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MERCYLESS - ''SIEMPRE FUERTES'' (Hardcore from Spain!!! - D.I.Y. /// "KTC DOMESTIC PRODUCTIONS" & "CRUZADE RECORDS"; digital album)

(Record facts: Eight songs in twenty-two minutes.)
(Don't ask me if there are any physical copies of this album floating around, I just got it via E-Mail and all I could find so far is the information that this album was released as a digital album, so don't ask me anything more about it here and now.)
(Note: A very big "THX!!!" to the MERCYLESS guys for sending me their album!!! And also a very big "SORRY!!!" for that you had to wait so long for it... so long that you even had to send me a second mail... fuck, I really need to clean up the mess that's called my harddisk some day... ;-) ............)
MERCYLESS from where the hell else ever down in Spain ;-) are no strangers to you and me and all of us who are following this very blog here through its ups and downs over the years now regulary and frequently for quite a while now, because their direct precursor album "MUNDO ENFERMO" I've reviewed last year, and now here's their so far newest album: "SIEMPRE FUERTES". Btw, MERCYLESS are around for at least eleven years now, whoooaaaa, and if they wouldn't had written to me last year I would probably still don't know them, not talking about that I wouldn't even know about/of them... Anyhow, thank the mighty Buddha that they wrote me and that I know of and know them, because otherwise I would have missed out on something really fucking great, point and fact. MERCYLESS play no prisoners taking, no mercy knowing, no breaks using full force high energy Metallic New School Hardcore of the modern kind definitely inspired by acts like HATEBREED, MERAUDER, ALL OUT WAR, EARTH CRISIS, TERROR, 100 DEMONS, and fans of acts like FOLSOM and also KNUCKLEDUST will surely love and celebrate them, too. I love it!!! I celebrate them!!! Definitely!!! Maybe not the most creative affair today, at least at first sight, but at second sight or latest when you first listen to them you will know for sure that they hold their ground and stand their battles, and you will know that they aren't to be counted to the millions of face- and soulless bands without backbone or own identity that try so hard to copy and paste the above mentioned bands, no, MERCYLESS aren't copying and pasteing anyone or anything, they surely have their influences and their preferences and they show it and stand for it but they also have surely their very own identity and approach to it with keeping it all very fresh and alive and grapping as well as exciting, and not at least the facts that they sing in Spanish and that they focus massively on incredible wide and broad loud'n'proud gang back ups are good starting points for them to make this whole thing their very own. And that's great, fucking great, period. Stunning and crushing guitars, dry throated brutal shouted lead voacls, wide screen bulky and massive crew back up chants and shouts, mighty refrains, a brutal and precise monster of a rhythm section going to work, and great songwriting ideas and massive rhythms, grooves, and beatdowns as well, beside this heavy metallic thrashing assaults, and on top of it just all in all a very strong songwriting delivered by skilled musicians that create a own identity and keep it fresh and grapping. What could ya ask more for? Beside one or two larger than life anthems not for much more, in fact: for nothing more. So this one is definitely highly recommended to any Hardcore fans outta there, so go and get it if you still don't have it. Ah, btw, to the lyrics I can't say anything because my Spanish never wasn't the best and currently it grew very bad over the years but to me it seems that there's a very strong anti-establishment and anti-system political stance on/to it, maybe with a (outspoken) left wing background. I wouldn't dislike it. Suerly not. However, we get also a great (cover) artwork and a phenomenal rough'n'tough bombing production sound. That's it for now, I think all to it is said respectively written here and now by me. Last words: Get it, period. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! Cheers and mosh fucking hard!!! /// Andy
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