Montag, 21. Juli 2014


(Release date: 30th of June 2014)
(Record facts: Four songs in around nine minutes.)
(Collector facts: Gatefold cover, limited to 500 copies at all: 300 copies on black vinyl, 100 copies on red vinyl, and 100 copies on milky clear vinyl with blood red splatter.)
A pretty new release, and a damn great little album featuring the to me so far I think so unknown DEAD ON THE STREETS from Pittsburgh, PA/U.S.A. and also and especially the return of the almighty and larger than life iconic legends IMMORAL DISCIPLINE from Washington D.C. that had been already featured up here on this very blog years ago with an "AMERICAN Oi! HISTORY SERIES" post and so a tribute post to honour them, and now here's what to me is their return (hate the term comeback so I stick with return), and how great is it. Two songs they give us on side a, "RIFF RAFF" and "STAY AT HOME SKINHEAD", two total great powerful bombshells of songs. Heavy, hard hitting, mid paced heavy stomping American Oi! music with slight Hardcore influences in it and all of the greatest kind, mercyless pushed forward by loud and brutal roaring heavy guitars with a nice natural organic dirty groove and just great strong effective rhythms and also leads and solos to it all, then there's the Hardcore inspired great forceful and dry shouted angry and harsh lead singing voice full of power and charisma, backed up by Old School Hardcore gang back up crew chantings, and the beefy and bulky, very massive rhythm section just makes it all round. Great songwriting, great delivery, and also first class lyrics, this is just pure fucking gold, period. On top of it all also very strong lyrics, and a very heavy and massive production sound. I simply hope that there will be coming even far more in the future because IMMORAL DISCIPLINE simply delivered some of the best stuff heard so far this year, and 2014 is a very strong year so this means a lot. Highly, highly recommended, even the IMMORAL DISCIPLINE songs alone would justify buying this album. Great that they are back!!! Cheers & Oi! to the IMMORAL DISCIPLINE guys!!! Oi! Oi! Oi! IMMORAL DISCIPLINE get straight 10 of 10 points, without a doubt, point and fact. But wait, there's still something more to come, and in this case it are DEAD ON THE STREETS that's still to come, yet. And, okay, let's face it, even they are clearly overwhelmed or outshined by the bright shining return of IMMORAL DISCIPLINE they are also a fucking great band and they deliver two great forceful American Oi!'n'Streetpunk smasher songs somewhere between BONECRUSHER, THE ANTI-HEROS, and THE BOILS, full of heavy yet catchy rockin' and groovy'n'melodic rollin' guitars, very strong snotty and pissed off lead vocals, a fast energetic paced rhythm section, yes, also here strong songwriting and also a very strong delivery of it all. Strong critical and political lyrics about the ongoing struggle of the Working Class and shouted with hate and anger straight against the plutocratic white collar criminals of the ruling class aiming straight at exploiting anyone and anything else as much and often and as total as they only can. Also a very strong and bulked up production sound, and also just damn great stuff. DEAD ON THE STREETS get clearly 9 of 10 points for their first class delivery. Just here and there a little bit more of an own identity and this will become even better, even greater. All is wrapped in a beautiful artwok, and so what shall I say more then just: Go and get it now, if you still don't have it yet. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(9,5 of 10 points)

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