Montag, 28. Juli 2014


Great still pretty young and very strong American Oi! from a great up and coming band definitely to look out for: DOWN FOR LIFE. Damn fucking great stuff, and here's their song "LIBERTY OR DEATH". Battle scarred militant patriotic American Oi! of the highest quality in the tradition of the mighty BATTALION 86. So crank up the volume, and enjoy the ride, and then good night for now and today. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
Stay real!!!

DESZCZ - "RAIN KEEPS FALLING" (Blackened Metallic Neocrust from Poznan, Poland; "D.I.Y." album, released as a digital album as well as on CD and 7'' vinyl)

("D.I.Y"; Digital Album / CD / 7'')
(Release date: 7th April 2014.)
(Running time: Six songs in around thirteen minutes.)
(Note: Don't ask me if there is any label behind the release of the CD and/or the 7'', I mean I do think so but I don't know it for sure simply due to a lack of informations.)
(A big "THANX!!!" goes out to the DESZCZ guys who send me their album for reviewing it up here, and "SORRY!!!" that you had a little bit to wait for it.)
Oh, here's something very, very cool, something fucking strong and damn good if not even great (and greater). The anti-fascist and vegetarian DESZCZ, the band with the totally confusing name to me, roar out of the city of Poznan in Poland and they blast out one hell of a mighty blackened and metallic, sinister and apocalyptic Neocrust/Neo-Crustcore assault that will leave you standing with your eyes and mouth wide open... only to make you mosh everything and everyone in sight drastically up to this smasher anthems of songs. Whoooaaa, and what an inferno they unleash here on their EP Album "RAIN KEEPS FALLING". It's a pure inferno, a true hell of fast raging and even faster crushing, sinister and dark, pretty to very complex, progressive, diverse, and multi-layered Metal induced Crustcore of the neo style and sort like for example TRAGEDY and here and there especially some guitar lines even breath a strong Post Metal/Post Core spirit. And when we talk about the guitars, then let us stick with the topic and talk a little bit more and a little bit more detailed about them, the guitars: The guitars are definitely the trademark and the by far most marking element of the music of DESZCZ, very aggressive and heavy, brutal and sharp, yet at the same time very melodic and catchy, soul- and playful with delivereing fucking great and totally awesome leads and melody lines, and that the pace of the songs and so of the guitars too is mostly all the time a fast raging assault pace hurts nothing, simply because the songwriting is so great that so much happens that it simply gets anything but boring or something like this and in contrast to this it gets all very grapping and interesting and stays so and also offers a incredible intense and tight very sinister, dark, desperate, desolate, and apocalyptic atmosphere, and this all heavily due to the phenomenal guitars, the playing and the arrangements of them. Beside the guitars the throaty and hysterical screamed and slightly guttural shouted hyper-aggressive double lead vocals that at the same time carry a lot of a suffering and emotionally diverse and twisted spirit are the next direct shining element of the music of DESZCZ. Then comes the rhythm section, bass and drums: Incredible fast and tight, precise and top to the point played, very skilled and also very multi-layered stuff and, even I've already said it, it's all done very fast with also the blast speed being nothing strange to the bass and the drums. The phenomenal songwriting is just incredible great and really mighty, full of surprises, twists, turns, and just grapping and interesting arrangements and nearly all the time something (different) happens and no blank space or what so ever is to be noticed, brilliant, also the atmosphere that is created is just outstanding, it's fucking tight and damn intense, so dark, desolate, desperate, and just sheer sinister and apocalyptic, and all, like already said one or two times, so intense, whoooaaa, it's crazy, it's fucking amazing, period. That the guys in DESZCZ are highly skilled and talented musicians (and songwriters, too) should be clear by now and is just pointed out and underlined here and now for the record. What I like even more is the fact that DESZCZ are playing clearly Blackened Metallic Neocrust or Dark Hardcore (how it is often named today) and especially fans of bands like from TRAGEDY to WOLFBRIGADE will definitely love them strongly and celebrate them heavily, and for all the right reasons, but they really by any means play their total own thing, very unique and charismatic, and that makes them even greater than they are it anyhow already. Brilliant, point and fact. To the lyrics I can't really say anything even song titles like for example "AFTERLIFE", "FALSE PROMISES", "THE GREY", and "UNWANTED" tell some stories by them own already. The clear but also heavy production sound is pure gold, like the whole album, and the cold and dark and desperate (cover) artwork just rules and is a perfect match to/with the music. So, this one is highly and I mean really highly recommended so don't think twice and just go and get it better now than later, because it's one hell of a damn mighty album. And if they manage to deliver also sort of "real" anthems or hymns like for example the above mentioned TRAGEDY and especially WOLFBRIGADE know how to do then it would respectively will get even better and in this case it means nearly perfect. Anyhow, now just go out and go completly rampage by screaming your anger about this fucked up world right into its face, this here is the perfect soundtrack to do so. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! /// Andy
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Motivation Monday: "Be the kind of man that when your feet hit the floor in the morning the devil says: 'Oh shit, HE's up.'"

Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014


Right before the end of the day and before I will go to bed to sleep I will post a little bit of bad ass full throttle battle scarred tough as nails Hardcore. The band is DOBERMANN CULT, the song is "RE-INVENTING CLASS WAR", and it's an amazing great song!!! If anyone knows more about this band and maybe where to find albums of them and on which particular one I can find this very song, yes, then just drop a line with posting a comment, would be nice of you, so anyhow "THX!!!" already for doing so. Okay, and then for now and today that's it, good night and sleep weel. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! // Andy

So true, never forget.

STREET TRASH - "STREET TRASH" (Crustcore/Death Metal bastard from Bangor, Maine/U.S.A.; D.I.Y. digital album release.)

