Montag, 29. November 2010

February 11, 1926 - November 28, 2010 Rest in Peace Leslie "The Naked Gun" Nielsen

Okay, the precursor post to this one here isn't the last one for this month (like it was announced), 'cause here comes a new one and it's a bitter and sad one. I just got aware of the death of the great (if not the greatest) Leslie Nielsen, and that's really damn sad!!! Don't know what to write here now more about it, just wanted to give him a last salute, pay him my honest tribute, yes, one of my absolutely favorite actors and comedians, brilliant humor and fantastic acting, and really a bitter newsline that hit me. Rest in peace, Leslie Nielsen!!!

Leslie Nielsen
(February 11, 1926 - November 28, 2010)


Hey folks, next post and probably the last one for this very month!!! Found this great live video clip of the immortally great SWORN ENEMY and their totally larger than life anthem "WE HATE!" (that you can find on their brilliant 2005/2006 full length record "THE BEGINNING OF THE END", in Germany released via "CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS"), and it's also a pretty impressive live performance of the band, cool stuff, so just check it out!!! Great song, great music, great lyrics, great live performance, hell yeahr, so just damn fuckin' watch it!!! Now!!! That's it for now!!! Thanx!!!



Hey folks, here's coming another pretty cool video clip for ya, and even a lot of guys (maybe again) will totally run amok the mental way as well as the digital-virtual way I will do this post anyhow. Get used to it!!! Here comes a great video of the german Hooligan Rock band KATEGORIE C and of their über-hit "SO SIND WIR" (= "THIS IS HOW WE ARE" or "THIS IS WHO WE ARE"), and it's not just a damn fantastic song (great music and great lyrics), but also this inofficial video clip is damn cool and a brilliant one, showing us great scenes of Hooligan Action taken from one of my all time favorite movies "THE FOOTBALL FACTORY", yeahr, and so just enjoy this damn cool song and video!!! Cheers & Oi!


Sonntag, 28. November 2010


Hey folks, I'm back on track again today!!! Some few months ago back from now on the newsline hit me like a sledgehammer that the singer of the almighty DISCIPLINE, Joost de Graaf, manslaughtered and/or beaten dead his wife. Bamm!!! WTF?!? But it was true and now he's serving his more than justified punishment (for what I know)... I really don't know and I really can't imagine what can make a person ticking so totally off, loosing so damn totally the control... And maybe I won't know it anyhow. For what I know Joost and his wife did have two (?) children... I can't imagine how they do feel since then, lost their mother due to their daddy that used to beat her dead, lost their father because of what he has done to their mother, my thoughts are with them, even I don't know them and probably will never come to know them. This is a tragedy, nothing else!!! And it's a huge personal fault (can't express it anyhow better right now, sorry, but I guess you get what I want to say), nothing else!!! I don't know if it is true what you could read in countless fanzines (and on the web as well) over the last years that white powder that some guys use to sniff up their noses and some steroids and bullshit stuff like this had been involved when it comes to DISCIPLINE and Joost, don't know if it's true, but if it's true, hm, then that's another proof for the negativity and the negative effects of drug waste like that and that you really better put this drug crap done the toilet if you really think you need to get your hands on this crap anyhow. It uses to reveal the darkest and degeneratest sides of your personality and let them take control of you and your life. Fuck that trash!!! And yes, still kill the local drugdealer!!! And not only the local representatives of this lowlife subhuman scum!!! So okay, I didn't want to post this words earlier, because I'm not personally attached by it and there had been enough scumbags writing enough bullshit about this topic, hm, but now I felt like okay, just do it and I also want to pay my tribute to DISCIPLINE with this very post here, and yes, also the band is dead and gone after Joost totally lost his mind, heart and soul!!! Guy, what was driving you this far?!? DISCIPLINE had always been one of my total favorite bands and they had always had a huge if not giant impact on me and my life and my worldview as well as my way of life with their music and lyrics, their ideas and messages!!! The other members of DISCIPLINE had (for what I know) since the described tragedy happened lost no word about it and decided to go ahead without their former singer (no jail recordings) and I think that's the only right decision and we can all be very excited about what will be coming new from them sooner or later. The new DISCIPLINE record shall be more or less totally written down and done, so maybe it will come pretty soon. Let us hope for it!!! So, yes, DISCIPLINE, I always loved and still love this band, and as a tribute to them you now get their video clip to their fantastic larger than life anthem (my personal favorite song of them all from them) and maybe their biggest hit "EVERYWHERE WE GO" (at least it's one of their biggest hits anyhow), fantastic Hooligan anthem, just enjoy it and keep this great band in the justified more than only 'just' good memory. DISCIPLINE - R.I.P.!!! Cheers & Oi!


Samstag, 27. November 2010


Hey folks, nothing fancy now, too less time, but at least a little new 'Videos' posting for your enjoyment!!! Do you remember DARKBUSTER?!? Great American Streetpunk band from Boston, MA. It's become much too quite around them the last years. Two full length records they do already have out, for what I know, and their last one titled "A WEAKNESS FOR SPIRITS" came out some years ago on "I SCREAM RECORDS", and if you still don't have it, then make sure that you change this!!! Now you get the damn cool video clip to their larger than life anthem "SKINHEAD", great song, great lyrics, great band, damn cool video. Nothing left to say here and now, but just enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!


Donnerstag, 25. November 2010


Oh, it's been a pretty long while since the last 'Videos' posting was loaded up here by me... hm, I think I've got better things to do, haha;-). Now comes something a little bit different, huh, maybe something controversial and not so 'street-credible' stuff for ya, but, hum, but... If you have some problems with it, pfff, it's easy, you simply just don't have to watch it anyhow and how-ever: I really don't care just for the second of a fart about you and your problems!!!
This is the video clip (the official one, like seen on MTV) of the great 1990's Independent-what-so-ever-Crossover song "SPACMEN" by BABYLON ZOO. It was a big commercial hit song, a megaseller and the leading single force of the 1996 full length record of BABYLON ZOO of the title "THE BOY WITH THE X-RAY EYES", released via "EMI RECORDS". And yes, it was a classical Wonder-Hit-Wonder thing. (At least for what I know.) I've bought their mentioned records back in the days in 1996 when I was in my ninth grade of school and it was back in the days beside all the Hardcore, Oi!, Punkrock, Metal, Crossover, Industrial, Skate Music, etc. pp. stuff a big thing for my friends and me, and still today I like to listen to this record from time to time and especially this song is still a just great one. It was and still is something a little bit different, so check it out. Maybe you like it (if not, not bad, who cares... be sure that I don't care about it at all), and if you like it maybe you have the guts to admit it and then go and get their mentioned record (I would bet that you get it to really damn low prices on Amazon and E-Bay and so on) and enjoy it, it's worth more than just a listening session, trust me, it held and still holds some very, very srong and unexpected suprises (but, hm, I think that's what suprises are all about, that they are unexpected in every case of possibility...) to discover. Damn good stuff, and this still today!!! (Maybe today even much more than back then.)
So, that's it for now, now you get the video clip, enjoy it, and for now I say good night to ya 'cause it's late and tomorrow comes to soon and then it's getting up early again, soy eahr, enjoy it and then good night!!! Ah, and by the way, I'm very sorry about the bad ass 'I don't care' attitude of this post, haha;-).


