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ANTAGONIZERS ATL - "HOLD YOUR GROUND" (American Oi! on "LONGSHOT MUSIC"; 7'' single or digital album.)

("LONGSHOT MUSIC"; 7'' vinyl single & digital album)
(Release date: Already released on the 30th of November 2013, but I just got it recently and so now here's my review on it.)
(Running time: Four songs in around nine minutes.)
(Pressing info: It comes on limited splatter vinyl; strictly limited edition of 40 copies.)
(A big "THANX!!!" to S. Castello and the ANTAGONIZERS ATL for sending me their album via mail.)
Here's the newest release of the ANTAGONIZERS ATL from Atlanta, Georgia/U.S.A., I received it via E-Mail by Miss S. Castello on the behalf of the ANTAGONIZERS ATL for reviewing it up here. (So did the E-Mail say.) As asked for, so delivered (and in their case here also relatively promptly...;-)............), and so "THX!!!" to you guys. Okay, the ANTAGONIZERS ATL are probably no strangers to you, because maybe you know them already from their "JUST MY LUCK" EP from 2012, and so now here's their follow up release, "HOLD YOUR GROUND", released already back then in 2013, but after I received it just one or two weeks ago from now and after the release totally flew under my radar so far it's coming up just/also still today, point and fact. Like already said and like you can see by looking at the band name the ANTAGONIZERS ATL hail from out of Atlanta, Georgia/U.S.A. and they play a strong going, tough rockin', and massive rollin' sort of American Oi!/Streetpunk that really makes you dance hard in your boots (or sneakers, too) and if you now think: THE ANTI-HEROS - then you're anything but wrong; even: (1.) the ANTAGONIZERS ATL play after all their very own thing (even the style of the music and the approach of how it's done and delivered is comparable); and: (2.) to be honest THE ANTI-HEROS really still stand and shine mile-high far above the rest (and this also includes the ANTAGONIZERS ATL, but not blaming or defaming anyone and especially not them because after all, hey, we're still talking 'bout THE ANTI-HEROS, so come on). The ANTAGONIZERS ATL play, like already said, American Oi!/Streetpunk with a strong, dirty, rough'n'tough rockin' approach, dustdry, earthy, dirty, and boneshaking heavy, full of fresh and organic strong rocking and rolling grooves and rhythms, filled to the max with smashing guitars full of rough rocking and tough rolling riffing and dry and dirty singing leads, snotty and pissed off, hard yet melodic sung lead vocals, backed up by loud'n'proud crew chantings, a heavy rumbling bass, quick and tight played heavy stomping drums, great arrangements (of the great sing a long refrains as well as especially also of the verses) and first class songwriting anyhow, and all delivered by skilled musicians. Mix THE ANTI-HEROES and (earlier) THE TRADITIONALS with (very early) SKREWDRIVER ("ALL SKREWED UP" is all I say) and the SEX PISTOLS, and you will have a pretty good imagination of what the ANTAGONIZERS ATL are all about, what they are doing and how they are doing it, but keep in mind the own musical personality/identity of them, so they aren't copy'n'pasting anyone or anything here but instead of this doing their very fresh, alive-lively, and grapping own thing, and all on a very high, a damn high, a fucking damn high level of quality. Also very good diverse lyrics, a first class artwork, and a true bomb of a clear yet heavy production sound that still carries enough portions of dirt in it and that's a perfect match to/with the music deliverd by the ANTAGONIZERS ATL. Thumbs up!!! So, after all I think that there's not much left to say respectively write here and now by me, just my final words: If you are anyhow into Oi!, Streetpunk, and/or Punkrock then by any means don't think twice but go out and get this damn fucking great little album as long as you still can, this very one here is a true little big gem of an album. Definitely highly recommended. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
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