Sonntag, 28. November 2010


Hey folks, I'm back on track again today!!! Some few months ago back from now on the newsline hit me like a sledgehammer that the singer of the almighty DISCIPLINE, Joost de Graaf, manslaughtered and/or beaten dead his wife. Bamm!!! WTF?!? But it was true and now he's serving his more than justified punishment (for what I know)... I really don't know and I really can't imagine what can make a person ticking so totally off, loosing so damn totally the control... And maybe I won't know it anyhow. For what I know Joost and his wife did have two (?) children... I can't imagine how they do feel since then, lost their mother due to their daddy that used to beat her dead, lost their father because of what he has done to their mother, my thoughts are with them, even I don't know them and probably will never come to know them. This is a tragedy, nothing else!!! And it's a huge personal fault (can't express it anyhow better right now, sorry, but I guess you get what I want to say), nothing else!!! I don't know if it is true what you could read in countless fanzines (and on the web as well) over the last years that white powder that some guys use to sniff up their noses and some steroids and bullshit stuff like this had been involved when it comes to DISCIPLINE and Joost, don't know if it's true, but if it's true, hm, then that's another proof for the negativity and the negative effects of drug waste like that and that you really better put this drug crap done the toilet if you really think you need to get your hands on this crap anyhow. It uses to reveal the darkest and degeneratest sides of your personality and let them take control of you and your life. Fuck that trash!!! And yes, still kill the local drugdealer!!! And not only the local representatives of this lowlife subhuman scum!!! So okay, I didn't want to post this words earlier, because I'm not personally attached by it and there had been enough scumbags writing enough bullshit about this topic, hm, but now I felt like okay, just do it and I also want to pay my tribute to DISCIPLINE with this very post here, and yes, also the band is dead and gone after Joost totally lost his mind, heart and soul!!! Guy, what was driving you this far?!? DISCIPLINE had always been one of my total favorite bands and they had always had a huge if not giant impact on me and my life and my worldview as well as my way of life with their music and lyrics, their ideas and messages!!! The other members of DISCIPLINE had (for what I know) since the described tragedy happened lost no word about it and decided to go ahead without their former singer (no jail recordings) and I think that's the only right decision and we can all be very excited about what will be coming new from them sooner or later. The new DISCIPLINE record shall be more or less totally written down and done, so maybe it will come pretty soon. Let us hope for it!!! So, yes, DISCIPLINE, I always loved and still love this band, and as a tribute to them you now get their video clip to their fantastic larger than life anthem (my personal favorite song of them all from them) and maybe their biggest hit "EVERYWHERE WE GO" (at least it's one of their biggest hits anyhow), fantastic Hooligan anthem, just enjoy it and keep this great band in the justified more than only 'just' good memory. DISCIPLINE - R.I.P.!!! Cheers & Oi!


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