Dienstag, 23. November 2010


And here it is, a release that I wanted to review now already for quite a while, hm, and please don't ask me why I just get it now done... Please don't ask me, 'cause I can't tell it to ya. Okay, as you all already may know I'm a big fan of this band and their 100% authentic Thug Hooligan attitude and music, and so I was damn excited to listening to this one here. Cool cover artwork (it's taken from the "HOOLIGANS II (STAND YOUR GROUND)" movie, cool picture, trash movie, haha;-)...) and on a damn sympathic and passionated label. "KOI RECORDS", that's the same label that uses to bring out (for example) all the great SKINHEADS STILL SCARE PEOPLE  (or maybe better known as S.S.S.P.) releases, and if you know this releases you know what a high standard of atwork and vinyl do you get here. All lyrics, nice pictures and great motifs, and damn cool colored and high quality vinyl. Thumbs up!!! What's to say about the music?!? We get two tracks in total!!! Side A is giving us the title track, and that's a monster and a pure and true beast of a song that you need to hear. They are still playing their pretty unique and stand-alone music, somewhere between Hardcore, Oi! and dirty Rock & Roll, all coming with an aggressive and damn authentic Hooligan attitude. And "HEY HO! LET'S GO!" even shows us a bigger Hardcore note. Groovy and crunchy guitar riffing, great guitar lead/solo work, and damn hard stomping and pounding rhythm, marked by heavy and forceful drumming and a harsh cracking bass, and all crowned by the hard and full, powerful lead vocals, damn charismatic stuff, and some full cool crew back ups, and all played in quick Mid Pace with a damn organic groove to it. Damn good songwriting, damn good verses and an even greater refrain, energy non stopp, a true force!!! Great!!! Hooligan Thug Core of the first class, and yes, forget about this whole stupid german Streetcore crap 'cause T.M.F. here are the real deal. That's a 10 out of 10 points anthem, for sure. Side B then is giving us their track "BORING", a nice and good stomper, no doubt about it, but it's also a little let-down after the title track. Nice guitar playing goody in the middle near the end of the song, good pace, harsh riff work, hard hammering rhythm section, this great vocals, but it's just a good song because it lacks something like any real special moments and the verses as well as the refrain aren't done so strong. Still a good track that gets 8 out of 10 points, but no competition for the title track of this fine 7" here. Further more we do get some as usual damn good and pretty violent and pissed off lyrics, a good production sound too, and yes, what shall I say more, a damn good band and better make sure that you try to get your hands on this 7" here. Hm, but better be quick with getting your hands on it, because I think it's strictly limited and so. Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
Now you also get a little video clip of T.M.F. and it's to their song "THREE THINGS ON MY MIND" that you can find on their "THE MOTHER FUCKING ARMY" CD EP (I think it was released back in late 2008 or so) . A damn good forceful song about the "THREE THINGS ON MY MIND" that dominate the weekends, haha;-), and I love the bass line as well as the guitar playing (and, as usual, the vocals), so just check it out and enjoy it!!!


By the way, let us spare us and forget about all the 'political' talk around this band, because this isn't one of the precursor bands of T.M.F. anyhow and there's no WP/NS WTF else ever bullshit in all this T.M.F. music and lyrics, and so this should be enough said about this topic because there's no blank space left for any further discussion!!! By the way, also that they are playing concerts with WP/NS crap acts like STEELCAPPED STRENGTH don't need to be discussed here, because also in this case there's no blank space left for any discussion!!! And if ya think about it, then you should know what I want to say with that. This isn't about defamation and it isn't about hustle, as sure as it is also NOT (!!!) about 'washing anything clean' and it isn't about defending any kinds of bullshit, no matter out of what so called political direction this whole bullshit may come, point and fact!!!!

Montag, 22. November 2010


Hey folks, here's coming a new interview for ya. Since the last month saw the birth of a lot of back then new interviews this month is a little bit (okay, okay, a little bit more) quite, but I've written an 'General Informations' post to that topic not that long ago (something around two weeks or so), so I won't repeat myself here.
The new interview that you now will get is with the damn good Deathcore the Old School way band from Goslar City of the name of THROAT-CUT. They've become a really strong and damn good band over the years and I really felt the need to give them some room up here, 'cause they are really deserving it more than only 'enough'. I know the mst of the guys in the band also for now much more than a decade and so it was pretty easy to get it done, also a very sympathic band. Due to some 'medical circumstances' and stuff like this 2010 wasn't a really good or active year for them. But that will pretty much change latest in the spring of 2011 when all is working out like it's planned by the band, and then there will be something really big of them coming. Be prepared for it!!! And also with THROAT-CUT now some more diversity to the musical panoply here on this blog. And that's also a coll and also intended sideeffect, 'cause so will be finally some Core coming again to this my very blog here and that's more than just good, it's great, displaying and representing (sooner or later) ALL the stuff I'm passionated interested in when it comes to music. And beside that THROAT-CUT are also more than worth it: Damn good and hard smashing music and no shit taking and no shit talking lyrics, thumbs up!!! I've done it with Marcus, and THANX A LOT mate for taking the time to do it and for putting so much effort and hard work and heart in it, so that a great interview is the result of the working process. And as usual Marcus also have a lot of interesting stuff to tell, so be prepared for some damn good stuff!!! Ah, by the way, I've done the interview with THROAT-CUT in german and then translated it, so if there's anything not correct then that's my fault, just that you know about it.
Beside this interview with THROAT-CUT there's still the interview with RAZORWIRE in the work, hm, or at least I hope so because I haven't heard a lot of the guys in the last past time and they are showing somehow no reactions when I'm trying to contact them. It would be a really big pity if it wouldn't work out... But don't let us paint the picture too dark, I will try to get through to them pretty soon and I hope that it will work out. Then there are currently two new interviews planned for this year, with the almighty THE CORPS from Australia and with the total force DOS DIAS DE SANGRE, so be sure that there will be coming more in the future. Ah, and still I'm thinking about also doing an interview with FOLSOM, but for that I do desperatly need some more time to get it all done. The interview with "NECK RECORDS" that I'm doing for the newest issue of the "MAGDEBURG PUNX" fanzine is as good as finished and then there are also one or two suprises in the work, but I will tell you soon more about it. And now, enough of this introduction words, just make sure that you no read this very fine interview with this great and strong going band, and now the words up to THROAT-CUT!!!


OLD SCHOOL DEATHCORE from Goslar Rock City!!!

01.) Hey Marcus and the best Greetings to the rest of you THROAT-CUT guys. At first, yeahr, please introduce yourself to us the readers and tell us what dubious guys we are dealing with here.
Dubious?!? Haha, no, no, we are relatively normal guys that are a little bit nuts;-). If you mean the member cast of THROAT-CUT: Lars is playing the bass, Hank the guitar, Marcus is the lead singer, Edin is playing the drums and since ca. two months we do have a new guitar player, and that's Markus (called 'Frau Schmidt') of BLACKLIST LTD. and a former member of DOGMA IVS.

