Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

British Skinheads in the era of Maggie Thatcher

("Ascot Elite Home Entertainment"; DVD):
This movie is from 2006 and was released over here in Germany in 2007, for what I know (from the backcover of the DVD hull). This movie deals with Skinheads and the plot takes place around the time of the Falkland War and really expresses a depressive and violent mood of social stress and internal brokenness under the brutal and cold and strong right wing regime of Maggie Thatcher and her government, neoconservative and neoliberal, xenophobic and nationalistic. The protagonist is the totally not-cool outsider or misfit Shaun, a twelve years old boy who lost his father in the mentioned Falkland War where he died the death of a soldier. Very soon he meets a gang of Skinheads and Skingirls that uses to embrace him and quick he also becomes a Skinhead. At first party and fun really are the cornerstones of the life in the gang, beside music and style and attitude, but after a old friend of the guys in the group uses to return from prison, totally filled with racism and nationalism and hate propaganda of the National Front, things start to turn out complicated, violent and simply bad. The group starts to split, and while the one half despises the ideas of the returned old friend, the other half starts to pilgrim to meetings of the National Front, goes out to do some Pakibashing, and other bullshit like this. The conflict really starts to heat up more and more and it all is spiced with broken hearts and hurt emotions, and so it all turns out really, really bad when the movie reaches it's bloody climax and then the movie ends with a very melancholic final chord. Okay, if you take the plot, the story, the dramaturgy it all is nothing that special at all, okay, and why the hell nearly every movie that deals with Skinheads is about White Power NS subhuman faggot scum is something that really refuses to be understood by me anylonger. Bullshit!!! As if every movie about Turks is about drug dealers or suicide bombers, if ya understood what I mean, so go and fuck you and fuck your stupid and brainwashed as well as brainwashing clichès too!!! What's really good at this movie are the displayed Skinheads and Skingirls, and especially the criticism of the social and psychological circumstances of society under the regime of a hard if not brutal right wing ideology and government like the era of Maggie Thatcher used to be one. So, after all it's an okay movie, beside the fucked up german dubbing, but not more. Solid and good stuff, maybe you give it a try if ya still haven't seen it yet. Cheers & Oi! (7 of 10 points)
Ah, and finally (after this post here is already up for a pretty long while now) here you now get the official trailer of "THIS IS ENGLAND" (also all in all in the english language you all should expect and know about... more or less), so just get yourself some impressions and enjoy it and then decide for yourself if ya need to watch this movie here or not anyway anyhow.


(Official Trailer)

Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

What's up...?!?

I was out of town for the last five days and today I just came home after work, so from somewhere from tomorrow on the work here on this very blog will continue pretty soon, and next big things and the stuff I work on are the interviews with CRUCIAL CHANGE and the SORE LOSERS, as well as the reviews of THE BROADSIDERS - "PRESSED TO KILL" 10", 45 ADAPTERS . "DON'T TRUST ANYONE WHO DOESN'T DANCE" 7", RAZORWIRE CD, and the "Oi! DON'T PAY THE BILLS" sampler CD, just that you know it. You'll read more soon!!!

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010


Hey folks,

I'm very sorry,  but currently I just don't find the time to work faster and harder or just more here on this very blog... don't ask me why, too many reasons to name them all and too hard times over the last half week to get bthrough, things went totally not how they were planned to went, and so on, but now all the troubles especially in my private life seems to be (hard) worked over now and I'll keep it this way!!! Thank the gods or whom or what else ever!!! So, back to the current topic, so that's the reason why the announced stuff is not ready yet, but I'll workin' on it on and on and on, and still. But to give you something new you now get a video clip of one of my all time favorite songs and bands, of the old American Oi!/R.A.C. band NEW GLORY and it's of their self titled larger than life anthem, taken from their fantastic "BACKLASH" full length record. (I think it was eleased back in 1988 or 1999.) They will be featured in the pretty next posting of the 'American Oi! History Series', so I won't tell ya more about them, and now just enjoy this great song!!! Ah, by the way, I've done the video by myself, haha;-), a little Steven Spielberg I am;-), but don't expect any somehow moved pictures, 'cause I use to work more reduced and concentrated on the basics, haha;-)... but hey, it was just my first shot yet and the next ones will be aimed better, haha;-)!!! 'BOOTS & CLENCHED FISTS, THEY CALL US TERRORISTS!' Oi! Oi! Oi!


Samstag, 18. September 2010

INSIDE A SKINHEAD... THE BELIEVER - Believing... seeking... that was his way out...

