Dienstag, 23. November 2010


And here it is, a release that I wanted to review now already for quite a while, hm, and please don't ask me why I just get it now done... Please don't ask me, 'cause I can't tell it to ya. Okay, as you all already may know I'm a big fan of this band and their 100% authentic Thug Hooligan attitude and music, and so I was damn excited to listening to this one here. Cool cover artwork (it's taken from the "HOOLIGANS II (STAND YOUR GROUND)" movie, cool picture, trash movie, haha;-)...) and on a damn sympathic and passionated label. "KOI RECORDS", that's the same label that uses to bring out (for example) all the great SKINHEADS STILL SCARE PEOPLE  (or maybe better known as S.S.S.P.) releases, and if you know this releases you know what a high standard of atwork and vinyl do you get here. All lyrics, nice pictures and great motifs, and damn cool colored and high quality vinyl. Thumbs up!!! What's to say about the music?!? We get two tracks in total!!! Side A is giving us the title track, and that's a monster and a pure and true beast of a song that you need to hear. They are still playing their pretty unique and stand-alone music, somewhere between Hardcore, Oi! and dirty Rock & Roll, all coming with an aggressive and damn authentic Hooligan attitude. And "HEY HO! LET'S GO!" even shows us a bigger Hardcore note. Groovy and crunchy guitar riffing, great guitar lead/solo work, and damn hard stomping and pounding rhythm, marked by heavy and forceful drumming and a harsh cracking bass, and all crowned by the hard and full, powerful lead vocals, damn charismatic stuff, and some full cool crew back ups, and all played in quick Mid Pace with a damn organic groove to it. Damn good songwriting, damn good verses and an even greater refrain, energy non stopp, a true force!!! Great!!! Hooligan Thug Core of the first class, and yes, forget about this whole stupid german Streetcore crap 'cause T.M.F. here are the real deal. That's a 10 out of 10 points anthem, for sure. Side B then is giving us their track "BORING", a nice and good stomper, no doubt about it, but it's also a little let-down after the title track. Nice guitar playing goody in the middle near the end of the song, good pace, harsh riff work, hard hammering rhythm section, this great vocals, but it's just a good song because it lacks something like any real special moments and the verses as well as the refrain aren't done so strong. Still a good track that gets 8 out of 10 points, but no competition for the title track of this fine 7" here. Further more we do get some as usual damn good and pretty violent and pissed off lyrics, a good production sound too, and yes, what shall I say more, a damn good band and better make sure that you try to get your hands on this 7" here. Hm, but better be quick with getting your hands on it, because I think it's strictly limited and so. Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)
Now you also get a little video clip of T.M.F. and it's to their song "THREE THINGS ON MY MIND" that you can find on their "THE MOTHER FUCKING ARMY" CD EP (I think it was released back in late 2008 or so) . A damn good forceful song about the "THREE THINGS ON MY MIND" that dominate the weekends, haha;-), and I love the bass line as well as the guitar playing (and, as usual, the vocals), so just check it out and enjoy it!!!


By the way, let us spare us and forget about all the 'political' talk around this band, because this isn't one of the precursor bands of T.M.F. anyhow and there's no WP/NS WTF else ever bullshit in all this T.M.F. music and lyrics, and so this should be enough said about this topic because there's no blank space left for any further discussion!!! By the way, also that they are playing concerts with WP/NS crap acts like STEELCAPPED STRENGTH don't need to be discussed here, because also in this case there's no blank space left for any discussion!!! And if ya think about it, then you should know what I want to say with that. This isn't about defamation and it isn't about hustle, as sure as it is also NOT (!!!) about 'washing anything clean' and it isn't about defending any kinds of bullshit, no matter out of what so called political direction this whole bullshit may come, point and fact!!!!

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