02.) Okay, hm, THROAT-CUT, I mean in principle you are around for quite a long, long while now. Hm, no idea, but I think you are around since the late 1990's or so, but okay, a lot was different back then and really kicking off you had it around 2005 or so. Guys, WTF had you done all the years, haha;-). Okay, you do see, I simply can't spare ya the question for your bandhistory, so yeahr, go ahead and tell us all the dirty little secrets, haha;-).
THROAT-CUT were formed in 1998 but back then, beside Hank and Edin, in a totally different member cast and also with a pretty different musical alignment. Due to some musical differences the band was stagnating und was more or less defunct for quite a few years. Also there had been no proper recording over all this years. In 2006 then it all changed with singer Marcus and bass player Lars coming to THROAT-CUT to fill the ranks. Since then the member cast is very stable and solid and two records had been recorded, one EP in 2006 and one complete full length CD record, released totally the D.I.Y. way of doing things.

03.) How did you came to your bandname?!? Was the (now-a-days) old SEPULTURA song "CUT THROAT" any kid of inspiration for ya back then?!?
I think Edin and Hank could be saying more about it, because I wasn't with THROAT-CUT from the start and not a founding member of the band, and so I can't tell it ya totally precise. Hm, but I think that this song-title once was named;-). I just would say that the name really damn good describes the music of the band and also pretty good sounding is. By the way, there was once a Metalcore band from Germany of the same name, but they decided to choose a new name for their band once... At least I once found some videos of them up on YouTube.


04.) You have currently two records out there, an CD EP and an full length CD. What would ya say, in what way and wherein did you've developed over the time and records?!?
Nearly every band develops, even some only very marginally. We would anyhow say that we've reached something like a new level of our music and its quality, if ya compare the full length with the EP. I mean, it's the same style of music, but much more filed.But okay, at the end of the day we're just trying to do what we personally like to do, but of course we do hope that at least some people do like it too anyhow.

05.) As far as I do know it, both records of ya did have get nearly everywhere pretty good cutups. Did you expect such positive feedback and how did ya noticed all the feedback out of the different directions? Had there maybe been some aimed negative feedback coming back to you like "Too much Metal, too less Core!"/"Too much Core, too less Metal!" or something like this?!? Ah, and by the way, what would ya say, what kind of ausience you attract usually more, more Metal or more Core, rather younger or rather older, etc. pp.?!? Hm, had there been already some offers of any record labels?!?
Hm, we didn't think about it that much, to be honest. Of course you're happy if you get positive feedback for the thungs you are doing. The reviews of our records had been normally good if not even very good. I think the most people especially liked that we aren't just playing the typical Metalcore and/or Deathcore standards, no, we're doing our very own thing (at least as much this is possible in the relatively mated genres of Metal and Hardcore music). One bad review I've read, and the writer of that review was rushing about us because he thought that our music would be too 'obtuse' and too 'unimaginative'... But okay, reviews are always subjective and so I also accept this written opinion as an okay one. Everyone has his or her own perception of music and at the end of the day I think that's the best way to deal with it anyhow anyway. Hm, a really particular audience we do not have. We've played together with Metal, as well as with typical Hardcore and Metalcore bands and the reactions had always been totally different. We've played, for example, one gig just for a through-and-through Beatdown Hardcore audience and this guys simply can't deal with our music. But as we played an Open Air a very alike audience was totally going nuts on us and our music. So I think a lot of things do matter, the day, the other bands, the position you own on the band billing of the concert, the general mood, the form of you as a band on this day, etc. pp. There had been some offers from labels, but it all didn't come to happen. But we do see this very relaxed, because to have a deal with a label today really isn't anymore 'the one thing to have' (due to MP3 downloads and stuff like this). It's really more important to get the chance to play good gigs, gigs where you have some poper technical support, a fair and good and ambitious organizer, and gigs where nobody expects that you are just playing for some lousy beer crate...

06.) You are playing today a very unique and stand-alone style of music. Yeahr, I also think that you have to name it Deathcore, but you really aren't on the same boring and overcrowded page as the typical trendy bands that are playing under that banner. So I've got aware of influences of SUFFOCATION to DYING FETUS to WARPATH. What are you thinking about it?!? What had been your influneces (and are it maybe still today) when you started the band (because you've sounded pretty different from now back then), and what are your influences today?!? Ah, by the way, can you live with being described as Deathcore and what are your thoughts on this whole Metalcore and Deathcore trend that's still hot as trendy hell today?!?
Oh, with the named bands we can become friends with. In principle we are all older than 30 years and do listen to 1.000's of different bands and musical styles. But we do usually find a common intersection, yeahr, and that's what's making it all so interesting. DYING FETUS are really a strong influence, but you can't compare us with them anyhow, not at least because we probably will never reach the same high technical standard as them. But we do also like current Metalcore and Deathcore bands. But today a lot of the stuff became very uniform and fungible. A Beatdown part here, a Blastspeed part there and that's the new complete song, and that's becoming more and more boring over the time. But like the Death Metal trend during the early 1990's this will be coming to an end sooner or later... But also you shouldn't see it all too black and only negative, because with Metalcore and Deathcore young kids come in contact with heavy underground music and that's always better than listening to this bullshit manstream top 100 charts crap music.

07.) How do we hae to imagine your usual rehearsal sessions, some psychodelic noise sessions or very aimed and disciplined writing sessions of new songs?!? Ah, and who does during your rehearsal sessions?!?
Principally both described kinds of rehearsal sessions. Sometimes we are jamming and new songs are come into being on impulse, and sometimes we are working over the time of several rehearsal sessions very focussed on a new song. The songs are usually written together by us all and then we're recording them with a PC. In the final stages then the singer is doing the lyrics for the song and that's it.

 08.) Hm, you are all already a little bit older today and have played in several other bands before THROAT-CUT (at least some of ya). So please tell us what a rating THROAT-CUT owns in your lifes, I mean in a manner of speaking your final amusing 'band-station' before you go into the subcultural retirement or do you still have some dreams and wishes that you like to realize with THROAT-CUT?!? And how obstinate you do work with THROAT-CUT do get ahead?!? How's the rating of the band, embedded in your whole complete private lifes?!?
We have all full jobs to work hard in and we aren't making us any illusions, so that we do see the band as a through and through hobby for us. Sometimes more, sometimes less time-consuming. Because of that we don't have that pressure that we 'must' do something new all over the time, and that we have to change the member cast of the band all the time just to get some possible advance to get ahead, we don't critize each other all the time. That's the reason why the climate within the band is very enjoyable. Personally I am very happy and satisfied with this situation and I haven't really experienced this in the other bands I used to be part of. Hm, but you can't talk of subcultural retirement, 'cause we will do this as long as we still enjoy it. Okay, due to our private lifes and our jobs, which are our priorities number one, but we are realistic enough in this case. I'm just again and again totally in bewilderment if I see how young bands do have a totally wrong assessment of the scene and the financial situation. All want to play and expecting to be famous very, very soon, and that all the concert bookers are gonna start to brawl with each other just to get them on their stages. If all this bands would know that also well known bands of the underground subcultural hard and heavy music scene can't live from the money they make out of their music and that even this well-known bands usually have to pay extra, then I'm pretty sure that most of this young bands would put their instruments in the corner of their living rom. When it comes to playing concerts then, to be honest, we are all a little lazy, I mean we could surely play more gigs if we would just do more for it. So, this means: Any concert bookers who are reading this interview here, we always like to play concerts!!!