("Capelight Pictures"; DVD):
Okay, now a new 'Movie Review(s)' is coming for your information. It's about one of my personal favorite movies ever, even it's still a pretty new one (of 2009). But, first of all, I think I said it already but anyhow I'll now say it again: As if all the terrible 'alternative' german titles of all the movies from, for example, the States wouldn't be worse enough, but why the fuck movies with english original titles do get in Germany not only this terrible german titles to be promoted over here but now-a-days more and more 'alternative' and so damn wrong and totally not to the movie plot fitting english titles especially for the german movie market? I won't really understand it anyhow, how-ever, but it really sucks!!! And this one here is a pretty good example for this: The original title, in english, "THE BELIEVER" fits perfectly to the plot, but the 'alternative' title for the german market, also in english, "INSIDE A SKINHEAD" is just pure bullshit!!! And if you now get the impression you would get a 'typical' Skinhead movie (what-ever this may be...) here, an impression you can easily get by the 'alternative'english title for the german market, then you're totally wrong, to point this out very clearly!!! Of course, the protagonist and his comrades wear somehow the more or less clichè WP/NS Skinhead respectively Bonehead look: Army pants, Boots up to their asses, Swastika and/or White Power shirts, army jackets, SS Buttons, etc. pp., but first is this not making them Skinheads, and second that's not making this one here to a Skinhead movie. Why? I'll tell it to ya, so now more direct to the movie and its plot.
The protagonist is the young jewsih man Danny Balint who's living in New York City and working in the 'building business'. He's a jew, but he hates to be a jew, not at least because of the weakness the jews displayed- in his perception- during World War II and the Schoah or Holocaust. That's displayed by the movie as one of the main founding principles of something you might can call as a 'general jewish identity' or something like this, at least in the mind of the protagonist Danny. Okay, ahead we go: He displays the above described 'Skinhead' look and wearing full of pride his Swastika shirt and SS buttons, even in the house of his family where he owns in the cellar a room full of dumb bells, old books, Nazi devotionals, and records with classical music. Classical music? Yes, no Skinhead music or White Power Rock (like you might expect first) is to be heard in this movie, and that should tell ya the story if ya serching for just a Skinhead movie. The movie pretty much starts with showing Danny how he beats down and kicks out a young and slim jewish guy who's easily to be recognized as a pupil of a 'how-ever' religious jewish school. And the main motif of the movie, the anger and disgust of Danny about his own heritage and creed because of being a just a 'weak' jew, you easily get when Danny desperatly screams at his outknocked victim: "Defend yourself! Just defend yourself!" Pretty impressive, this display of self-mutilation forced upon another unknown victim who's of the 'wrong' but same believe and identity like the perpetrator. And yes, a believer, that's what Danny always stayed. A very intelligent and smart young man, never get away from his identity and believe, no matter how hard and what ever he tried!!! He was a pupil at a jewish religious school when he was a young boy, a critical and non-dogmatic thinking kid that carried his heart on his tongue in his mouth, speaking it all out loud, very much to the dislike of his teacher and his classmates. You can maybe describe him as an "enlighted school boy" (by the meaning of enlightment). He was a believer, but also a seeker, seeking his own way to god and questioning all the traditional dogmas, especially this whole sacrifice for and to god and sacrificing everything and yourself to serve him or any higher religious power at all, and that was too much. Because of his sheer jackass teacher he totally went away from his own also religious founded identity, and he came to think that this 'serve to your own death' mentality, this weakness was the main force of the jewish believe and identity, in his personal perception. And because of this personal perception and his attitude he won out of it he really was searching after something different, that's without any kinds of self-doubts and that displays power and force, and so he became a Neo-Nazi, hiding his primarly jewish identity. And there's also much more to it, like his ill and because of that weak father and a lot of different stuff more. You really have to discover it all by yourself. You need to!!!
He's the intellectual leader of an NYC Bonehead gang, violent, aggressive and angry and pissed off at anyone and using the Skinhead look (or what they think is that specific Skinhead look anyhow...) as a cheap excuse for their more or less poor existences and being totally filled with NS and WP and 14/88 ideology crap. Coming in contact with a conspirative neo-fascistic and Neo-Nazi group of self proclaimed intellectuals Danny impressed them pretty quick with his fanatic racism and anti-semitism, but he was contacted by a reporter of a newspaper who came somehow behind his mask and discovered his secret of being a jew. Then a very intersting scene follows, where Danny describes his beliefs and you'll get aware of it that he really done his homework and had read all the fascist classics and all the 'big' Nazis and their works. Showcasing his view on society and politics, and he says that he's not anti-Israel or anti-Zinosim 'cause Israel is to him a Zionist State which means that it's lost his old weak jewish identity but won his new strong zionistic identity, but that he hates the jews. That's all played damn good and it's written sheer fantastic. As the reporter confronts him with his own jewsih identity Danny is losing focus and menacing the reporter to kill him when he reveals it to the public. He gets involved into this conspirative group (from now on just the group), even his views on race are to some leading members too radical and too outspoken anyhow he really climbs the 'hierarchy-ladder' very quick, and from then on it all starts really: Beside a weird and sick love affair to and with a girl of a high position in the group and that's also fucking with The head of the group, Danny gets involved into a conspirative terroristic circle, beating an 'old' Neo-Nazi roughneck to the death to proof himself as a man with weigth into this circle, and then you see it all: Guys that are pretty much to name as gays, being attracted by building bombs, playing strategy games that display the world after a victory of the Nazis in World War II, having nothing in mind with girls and women- or just having any contacts with them- but with hanging around with other 'tough men', psychpaths, and just pure jackass bullys. It all becomes more and more heated up and while Danny is planning with some other guys a 'bomb-impact' to proof his believe in Nationalsocialism he suddenly feels his jewish identity awakening as he and the other members of the Neo-Nazi terrorist school camp demolish and plunder a synagog. Facing this dumb and brute vandalism and 'thoughtlessness', he starts to find somehow a way back to his jewish identity. He's taking some holy writings and clothings with him and secretly he starts praying and his believe is coming more and more back to live again. But that won't stop him from going with psychopath no. # 01 of the guys in the camp, armed with a sniper rifle, on the hunt to shoot down some jews, and while the psychopath is praising himself with how many jews he already shot dead with his sniper rifle Danny couldn't get it done and he misses his aims intended. The psycho gets aware of it and also of some jewish clothes Danny carried with him underneath his Bonehead clothes, and then a brawl starts between them after that the sniper is running away. And then more and more happens, for example they get arrested and have to take part in a 'talking-round' with survivors of the Schoah, and again that's really an impressive scene, also with all the Wehrmacht fantasies and that stuff, that's marking the movie from that point on again and again very strong. And while Danny is becoming also not just a stormtrooper or a bombing expert he's also working as an intellectual 'teacher' for the group, while they are planning to go to Washington D.C. and taking part in the 'ruling policy' and starting some 'working aggreements' with self proclaimed and so called left wingers like Chomsky, Danny is working with some of his 'old' friends of the terrorist training camp  together again for finally bombing a synagog. While all this happens a prominent jew of NYC got shot dead on the streets by the psychopath of the camp that came back from nowhere and shot the jewish man dead in the back and letting the newspapers know that he would be Danny, that from now on is suspected to be the sniper. So, Dannys situation is getting more and more just desperatly and while also the Neo-Nazi group is trying to get some distance between him and them Danny is meeting some old jewish school friends of him, and getting more and more into a growing deeper and brutal intense inner conflict, a violent conflict taht's raging in him, and as the reporter from the beginning of the movie is finally revealing Dannys 'little jewish secret' to the public, that's really laying the focus already more and more on the group and also Danny as their prominent radical and extreme member, the group called him to be schizophrenic or something like that and that they have nothing and never had something in common with him and his 'sick thinking'. You know the story... But all that couldn't stop Danny from placing a bomb in the synagog to which his former school friends now-a-days use to go. And then the movie is giving us an impressive end, showcasing self-sacrifice for really the 'higher go(o)d' or 'higher reason', and after the bomb exploded the last pictures back in the school are really that impressive and breath-taking, the whole final scene, that you really have to see it by yourself!!! Storming unstoppable upstairs to god and wanting to find out about believe!!! The believer who fall from grace 'cause of this 'self-sacrifice' mentality, because of that he once fell from grace, finally sacrificed himself for protecting the innocent from terror and death, by the way, that would have come over them 'cause of his own bomb, is now in Boots & Braces and a Swastika shirt on his way 'upstairs' to the jewish god, and that's just so incredible good written and played, yes, just phenomenal. By the way, like the whole movie, a just fantastic scene!!! It's a great one!!! Ah, but don't expect any 'Happy End'... because upstairs pretty sure waits nothing for Danny, like his former teacher (at a religious school, keep that in mind, the teacher says that above- where it should led to god- is NOTHING, and that's a statement of one of a kind of a movie) says to him in this scene. But, you know what, a Happy End would not fit this movie all too well...
After this characterization of the protagonist Danny, the polictical aspects of the movie and the just fantastic and grapping plot, yes, there's not much left to say about it anyhow. But: The movie is marked by (to me) unknown but damn great actors, one hell of an intense atmosphere, a very grapping plot, just pure great pictures and colors, and by a phenomenal intensity that's just sheer fantastic, and you really have to see it by yourself. And, once again: Don't expect any Skinhead movie, but a very grapping sketch of character and personal development with some strong political and religious standpoints to it and one of the damn best skripts and plots I ever enjoyed. A very special movie, and a simple fantastic one!!!
There are also some nice special features on the DVD and the whole artwork of it looks also pretty cool, like all the quality really knows how to convince one, at least me, haha;-)!!! Buy this movie and just damn enjoy it, one of the very best movies of all times to me!!! Ah, damn breath-taking and just fanztasic and intelligent and not retarded movie like you won't see it that often in your life to what circumstances ever. Ah, and yes, the movie is everything but (!!!) boring or something like this. My bottom line result? Okay, here it comes: Get it!!! Now!!! It's your damn duty!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
PS: "INSIDE A SKINHEAD" - "THE BELIEVER" was primarly released already back in 2001 what I didn't know (and there wasn't any german version to get until the last year, at least for what I know), like Ryan of "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" already written in his comment to this movie review. Damn it! Again: Why it's just taking such a long time until such good movies finally come out on a regular basis over here?!? And, by the way, it seems that this movie here is also based on a true story, the story of a member of the KKK in the 1960's who was revealed to be a Jew by the investigative work of an "New York Times" reporter. On the left you now can see the original cover motif of the movie, and this combination of the Star of David and the Hitler Salute is really a pretty extreme image, if you ask me, and it's perfectly fitting to this also pretty extreme and very demanding and really grapping movie, so thumbs up for it, even it's a pretty clear why the movie was released over here in Germany with a different cover motif...
Ah, and now you get the official trailer of "INSIDE A SKINHEAD", so just lean back and thn enjoy it. Yes, and then go or come and buy this movie on DVD anyhow anyway possible.