("D.I.Y."; Digital Album)
(Running time: Three songs in around six to seven minutes.)
(Release date: 2nd of April 2014.)
(Information: Received this album via E-Mail by the band itself but without any further informations, so don't ask my anything more detailed about it, like for example if there are any physical copies of it floating around, if this is in fact a "D.I.Y." release- that's how it seems to me- or if it's a label release, or what the hell else ever, because I simply don't know it.)
(A big "THANK YOU!!!" to the STREET TRASH guys for sending me their stuff, and "SORRY!!!" for waiting for the review.)
Here's the current, self-titled three track (digital) album of STREET TRASH, a to me before this one here totally unknown Crustcore/Death Metal bastard outfit roaring out from out of the deepest dephts of Bangor, Maine/U.S.A.  and delivering us a six to seven minutes lasting assault of pure rotten crusty death-metallic brutality and heavyness. Shredding and crushing, faceslapping and skullsmashing guitars (heavy and hard, dirty and noisy, dirty and brutal... like the whole musick) drive the music forward and dominate it, suffering guttural grunted and dry throated deep shouted lead vocals only add up to it and also to the desolate(d) atmosphere of the musick of STREET TRASH, and the massive crushing and everything in its way atomizing, rumbling and fast raging rhythm section only makes it all round. The songs are evil and grim and the Death Metal (of the U.S. American Old School kind) clearly takes the lead while the Crustcore is only slightly present (and maybe more to be found in the approach and the attitude of the style and the musick of STREET TRASH than in their current songs) in this devastating brutal cocktail of aggressive and necro(tic) musick that offers a sick and desolate, a suffering and diabolic necro atmosphere, spirit and feeling all the way beside sheer brutality and aggression turned into damn heavy, fucking harsh, and really hard bass ass musick. The songwriting is Old School through and through but done really strong and good, for sure fresh stuff and definitely in no way lame and stale retro crap, and so to me it's grapping stuff that makes you hungry to go out and maim and kill and slaughter and eat your neighbors... or so... I don't know what to write more, I mean it's a very short album and so it's a short review, but anyhow and not that someone gets it wrong: I really like this little three piece and especially fans of brutal and grim Old School Death Metal (for example like ETERNAL SOLSTICE) should risk an ear, 'cause they surely will hail STREET TRASH. To the lyrics I can't say anything even I would bet that they don't sing about the flowers and the bees in the sun on a warm and sunny sommer day, a song title like "CIRCLE OF SHIT" maybe shows you the direction to go and think of their lyrical delivery. The (cover) artwork with the Satanic Skull is totally cliché but it damn fucking rocks, hahahaha;-), and the dirty and noisy, heavy and evil sawing production sound is a perfect match to/with the music. Check it out, clearly recommended, so go and check them out... and mosh fucking hard. /// Andy
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ANTAGONIZERS ATL - "HOLD YOUR GROUND" (American Oi! on "LONGSHOT MUSIC"; 7'' single or digital album.)

("LONGSHOT MUSIC"; 7'' vinyl single & digital album)
(Release date: Already released on the 30th of November 2013, but I just got it recently and so now here's my review on it.)
(Running time: Four songs in around nine minutes.)
(Pressing info: It comes on limited splatter vinyl; strictly limited edition of 40 copies.)
(A big "THANX!!!" to S. Castello and the ANTAGONIZERS ATL for sending me their album via mail.)
Here's the newest release of the ANTAGONIZERS ATL from Atlanta, Georgia/U.S.A., I received it via E-Mail by Miss S. Castello on the behalf of the ANTAGONIZERS ATL for reviewing it up here. (So did the E-Mail say.) As asked for, so delivered (and in their case here also relatively promptly...;-)............), and so "THX!!!" to you guys. Okay, the ANTAGONIZERS ATL are probably no strangers to you, because maybe you know them already from their "JUST MY LUCK" EP from 2012, and so now here's their follow up release, "HOLD YOUR GROUND", released already back then in 2013, but after I received it just one or two weeks ago from now and after the release totally flew under my radar so far it's coming up just/also still today, point and fact. Like already said and like you can see by looking at the band name the ANTAGONIZERS ATL hail from out of Atlanta, Georgia/U.S.A. and they play a strong going, tough rockin', and massive rollin' sort of American Oi!/Streetpunk that really makes you dance hard in your boots (or sneakers, too) and if you now think: THE ANTI-HEROS - then you're anything but wrong; even: (1.) the ANTAGONIZERS ATL play after all their very own thing (even the style of the music and the approach of how it's done and delivered is comparable); and: (2.) to be honest THE ANTI-HEROS really still stand and shine mile-high far above the rest (and this also includes the ANTAGONIZERS ATL, but not blaming or defaming anyone and especially not them because after all, hey, we're still talking 'bout THE ANTI-HEROS, so come on). The ANTAGONIZERS ATL play, like already said, American Oi!/Streetpunk with a strong, dirty, rough'n'tough rockin' approach, dustdry, earthy, dirty, and boneshaking heavy, full of fresh and organic strong rocking and rolling grooves and rhythms, filled to the max with smashing guitars full of rough rocking and tough rolling riffing and dry and dirty singing leads, snotty and pissed off, hard yet melodic sung lead vocals, backed up by loud'n'proud crew chantings, a heavy rumbling bass, quick and tight played heavy stomping drums, great arrangements (of the great sing a long refrains as well as especially also of the verses) and first class songwriting anyhow, and all delivered by skilled musicians. Mix THE ANTI-HEROES and (earlier) THE TRADITIONALS with (very early) SKREWDRIVER ("ALL SKREWED UP" is all I say) and the SEX PISTOLS, and you will have a pretty good imagination of what the ANTAGONIZERS ATL are all about, what they are doing and how they are doing it, but keep in mind the own musical personality/identity of them, so they aren't copy'n'pasting anyone or anything here but instead of this doing their very fresh, alive-lively, and grapping own thing, and all on a very high, a damn high, a fucking damn high level of quality. Also very good diverse lyrics, a first class artwork, and a true bomb of a clear yet heavy production sound that still carries enough portions of dirt in it and that's a perfect match to/with the music deliverd by the ANTAGONIZERS ATL. Thumbs up!!! So, after all I think that there's not much left to say respectively write here and now by me, just my final words: If you are anyhow into Oi!, Streetpunk, and/or Punkrock then by any means don't think twice but go out and get this damn fucking great little album as long as you still can, this very one here is a true little big gem of an album. Definitely highly recommended. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
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Hey folks, now just something for the late night entertainment, nothing and no one else than the mighty SHRINEBUILDER with their amazing epic Doom/Post Metal anthem "PYRAMID OF THE MOON" taken from their phenomenal self-titled album from 2009.
Enjoy it and allow your mind to drift away while listening to this pure and sheer intensity expressed through out and with one of the greatest stuff I've listened to in and for years out of the Doom and/or Post Metal genre, a genre that I fucking love, so turn up the volume, sit back, and just enjoy the ride.
And then, for now, good night and more (hopefully) soon. /// Andy

Freitag, 25. Juli 2014

"PAIN CHANGES PEOPLE." a.k.a. Fiercy Friday.