09.) When it comes to your lyrics you are also dealing with a lot of different topics and issues, from personal to political stuff, and that's damn good and it's a pity that this is in today's Metal and Core scene relatively rare. Really damn, damn strong are the lyrics to "RETALIATE", especially the accosting of "ISLAMIC REDNECKS" is a damn strong statement of one of a kind, and it's something very rare today in our time when the West is normally on the course of self-flagellation when it comes to the conflict between the West and the islamic world, instead of propagating some justified offensive criticism. Please describe us the background of the lyrics to this song, and also the message that you want to express with it.
That's intended! We just want to write about things that move and touch us, and maybe we will bring some people to the point to thinking about the things we sing about and life in general. Today's society is really getting more stupid and sillier every single day! You just have to turn on the T.V. and watch what is broadcasted in the prime time of the day.Awful and lousy! The lyrics of "RETALIATE" really deal with the conflict between the western world and islamic extremists. But I'm trying to keep an objective view on this conflict and to express this with and within the lyrics (like I've also done it with the lyrics to "TÄTERVOLK" on our EP). Normally it's always the principle of Action-and-Reaction that works. And I really don't care about what's politically correct or not! And especially when it comes to this conflict I don't think that there's a 100% right side and a 100% wrong side when it comes to owning truth and right. Sure not! And I think that's something that should be a guiding line, to keep a objective view to the things to happen, or at least to try this. I think that's the only way to find solutions! That's also the case when it comes to this never ending debate on 'integration'.

10.) And who the fuck pissed you so damn strong off that you've written such a lyrically (and musically) 'hate bolt' of a song like "BURN IN HELL"?!?
That's simple: By making negative experiences with humans that use to call themselves friends, but then throwing stones in your way every time they get the chance to do it. Guys that are backstabbing and betraying you, and make fun of you even when you used to trust them. At the end when it all comes falling down to pieces you are standing gobsmacked infront of a pile of broken ragments, just because you would never treat people like that anyhow. That's how lyrics like "BURN IN HELL" use to come to happen. Ah, by the way, to write the music of this song just took one rehearsal session. The best songs often come to happen off-the-cuff.

THROAT-CUT in 2006
 11.) Tell me something about "STÖRSYNDROM", the cover ou are doing of DRECKSAU, and how much of it is THROAT-CUT and how much still DRECKSAU?!?
"STÖRSYNDROM" is originally a DRECKSAU song (once I used to sing in this band for a year). We've played the song back in that days pretty often live but he/it never made it on a record release because DRECKSAU used to split before we could do this. So that's why now with THROAT-CUT we thought about doing it by ourselves, as something like a tribute to the band and song. Some verses I added to the lyrics and of course we've done the song in our style. We got the OK to do it from my former band members from Nuremberg. By the way, they like our version of the song pretty much.

12.) Some words to the song (and especially the lyrics) of your sick song "ASPIRATION": WTF...?!?
2007 I went to the hospital because I was about getting an operation at my nose, only some 'routine stuff' but serious complications used to happen why I was breathing in my own blood and nearly suffocated because of that. They put me for seven days in an 'artificial' coma. That was an extreme and hard time and I only made it very hardly out of it alive. I was totally pumped up with medication and used to have sick hallucinations, it was like I was trapped in a world between. No horror movie or what-so-ever was able to overcome this experience. So this situation was nearly asking for becoming the lyrics to a song that would describe and speak out my experiences during this time period.

13.) You use to sing in german and english, sometimes you are also using both languages in your songs. How do you use to decide about which topic you do sing in which language?!? Is there's some masterplan behind it, or do you use to do it all impulsive?!? Hm, and are their topics that you would rather sing about in german, and other you would rather sing about in english, or is it maybe so that some topics demand one of this languages and forbid the other?!?
That decision depends on the song, what language seems to be better fitting is the one that's chosen by us for this song. We also used to have songs with german and with one english lyrics. Sometimes it depends also on the message of the specific song which language we do choose for it. In contrast to other bands we don't have or feel this 'commercial pressure' just to sing in english.

14.) The artwork of your "WAR CRIMINAL" record looks pretty professional and 'arty', and it's done by an official artist. How do you managed it that you were allowed to use it and did you have to pay for it?!?
By accident we discovered it on and thought that this artwork would perfectly fit to our lyrics. We asked the artists if we could use it and he 'gave' us his picture at no charge! He just wanted to get an CD. That was totally big luck, because we think that this artwork really perfectly represents our music and lyrics.

15.) When will there be some more new material of ya coming out finally, and what future plans do you have?!?
Currently we are writing new songs and getting our new guitar player worked into our songs, and he is already bringing a lot of new ideas to the table. In spring 2011 we want to enter the recording studio again to record some new stuff.

16.) Somethng that I like really damn much at your band and music is the fact that your music is basically free of any kinds of clichès (and that's damn good if ya ask me), free of any Metal clichès and stereotypes. No never ending and pesky guitar solo playing, no stupid Fantasy or Horror/Splatter lyrics, etc. pp., and that's just simply great, point and fact. Is this intended by you that your music is free of this clichè crap?!? What's your opinion in general to this typical Metal clichè stuff?!? And by the way, in which scene or subculture do you feel more 'at home' or the most 'at home'?!?
It just felt the right way to it that way! In our private lifes we are all listening to bands who work with this clichès. To some bands it really fits good (for example AUTOPSY and CANNBAL CORPSE), there you can't imagine anything else. But bands like DYING FETUS (despise their bandname) do sing about total different things in their music. To our music no Gore and Splatter lyrics came to our minds. My personal approach was always a quite a little bit different one. But maybe we will bedoing some Splatter stuff some day, who knows, just for the fun of it. For example I like the Hip Hop/Hardcore song on the last DOS DIAS DE SANGRE (from Goslar and friends of us) full length record very much. That song is fully packed up with clichès and especially because of that fact I think it's great;-). We're all not that big fans of guitar solos, so that was never an option for us. Real 'closed' scenes like for example in the 1980's aren't existing anymore today. That brings some positive as well as some negativ aspects with it. But anyhow, we don't feel the need to be part of any scene, and with that we are doing good.

17.) Once again back to your lyrics: From where do you get your inspirations in general?!? Going out on the streets, turning on the T.V., the internet, social environment, all the wasted lifes that are the protagonists in our modern 'consume-societies'?!? Hm, and how do you write your lyrics?!? Just a single lonely writer who decides what is done solely, or do you discuss it all?!?
Hm, daily life, social environment, society, broken friendships or relations, etc. pp. Life is just giving you so many topics today to write songs about. Normally I (the singer) write the lyrics, an talk it through with my band members. Sometimes one of them is coming with a idea and I ork it out. No hectic with it, it's all very relaxed.