(Official (?) Trailer)

Freitag, 17. September 2010

Manslaughter's Poll Tax

So, now a new category comes for ya, it'll be dealing with the results of the polls you'll find from time to time on this site.
The thing is, if I want you to do the polls it would be stupid and ridiculous if I would just post them without presenting and preserving the results of them to and for ya. So, now comes the result of the first poll on this blog for ya (and hopefully- much- more readers will participate when some more new polls will be cuming for ya...), and that poll was about the topic:
I gave you the following categories to make your X and leave your voice being heard (or seen;-)...), and okay, maybe it was a little bit 'going wrong' that you just had one X to make, but okay, the next time this will maybe change, we will see, but for now the catoegories:
- Oi!
- WTF else ever
And the outcome of that poll about the hierachy of the different favorite music styles of you, the readers of this very blog was...:
01.) Oi! with 34% of all your votes
02.) ROCK AGAINST COMMUNISM with 26% of all your votes
03.) HARDCORE with taking 17% of all total votes
04.) STREETPUNK and PUNKROCK with both taking 8% at all
05.) VIKINGROCK with getting 1% at all of all your votes
All the other styles or genres of music didn't managed to get at least one poor vote or one damn poor 'percent-point', so that this damn losers won't be mentioned here (read: during this posting) anyhow again, haha;-).
So, yes, to the result, that's a pretty good result, if you ask me, 'cause it showed me I'm more or less giving you exactly what you want from this blog when it comes to the featured music on it, cool, now you see how good I am to you, haha;-)!!! First and foremost Oi!, and also a lot of Hardcore and some good R.A.C. stuff, also Streetpunk and Punkrock own their place here, and from time to time some ood Vikingrock also comes into play, so it's all pretty fine. And yes, I'll work in this 'musical direction' on and on, no worries about that, and if sometimes some other 'musical stuff' in which form ever will come into play it will hurt nobody that badly I think, right, haha;-)!?!
So okay, the next poll and/or polls will be cuming for ya, be sure about it!!! Oi! Oi! Oi!

All quiet on the western front...

 Hey guys,
just a little 'News' posting before I start writing more today and tonight for ya. It was very damn quiet here on the 'blog front' this week with the last post being from last past sunday, if I'm not tottaly going wrong right now. But it was a pretty busy this week, so I decided to just spend the only very little free time this week with some other stuff than being online and loading up posts and stuff like this. (Sorry fo the guys that contacted me via MySpace and gotten no response until now, but okay, waht shall I say, that's life beside the digital world, and that's still my first priority and at this position it will always remain!!!) I still call a very active and intense real life my own, you know... Okay, back to the topic. After I've already posted a 'News' (on the blog) post not so long ago you now just get a little note 'bout what's going on currently and in the next time. I'm still working on the announced interviews, but the ones I want to do with FIGHTING 84 and THE BARONS are pretty much finished and in the next few days I'll have them sended out to the bands, next then will be the RAZORWIRE and THROAT-CUT interviews, and then there will be coming some more stuff with OFFENSIVE WEAPON, FOLSOM and DOS DIAS DE SANGRE (if the bands want to do the interviews, you know, 'cause that's the first obstacle that's out there to be taken by storm or anyhow else;-)...).
Then the interviews with CRUCIAL CHANGE and the SORE LOSERS, two fantastic bands, are here,bands, since the last weekend or so. I'll start writing on them this weekend (maybe even tonight), so that you should be able to read them by the beginning of the next week. But I'll just post them when I have them here on the blog totally and completly written, 'cause it sucked when I used to release and post the earlier interviews when thy weren't completly written and ready to read, and I won't repeat this practise anyhow. The interviews are great outcomes of the work with the bands, and you really can be pretty strong excited about reading them soon. THANX to the great SORE LOSERS and to the very sympathic Tyler of CRUCIAL CHANGE for investing so much work and putting so much effort in it, THANX a lot guys, HAIL!!! I wanted to put them online already this week but I just didn't get it done (read above to get to know the reasons why), but by the beginning of the next week you'll be able to read them.
Also new coming will be a new "Gig Report" posting (after the last one is some months old already...), it will be one of this years' "Altstadtfest" in Goslar that happened again the last weekend. Sooner or later you'll be able to read about it here.
What will be coming up next in the other categories (and also beside them) I've already written not that long ago in the precuror 'News' posting (already mentioned), so please just read there if you're interested in it, what you all should be;-), 'cause then I don't have to repeat myself here.
Also the interview that I've done one and a half month ago or so with Ryan (great guy and great work) of CRUCIAL CHANGE and the "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blog (Cheers mate!!!) you now can also read on his blog, on "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" (, and this blog (I've already said it before, but in this case it's no problem to repeat myself) you should know anyway, great work with a lot of heart, passion and effort in it. I hope things will be accelearte on "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" again pretty soon!!! Ryan, all the best greetings from Germany to you and your wife!!! Oi!
Ah, and Jan (Cheers dude!!!) asked me if I would like to do something for his next issue of his first class printed fanzine called "MAGDEBURG PUNX", and yes, I would not just like but love to do it!!! I'll contact him this or the next day and together we will get it done what exactly and which direction it will take, and yes, I'm pretty excited to do smething for a printed fanzine finally again!!! Jan, damn it, THANX a lot for this opportunity, it's great of you, I really appreacite it!!!
Ah, and I've also posted some more new likns to sites and especially to other blogs that you really should check out if you find the time to do so, 'cause they are all worth it. By the way, some links to sites on the web and also one or two blog links seem not to work anymore anyhow, so maybe I should refresh the two lists also in the next time... Hm, but- how do I now tell it ya- it's really not that important to me currently, so don't expect that too soon, if you know what I mean, haha;-)!!!
Today/Tonight some more stuff will be coming, then I'll be workin' on the two new interviews, and by sunday or monday you should get to read more new stuff again, and by the beginning of the next week the interviews (like already said above). Tomorrow I'll spend my saturday with my chica amante, so don't expect any new postings tomorrow, but then things will be up and ready again.
So that's all for the moment when it comes to 'News', so wait and see what I'll settle together this evening and night for ya, I've planned some things that I want to post the next hours, so yes, watch out and be prepared for it, we will see what will come to happen tonight here after pumping iron for something about two hours in the gym tody, but as long as my fingers still work when it comes to typing all is good and fine with me, haha;-)!!!
Cheers & Oi!, Andy!!!
Now you get a little video clip of a to me nearly totally unknown band, it's a french Skinhead band (at least I think that they are Skinheads anyhow...) called 9ÈME PANZER SYMPHONIE or something like this, and the song is called "AVE EUROPA". I think it's a R.A.C. band with some attitude that's pretty radical right wing stuff... but okay, how-ever, I don't have to agree on anything especially not if it's bullshit, but that's how it should be for anyone, so yes, I really like this song and I also don't know anything more of or about this band, so if you like to listen to some good stuff then just sit back and enjoy it, if not it's also okay anyhow. Hm, I don't understand a single word that they sing, but it would be intersting if they use the old poem "AVE EUROPA" as the lyrics to this song in some way. If anyone knows more about it, please just leave a comment. That's all, so now comes the video clip (okay, let us call it a video clip... but don't expect too many moved pictures at all;-)...). Oi!