OLD ENEMIES - "OLD ENEMIES" (Hardcore all the D.I.Y. way from Spain; digital album.)

("D.I.Y."; Digital Album)
(Record facts: 10 songs in around 25 minutes.)
(Note - Like in the case of the directly before reviewed MERCYLESS album: Don't ask me if there are any physical copies of this album floating around, I just got it via E-Mail and all I could find so far is the information that this album was released as a digital album, so don't ask me anything more about it here and now.)
(THANKS very much to the drummer of the OLD ENEMIES for sending me their album via E-Mail, great of you, so again: THANKS very much; and SORRY for the time you had to wait for the review on it finally coming up.)
Oh yeahr, an all out spanish Hardcore attack up here on your very dear "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog you might could think, hehehehe, and why not... ah, and at least in case of today you wouldn't be that wrong with it, hehehehehe. OLD ENEMIES hail from Spain and I think more or less from out of the same region like MERCYLESS and on their Bandcamp sites both bands name Prinicipality of Asturias, Spain as their home location(s), hm, but what do I know... ;-) But I would anyhow bet that both bands are no strangers to each other, to say it that way. Okay, now enough of the introducing small talk, now straight back into the real action: OLD ENEMIES play a great style of moshing and thrashing yet very hymnal and catchy Hardcore that refuses to be part of any childish "what--school--eyh?" stuff but instead of this offers a fresh Crossover approach to it and changes quickly and this very well flowing without any breaks or holes from heavy thrashing Metallic slashers to Streetpunk fueled Sing a Long hymns covering moshing as well as grooving, down-beating and also fast'n'furious forward raging Hardcore moments, not to talk of the great nicely somehow rocking guitar tone to it all. They do their very own thing without copying anything or ripping anyone off, and fans of SICK OF IT ALL, the CRO-MAGS, SLAPSHOT, and WARZONE as well as INTEGRITY, DEAD MAN'S CHEST, and also STRIFE, and even fans of BLOOD FOR BLOOD, WISDOM IN CHAINS, and SHEER TERROR, not to forget Old School nerds and fans in love with JUDGE and GORILLA BISCUITS as well (and how could ya not be in love with- for example- the two mentioned bands if you claim to be anyhow somehow into Hardcore musick, right...), yes, they all will surely love the OLD ENEMIES and what they have done on this very one here. Crushing guitars, charismatic shouted lead vocals, massive back up chants, stunning drumming, and a roaring bass, not to forget the great grapping and exitingly fresh high skilled songwriting all delivered by talented and skilled musicians who really created a interesting and energizing as well as exiting album all the way. Strong lyrics on top of it, a great production sound, and a very cool tattoo style Old School (cover) artwork, too. Great. So don't make any mistakes and stop thinking about it, instead just do it: Get it, point and fact. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! Dance fuckin' hard or die!!! /// Andy
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MERCYLESS - ''SIEMPRE FUERTES'' (Hardcore from Spain!!! - D.I.Y. /// "KTC DOMESTIC PRODUCTIONS" & "CRUZADE RECORDS"; digital album)