THROAT-CUT in 2008
 18.) When it comes to hard music Goslar always got some good and damn strong bands to offer, even it had been mostly Metal bands;-). How is the comradeship between the bands and which bands from Goslar anyone should know beside you?!?
Okay, all are doing there own thing. But any kind of 'business competition' (like it was back then in the 1990's often the case= we don't know of today. And why, I mean, what hould be the reasons for it? We do our thing and the other bands are doing their things. But okay, I don't know how the young bands from here use to do their things, 'cause to them we just have to less contact. When it comes to organizing concerts we're helping each other out where we can, no matter if it's about the backline or about playing a gig. And why not, because at the end of the day it's only about the 'golden pineapple'. We are friends for example with DOS DIAS DE SANGRE, a Hardcore/Metal band from Goslar. They are cool and know how to rock. Okay, this whole Beatdown Hardcore stuff often uses o have some tough guy background, but I know that they are having also some ironic view on this whole stuff. But they are also today some old crocks, haha;-). Beside us two of our band members also use to play in BLACKLIST LTD., a melodic Metal/Metalcore band from Goslar.

19.) Last question, then you are through and this one is also going back to your band and music exclusively, haha;-): What can we expect from you in the future, I mean, a new second guitar player and so, are you thinking about some strong musical changes or so?!? Prepare us;-)?!?
Something exact and precise I can't tell you (currently). Surely it will change for a bit because of the new guy with the guitar. But at the end of the day we will be playing our stuff without compromise, but on the other side we will try to be open for some new influences and so. But when it comes to the sound of our next release we will be making some big changes.

20.) Okay guys, that was it, you are through with it;-). A very big THANX A LOT goes out to ya (especially Marcus) for taking the time to doing this interview and putting that much effort in it. THANX A LOT!!! All the best for ya futur and we will see us pretty soon again. I think that in Goslar City this won't be disabled anyhow, haha;-). Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!
Yeahr, also thanx a lot, we will see us soon. Latest at the fourth of Febuary of 2011 when the CRUSHING CASPERS and ISOLATED will be playing in the JUZ B6 in Goslar.

Yes, that was it, the newest interview up here with THROAT-CUT from Goslar Rock City!!! If ya're into extreme and brutal underground music the way of Death and Core then make sure that you will check them out!!! Damn good band!!! Also fuckin' sympathic and authentic guys, and make sure that you check them out, and yes, as soon as possible, and then get their releases and give them your support!!!
On their MySpace site you have the chance to order their "WAR CRIMINAL" (2008) full length record CD directly from the band, as well as you have the chance to download their debut release, their "END OF THE LINE" (2006) CD EP  in high MP3 download quality for free, just that you know about it.

Now you will get a video clip to one of my favorit songs of THROAT-CUT, a clip to their brilliant anthm "RETALITE", really just great, musically as well as lyrically, point and fact!!! I've done the video by myself, yeahr, so please don't expect something Oscar-Award-like stuff anyhow;-). Now you get the lyrics first, and then will come the video, enjoy it!!!

(taken from "WAR CRIMINAL", released in 2008)

Brother against brother - Blood vs. blood
Fighting against each other - I feel (the) coming fire

Hateful brutality - No time for looking back
Everything comes down - To another turning point
Islamic Rednecks - ready for attack
Their soulless truth filled with crack

Through the ashes of mutation
We consume till death destroys the world

Blindly - They rot in hell
Leaders - The weak of the world
Hatred - Blood, money, sells
Retaliate - Blood, money, sells

Hateful brutality - No time for looking back
Everything comes down - To another turning point

Now it's time for you to say the world goodbye
Crippled, dethroned bastards - To another turning point

These soulless hordes - Tearing down humanity
Their path of truth is death - This time they think, they're on the way

Islamic Rednecks - Ready for attack
Their soulless truth filled with crack

Just kill everything around your bloody way
You will the pay the price in front of god one day

Just damned fanatic mice
Torment is your destiny

Brother against Brother - Blood vs. blood
Fighting against each other - I feel (the) coming fire

Hordes of humans in fire
Hordes of humans in fire
In fire!

And now comes the video for ya:


Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Oi! Oi! Oi! And we still say: "FUCK YOU ALL!!!" in the ugly shit-face of the mainstream society!!!

And here's the second compilation record of the "BEST OF BRITISH" Oi! sampler series done by "M.F.S. PRODUCTIONS". And also that's a cool one, again!!! Hm, I'll try to keep it shorter this time 'cause my free time today to do some writing up here is quickly running out. Yes, so okay, straight forward. 15 tracks at all we do get here, and the featured bands are the following: WASTED NATION, T.M.F., CITIZEN KEYNE, WASTED LIFE, THE LONDON DIEHARDS, PRESSURE 28, KEYSIDE STRIKE, INSANE YOUTH, BAKERS DOZEN, STREETPUNK DRUNKS, CHURCHILL, URBAN SCUM, BREAKOUT, ROTTEN APPLES, and SKINFULL. My personal highlights are the young (?) WASTED NATION with their great angry and aggressive fast Streetpunk smasher "STREETS OF FEAR", as usual the mighty T.M.F. (playing this time even more Hardcore inspired with their great hate track "FUCK YOU (AND YOU TOO)!"), the noisy and angry and loud WASTED LIFE with their great Hardcore Streetpunk anthem "POLICE STATE", PRESSURE 28 with their hit "PULL NO PUNCHES" (great and pretty unique traditional Oi! with very grapping guitar work, pretty cool rhythm arrangements and very charismatic vocals, and the refrain is sheer larger than life stuff), KEYSIDE STRIKE (I always remembered them sounding more Hardcore, but okay...) and their smasher "IN THIS WORLD" (great Hardcore influenced Oi! music, with some American Oi! notes to it, very good stuff), BAKERS DOZEN with their tough as nails Skinhead Rock anthem "BITING POINT", URBAN SCUM with their great "STAND OUT OF LINE" (damn good Clockwork Oi! with some pretty cool guitar and rhythm work and very smart lead vocals), BREAKOUT and their angry mid paced forward marching stomper "TERRORIST ATTACK" (very cool verses, nice lead guitar work, powerful chorus and hard and pissed off vocals, great stuff, and also fuckin' awesome lyrics to it), and as usual with me the fantastic SKINFULL with their without remorse aggressivly forward stomping U.K. Brickwall Oi! killer track "FUCK 'EM ALL!!!", and yeahr, that's a monster!!! You have to listen to it!!! Okay, the other not mentioned bands are at least also all okay Oi! and Streetpunk bands and tracks, and in combination with the again fantastic artwork and the through and through good production sounds that's again a good and strong compilation record that you really should get, point and fact!!! Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

Oi! Oi! Oi! - And we say: "FUCK YOU ALL!!!" straight in the ugly shit-face of the mainstream society!!!