Sonntag, 12. September 2010


To be honest to ya, then I have to admit that I really don't know when this one here came out at first, but how-ever, 'cause I've made the decision that this isn't imprortant here anyhow. In the 'aftermath' (or how-ever you might call it else...) of my great passion for American Oi! music I also really happen to fall in love with Canadian Oi! music, even it's today pretty hard to get your hands on some Canadian Oi! stuff over here, beside ALTERNATE ACTION, BOOTPRINT, NO ALLIANCE, and COUP DE MASSE. But to get to know some more Oi! as well as also Streetpunk bands from Canada this CD here, even it's maybe not brandnew yet anymore but it's also not an 'ancient' sampler record anyhow, is a very good thing, and it's really a damn good sampler that's truly rockin' from the first to the last band respectively track. From brutal stomping and hard cracking Skinhead Boots & Aggro Oi! to meldoic and rockin' & rollin' anthemic Streetpunk you'll really find everything that you really need on this great and passionate compiled sampler record. Great stuff, over here in Germany and Europe the to us best-known bands should be THE PROWLERS, KNUCKLEHEAD, THE CLASS ASSASSINS, and the WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES, all fantastic bands that you really have to know and that you also really should (already) know, point and fact. But you get also much, much more great bands to discover here, bands that often were to me totally unknown, but all really damn great acts, like for example ORDURES IONIQUES (fantastic!!!), the BORDERGUARDS, RIOT 99, DISGRUNTLED, THE CLASS, RIPCORDZ, THE CLEATS and ANGELS, SAINTS & HEROES, just to name my personal favorites. All great bands!!! So, to keep it short and to say it precise: Get this record, it's really that damn good that you need to have it!!! The bands deliver us good lyrics as well, and also we do get a nice lookin' artwork, and all bands and songs do come in a very good production sound. Get it!!! (9 of 10 points)
Now you get the clip of the great anthem "NO JUSTICE (, NO PEACE)" of the awesome THE CLASS ASSASSINS, so now just enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!



Hey folks, 

back home after a long and great day, but I'm pretty fuckin' tired now and it's getting more and more damn late (okay, it's already pretty late...or early... how you like to see it, haha;-)...), so just a short video for ya. Some Psychobilly or Punkabilly or Drunkabilly or WTF else ever is no coming for ya. I usually can't stand this type of music, like you all sould know already, but sometimes some nice stuff that also pleases my ears use to came and still use to come out and so this one here. It's a little clip to the MAD SIN song "POINT OF NO RETURN" and it's of their "DEAD MOON CALLING" record, released some few years ago (not their currnt release). I always used to like this band, even they play a music out of specific genre that's so totall not my cup of tea that I can't really tell it to ya. and yes, that's all for now for this 'cause I really just don't want to write now anymore here, haha, up and away into bed and sleep I now go;-), 'til soon!!! Cheers & Oi!

Donnerstag, 9. September 2010


Hey guys,
today/tonight you just get nothing more than a littel 'News' posting, even it's not really that much a 'News' post 'cause it's more like 'Stand of play!' thing, so don't just expect too many fresh news at all, haha;-). I've got currently plenty of work to do, and beside that I'm finally looking forward to spend some time with my chica amante this weekend finally again after she'll be back in town again, and also I'm firing up my training schedule again and not to forget about the two concert days this weekend here in Goslar Rock/Suck City. So it can be possible that before next week things will be a little bit 'relaxed' here on this blog. But there are some more things that will be coming for ya, and I will give you now a little introduction of all this things. So okay, here we go:
The next interviews will be with the SORE LOSERS and with CRUCIAL CHANGE, and I'm really excited about both of them!!! Mike told me he will send the finished SORE LOSERS interview soon, and Tyler told me that he's doing the finishing works on the CRUCIAL CHANGE interview, and even after I've read the done interviews currently not by myself I think I won't promise you too much when I say that you can be at least that much excited about it like I am excited about it!!! After this I'm currently workin' on the next interviews. I want to one with the great THE  BARONS and I hope that I'll send it to Kurt around this weekend. Also I'm workin' on an interview with RAZORWIRE, a great band with Mike of the SORE LOSERS. RAZORWIRE are around for about 18 years, and yes, so I think it will be a great thing to do an interview with them. I'm workin' on it!!! Then I will also give some buddies of mine some 'promotion room', but not because I know and like them as persons, but because they are doing a pretty good job with their old school brutal Deathcore band THROAT-CUT, by the way, they are also writing and/or recording new stuff fo a next Deathcore assault, so watch out. I've done already a sketch of the interview and will be workin' on it to get it done after I've send out the interviews to THE BARONS and to RAZORWIRE, as well as FIGHTING 84. Yes, you read it correctly, FIGHTING 84 will return soon on this blog. You should all know that I really fuckin' like this great young roughneck-band from the States, American Oi!'n'R.A.C. of one of a kind. They've finished pretty much the recordings of their coming debut release, it will be a split record, and you will be able to read soon more about it. I've prepared a little bit and hopefully at the end of this weekend I'll be able to send it to Brandon (Hail!) of the FIGHTING 84, and then you'll know sooner or later even more about them!!! Great young band, that's really deserving the support!!! Interviews, split records, that brings me to the guys of DOS DIAS DE SANGRE, the Beatdown Hardcore Machinery from Goslar City baby!!! They should be pretty much complete with getting their newest release, a split record, together, hm, I think Angelo told me that it will be out still this year, so be prepared. How-ever, when it's out (latest then...) I would also love to do an interview with them!!! I wanted to do already an interview with them for my former printed fanzine but it never came to happen... because the next issue of it never came to happen, haha;-). So I hope that it will be workin' out with the interview!!! Beside this all I haven't forgotten about my plans to do interviews with FOLSOM as well as OFFENSIVE WEAPON, so calm down, time will tell. Hm, looking at all this I think that this will be finally all interviews for this current year here on this blog. Because it all takes time, so we will see how it all will finally work out, but I'll be giving my best, I promise it to ya;-)!!! I'm just thinking about to do also a second interview with SUCKERED IN when their split record will be out, so Chowder, watch out, haha;-)!!! Also it would be great to do another interview with the brilliant THE BROADSIDERS from Texas, not at least because their current "PRESSED TO KILL" 10" is just awesome!!! But, ahrg, time will tell what and also how all will work out at the end of the day (or days;-)...).
Okay, beside this I think it's pretty cool that Ryan of CRUCIAL CHANGE and the "THE SPIRIT OF YESTERDAY" blog is thinking about to put the interview that I've done with him because of his fantastic work online on his blog, too. Nice shot!!!
After this there are still some reviews coming for ya. Next record reviews will finally be of THE BROADSIDERS - "PRESSED TO KILL" (10") and the 45 ADAPTERS - "DON'T TRUST ANYONE WHO DOESN'T DANCE" (7"),and not to forget about the CD of the great RAZOWRIE (THANX a lot, Mike!!!), as well as there are still the fanzine reviews of the current issues of the "Ox Fanzine" and the "FuZe Magazine" waiting to be written by me for ya. Also I finally got it done and I gave birth to the category of the movie reviews, and there are more to come. Don't expect just what-so-ever subcultural movies, I'll put up more that I think are some-how, hm, let us say: 'interesting'. Next will also be some new categories, and this will be the ones of the sort of book reviews (finally;-)...) and of politics. Yes, politics. I've written earlier that I don't want to put this stuff up here, but nah, when I look at Germany and what's currently going on, damn it, not that I think I could change anything anyhow but I just want to let my anger about it out, and so there will be coming something for ya, if ya like it or not, haha;-). When it comes to the book reviews you can expect a lot of different stuff, trust me. I hope that I will get it pretty soon done!!! But hey, I still have a real life so don't epect me to spend every damn free minute here in front of my computer. Also continued will be the 'American Oi! History Series', and with great acts like THE ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH, ARRESTING OFFICERS, NEW GLORY, the YOUTH DEFENCE LEAGUE, FORCED REALITY, and STARS & STRIPES you can expect some more good and necessary stuff to be featured before we enter the 1990's of American Oi! for the first time. Also I will do another kind of tribute category, like I've announced it in the SHELTER 'Videos' post, but I'm not sure how I finally will do it, so just wait and see. Also the 'Sports' category will be continued hopefully very soon, I've planned to do some postings to the bodybuilding legend ROLF EVERS (also 'my' trainer) and the current german bodybuilding machine DENNIS WOLF, so there will be coming more sooner or later here on this blog. Time will tell how I'll be able to get it all done here, like I've said, wait and see.
So okay, that's all what there is to tell about the stand of play here on this blog, some more 'outside news' you will get sooner or later here again, too. Right now I'll leave you with this post here 'cause it's getting a little bit late right now and I'll leave now my computer and with him you, my readers, for tonight. Don't let them grind ya down, never surrender, never give in!!! Cheers & Oi!