(Record facts: Eight songs in twenty-two minutes.)
(Don't ask me if there are any physical copies of this album floating around, I just got it via E-Mail and all I could find so far is the information that this album was released as a digital album, so don't ask me anything more about it here and now.)
(Note: A very big "THX!!!" to the MERCYLESS guys for sending me their album!!! And also a very big "SORRY!!!" for that you had to wait so long for it... so long that you even had to send me a second mail... fuck, I really need to clean up the mess that's called my harddisk some day... ;-) ............)
MERCYLESS from where the hell else ever down in Spain ;-) are no strangers to you and me and all of us who are following this very blog here through its ups and downs over the years now regulary and frequently for quite a while now, because their direct precursor album "MUNDO ENFERMO" I've reviewed last year, and now here's their so far newest album: "SIEMPRE FUERTES". Btw, MERCYLESS are around for at least eleven years now, whoooaaaa, and if they wouldn't had written to me last year I would probably still don't know them, not talking about that I wouldn't even know about/of them... Anyhow, thank the mighty Buddha that they wrote me and that I know of and know them, because otherwise I would have missed out on something really fucking great, point and fact. MERCYLESS play no prisoners taking, no mercy knowing, no breaks using full force high energy Metallic New School Hardcore of the modern kind definitely inspired by acts like HATEBREED, MERAUDER, ALL OUT WAR, EARTH CRISIS, TERROR, 100 DEMONS, and fans of acts like FOLSOM and also KNUCKLEDUST will surely love and celebrate them, too. I love it!!! I celebrate them!!! Definitely!!! Maybe not the most creative affair today, at least at first sight, but at second sight or latest when you first listen to them you will know for sure that they hold their ground and stand their battles, and you will know that they aren't to be counted to the millions of face- and soulless bands without backbone or own identity that try so hard to copy and paste the above mentioned bands, no, MERCYLESS aren't copying and pasteing anyone or anything, they surely have their influences and their preferences and they show it and stand for it but they also have surely their very own identity and approach to it with keeping it all very fresh and alive and grapping as well as exciting, and not at least the facts that they sing in Spanish and that they focus massively on incredible wide and broad loud'n'proud gang back ups are good starting points for them to make this whole thing their very own. And that's great, fucking great, period. Stunning and crushing guitars, dry throated brutal shouted lead voacls, wide screen bulky and massive crew back up chants and shouts, mighty refrains, a brutal and precise monster of a rhythm section going to work, and great songwriting ideas and massive rhythms, grooves, and beatdowns as well, beside this heavy metallic thrashing assaults, and on top of it just all in all a very strong songwriting delivered by skilled musicians that create a own identity and keep it fresh and grapping. What could ya ask more for? Beside one or two larger than life anthems not for much more, in fact: for nothing more. So this one is definitely highly recommended to any Hardcore fans outta there, so go and get it if you still don't have it. Ah, btw, to the lyrics I can't say anything because my Spanish never wasn't the best and currently it grew very bad over the years but to me it seems that there's a very strong anti-establishment and anti-system political stance on/to it, maybe with a (outspoken) left wing background. I wouldn't dislike it. Suerly not. However, we get also a great (cover) artwork and a phenomenal rough'n'tough bombing production sound. That's it for now, I think all to it is said respectively written here and now by me. Last words: Get it, period. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! Cheers and mosh fucking hard!!! /// Andy
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(Vinyl collector facts: 500 copies pressed at all, 250 copies on green vinyl w/ tred splatter effect for Europe, and 250 copies on mint green vinyl for the U.S.A.)
(Record facts: 12 songs in 29 minutes.)
(Cooperation release between the two great young and strong going labels "AGGROBEAT RECORDS" from Europe and "REBEL SOUND" from the States.)
(Note: Big "THX!!!" to the "AGGROBEAT REC." guys for sending this album my way via mail.)
Here's the current album of FOREIGN LEGION, the long running old school Oi! horses from out of the dephts of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales/Great Britain, a band that's already existing since 30years or so, founded back then in 1984. But also a band that somehow always sort of went under my radar, only noticed them here and there via a comp disc or something like this, hm, and so this very one here is my first FOREIGN LEGION album so far. What they give us is pretty much what I was expecting: Grumpy and angry, thirsty and fist-swinging, stoic stomping and sing a long orientated typical Brit Oi! with a strong focus on a strong Punkrock backbone and a strong rockin' drive of the songs. The sound or better the style and the music is very authentic and old school, british punkrocking Oi! somewhere between the ANGELIC UPSTARTS, the COCKNEY REJECTS, some MENACE, and some (early) THE CLASH, all made round by a stoic hammering approach that sets them near to the warhorses in and of THE WARRIORS. Especially the lead vocals with that typical pissed off angry and snotty approach and attitude totally rule, even more because in its intonation the lead singing voice owns a very own approach (maybe because of their regional roots in Wales, who knows... at least not me), and also it's a very melodic and real sung lead singing voice with a strong hymnal spirit, even it is also a pretty strong and hard voice. Really strong and a trademark of FOREIGN LEGION. Then there's the hammering guitar playing full of sawing and shredding riffs on the one side but also full of catchy and melodic leads and also solos on the other side, and all done in this typical stoic forward marching british way. Really good, also a true trademark of FOREIGN LEGION, without a single doubt. The roaring bass work fits perfect to it, and the tight and precise slapping and smashing drumming as well, even I would wish that especially the drumming would be (far) more rich on variations because it sounds very equal over all the time and that makes it a little bit lame and stale here and there. The songwriting is all in all good, I mean FOREIGN LEGION aren't re-inventing the wheel and they play also a very minimalistic sort of Oi! Punk music, a very traditional and old school and also pretty "pure" or "true" style of Oi! Punk music, but they do it good and keep it fresh and they do it very authentic (but anything else would make me wonder quite a bit, after they do their thing now for already thirty years), and that matters most or at least more than reinventing anything or sort of this. Nothing new and nothing fancy, but fans of old school britsih Oi!, Streetpunk, and Punkrock will surely like if not love the new FOREIGN LEGION album. Personally I definitely don't love it, but I also definitely like it, yes, for sure, because it is really a damn good album. Good lyrics that know about life and struggle and strife as well as Punkrock music and boozing and dancing and partying on top of it, as well as a perfect matching dirty and earthy production sound and a very cool Working Class hailing artwork. Try it out, any Brit Oi! & Punkrock fans definitely won't fucking regret it. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
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Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

IRON AGE - Steve Reeves, the Demigod of the ancient Iron Age of Bodybuilding.

Dear readers, here in Germany in the center of old Mother Europe the temperatures are heating up one more time again and you are starting to sweat even when you do nothing else than just hang or sit around in your office or in my case "your" classroom, hm, so nothing better to do than to get motivated for working out and lifting heavy weights later today, right, and while also the summer weather burns in its full prime out there I do thankfully have a lazy day at work with only two pupils being here today while the rest is in their companies today for an extra pratise day at work this week, and so to avoid any kind of boredom I think and feel like this would be a great time to come up with the motivation for the which means my mentioned work out later today and to bring for you a new post up here, a brandnew IRON AGE posting series post. Hm, and thinking about it then I don't know how long it's been since a month up here was that active like this current month...  (And compared to the first three years of the existence of this very blog this very month right now would be still a very lame one... don't ask me from where the hell I got the time and motivation back then... it's all about how times and things in your life change  over time... at least I guess so...) Okay, so Old School Bodybuilding will be the order of the day for now finally again, and I think this posting, especially personally for me, okay, also: This very post here will be a very cool and pretty intersting one to continue the IRON AGE posting series with up here, as well as important and inspiring one, because with this post I will pay tribute to another one of my Boldybuilding idols of old. And also beside this personal stuff it makes also a lot of sense to come up with this post right now after the tributes to Eugen Sandow and especially the one to John Grimek and the views on the Old School and Classic Bodybuilding days from the 1930's/1940's to the 1970's/1980's, because with this post we now finally will come to no one else than the man most guys into that golden age of Iron Sports and Bodybuilding name first and perhaps as the biggest of who and what had been, the man who would gave life to Hercules and Goliath as well, the man with the physique, the charisma, the heart, the soul, and the intellect to become one of the greatest of all times, the man who conquered on the Bodybuilding stages of the world as well as in the cinemas of the world, too, the unforgotten philanthropist, athlete, and actor Steve Reeves. So, that's it for the introduction words, okay, and now: Let's roll!!!