Here's a very cool release, again thrown out by "M.F.S. PRODUCTIONS" (okay, originally it was released by "ASCALON RECORDS" and now it's back on "M.F.S. PRODUCTIONS", at least that's the way how I understand it), hm, and I primarly thought that this record was released anyhow this year in 2010, okay, but this is called the 'Re-Edition' of 2010 (coming with some bonus track) so it seems to be some kind of 'This year's Re-Release!' of this record or so. But okay, anyhow anyway. Like I've already said, that's a pretty cool release, a damn good compilation record. It carries the subtitle "BEST OF BRITISH" Oi! and this statement is not a lie. We get 18 tracks in total, 15 regular tracks and 3 bonus tracks. After a nice classic music intro track this records kicks off damn strong with the legendary CONDEMNED 84 and their larger than life anthem "THE VOICE OF Oi!" (great lyrics), and I think it don't have to say anything more. Hard as nails and rough and tough, dominted by heavy guitar riffing U.K. Brickwall Oi! Oi! Oi! at it's very best. I love it!!! After this the brilliant T.M.F. are up next. They give us with their track "ANOTHER SCAR" another brilliant musical crowbar swing crushing some heads in. Oi!, Hardcore and Streetrock & Roll music melted together in a great and damn unique way, and also again with cool lyrics. Two real anthems to kick it off, great!!! Next up are SUPERYOB. Everyone is talikg about them and how great they would be... Anyway, they are a good band, for sure, but it's always the same with them when I listen to them, 'cause if ya ask me they are just much too soft and they are way too much something like a Pop Streetpunk band. But okay, their song is titled "ROUGH JUSTICE" (great lyrics, showing how to deal with child molesters in the only right and the only possible way) and even it's again at the end of the day a too soft affair it's still a good track anyhow. Nice arrangements of the descent from the verses to the refrain parts and mighty Sing A Long refrain. Good stuff!!! Ah, and the first verse remains me really strong of some old IRON MAIDEN songs and FRANKY FLAME really uses to sound a little bit like BRUCE DICKINSON back in the days. Nice stuff at all, even it's not really my cup of tea. Then are coming SCUM. I think they are also already for quite a while now around (or are they now-a-days not a defunct band?!?), hm, but somehow I know nothing else from them... But okay, judging by this songs that's not that bad at all. Their song "Oi! MATE" is nothing special or so, hm, and it's just solid midfield stuff without the necessarity to know about it anyhow. Not bad or so, but you really don't need it. Up Tempo Pogo Oi! sound from England that hurts nobody... but that also needs nobody... Then are coming the mighty RETALIATOR with their song "JUDGE & JURY". I always liked this band, but, sadly, this is one of their weaker tracks. Nice refrain part, heavy and dominating dustdry guitar riffing, angry and pissed off vocals, but the verses aren't arranged that clever or floating at all, and that's the problem with this one here that will make your ears scream for remorse. Not bad, but they used to be so much better, so there's too much potential of them being unused with this one here. Next band is LOYALTY. Straight ahead forward played hard Oi! Oi! Oi! noise, not bad, but also not really needed at all. The same case as with SCUM. And then finally the next monster comes again, the almighty THE GONADS with GARY BUSHELL and their hard yet melodic stomping anthem "HEY YOU!" with some great stadium rock like verses, hymnal and majestic refrain parts, and damn good songwriting and a pretty cool guitar solo. Maybe my total favorite on this one here. Great stuff!!! Check it out!!! And yes, always A.C.A.B. and fuck the boys in blue!!! Oi! Oi! Oi! Then the smart scotsmen of ON FILE are up next on the running order. Terrible kick off of the song and the problem is that the vocals really hurt (especially when the voice tries to reach higher notes) here with this one. The song is nice beefy and hard, yet still cool melodic old school Oi! music, but damn it, the lead vocals really hurt and this sucks, ah, and the song's called "STUCK IN '82" and so you should know about the lyrics. Then are coming the newcomers CODE ONE with their aggressive bruiser "BOMBER". If you are into CONDEMNED 84, RETALIATOR, and also RAZORBALDE, all mixed up with some THE EXPLOITED Hardcore Punk notes to it and a very Hardcore sounding voice then don't waste your time and get known to this guys. Damn good song, very aggressive and offending, like the lyrics. Really good stuff, point and fact!!! Next up are FATAL IMPACT, and damn it, but I've never heared anything of them. But okay, now here on this one. Their song is called "GET A LIFE" and is really strong rockin' mid paced old school Oi! with some catchy refrain and marked by strong guitar work and a heavy rhythm section. Really, really a nice discovery and damn good stuff. Thumbs up!!! Then are coming the SPLODGENESSABOUNDS (what a band name...) with their cool hymn "YOU'VE BEEN SPLODGED". Stoic and groovy hard guitar work with some cool melody line to it, very cool riff and rhythm structure and cool snotty vocals. Despise the terrible bandname this is a great band (judging by this song here, 'cause I know nothing else of them...) and really also a more than nice and good one. Damn cool stuff!!! They are followed up by the legendary VICIOUS RUMOURS and their hymn "G.Y.K.D." and it's pure sexism at work on the lyrical front, haha;-). But anyway, damn stupid stuff, I don't know how a grown up man outside this stupid Gangstar Rap genre can really do sing such bullshit, no Sex in real life or what?!? But okay, it's straight forward rockin' and yet melodic U.K. Streetpunk with some fresh air to it when it comes to the guitar work. Check it out and spare yourself the ridiculous stupid bullshit lyrics 'cause then you may not loose the respect for this band. Then are coming OVERLOAD with their heavy mid paced Oi! Oi! Oi! stomper "GREED", good stuff, if ya like SKINFULL they will be something for ya (even if they are not that strong at all). Good band!!! Followed by the NOBODIES HEROES and their fast and noisy Streetpunk track "MOTHERUCKER" and that's a damn cool one and the different rhythm types and how they are floating into each other and melting this one single song together is just awesome. Also some nice ideas when it comes to playing the guitars and very charismatic vocals. They also showcase some American Punkrock music influences. Great stuff!!! Next and last one of the regular tracks and bands are CHURCHILL and their track titled "REVENGE". Some old battle bruised Skins from England with short hair and nearly everyone with a fat belly playing us some MOTÖRHEAD influenced good rockin', a little bit metallic and very melodic Streetpunk. Hm, not bad, but I would have expected really some more heavyness offered by them, hm, you can't trust bandpictures at all, haha;-). After this one the bonus track section kicks off with the almighty T.M.F. and their cover of "WAR ON THE TERRACE", and yeahr, this Hooligan smasher is really done great by them, I don't have to say more about it you should know what you get. Then they are followed up by RETALIATOR and their version of "GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME" (this is originally a traditional, or isn't it?!?), nice stuff even it's one of their softest tracks I've listened to, haha;-). Very good stuff, smooth and groovy riffing, smacking guitar work, full rhythm section, charismatic vocals and nice back up choirs. Yeahr, I really like it and wouldn't it be this still pretty early this day I could open up a can of beer because listening to this one here, and you know what this means;-). Last ones are again CHURCHILL, their (second) song is titled "THIS ONE'S FOR THE SKINS" and I like it much more then their other track "REVENGE" here on this compilation disc and it also sounds pretty different. Traditional Sing A Long U.K. Oi! without Metal and MOTÖRHEAD influences, and that's the far better way for them to sound, at least if you ask me. Okay, what's left to say after this? All songs are coming in a damn good production sound and the artwork looks through and through just awesome. Very good work!!! And this record showcases that Britain still today has some really good Oi! bands to offer. Check them out!!! (8 of 10 points)

Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

"You're the scum of the earth, yeahr, the local drug dealer! Now we're coming for you, can you feel us getting nearer? You're the scum of the earth, yeah, the local drug dealer! Now we're on your fucking heels, can you feel us getting nearer?"