Dienstag, 7. September 2010


It seemed to me over the last years that a lot of new 'War-Movies' or 'Anti-War-Movies' were produced due to the fact of the wars in Assghanistan and the shithole of the name of Iraq. But also in other countries movies were done that dealt with wars that raged on with soldiers of the country involved in them. For example 'War-Movies' that had been produced in Russia which use to deal- for example- with the war in Chechenya. And yes, also 'the West' use to produce his new 'War-Movies', and one of them is this one here named "AMERICAN SOLDIERS", a Canadian movie (...) that was done back in 2006 and with the german edition came out in 2007. So, okay, after all this basic information stuff straight ahead to the movie.
A platoon of young American Soldiers, I think it use to be Marines, is on one of their first combat missions in Iraq, back in April 2004, as an escort or an convoy of an fuel carriage. Very soon they were trapped in an ambush of some so called and self proclaimed 'freedom fighters', and then it all starts to become one hell of a day. An endless seeming row of fights and shootings follow. Standing all alone, the Captain is hurt badly, and more and more of them fall or are hurt bad. There's no support 'cause all the allied units are also under fire and so they had to start to make their way through the city and the blood streets to get to a point where an chopper should take them and fly them out of the battle zone. On their journey to this point they get into another fight with the 'Freedom Fighters' and some corrupt iraqi police men that should rather secure and support them. Barricades in a police building they get it done and move on to their chopper checkpoint to get finally out there. But bad luck struck them again, while their ammunition is more and more getting low the chopper had been crashed down due to enemy fire. After this all seems lost until they meet a troop of soldiers of the U.S. american National Guard that are taking prisoners to an CIA prison. There the platoon gets aware of torture and other inhuman practises and they decide to put an end to this... After this their situation is not getting better and while ambushs strikes again and more and more fall and die again the movie reaches his climax when the remaining soldiers of the platoon get into a bloody fight with knifes, fists and stones with a troop of iraqi 'Freedom Fighters'. After this the movie finishes with the reamining soldiers going finally 'home' to their camp to start another day in Iraq.
What now may seem to you written without too much emotion or passion is also what you get from the movie. I haven't expected a new "BLACK HAWK DOWN" for that great movie is just larger-than-life, and I also didn't expect some new "PLATOON" or what-so-ever after this whole self-mutilation of the West (and especially the U.S.A.) of the Vietnam War era is today long dead, but I just expected a 'War-Movie' that also works as a movie and not as a fuckin' Computer Game. It's just an endless seeming row of always harder getting fights and shootings that seem like taken from an Ego Shooter PC Game, and the times between this battles seem to be like some short scenes to just get the game player (or the movie viewer...) onward to the next bloody battle. There isn't one single character that really gets worked out precisely, but a lot of the displayed characters got the potential for this also in their counterparts between 'critical patriotism' and 'blind nationalism', so that the movie works more like an PC or Video game than like a movie at all, and that's really pity. Because so the movie isn't that bad at all, even it's nothing like a masterpiece it really owns a lot of potential, but it's not worked out enough. Also there's a good mixture out of understanding and criticism of the war in Iraq and of wars in general and it's shown how less the fighting forces really get to know what's going on behind their frontlines (torture, murder, etc.) that are soaked with their blood, because they are just too busy to just stay somehow alive. Also it hows what a failure it was to start the war with too less troops to remain and install a strong 'Occuptaion' so that all this 'Freedom Fighters' scum would not have a single real chance. And also it's not a stupid and ridiculous politically correct self-mutilation movie or a backstabbing to the armed forces, so all in all also political this movie really has a lot of good points to make, you can be pretty sure about this. It's really sad that a lot- if not the most- of the potential that this movie owns without any questions or doubts is just not being used anyhow. I think that's the case when you try to make movies that also some stupid retarded kids of today can somehow follow that aren't able to concentrate on more than five or six full sentences spoken in a row due to their addiction to PC and Video games and may the gods know what else more...
Some good and really impressive pictures are shown, and the movie is done pretty 'handy about the house', if you know what I mean, so that you don't have that much to worry about on this front, but the before described major problem stays anyhow and that really blocks a higher rating than just a solid one. Ah, the german dubbing isn't the best at all, but it's also not that much hurting so that you can get used to live with it easily. Decide for yourself if you need a new 'War-Movie' with a lot of potential but some serious problems or lacks when it comes to the final result. Not bad, don't get me wrong, no, no, no, it's really a solid movie but it could have been done so much better... it could truly have been really so much more... (6 of 10 points)
Here comes the official video trailer to this movie, hm, it was first announced as the german trailer, then as the english trailer, hm, but if you ask me it's the spanish trailer or what-so-ever, but how-ever, here it comes and you can see that it really could have been so much more!!! Enjoy it!!!



Hey folks,

after some good old Punkrock it's now time for some not that old but even better Streetpunk, hell yeahr, haha;-)!!! You now get the great Punkrock/Streetpunk anthem "(WANNA BE A) DIRTY PUNK" of the great OXYMORON from the capital city of Germany named Berlin. They were an outstanding band, one of the best Streetpunk bands ever, and yes, for sure the best German Streetpunk band ever!!! The song you now get the clip to is to be found on their debut record with the still great title "FUCK THE NINETIES... HERE'S OUR NOIZE!", a record that you really have to call your own. I won't say more to them now, you just have to know them, so now just enjoy the clip and the great song!!! Cheers & Oi!


