Donnerstag, 25. November 2010


Oh, it's been a pretty long while since the last 'Videos' posting was loaded up here by me... hm, I think I've got better things to do, haha;-). Now comes something a little bit different, huh, maybe something controversial and not so 'street-credible' stuff for ya, but, hum, but... If you have some problems with it, pfff, it's easy, you simply just don't have to watch it anyhow and how-ever: I really don't care just for the second of a fart about you and your problems!!!
This is the video clip (the official one, like seen on MTV) of the great 1990's Independent-what-so-ever-Crossover song "SPACMEN" by BABYLON ZOO. It was a big commercial hit song, a megaseller and the leading single force of the 1996 full length record of BABYLON ZOO of the title "THE BOY WITH THE X-RAY EYES", released via "EMI RECORDS". And yes, it was a classical Wonder-Hit-Wonder thing. (At least for what I know.) I've bought their mentioned records back in the days in 1996 when I was in my ninth grade of school and it was back in the days beside all the Hardcore, Oi!, Punkrock, Metal, Crossover, Industrial, Skate Music, etc. pp. stuff a big thing for my friends and me, and still today I like to listen to this record from time to time and especially this song is still a just great one. It was and still is something a little bit different, so check it out. Maybe you like it (if not, not bad, who cares... be sure that I don't care about it at all), and if you like it maybe you have the guts to admit it and then go and get their mentioned record (I would bet that you get it to really damn low prices on Amazon and E-Bay and so on) and enjoy it, it's worth more than just a listening session, trust me, it held and still holds some very, very srong and unexpected suprises (but, hm, I think that's what suprises are all about, that they are unexpected in every case of possibility...) to discover. Damn good stuff, and this still today!!! (Maybe today even much more than back then.)
So, that's it for now, now you get the video clip, enjoy it, and for now I say good night to ya 'cause it's late and tomorrow comes to soon and then it's getting up early again, soy eahr, enjoy it and then good night!!! Ah, and by the way, I'm very sorry about the bad ass 'I don't care' attitude of this post, haha;-).


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