Steve Reeves was born as Stephen L. Reeves in 1926 at the 21st January in Glasgow, Montana/U.S.A., and too many if not the very most he should become what is named today: The Ultimate Classic Bodybuilder. Even that particular definition, the ultimate classic Bodybuilder depends beside the cold hart truth photos and pictures do show also for good portions on personal taste and preferations as well as on pure greatness, and without discussing the question if something like this nearly mythological ultimate classical Bodybuilder ever existed or not and if it is anyhow anyway possible to ask and discuss such a question, it's easy to say that Steve Reeves was without a doubt one of the greatest of his times and also one of the greatest ever and of all times, beside or together with icons and legends like the unbeaten and also unrivaled John Grimek (against whom Steve Reeves lost, no shame in that), the phenomenal Bill Pearl, and the british giant Reg Park (in case you don't them already by now I can calm your mood with saying and promising here and now to you that the last two mentioned will hopefully soon be no strangers anymore to you, just wait for the next IRON AGE posts up here) the groundbreaking Steve Reeves deserves a and also his famous ranked place on this larger than life Bodybuilding legends list for sure. He was born to his mother Goldie Reeves and his father Lester Dell Reeves a son, and grew up as the son of a hard working farmer family in Glasgow, Montana/U.S.A. where he was also born (just look/read above). At the age of ten years he finally moved together with his mother to the U.S. American federal state of California after many years of moving from place to place with his mother who desperately looked for work more or less succesful right after his father tragically died in a working accident at his farm when Steve Reeves himself still was just a very little child. In California his interest in and for Bodybuilding and iron sports awaked and he started to work out and train in Oakland, where he lived in this times, in the "Ed Yarick's Gym". In Oakland, California/U.S.A. he was at the right time, in the right moment, and with him it was for sure the right guy in this great position. And so there it all should finally take its start, so there it all began...

Steve Reeves over the decades became a true sort of an icon and ideal to many that look for the ideal male physique and body, and if you ask a lot of folks into iron sports and especially into Bodybuilding and that are into it for a while and that are not only or even not a single bit interested in the growth hormon fueled and by steroids and diuretics, medics and performance enhancing drugs pumped up (and by what the hell ever else as well...) monster muscle mutants of today when Bodybuilding became since the 1990's more and more Massbuilding instead of Bodybuilding then very big portions of this folks asked by you will pretty sure exactly name you this man and name first or at least very and I mean really very early: Steve Reeves. Without performance enhancing drugs, so without steroids, growth hormons, and what the hell else ever he manged "just" by and through hard work, dedication, passion, and a straight and clean nutrition to put really high quality 215 pounds of strong, powerful, aesthetic, and defined muscles on his 6,1'' tall body. The starting point for all of this, for him moving into iron sports and becoming one of the few very best Bodybuilders and iron aesthetic athletes of all time, was a to him shocking defeat in an just for fun arm wrestling contest against a much smaller kid of the name of Joe Gambino. The secret behind his defeat was him not doing work outs with iron weights, the secret behind the victory of the smaller kid against him was that this kid did iron lifting in a (home made) gym. This defeat to the little boy of the name Joe Gambino launched and unleashed a fire in him, a fire that finally should lead him to win every major title in Bodybuilding of his time, and from then on pushed him further to live in its whole a life that totally fits to his nearly perfect physique. He truly became a real iron legend, but also far and much more than only this. But step after step, so we now move onward and go to the next station in the life of Steve Reeves.

In such times Steve Reeves also saw his first ever Bodybuilding magazine with the larger than life unforgotten and undefeated John Grimek (in case you really shouldn't know him than just read the tribute post to honour him up here) on the cover of it, and he was totally fixed by it, by something that he had never seen before. Bodybuilding. Great Bodybuilding. Pure Bodybuilding. Honest Bodybuilding. Great pure honest Bodybuilding. Something lifechanging. Something groundbreaking. Something real. John Grimek displayed and demonstrated a total dominant physique with strong and muscular legs, wide and broad shoulders, bulky and massive biceps, and a concrete chest like a brickwall, and it was exactly at this point due to the photos of the almighty John Grimek that Steve Reeves finally knew that however he wanted to become it he definitely wanted to be a Bodybuilder. And what a Bodybuilder he  should became. What a Bodybuilder he was. He started working out at first togeher with Joe Gambino, but this only for a short time, and soon he started to settle together his very own Gym at his home. He started his quest for muscles and gains in the garage of his stepfather which he filled up with weights and lifting equipment and then he did what needed to be done, full duty. And he gained fast and made quickly big steps forward and very soon his garage wasn't anymore enough and couldn't satisfy his needs and it was time for him to step out and join a real Gym. And so he did. That he lived in Oakland at this time was a great play of destiny since the Oakland area was around this time the definite Mecca of Bodybuilding and Steve Reeves should move up to join Ed Yarrick's Gym which was based on the eastside of Oakland. It was a true through and through REAL Bodybuilding Gym, HARDCORE we would say today, with everything a future "Mr. America" and "Mr. Universe" could or would need on his quest. Ed Yarrick was a Bodybuilder himself and he promptly noticed the immense potential and the firy bright burning will of Steve Reeves and very soon took him under his wings and putting him on massive whole body full work out routines three times a week. And beside this he became to or for Steve Reeves a father figure, a father figure that he never ever had before in his life. And also Ed Yarrick and Steve Reeves became lifelong good friends, too. He entered the Yarrick Gym at weighing 163 pounds, and after four full hard months full of whole body routine work outs he was already weighing 193 pounds with incredible strong and massive muscles. And this all natural and drugfree. You see, this is just phenomenal and amazing. The genetics of Steve Reeves had been damn fantastic and phenomenal for Bodybuilding. And also his will and passion to the work outs, the nutrition, and the lifestyle had been awesome. Keep in mind that the by far most other guys couldn't dream of such impressive gains in such a short while, instead of four months they would need four years or something so like this. If you think you can do it like him and stand a true Steve Reeves work out, then go and check this link: for a example and put it on with heavy weights and bruning intensity and see if you can stand it... and see what you will gain out of it. The big knowledge of his mother about good and healthy full-value nutrition surely helped him immense to gain and gain like no other else. Also he kept it simple, ate lots of fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Nothing complex, nothing crazy, nothing weird, just powerful healthy balanced foods and a strong appetite. After a full year of working out hard he reached 203 pounds and he started to make and leave a big and especially a strong impact on the local Bodybuilding scenery. And this was all still in his highschool days.

