styled influences that here and there marked "MONUMENT" quite a bit are not really to be found here on "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" anymore. Call it German Rock or just Rock or Hard Rock or how-ever the hell else, because that's not that important after all, but what's important is that this is high octane and full throttle, forceful and no prisoners taking, quite a bit metallic and slightly Oi!-punky Rock & Roll with (strong) german lyrics delivered by powerful, full, and highly charismatic 'german' lead vocals (backed up by loud backings) marked by very strong, skilled, multi-facetted, highly dynamic, and rousing songwriting and it's especially just great that the high-energetic verses are as strong as the ultimative catchy and hymnal chorus', yes, that's how I like it. And something that's also exactly how I like it is the fact that GOITZSCHE FRONT has their very own and pretty unique style'n'sound, sounding like no other band but themselves, and that unique style'n'sound they cultivated and enriched even far more here on and with "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" right in 2018. Strong and diverse, rich and skilled delivered guitars, rumbling bass playing, and thundering drumming make'n'mark the songs together with the above already mentioned top notch lead vocals (and also the massive backings), delivering powerful punches full of drive and packed up full to the max with honest and intense emotions and shining with tight atmospheric arrangements. Heartfelt lyrics straight out of life, a pretty cool artwork, and a crushing production-sound round it all up. My favorites are clearly "STREICHHOLZ UND BENZIN", "N.S.O.W.", "DIESE WELT", "HOL DIR DEN AUGENBLICK ZURÜCK", "UNSERE FAHNEN WEHEN", "1000 KILOMETER", "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED", "ICH BIN ZURÜCK", and "IN ALTER MANIER" and this are songs that I honestly love and so maybe check this hymns out first - but also with the other here and now not mentioned tracks you won't make any mistake. Only the (for/to me) too cheesy ballad  "TAG DES REGENS" I totally dislike, hm, but maybe that's just me, who knows. Highly recommended and I'm pretty sure that GOITZSCHE FRONT will have delivered with "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" one of the definite highlights of/in/for 2018 and so just go out and get it. Cheers & Oi!
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


Mittwoch, 11. April 2018


(Running time: 46:28 minutes; 10 songs)
("Season of Mist" & "Housecore Records"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, again after too many days I am finally back @ work again up here. Guys, in all honesty, I am damn sorry but currently I just simply don't get it done to find or make the time to do finally some more new stuff up here again with still all the time far too much hectic and stress in the 'real life departments' right now and also the two already last month announced bigger posts are still overdue, I know, but trust me when I say that I'm still 'at it' and I hope to bring them finally up as soon as possible and for right now untill then and so far I will be happy enough when I finally bring this new post up and online still today respectively tonight, yes, and so here we finally go again: Today respectively tonight you will get my record-review on the new full-length-album of/by PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS titled "CHOOSING MENTAL ILLNESS AS A VIRTUE", released (if I now remember it correct) pretty much exactly two months ago sort of in/at the middle of February 2018 via "SEASON OF MIST" and "HOUSECORE RECORDS" and being wrapped-up in an incredible gorgeous digi-artwork. I was and still am a big, a huge fan of the debut "WALK THROUGH EXITS ONLY" of/by PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS (released back then five years ago in 2013) and so I was really curious to get my hands on the then finally released successor release and then... and then I was pretty much confused, at least a bit, because while all the Sludge Core influences and the pissed off extreme Hardcore notes where already on the debut very prominent all this harsh and devastating, bloody reigning and rotten Death Metal paired with some ice cold slaying Black Metal marks are pretty much completly (more or less) new here on "CHOOSING MENATL ILLNESS AS A VIRTUE", yes, and so (again like in the case of the above mentioned debut back then) I needed some time and it took me some listens to really get 'this all here' and before I really started to discover this pretty blocky and demanding, harsh and challenging but or and above all incredibe brutal, extreme, nicely clichèe-free, and rousing album in all its sick and twisted, sinister shining glory. PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS created with "CHOOSING MENATL ILLNESS AS A VIRTUE" a really sick'n'twisted, distorted'n'distorting and evil droning as well as crusty shredding bastard out of nihilistic'n'apocalyptic Sludge Core, absolutely demolishing and extreme and metallic as well as by crusty'n'noisy Punk fueled Hardcore, 'devastatingly distorted and distorting' Death Metal, and some few hatefilled and ice cold slaying really bitter and harsh Black Metal, all done very, very extreme as well as truly damn independently/self-conatined and maybe best loosely to be located somewhere between EYE HATE GOD on the one side, ARSON ANTHEM and some RINGWORM on the other side, all wrapped up by schizophrenic GORGUTS styled Death Metal (not on that over absolutely every top let us say 'proggy' level but in that insane and harshly extreme tradition), all cultivated by some few icy (early) DARK THRONE marks and all made round by some SUPERJOINT RITUAL impressions, yes, somewhere in between all this devastating noise you will find PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS cooking their very own sort'n'taste of crusty and thick dark soup. The songs carry a lot of emotional weight and are 'highliest' intense and interwoven through'n'through by a very sinister and psychotic atmosphere that really breathes life into the harsh delivered, blocky arranged and demanding composed, challenging songs that offer a lot of strong ideas, fresh surprises, and really demanding twists'n'turns all along the way. Driven forward by the brutal and charismatic lead vocals (brutal grunts and harsh shouts go hand in hand and some sick screms round it all up) and the multi-facetted but all the time incredible heavy and aggressive slaying'n'shredding guitars and all is then backed up beefy and bulky by the full power bass work and the massively smashing and stunning drumming. Strong and outspoken lyrics, an already mentioned fantastic artwork, and a heavy and dirty production-sound then round it all finally up. Sadly some songs just loose a bit of their focus and get lost on their way somewhere in their own noisy droning and über-aggressive 'destructiveness' and you really should prepare yourself to invest your time and yourself quite a bit into this highly extreme and insane, sick and psychotic harsh and also really damn strong album, yes, but then you definitely find yourself a really convincing brutal and extreme manifest of 'self-catharsis' and in all honesty I can only recommend this highly authentic and by all means just damn massive one here to you, period. So, yes, go out and get if you should still don't call it your own. And, yes, it's really, really good that Philip H. Anselmo is finally back again.
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)