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Anyone who needs some Right Wing Skinhead Rock from Germany?!?

BLUE MAX - "BACK TO THE BOOTS" ("MolokoPlusVersand"; CD):
Okay, I got this CD some day of the last week and I got it from a friend of mine, the same friend who gave me the MPU record some months ago. And also this CD he gave me with the words: "Take a listen to it, should be something for ya!!!" Okay, three things to it, things that I thought before listening to the record for the first time (and more or less still think today after listening to this record for quite a while now): Why the fuck he always feels the need to give me at least some of his newest Right Wing Rock records? Why the fuck this should be something for me, lyrically and musically, I mean, right wing german Skinhead Rock should be something for me? And the last thing is, chummer, are you kidding me or WTF else, haha;-)? Okay, but how-ever, maybe some guys will run mentally amok because I review this one here, but ha, damn it, I don't care about it that much at all. It's a record review, nothing more, nothing less. (Or something like this.) First: I have no clue about the label. I mean, "Moloko Plus Versand", is this just a mailorder or also a real label? At least it's some pretty strong right wing affair, by judging from the webstore and so, so how-ever, it's maybe not that important at all at the end of the day, 'cause you know anyhow what kind of guys are running it. Next up a look at the bandpicture, four more or less Skinheads looking back at you, one with a shirt of the american WP/NS 14/88 Rock band YOUNGLAND... I don't feel the need to say something 'bout it, you should be able to think for yourself... (Ah, only, maybe start to learn something about the background of your 'own' subculture, maybe it helps to cure the meanest sickness of ya...) Okay, onward to the music: I was expecting some grim and rough and raw traditional german Skinhead Rock sound with a strong right wing Rock edge to it and heavily influenced by the 1980's style of music and attitude, a sound between ENDSTUFE and STÖRKRAFT and further on to the right to HKL and stuff like this, some totally unnecessary stuff like the above already mentioned MPU and so on. But you know what, ha, they've proven me for the most part of this record really pretty much wrong. I mean, if you take the music it's really a more or less big suprise, at least to me. (The band was totally unknown to me before). The record starts very Old School, with a traditional Intro, that's hard stomping forward and that's really forceful, a good kick off, and I think that's also the case when it comes to their live gigs. And then the record starts, and the music is really nice stuff that often knows to please my gusto. Sharp forward driven played guitar work is marking the songs very strong, all with a good dose of good old Hadrock and Rock & Roll music to it, cultivated with some nice Punk & Roll notes, and that's really cool. The first song gives you a good impression of it. A hard bass kicks it off, the drums go pretty fast straight ahead, the guitar work is rocking and pushing forceful forward, and the lead vocals are the next positive suprise, no blunt alcohol fueled 'singing', no, the singer puts really strong melody lines together and is doing his job with a good dose of tough and melodic smartness and very own identity and characteristic, he knows really to sing, and that all really good. Pretty cool!!! And also the first song, titled "SCHLECHTE ZEITEN" (= "BAD TIMES") demonstrates that BLUE MAX do really have a good feeling when it comes to writing incredible strong refrains. Even more cool!!! The song also gives us some good lyrics about being an Underdog and not backing down no matter how hard and how often life knocks you down to the ground, always getting back up on your feet again. Next one coming is a english one, and also in this language they know how to sing their stuff. The song is titled "SMELL THE HELL" and is nothing less than a mercyless anthemic Rock & Roll Outlaw theme. Nice one!!! Then they do sing against George W. Bush to give him a farewell, and it's called "SONG FOR GEORGE". Good rockin' song with a strong Party feeling and also pretty 'un-german', you can hear that in some cases acts like YOUNGLAND/KNOCKOUT and so, the American Haterock scene (brrr, what a stupid mess...), had been a bigger influences to them then the usual bands that come to your mind when it's about german bands of this genre. Okay, the lyrics are crap, and maybe german bands from the right and the left should start to worry more about 'our' political leaders, but how-ever. Then comes "REICH UND SCHÖN" (= "RICH AND BEAUTIFUL"), a song about the growing distance between the rich and the poor in our modern western societies and a it's a good track. This is a very german sounding song of them, even it comes also with a strong Rock & Roll vibe, reminds me strong of bands like SCHUTT & ASCHE and MÄRTYRER. Nice one, musically and lyrically. Then comes their tribute song to 'their' forefathers the old Teutons, and it's called "DIE ALTEN GERMANEN" (= "THE OLD TEUTONS"), it's a funny song and more or less a drinking song, and yes, it works, haha;-). Musically it's a strong forward pushing track, and even the beginning sounds a little bit like the terrible NORDWIND it's more in the tradition of the old german Oi! acts like the early BIERPATRIOTEN, but with a stronger and more forward rockin' guitar work that again really reminds me of SCHUTT & ASCHE and especially the MÄRTYRER. Okay, then comes the next one, it's called "TRADITIONELL" (= "TRADITIONAL"). 