In 1944 after graduating from highschool he made the decision to enter the U.S. Military, and he served his fatherland in the second world war. He went through the basic training and was send off out to fight at the Japanese Front. He managed to get his hands on a 100 lbs. York barbell set and as often as it was possible for him he sticked with and by his work outs, whenever this was possible for him to do. It was also around this time when he got sick due to a malaria he caught and for quite some time he remained ill and sick. It lead him to a loss of around 25 pounds of body weight, to being not able to work out, and to his body suffering through it until the end of the World War II. But then during the occupation of Japan at the end of World War II his body was finally getting better again  and he could also get his hands on more weights for working out and so that was what he began with again, working out. And very quick he gained 20 pounds back again, 20 pounds of muscles, and that's a statement. (Keep in mind that our muscles remember everything and tend to react quickly to what they once have learned and had been.) When he left the Army after did his patriotic duty he was weighing pretty much the same as when he entered the Army. And with this he was finally back on track again. And so as soon as he was back home in Oakland, California/U.S.A. he entered Ed Yarrick's Gym finally again and he started to work out heavy, hard, intense, and excessive. this lead him quickly to impressive 215 pounds, for the first time ever, and a great shape and so he thought it was really about time to go on stage and conquer as what he wanted so badly to be, a Bodybuilder. He decided to start at the "Mr. Pacific Coast" championship in 1946. He and a friend of him travelled by train to Oregon to do the contest and Steve Reeves conquered by any means. He won the show in a unrivaled way, it wasn't even close in the end, not even a little bit. With that title win he started to become more and more better and better known outside of Oakland, and with that success as a massive heat-up he decided to work out to go out and win the big one, the biggest one back then the next year, the "AAU Mr. America" championship contest in 1947. In the mean time he traveled again to Oregon and again easily won the "Mr. Pacific Coast" and defended his title in 1947. And he not only came out to be the victor of this championship, but he also won the categories of "Best Chest", "Best Legs", and "Best Arms", and every trophy he won was more than deserved, every win was more than justified. And then he set sails for bigger things, the "Mr. America" in 1947. Back then the biggest stage of them all.
In 1947 the young phenomenon that Steve Reeves was for sure reached out for the top with aiming at the "Mr. America" championship competition and with wanting to win this major title, the biggest of that certain Bodybuilding era. So he flew to Chicago, Illinois/U.S.A. and he competed against most of the very best Bodybuilders of that era at this day, with the "Mr. America" had been the most important and highest reputated title in Bodybuilding back then. He should came out on top of the field, with initially tying with his well known rival on stage Eric Pedersen, who he used to beat before at the 1947 "Mr. Pacific Coast" contest. Both of them gained 72 points and it was a tie between them, so a pose off was set to decide who would be the victor, who would be the 1947 "Mr. America". Eric Pedersen came out first and started to pose, wowing the crowd. And then Steve Reeves entered the stage and it was clear that Eric Pedersen could start to pack up his things and go home for good, with being no rival to him, a nearly perfect Steve Reeves, perfect bronzed, reached new peaks of his development, and with a breath taking posing routine, so he easily and clearly took the win. And was it a tie before, due to what reasons ever, at the end of the day it wasn't even close... again. The measurements of Steve Reeves at this day had been:
- Height = 6'1"
- Weight = 215 pounds
- Biceps = 18,5"
- Chest = 52"
- Neck = 18,5"
- Calves = 18,5"
- Waist = 29"
That lead him to his rise to the top of the world of Bodybuilding back then in his day,s and he was strong, muscular, and aesthetic by any means. And if you read these set of data with a little bit attention then you will or should already have noticed that his biceps, neck, and calves are of equal measurements, and that was intended by him. Like the larger than life Eugen Sandow years before Steve Reeves also he was a disciple of the Grecian Ideal and this equal measurements of that certain body parts were the fullfillment or realization of this Grecian Ideal on or in the form of a symmetric human body, an alive and real and not artificial made totally symmetric human body, a living body, not a lifeless statue. And that was just amazing and is it also today. Maybe even more than ever. He also did everything to make his shoulders as broad and wide as possible, while at the same time he tried and worked hard to keep his waist incredible athin nd as small as possible. He did this in order to exaggerate his upper body width and to gain a nearly perfect V-form or you can also also say a Y-form of his body.

Before we go on in time and in a chronoligical way we will now have a look at his training schedule. Like already said, he trained (mostly) in full body schedules three times a week, and he worked out briefly, infrequently, and with an amazing intensity. For each excercise he did he did usually three sets, and he used to choose mostly basic exercises for the body part he was aiming at with the certain exercise. A example work out schedule could have looked like the following one:
- Shoulders: Press Behind Neck
- Thighs: Hack Squat (with heels closed and toes pointed at ''ten and two'')
- Calves: Toe Raises (on a block)
- Chest: Dips on parallel bars
- Back: Chin behind neck
- Triceps: Press down at or on Lat-Machine
- Biceps: Incline dumbbell curl
He normally was of the opinion that twelve repetitions per set were the ideal repetition number respectively the ideal amount of repetitions, but never at the expense of good form and correct training technique. And surely he had great if not the greatest genetics, but he also did train the right way for a pure and natural Bodybuilder. Also in this context some few words about or to his nutrition or diet. He kept it simple and healthy, effective and tasty. And it worked out just damn right. Just look at his triumphes, and just look at his photos shown here in and with and through out this very article. Here are some examples for meals he could have eaten this or in a pretty equal way:
- Breakfast: A protein shake consisting out of 14 oz OJ, one tablespoon of Knox gelatine, honey (one tablespoon), one banana, two to four (raw) eggs, two tablespoons of high protein powder (or high energy cereal) + one cut apple, grated small carrot, one quarter cup of raw oatmeal, one quarter cup of bran, two teaspoons of bee pollen, one quarter cup of wheat germ, one quarter cup of almonds, one teaspoon of honey, and one cup of milk
- Lunch: Cottage cheese w/ a handful of nuts raisins, and all garnished with two pieces of fruits
- Dinner: A huge salad, one swordfish steak or turkey, tuna, or lean ground beef
That's an example of daily diet plan of a nutrition that strongly helped building one of the very best physiques ever to walk the earth. Simple and effective, healthy and tasty, and it worked out in a fantastic way, point and fact, just take a look at the photos of Steve Reeves.