*** CHARGED G.B.H. ***

Hey folks,

time for some good old Punkrock again here on this very blog. I've found a nice video of the immortal G.B.H. anthem "SICK BOY" and it's pretty cool, so I decided to put it up here so that you can see and enjoy it. To the band I don't have to say anything more, I guess, if not so then shame on your head!!! Great and legendary british (Hardcore) Punkrock band. Even a lot today may seem a little bit (or also a littel bit more) clichè you should keep in mind that this was one of the bands that started it all back in the days when this was a Way of Life and not just fashion and also no clichè. So, yes, I think that said must be enough, now just you enjoy the clip and the song!!! Pure british old school Punkrock at it's best!!! Cheers & Oi!



A month passed since the last entry of the sort of the 'American Oi! History Series', and so it's really about time that this series continues here on this very blog. But there's a little change in the 'to-do-list' of this series, 'cause primarly I wanted to let the ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH from Detroit become the next ones featured here but this I have changed because after with THE ANTI-HEROS before we already had been down to Atlanta I decided to stay in the city of Atlanta and make this one here a double post entry to the two great old and heavily underrated American Oi! bands of the names of MOONSTOMP and THE KICKER BOYS 'cause both bands had been from Atlanta and I just thought that it might be more logical correct to let this two bands become the next ones featured in the series. And you now may ask yourself why the hell both bands featured as one in only one entry?!? You're asking yourself the wrong questions, haha, 'caue try it with: Why not;-)?!? But, okay, okay, serious again, the full length releases of both bands had been released compiled together back in the days (of 1994, as a rerelease) by "Step 1 - Music" on silver shining disc and this is justification enough for me to do as I want to do here with this post on this very blog here. Maybe a shady justification, but there's nothing you can do about or even against it, ha;-)!!! So, now to some great old school American Oi! from Atlanta!!!

*** Atlanta American Oi! ***
*** Atlanta American Oi! ***

MOONSTOMP were an American Oi! band from Atlanta, Georgia. They were a through and through Skinhead band, but they only existed for a very short time. They came together in the late 1980's, after the band members were oiginally from somewhere around St. Louis and moved over to Atlanta. The band was founded by the friends of Gary, Townshend, Alan and 'Big Ed'. The last one, called 'Big Ed', some of you might now from the steps of his later 'carreer' that soon started after the end of MOONSTOMP. He moved towards the radical and extreme right wing and became leading part in the fascist Hammerskin movement and the White Power NS band BOUND FOR GLORY (and other more or less WP 14/88 bands of the different musical styles like BEFORE GOD, THE BULLY BOYS, PLUNDER & PILLAGE, etc. pp.), and that's from where he still gets his 'fame' today. But this was nothing to that MOONSTOMP had been connected anyhow. They've released one full length record called "THEY NEVER SEE" back in 1989 via "Link Records", and like so many other bands they totally got screwed by them and never saw one tired buck being payed to them by the label for it. Also they were featured on the legendary "THE U.S. OF Oi!" compilation (that also was released by "Link Records"), and also on the "STILL OUT OF FUCKING ORDER" sampler record.
They became very quick defamed as being racists if not Nazis, but that's totally bullshit. Okay, maybe you can say after what time can tell us today that this wasn't that wrong at all at the end of the day when it comes to 'Big Ed', but when it comes to MOONSTOMP that's totally bullshit. One of the band members weared a SKREWDRIVER button on his jacket, and also this was already back in the days reason enough for all the jackasses out there to start the defaming hustle. Fuck it!!! Had they been a Red Front band? Nah, in no goddamn fucking way! Were they a liberal band? Nah, not really, also the lyrics to "TOO PROUD TO BEG" would also please some guys in the german liberal party called FDP... oh, but not that you let the FDP guys know about that they are on the same page with an old American Skinhead Oi! band, haha;-). They were an american patriotic Skinhead Oi! band with a strong conservative stance. And yes, they never really cared about what the bullshit media or the shitfaced scene police thought and talked about them anyhow, they never justified themselves for something they had never been. Hm, would maybe also be a good characteristica for the so called Oi! bands of today... They played a very hard hitting and really heavy stomping style of American Oi! music that was strong rockin' an really kicked more ass and owned more balls than the most of the hyped crap bands of today. Sharp and dirty, edged guitar work, a forceful and power pumpin' rhythm section, fat crew shouts, and a very charismatic lead vocals had been the cornerstones of their damn great music, that was mercyless forward pushing all the time and also marked by some very good and very strong songwriting. Great stuff!!! Lyrically they were a very outspoken band. Conservative, patriotic and very militant and against the Soviet Union and the threat of the Soviets (or the so called Reds). Keep in mind, that the late 1980's had been the last but also still pretty hot phase of the so called Cold War. They were a political band and outspoken on many issues, like for example parasitic lifestyles due to a too much grown Welfare State, the pride and life of the Working Class, and many more. Musically as well as lyrically MOONSTOMP had always been- and are it still- a totally over the top band. Point and fact!!! Just check out great anthems like "NOTHING AT ALL", "TOO PROUD TO BEG", "STARS & STRIPES", "STRONG FREE NATION", "GET YOU BACK", "HONEST WORKIN' MAN", and "HAVIN' FUN" and you all will know what I mean. Great band!!! Cheers & Oi! (Sadly enough I found no link that would lead you to a somehow band homepage ever...)

*** Atlanta American Oi! ***
*** Atlanta American Oi! ***

The next ones on the list are the mighty THE KICKER BOYS also from the city of Atlanta, Georgia. They were part of the first American Oi! wave to flood the country and drowned the Hippies as well as the Yuppies under their waves of boots & aggro. Also THE KICKER BOYS, like MOONSTOMP, too, released just this one single full length record here, also via the fake ass "Link Records" label, and they were also featured on the great "THE U.S. OF Oi!" compilation record. They played already back in the days a very stand-alone style of American Oi! music basically totally free of any Hardcore vibe in it but really very strong influenced by Hardrock music like for example the godfathers of MOTÖRHEAD, and this you can still today here by listening to their record when you concentrate on the very present bass playing that's marking the songs also in a very heavy way that's comparable to the mentioned MOTÖRHEAD. But okay, maybe the reason for this very own and unique sound was their homeground Atlanta, 'cause all great bands from there, like THE ANTI-HEROS and MOONSTOMP, owned their very own style of sound and music. Blame it on the distance to the big cities like Los Angeles, Boston, and New York so that the Hardcore influences in music, style, attitude, and way of life just had been to far away and simply not fitting to the mentality of Atlanta... but why should you blame it on anything or anyone because there's no blame to be aimed on anyone or anything, 'cause all the mentioned Atlanta bands are great stuff. Hardrock'n'Oi! music from the States, with some very strong guitar playing and really phenomenal bass work, made round by hard stomping drumming and great lead vocals. Thumbs up!!! On top of it we do get a big bunch of damn good lyrics, from outspoken and critical stuff to personal vendetta issues and also some fun lyrics. Like the old saying goes, Oi! is having a laugh and having a say. Also they seem to have had a very positive Anti-Nazi attitude, what's always a good thing, at least if you ask me!!! Just listen to great songs like "HANDGUN", "OUT FROM THE UNDERWORLD", "SITAR (I HATE HIPPIES)", "KICKER BOi!S", "HATED & PROUD", and "SKA BOYS", and you will know what had maked this band so soecial and great, and makes this band that still today. Not much known abou them anyhow, and also it seems like nobody do know where the hell the guys of THE KICKER BOYS went after they called it a day after releasing this self-titled record as their only release up to this day. But somehow there's a MySpace site of them existing, so go to and enjoy their sound. Great band and a great reocrd!!! Point and fact!!!! Cheers & Oi!