Yeahr, guys, here it is!!! Simply one of the best Oi! records to come from the U.K. for quite a while. The warhorses and veterans of BAKERZ DOZEN and the young lionhearts of SKINFULL are teaming up here together to give us one hell of a split record. And this is the part two of the split records series of "M.F.S. Productions", after the first split that featured T.M.F. and THE LONDON DIEHARDS. (The review of this really good record you can also find here on this blog.) I was really excited  about finally listening to this one here, and what shall I say, I wasn't disappointed. BAKERZ DOZEN are kicking the CD off, giving us six songs to listen to and to go totally nuts to. Hard stomping, pissed off, mean and aggressive Skinhead Rock from out of the Highlands of Scotland. Hard, angry, noisy, loud, and brutal guitar playing, a fuckin' evil and present forceful bass work, and pounding drums, and last but not least harsh and damn charismatic vocal. What bands like CONDEMNED 84 and also COMBAT 84 once started BAKERZ DOZEN put (already long ago, I know) on the next level, and if ya're also into bands like RETALIATOR then you will also love BAKERZ DOZEN. Great stuff!!! They can play damn good and they know how to write songs, nah, what I'm talking here, they know how to write anthem, and one followed by another one. Totally over the top!!! Just listen to their soon to be a classic "THE GHOST OF BRITISH JUSTICE". Great!!!Not to forget "LOOKING FOR TROUBLE" and "DAY OF VENGEANCE", and also their SECTION 5 cover of "MADMAN" is fuckin' awesome stuff!!! If just their other two tracks wouldn't be also at least nearly so damn strong at all, then they would get even more out of it as they already do get. BAKERZ DOZEN get 9 out of 10 points, and not one single point less!!! Then are coming SKINFULL!!! A great young band, showing us that England still got some young fantastic and real Oi! bands to offer. I reviewed also their "DRINKING CLASS HEROES" debut CD once (you can find the review also online here on this blog), and so you already might know that I'm a huge fan of this fine young band. And here we get also six songs of them. The very few only weak points of their debut they really made up for good on this one here, changing very clever the pace of the songs and giving us some more intersting drum work. Damn it, why aren't all the bands out there listening so good to my advices, haha;-)?!? Anthemic and hard stomping great traditional (not retro) Oi! Oi! Oi! music from England, and both bands fit together more than just well. Even SKINFULL do play more anthemic, more catchy and Sing-A-Long style. Dustdry and bonecracking hard guitar work, larger than life lead vocals, fat and full and loud crew back up chants, a great forward driving bass playing, and hard stomping drumming. fantastic stuff!!! You like CONDEMNED 84 as well as THE 4 SKINS and all the other great old brickwall Oi! bands from the U.K. then you will more than just love this guys here, and there will be even more to come from them, and that's even greater!!! My personal favorites of them are "SKINFULL", "SCUM", "THIS IS Oi!" (yes, it is, and nothing else and nothing less), and "PARADISE PRISON". Great!!! SKINFULL do get 10 out of 10 points. Both bands do also give us some damn good lyrics, the artwork looks great and the production sound of both bands is more than just good. So, damn it, get it!!! I hope there will be coming more releases in this split series on this pretty good label very soon. Cheers & Oi! (9,5 of 10 points)

Mittwoch, 17. November 2010


Oh, (again) a totally new band to me. Can't tell ya how long they are around now or something like this, but they are from the city of Antwerpen in Belgium, hm, and I think this is their (at least full length) debut record release (and it's from 2010). (And don't ask me anything about the label...) I'm not so sure about any political directions of the band, hm, could maybe be interesting because al lot of the bands from Belgium that used to came out in the last time used to be some shady and dodgy affairs (I think I don't have ta name ya the bands I mean, and so I won't do it), but at the end of the day I do truly think that it's also maybe not that important or interesting at all, I mean, if you want some thought police work then go to the new Gestapo-like institutions out there and have your fun. I think some critizism on nearly unregulated 'Immigration-Policy' I got aware of, hm, but that don't have to be automatically something 'evil' or wrong anyhow. So let us say that THE WIDOWMAKERS are maybe nothing for the weak-hearted out there, haha;-). And that is especially the case when it comes to their music, 'cause that's some pretty hard and eruptive affair. It's a very hard style of old school fashioned Streetpunk music. Take very huge loads of old THE EXPLOITED (I just say: "Maggy, you fuckin' cunt!" and you all should no which period of the existence of this still strong going legendary band I do mean) and mix it with huge and strong influences of angry and grumpy old tyme U.K. Oi! like it was born and bred by THE 4 SKINS and you have a pretty good impression of what THE WIDOWMAKERS are doing. And they are doing it already in a good solid way, no doubt about it. Harsh and pushing guitar riffing, a heavy and very distorted and distorting bass playing, tight and pounding drum work, and brutal and hard stakkato like shouting (the lead vocals), all made round by loud and fat crew shouts. The pace of the songs is mostly really a fast one, and the energy level is also very high. Okay, what's annoying me is the too big and too conspicuos lead voice shouting, 'cause it's just much too much monotic over the distance of this in total eleven tracks. Also the band could work more on some more interesting and more grapping songwriting to bring at least some changes into their music, 'cause that could help to fresh the music of THE WIDOWMAKERS up. But okay, we will see how they develop in the future, and this here is already a good kick off for them. It's also a very unique style today that they play, maybe a little bit too retro for me, but okay, it's maybe just a little bit, yes, so it's all still more or less okay with and for me. Lyrically we get critical stuff, as well as violent and also Way of Life lyrics, so it's also all okay, if ya ask me. The production sound is pretty good and suiting the music very well, and the artwork looks cool and also pretty old school (even it reminds me more of an old school Heavy Metal cover, haha;-), but okay). Best songs are "WIDOWMAKER", "ALWAYS IN TROUBLE", "DRESSED IN BLUE", "WORKING CLASS", and their RIOT SQUAD cover of "SOCIETY'S FODDER". Check them out, could be worth it. If this record would had come out twelve years ago it would get a even much better rating, but so times and gustos simply just change... Anyhow, check this guys out if you are into heavy underground Streetpunk music. (7 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 16. November 2010

Traditional Oi! Punk from England

Okay, here we now do get some pretty traditional Old School Oi! Punk music from good old England. The band's already around for quite a while, so some of ya out there may already know them. Anyhow, if not, hm, maybe you will feel the need to get known to them after this review here, time will tell... First of all I got this CD just in a plastic sheet with a copied cover (it's the one that you see here on the left), so I can't really tell ya anything about the artwork (I even don't know if the picture that you see is the original cover artwork or anything else) or anything else that linked with it. But, by the way, the picture looks pretty cool, even it's nothing special as sure as hell should be hot. CITIZEN KEYNE are from Milton Keynes, U.K. and are a battle scarred Oi! or Punk, hm, let us call it Streetpunk band. Playing a very traditional style between good old 1980's Oi! and old school Punkrock. If you're into THE WARRIORS, THE BUSINESS and the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE on the one side, and into the SEX PISTOLS, the U.K. SUBS and VICE SQUAD on the otherside, ha, then you will find something like your little holy grail here with this guys. Even they are not a retro band, and that's damn goo, playing it all very fresh and damn alive, and also with some very few influences of modern American Streetpunk, for example RANCID, and Punkrock, for example ANTI-FLAG, but hey, don't worry, trust me when I say that the Old School England influences are the very leading ones. It's all marked by the heavy pushing, yet melodic and hymnal, very stoic guitar work, an evil pounding bass playing, massive drumming, and this typical english snotty vocals. Is all there what you (justified) expect from a good old school style Streetpunk from the land where this music was born and bred. Mostly the songs are played in heavy mid pace tempo, but they do very clever change the pace as well as the rhythm structure of the songs. And songs like "SERIAL KILLER" do also showcase some nice influences of british Metal music. Lyrically we get some nice stuff, critical lyrics as well as good cool and authentic Way of Life lyrics, and both types are done pretty good. It's nothing too special or something like this, but a really, really good release that you should check out. My personal favorites are the Hooligan anthem "SATURDAY'S HEROES", "WAY OF LIFE", "REVOLUTION" and the great title track "STAND PROUD", and not to forget about the killer track "LIFE". Check them out, do yourself this favour, especially if you are into British Streetpunk music with some very good guitar work. Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)

Montag, 15. November 2010

Soon the most hated german band?!? Ah, guys, come on, this farce from Berlin?!?