With the win of the "Mr. America" title in 1947 Steve Reeves was standing high on top of the Bodybuilding world and he was still only 21 years old. Something that is even today totally amazing and deserves all the respect of the world. But what would be up next? A question that also popped up in one way or another in the mind of Steve Reeves himself as well. Especially if we keep in mind that back then there was pretty much no money in the sport and so also no money to make out of it. And so with his future in sight he started acting classes in New York. And like the future would show this was the perfect decission. He also started working out at Sig Klein's Gym after his victory and made here and there from time to time guest posings as the newly crowned "Mr. America". And he still competed. In 1948 then he made his decision to enter the "Mr. America" and defend his title in the last minute, so to say, and this was, so the rumours go and say, pretty much and especially due to the 1.000,00 $ winning price pay check. That was all good and fine, but he had no real preparation for it and no real time to do so. Then while rushing a tan he also then burned himself badly and so his performance was affected in a negative way. Anyhow and without any excuses 1948 wasn't the year of Steve Reeves and he clearly lost to a phenomenal Clancy Ross, a former "Mr. America" (read here for more about him), and he never questioned this lost. It was his first defeat in Bodybuilding, and truly a well-deserved one and he knew it best. For sure Clancy Ross was by any means the better man that day and his triumph was more than deserved and justified.

The 1948 "Mr. America" was the starting point for a tempestuous time period of many ups and downs for Steve Reeves. The man with definitely one of the best and perhaps even the very best genetics in and for Bodybuilding ever he was really having a hard time with it, with Bodybuilding. He participated at the newly "NABBA Mr. Universe" contest in London, U.K. and there he took second place and lost to the outstanding John Grimek. After this he flew on  to Paris for the "Mr. World" contest, where he finally triumphed again. In 1949 a the "Mr. U.S.A." then he lost again to the unrivaled and unbeaten one: John Grimek. And he not only lost to Grimek but just scored in third, lost also again to no one else than Clancy Ross. After this he took a time off from competing in Bodybuilding and started to think more precise of what would or should be coming next after Bodybuilding. And while all the world discussed the end of the career of him with 1950 arriving and the 1950 "Mr. Universe" contest dawning on the horizon he shocked the world with deciding to give it another run. The "Mr. Universe" contest of the NABBA, the then and for a long time most important contest in Bodybuilding who topped the "Mr. America" of the AAU as well as the "Mr. U.S.A.". Anyhow. And so Steve Reeves was giving it another run. And he wanted that title badly.

Working out and training for this competition he did at the highly reputated York Barbell Club in York, Pennsylvania/U.S.A. together with his very close and good friend George Eiferman. He wasn't ranked as a favorite anywhere. He had lost a lot of his former muscles due to his time off, and no one was betting on him to come in shape again before contest time. But however, his phenomenal genetics and his great muscle memory did what they always did, and like always they did it in a pretty short time. And so he added a lot of massive muscles to his body. And he also got a bonus motivation to compete and win this contest, and for that to work his ass off in the gym. And this bonus motivation was plain and simple the fact that the new Bodybuilding sensation from England competed also there, no one else the mighty Reg Park, who we will pay our tribute to in the (hopefully soon) future of this very blog and this particular IRON AGE named posting series. He wanted to beat him and show the world and proof to the world who the real king of Bodybuilding was. So well prepared and in great shape he flew to London for competing, confident of his victory in the contest. But Reg Park did the same and had the same in mind, and he was the local champ. An epic battle on stage emerged and it was very close, it could have ended the one or the other way with nobody could bitch around because of the result and outcome. And so it was a tie for the first place, like in 1947 when Steve Reeves won the "Mr. America" for the first time ever. Steve Reeves and Reg Park were finally called out for a final pose down. At the end it was Steve Reeves who took the title and trophy home, not Reg Park. You may can say that Steve Reeves' more aesthetic look triumped over Reg Parks more massive look at the end of the day. So finally in 1950 Steve Reeves gained the top price in Bodybuilding again, and with that he was once again on top of the Bodybuilding world. Also he was handed over a very special victory trophy, a bronze statue of Eugen Sandow. (The IFBB should adopt this later on, and so the winner of the annual "Mr. Olympia" is handed out a Sandow trophy, that is also named just the Sandow, as his victory gift.) After the contest he announced and declared his farewell from the Bodybuilding sport respecively from competing, other things had been on his mind and needed to be finally pursuited. Like already said back then no real money was in the sport and so also not to get back or out of it, and so he was up to other things. Acting was it, what was this other stuff. With just being 24 years old in 1950 he was one more time again the best Bodybuilder in or of the world, a icon, a legend, an immortal iron age champ, a statement of his very own, and his future laid bright and shining right infront of him. And so very soon he should become by far more famous to the whole world as being one if not the best payed actor of his time and age, and also not at least as the mythical demigod Hercules. Something, that he had already archieved in Bodybuilding, the becoming of the immortalized somehwhat mythological iron age demigod, one of the greatest of his and of all times.

What was up next for Steve Reeves is simple to name: Becoming one of the most famous actors outta there and gaining tremendous success as Hercules, Goliath, as well as with and in other epic movies. Also he proofed over and over again that he was true philanthropist and in his later life he sworn himself to the good fight for drug free Bodybuilding, as well as he bred horses. I will keep this last section close, after this here should be more about Bodybuilding than all his other archievements, due to the topic and idea of this post and posting series, but anyhow this post wouldn't be complete if I would not give it a little room as well. And I could imagine that most of you outta there didn't know already that it was Steve Reeves who played Hercules first, before Reg Park, before Arnold Schwarzenegger, before Lou Ferrigno, and also and especially long before Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who will join this ranks later on this year or with one of his new movies. Anyhow, Steve Reeves played in many epic and today classic(-al) movies, spanning at least over the distance of two decades, over the 1950's over the 1960's to the 1970's. Perhaps his most famous movies had pretty sure been "Hercules" (1957) and "Hercules Unchained" (1959) as well as "Goliath and the Barbarians" (1959), and not to forget "The Giant of Marathon" (1959), the "White Warrior" (1959), and "The Last Days of Pompeii" (1959, too). Also "Morgan, the Pirate" (1960) and "The Thief of Baghdad" (1960) should be mentioned, as well as "The Trojan Horse" and "Duel of the Titans" (both from 1961) and "The Avenger" (1962) and especially "Sandokan the Great" (1964). Also worth mentioning are his early works "Athena" and "Jail Bait" (both from 1954) and his late work "A Long Ride From Hell" (1967). In his time he became one of the best payed actors if not the best payed actor, at least over here in Europe for quite a while and his movies had been huge successes, as well as his amazing physique should have had a big impact on future developments of movies and cinema. Beside this he also wrote the lyrics to the song "Sweet Transvestite" of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" that was performed by Tim Curry. Also he was a active writer of books and he even sort of invented Powerwalking with his book of the same name and title in and from 1982. He was married two times, with Sandra Smith from 1955 to 1956 (divorced) and with Alina Czartjarwicz from 1963 to 1989 (when she died). Steve Reeves himself died in 2000 at the 1st of May at the age of 74 in Escondido, California/U.S.A. but he is and will be this forever on immortalized as iron sports and iron age demigod, as one of the best and greatest guys with also one of the very  best and greatest physiques ever to walk our mother earth.
R.I.P. Steve Reeves, forever the unforgotten and immortalized "Hercules" demigod of classical true Bodybuilding.