The records of MOONSTOMP and THE KICKER BOYS had been rereleased back in 1994 by "Step 1 - Music" on one CD, I think also with some songs that weren't on the LP versions the first time they had been released (by "Link Records"), and this CD rerelease you can find with some luck also floating around today so go and search after it, 'cause it's really worth your time and your money, trust me!!! Okay, next stop will finally be Detroit to pay tribute to the ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACK OF DEATH. Cheers & Oi!
Okay, to THE KICKER BOYS I found a MySpace site and to MOONSTOMP not, but when it comes to videos it's vice versa, so now you get a video clip of the great MOONSTOMP anthem "HONEST WORKIN' MAN", so I hope you will enjoy it!!!

Montag, 6. September 2010


BETTER DEAD THAN RED - "R.A.C. WARRIORS" ("Commie Killer Tunes"; CD):
One of the few (current) R.A.C. bands that I really like, and after reviewing their record "MARX WAS WRONG" (2006) earlier before here on this very blog it's now time for their next record "R.A.C. WARRIORS" (2007), and when I finally can get their self-titled last release (2009) somewhere to buy here then you will also get the record review of this one here to read. So, okay, now back to this record here. First I thought: "Uhm, nah, what have they done here?!?" It was all about the powerless production sound, and yes, sadly enough the production sound was, is and stays crap, even you get used to it. After this, getting used to it, I have to admit that this one here is as good as the "MARX WAS WRONG" release, if not maybe even a little bit better. It's a little bit 'softer' or not that heavy as the precursor release, sometimes a little bit more classical old styled (but NOT retro) R.A.C. music and a lot of good old Rock & Roll music is there to name as heavier musical influences, and the Hardcore notes that were to recognize on the precursor full length you can seak and seak here on this one but you just won't find them. Melodic, yet still heavy guitar work, dirty rockin' and even more dirty rollin', is markin' the songs very strong. Powerful guitar riffs, hymnal leads, and some really pretty cool guitar solos leaving their impressive bootprint on the songs of "R.A.C. WARRIORS". Then we do get the typical very hard but also somehow really impressive melodic and also truly anthemic lead vocals of BETTER DEAD THAN RED, hard and smart, and I really love this lead singing voice, just listen to their fantastic ROSE TATTOO covertune "IT'S GONNA WORK ITSELF OUT", great voice that I can also imagine very well as the lead singing voice of some Southern Rock band out there. Really great!!! And it's all backed up by a very massive and bulky, tight and unstoppable forward marching rhythm section, that's really giving the songs the last kick to push them forward into battle. And sometimes we also get delivered a pretty cool organ, what's always a nice thing. And they are still playing their very own style and sound of, hm, maybe you can locate them somewhere in the wide open space between BRUTAL ATTACK, ARRESTING OFFICERS, and ROSE TATTOO (no, the last ones had never been a R.A.C. band, I know, I hope you too...), but keep in mind that these are just something like cornerstones 'cause BETTER DEAD THAN RED are copying nobody. On top of it we do also get a big bunch of very militant and violent and critical (on the ruling policy as well as society) lyrics, and yes, it's R.A.C. music so the oh so evil Reds are (still) the global threat and enemy no. # 1 and the ruling policy is still occupied by and protecting the Reds, even something like a somehow socialist or even communist policy is nowhere to be seen (don't talk about the self proclaimed left revolutionary states in South America, 'cause that's just nothing but a farce at all), especially not in the western world. But okay, perceptions can and do differ, and that's okay. But the lyrics of BETTER DEAD THAN RED are also pretty often very good stuff, just listen to the great battle anthem "CARRY YOUR BANNERS", brilliant!!! The ROSE TATTOO cover, it's mentioned before, is really good, but that cover of LUNIKOFF ("TERRORIST WITH A GUITAR") I really haven't needed, stupid White Power Nazi faggot!!! But, okay, why the hell ever they had done it, you don't have to listen to it if you don't need or like it, point and fact!!! By the way, still for what I do get I can't see any White Power, NS, 14/88 faggot crap here, and so all is fine with me. A very stand-alone R.A.C. band of today, musically as well as lyrically, that you really should give a try if you like some pretty good guitar dominated Rock & Roll music with a conservative and nationalist stance. Check them out!!! Ah, and the controversial artwork looks pretty cool!!! If just not this crappy production sound would make that much damage to it the rating would be also better... Cheers & Oi! (8 of 10 points)
And now you get also some videos of some BETTER DEAD THAN RED tracks, just enjoy them!!! Oi!


Hey guys,
here comes a nice live video of the great more or less 'young' American Oi! band FEAR CITY from the 'Windy City' of Chicago. It's really a great band, I like them really that damn much!!! Hard hitting and harder stomping, bonedry and guitar driven, sharp and edged American Oi! of the highest grade, first class, to point that out as precise as I can here. I reviewed their "OUR WAY OF LIFE" (released by "Nail Wall Records") record back in the days (completly in german) on my MySpace blog, before I started this blog here and decided to more or less call my former printed fanzine finally a day, I won't post it here again (as it would be a stupid repeat of things done- long- before) so if you're interested in it go to my MySpace site ( and work through the whole blog entries until you find the one with the FEAR CITY record review. I also once tried to do an interview with them, 'cause like I've said they're pretty damn good, but sadly enough it never came to happen. I hope that they are still active today and that finally some new material of them will see the light of a new dawn, that would be great!!! Again, a really great band, and you see and listen to them doing a very good cover version of the immortal anthem "SKINHEADS ON THE RAMPAGE" of the legendary and truly immortal American Oi! roughnecks STARS & STRIPES from Boston, one of my alltime favorite bands!!! Forever!!! FEAR CITY are doing a really good job and they're standing their ground doing this cover of this larger-than-life song and band, so thumbs up and respect to them!!! I hope you like and enjoy what you hear, and if so, then check this guys out, buy their reord and get in contact with them via and/or and just enjoy this really great band. Cheers & Oi!

Sonntag, 5. September 2010


Hey folks!!!