'Good' old classical german Skinhead Rock, and if you like ENDSTUFE (and stuff like this band) then you will also like this one. Lyrically it's against the so called multicultural society and about how great it should be to live the traditional german way... Whooaaa, what ever this may be, so yes, you see some little nationalistic blood and soil ideas are here at work and as usual it's crap, 'cause hey, please tell me what's this traditional german way at all and what it should be, and after this, what should be so great about it anyhow?!? No guys, keep your bullshit to yourself, 'cause it just makes me laugh about ya and this crap you're trying to tell us with farce lyrics and ideas like this. Also musically more a pretty weak track. Okay, then comes "SO ENDEN WIR NICHT" (= "WE WILL NOT END UP LIKE THIS"), it's about governmental überpower and conspiracy theories and somehow it all sounds like stupid ZOG delirium illusions, anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism go hand in hand and you can see how stupid this all is at the end of the day. Again, remember what I said about the direct precursor song, bullshit and totally dumb lyrics and ideas, and yes, it's nice arranged when it comes to the descent from the verses to the refrain part, but anyhow the verses are bullshit typical german Skinhead Rock stuff, even the refrain part is somehow at least a little bit grapping. But also a pretty weak track at the end of the day. Then comes "SKINHEAD RESTAURANT" (= "SKINHEAD EATERY" or simply "SKINHEAD RESTAURANT"), a nice party smasher about drinking and clebrating the weekend in your favorite tavern and having fun. It's an more or less okay song like the early BIERPATRIOTEN, but also nothing special at all and also a little bit silly, but okay, it's a party track so drink when you're listening to it and stop reviewing it, haha;-). The next song is called "ELENDIG TRENDIG" (= "MISERABLY TRENDY") about men wearing make up and other gaily bullshit degenrated trend crap of our time. Good lyrics, damn boring music, not good done job in the tradition of ENDSTUFE and STÖRSTUFE and so on. After this comes "RAD DER ZEIT" (= "WHEEL OF TIME"), and that's finally again a really strong song with a strong MÄRTYRER spirit, especially when it comes to the guitar work, the rhythm structure and the arrangements of the vocal lines. Maybe my personal favorite one here on this record. Lyrically it's about old friends and old times and how times is marching on and such topics. After this we do get two cover tracks from them. First one is of the classic "RIOT SQUAD" by the legendary COCK SPARRER. I love them, the SPARRER, but much too many bands do cover of songs of them that better should never had thought about it at all. BLUE MAX, hm, it's not really a good job, no, really not, that they've done here, but it's also not a total violation of the immortal original one or something worse like this. It's more something like that you really wouldn't have needed their version of the song on a record, no, really not, but live it's maybe workin' out anyhow. Then comes the last track, and it's a cover of SKREWDRIVER and their track "THUNDER IN THE CITY". Oh, oh, oh, and guys, that's terrible, really terrible. Uh, especially the refrain gets totally raped by them, oh, no, no, no, let us forget about it very, very soon... Okay, I've told ya everything about it, if ya like bands from (early, very early) BIERPATRIOTEN to stuff like MÄRTYRER and SCHUTT & ASCHE, and also ENDSTUFE and STÖRSTUFE, and also some YOUNGLAND/KNOCKOUT marks and Rock & Roll, Hardrock and Punk & Roll influences, then (just taking the music) this should be somethig very interesting for ya. Lyrically... Okay, theyshow that they are right wing, and on the already really pretty far right wing of the political spectrum if ya ask me (doing a split with the 'Sieg heil!' chanting White Power NS Rock band ARROW CROSS should be enough to prove that), and I think I made myself clear what I think about it, hm, but beside their political crap songs they give us at least some also lyrically good songs, even it's nothing special anyhow. Okay, and both cover songs, hm, we do better forget about them more or less pretty soon. Now decide for yourself if this is somehow interesting for ya. And if ya want to give your hard earned money to right wingers like this guys (band and label) here. I can't decide for you. The artwork is more or less pretty nice, and the production sound comes in across the finishing line as okay and maybe little better. It's a suprise to me, and a solid release that holds some suprises and offers some good songs, but also some too weak tracks and too stupid weird political ideas. All in all nothing you need to have anyhow, but a solid release. (Just judging by the music, the lyrics is another story, like I've written above, but at the end of the day this here is a record review, it's about music and not a debate on politics.) But hey, all of you please do me a favor and spare me more of such Right Wing Rock bands with their totally intellectual degenerated political views!!! (By the way, this record is their newest release, for what I know, and it's from 2010.) Even this here is and stays a solid record anyhow, if ya like it or not, point and fact. (7 of 10 points)
(Sorry guys, I really don't feel the need to post a link to this extreme right winger jackasses, no matter if you take the band or the label, so I guess you really have to try it by yourself if you do feel the need to do it.)

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