PUNKFRONT - "100% HASS" ("Oi! Ain't Red Records"/"Adler Versand"; CD):
So, yes, I hope after DONARS GROLL and BLUE MAX this one here is for a long, long time the last bullshit right wing underground band that I have to review. So, yes, okay, a little story to tell: I've heard from this band for quite a while. Much talked from the left to the right. For the left they are the worst Nazis around and a band that needs to be made known and famous for that fact... (I hope you all get what I want to say...) The right is telling everyone that they are pure Punk and singing about uneasy and politically not correct issues, defending the freedom of speech. (It's funny how the radical and extreme right and their so called 'unpolitical' brothers in arms do propagate themselves always as the true defenders of freedom of speech and thoughts, and as soon as they are in charge and power this freedoms are the very first things they wipe away, just take a look at the history of mankind.) So okay, I was s little bit curious about them and that's why I got this record. What's all about the german band from Berlin called PUNKFRONT?!? Let us start with a short note about the name: PUNKFRONT - To name your band after the first Nazi Punk Organisation ever, whooaaa, that's maybe just some 'aggressive' provocation... or it is a statement. To judge from the lyrics, I can tell ya, it's the last thing, it's a statement, nothing else!!! First song, titled "100% HASS" (= "100% HATE"), it's straight against the AFA and what's called the 'Redfront'. Haha, what's really funny that the only political party from West Germany with some what-so-ever communist approach (at least they called themselves so...) and some bigger mass following was banned decades ago, so yeahr, guys, tell me, where's this 'Redfront' at all and where's the giant communist threat here in Germany with it's very strong anti-communist tradition, yes, so again guys, tell me where's that threat and show it me!!! Damn it, are you really that stupid?!? I guess you are!!! By the way, to sing against this AFA jackasses, ha, no problem with me. But that's making this huge stupidity in no way better. Okay, then they are singing some more or less A.C.A.B. like song against Police State oppression, the song's called "KNÜPPELDICKE" (don't ask me how to translate it anyhow...), and what's really funny about it is the fact that a right wing band is singing against a Police State, haha, I mean, guys, can ya read?!? Take a look in some history books and maybe you will find out what I mean. Then comes an anti-Islam song, called "UND MORGENS RUFT DER MUEZZIN" (= "AT MORNING CALLS THE MUEZZIN"). No problem with singing against the Islam (as well as, for example, the Christianity, even the Islam is an even much more repressive system, pure fascism set to transcendental religion, and nothing else), but what's that crap?!? It's like the typical bullshit talking at your usual german crackerbarrel. And yes, as well as the Islam isn't a part of the western culture at all, hm, but just crying about it and demanding that the Muslims should go to hell and leave is just nothing but a farce, nothing but a farce that you usually hear at the already mentioned crackerbarrels and I really ask myself how anyone can propagate a 'Punk'band that's singing such crap as a anyhow rebellious band or even a Punk band at all?!? That's not a Punk band, that's just a Babbitt band and nothing else. (Despise the look of the guys in the band.) With the next song, titled "FUCK CRUST", hm, I really don't feel to say anything more about it, nah, but okay, here we go ahead: They sing about left wing Punk bands and this whole "With us or against us!" bullshit they often preach. By the way, that's also what their political counterparts on the right do usually preach, but okay... It's again a incredible stupid song, mixing several different left political ideas into one boogeyman figure they cry about, rant about and sing against. And yes, it's just a senseless track 'cause what they do sing against is nothing but a weird mix of different and sometimes also conflictive left wing political ideas and so it really isn't worth one single word more about it. Then they do a SCHLEIM KEIM cover, hm, at least I wouldn't have needed it anyway. Last song is called "VERRATEN UND VERKAUFT" (= "BETRAYED AND SOLD"), and with this one they could also play at happenings of the extreme german right wing party of the NPD. A lot of stupid 'blood and soil' and 'father land rise' ideas that would also pleases the common german Babbitt and Bourgeois. And yes, that's all everything but politically uncorrect. That's totally political correct but just from the other direction of the political spectrum. And yes, it's also the german crackerbarrel mainstream, so spare me every word more about how rebellious, how non-PC and how outspoken this jackasses are. Okay, and also the quality of the lyrics, I mean the way they are written down, is really terrible and just bad. I mean, I've read poems of 14 years old pupils that got teached in the subject of the german language by me that had been much, much better than this crap. So all of you out there, no matter if left or right, please tell me why you are making such a noize because of this farce band here, please tell it to me, 'cause I really can't understand it anyhow!!! Yes, and why they got a record deal, why they found a label that brings out their stuff!!! Ah, are you wondering why this review is just about their lyrics and messages up to this point and not about their music?!? It's easy, there's just nothing to say about their music. It's simple and boring typical German Punk. Fast but not hard or even anyhow tight played guitars, a pretty weak rhythm section, terrible Boozer vocals without any expression in them or what-so-ever, some crooked back up shouts and that's it. No, not really, okay, okay, there is also more or less the same pace and the same rhythm structure of nearly every song, and some not really grapping or clever arrangements of the songs and crappy 'melody' lines. So yes, that's to say about their music, and you see, it's making nothing better. The artwork is nothing special and the cover is really ugly and boring, and the production is okay for a basement recording like this. Once again: Why is everyone making such noise because of this crap band?!? I really can't understand it, no, I can't!!! On the right they do must have (far, far) better bands to listen to, and so on the left they should have an eye on this other bands but not on this totally dispensable group from Berlin, Germany. I mean they can only hardly write songs and lyrics, so come on!!! Don't make that much noise because of this band, because then they will soon be gone in the underworld of all the uncountable abysmal bands past and present out there and nothing more they deserve judging by what they had done here. And now this CD will take a ride straight into the garbage can for hazardous waste. Bye, bye!!! (0 of 10 points)
(To point it out short and precisely: This guys here have nothing to offer, neither musically nor lyrically, PUNKFRONT is at the end of the day nothing than an overly hyped piece of crap, point and fact!!! They have nothing more than an german crackerbarrel Brabbit mainstream right wing nationalistic and xenophobic attitude and if that's all what it takes to get some fame and popularity in the german underground subculture of Oi! and Punk music then this says a lot about the 'scene' over here in Germany, and it says a lot if not all from the left to the right and back about it. What a farce!!!)