This is a little introduction post, an introduction via a little video clip, of the great german Vikingrock band of the name of KRAFTHEIM. One of the very few german Vikingrock bands around, hm, and also I think one of the also only (very) few (currently active) Vikingrock bands on the whole globe, 'cause so big this scene or genre isn't really at all, don't ask me why, maybe 'cause it's not one of so oh so 'mainstream-like' big and well known and best promoted music scenes or genres at all and also it was given a bad reputation by some stupid AFA jackasses, WP faggots, and other idiots out there. Okay, this is a video clip of the above mentioned KRAFTHEIM, a very, very, very good band!!! They're playing a pretty unique sound or style of Vikingrock, coming with a good dose of Metal in it but without becoming a silly Metal band farce at all, so damn it, thumbs up!!! They've released, for what I know, four releases at all, up to this date 'cause they are still very active, at first came the "GEÄCHTET" named 7" single and then the selftitled full length debut record (the cover of it you see above this writing), both had been released by the german label "Dim Records", and then they released the CD EP "EIN GUTER TAG ZUM STERBEN" and the new full length "MIDGARDS ZORN", and both were or are completly done in the D.I.Y. way of doing things. Some of this releases I reviewed back in the days on my MySpace blog (but all written just in german), so check the reviews there (and maybe hope the best that the MySpace translation function does his duty as good as anyhow possible), 'cause I won't put them up here again. They were featured with a damn good interview in the issue no. # 10 of the great german "DER ZWERGPIRAT" print fanzine, and also in the fantastic current issue no. # 13 of the "DER ZWERGPIRAT" with an introduction of their new CD release called "MIDGRADS ZORN", so check this stuff out. I really like this band and their very good and also pretty stand-alone music, and so I thought that it would be a good idea to promote them a little bit here on this blog and that's how and why you now get a video of them. It's of their live gig back in 2008 on the "KUGGNÄS" Festival in Sverige and they are playing their fantastic hymn "GEÄCHTET". The sound is pretty good, as well as also the picture quality, so yes, I hope you will enjoy it and also on this way finally a little bit more Vikingrock comes to happen here on this very blog and this is also always a good thing, at least if you ask me. If you like what you hear, then go and support the band (maybe via contacting them by clicking on the link), 'cause they're just great and damn deserve it, point and fact!!! I really hope that they will find finally a new label, and yes, again I can't understand it why such a damn good band has no damn label to put their releases out with some proper promotion to back it up, if you see and hear what a big bunch of totally non-sense bands today do get a record deal... ah, forget about it, I haven't understood it until this day and I really won't understand it anyhow anymore, so enough said to this topic. KRAFTHEIM are singing in german, and they have really strong and good lyrics. You will get the lyrics following this words, and I'll also translate them for you in english as good and correct as I can, and then you will get the very good live clip of this great band playing and performing one of their fantastic hymns. So, just enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!
(PS: Ah, one last thing to all the AFA jackasses as well as all the White Power faggots out there, KRAFTHEIM have do NOTHING (!!!) in common with the german Neo-Nazi crap band of the name of KRAFTSCHLAG, and by the way, the name KRAFTHEIM means nothing else than the home of Thor, so stop your stupid ridiculous hustle or your brainwashed fascist hype crap!!!)


Ein einsamer Mann kämpft sich durch das Land.
Sein Volk scheint verloren, geschlagen durch des Christen Hand.
Sie verleugnen das Arsengeschlecht und preisen einen anderen Gott,
verbieten ihnen Odin zu ehren oder bestrafen sie mit dem Tod.

Doch er wird sich nicht beugen, er will sein Land befreien.
Allein jedoch ist er machtlos gegen den heiligen Schein.
Er sucht nun Verbündete, die mit ihm zurückschlagen.
Nieder mit der Heuchelei, er kann es nicht ertragen!

(Refrain:) Geächtet und vertrieben aus seinem Vaterland,
seine Freunde unterworfen oder gerichtet mit dem Schwert.
Tränen des Hasses rennen über sein Gesicht,
denn leben unter dem Christenkreuz, das will er nicht.

Er ruft nach den Göttern, doch sie bleiben stumm.
Nur öde Einsamkeit ist um ihn herum,
dunkle Wolken ziehen auf wie Vorboten einer bösen Zeit.
Doch er maschiert weiter auf seinem Weg in die Ungewissheit.

Werden auch Trolle und Riesen ihm den Weg erschweren,
fühlt er keine Angst, er weiß er kann sich wehren.
Getrieben von der Hoffnung nach Freiheit und nach Frieden,
schwört er seinem Volke sich zu rächen und zu siegen!


And now comes the translation... or what I was able to do out of it, haha;-)!!!



A lonely man is fighting his way through the land.
His people seem to be lost, beaten by the hands of Christ.
They are denying the gender of the Arsen and praise an alien god,
they are banning the praise of Odin or punishing them until they are dead.

But he will never bow down, he wants to liberate his land.
But alone he his powerless in the fight against the holy lies (/shine).
So he's seeking for brothers in arms that will battle back with him.
Against the hypocrisy, he can't stand it no more (/anylonger).

Refrain: Ostracised and dislodged from his fatherland,
his friends are slaved or died by the sword.
Bitter tears filled with hate are running down his face,
'cause to live under the cross of Christ that he rejects!

He's sreaming up to his gods for help, but they remain silent.
Nothing but blasted loneliness all around him,
dark clouds are gathering up in the sky as a sign of sinister times.
But he's marching on forward on his way into the uncertainty.

May even trolls and giants try to block his way,
he's feeling no fear, 'cause he knows he can fight them all back.
Driven by the hope on freedom and peace,
he's swearing to take revenge and win for the well of his folk!



Next up again a little video clip(/-s) posting for your enjoyment!!!

Calm down, nah, currently I think that from tomorrow on I'll have the time to post some more 'weighty' things again, my chica amante will be out of town again for some days due to her work, I'll have to give my body a little break to give my body some time of regeneration from my intense and heavy sports schedule, when it comes to my job I've busy worked a lot of stuff before it's time for that stuff so that I can at least spend some time for more 'serious' stuff here again. So, for now, a new video, maybe two will be coming for ya. And yes, it's really about time that I pay tribute to this great band, the legendary SHELTER. One of the very best Hardcore bands ever, point and fact!!! Great music and songs, great lyrics and message, point and fact, too!!! I could wright much, much more about and to them and what they've always meant and still mean to me, but nah, not now. It's getting late and before she has to leave tomorrow we'll have some nice things going on tomorrow, my chica and I, so that I really need to go to bed right now. Don't want to make her mad at me the day she has to leave for a while, haha;-)!!! I've listened to SHELTER again a lot in the last time and yes, recognizing that beside the review to their currently last and maybe really final record "ETERNAL" they weren't present on this blog until yet like they deserve it, I decided two things: 1.) Beside the 'American Oi! History Series' I really have to run a second category of tributes to great bands (and SHELTER will be part of this) here on this very blog; (and) 2.) I will post some videos (currently I changed my decision, so that it will be pretty much really more than just one or two videos only) of them to pay them the tribute they deserve to get from me. I first listened to them much over than a decade ago, it must have been 1995 or so, thanks to a former class mate and friend of mine, and from then on they were always with me over all the years, and so they are also now here. I've taken some videos of them, one is a cool live clip of their great controversial anthem "IN DEFENSE OF REALITY" of their last masterpiece "ETERNAL", then you should/will also get their classics "DON'T WALK AWAY" (fantastic clip, SHELTER a.k.a. the "KARMA COPS", great), "IN THE VAN AGAIN" (I just say: Party Time;-)!!!), "CIVILIZED MAN" (a real classic), and also their two of their great mid-to-late 1990's anthems "WHOLE WIDE WORLD" of their controversial, very 'poppy' and catchy record "BEYOND PLANET EARTH" (great stuff) and also their über-hit "HERE WE GO AGAIN", and I think a lot of you guys know this great larger than life hymn!!! Brilliant, it still gives me goose pimples every time I listen to it, still, after much more than a decade it was written, recorded and released, it was on their immortal classic "MANTRA", and better you won't get it!!! A lot of the songs are taken from "MANTRA" and "BEYOND PLANET EARTH", if not all, and I feel good with it!!! Two great records of a legendary band, so fuck off with all your so called Tough Guy Hardcore stuff for now, and all what you else make mad about it, 'cause forget about how 'poppy' and catchy this songs are, they are damn fantastic Hardcore hymns that still remain unbeaten and unbroken, still standing tall, strong and proud above the rest. Not much more left to say about it at this point, there will be coming more 'bout SHELTER in the (maybe near) future, so get prepared for it, and now enjoy the songs and the (official) clips to/of them. Stay positive, 'cause it's the best way of revolting against this sick mentality that's ruling the fucked up world we are forced to live in!!!