Okay folks, that's it for this very one here and now. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and maybe you've found out things that so far had been (pretty) new to/for you. In the future of this IRON AGE series up here on your dear "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog we will move on from the early beginnings of Bodybuilding and the first modern real Bodybuilding kings into the times of modern old school Bodybuilding from the 1950's to the 1970's, will have step by step more precise and detailed looks on this times and will for sure pay honour and give respect to some of the greatest athletes ever like for example Reg Park, Bill Pearl, and also Larry Scott, the first ever crowned "Mr. Olympia" will also cross our ways in the more or less soon future. So you see, a lot will be coming in, so stay tuned for more.(And all the other stuff up here beside the IRON AGE series for sure as well, too, so stay tuned for more and keep calm;-)............!!!)
And for so long already a big "THANKS!" for your interest and time and simply for you reading through this very long article and hopefully the whole articles of the IRON AGE series so far.
And more coming very soon.
Stick to the iron.
Keep on pumping.
Your dear Manslaughter Andy.

Montag, 21. Juli 2014

"My strength comes from lifting myself up every time I was knocked down." - Or: Motivation Monday.


("REBEL SOUND MUSIC"; 7'' vinyl EP)
(Release date: 6th May 2014.)
(Record facts: Four songs in around thirteen minutes.)
(Collector fatcs: Limited to 500 copies, 200 copies on black vinyl, 200 copies more on Halloween orange vinyl, and the last 100 copies come on lime green vinyl.)
Here's the next one coming for you, the next new record reviews post, and again also like in the case of the IMMORAL DISCIPLINE & DEAD ON THE STREETS vinyl 7'' EP that I've reviewed recently before also here and now I should really thank Brett Hole and "BLACKHOLE RECORDS" for sending me the albums via mail, and so for both albums just a very big "THX Brett!!!", it's just great of you. Okay, now staright to the topic: Hm, I think the last ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE album that I know of so far is or was the "PIG IRON" album from some time around the middle of the 1990's or so, hm, and now look here, they are still active and release "new" stuff. Here we get two "new" songs by them, "ADVENTURES OF PETER VILE" and "THE DAY THE WORLD TURNED GAY" (btw it's also the title song of their side), and we get their typical heavy drinking party smasher Punkrock that demonstrates a deeper sense or meaning or spirit if you listen a little bit more intense to it, especially to the very strong lyrics. Ah, I said "new" songs because... nah, not really new but just "new", because both songs already appeared on the above already mentioned "PIG IRON" album but I think this time for the first time ever on vinyl (or how-ever). ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE really play a sound of their very own, absolutely dirty, drunken, rotten, angry, and pissed off yet ''happy-go-lucky'' and damn thirsty Old School Punkrock full of dirty sawing guitars and boneshaking dustdry roaring bass, driven forward by smashing drums, and all crowned by very strong and stand-alone, pretty catchy yet rough'n'tough lead vocals, backed up by strong backing chants, and all cultivated by larger than life refrains and sing a longs. "THE DAY THE WORLD TURNED GAY" is a perfect just great song, melodic, catchy, groovy and rocking and rolling like hell, a through and through anthem. Also great funny or humoristic and ironic/sarcastic lyrics that still hit the nail on its head, like then, so now. "ADVENTURES OF PETER VILE" is and was a pretty weird song, crazy arrangements of the verses, yet incredible catchy and loud shouting demanding sing a long refrain, a proof for the very unique sound that ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE cultivated over the decades of their existence. Also here pretty strong yet crazy over the top lyrics. Both songs come in a great old schoolish earthy yet clear production sound. What shall I say more, you simply have to love the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE especially if you are into melodic, catchy, and rocking Old School Punkrock. Hm, and I think I should really give "PIG IRON" finally some spins again, hahaha:-). Straight 9 out of 10 points for the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE, highly recommended. Their partners in crime on this one are the to me totally unknown THE DAMN GARRISON. They deliver also two songs, "THE REAL ONES" and "PRIDE & HONOUR", and both songs totally rule. THE DAMN GARRISON play a very strong bonecracking and skullsmashing American Oi! sound with some healthy Old School Hardcore influences in it, all somewhere between THE 86'ED and the RAZORS IN THE NIGHT I would say, but anyhow nicely independently and without any annoying copy'n'paste work, a strong own identity they (already) own for sure, thumbs up for this. Sharp cutting and brutal slashing guitars, forceful harsh'n'heavy sung lead vocals, Hardcore styled loud'n'proud gang back up chants, roaring bass and thundering drums, damn strong arrangements and rhythms, and also strong sing a longs and mighty refrains as well on top of it, totally heavy and anthemic stuff at once. Also strong lyrics they deliver, and also the production sound is a perfect match, raw and heavy, thumbs up. Also THE DAMN GARRISON get straight 9 out of 10 points. Also highly recommended. The artwork of this split 7'' rules for sure, hm, and if you still don't have it and if you are anyhow just a little bit into Punkrock and Oi! as well, then go and fucking get it and this best right now, point and fact. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(9 of 10 points)