Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

THELL BARRIO - "MI VERDADERA FAMILIA" & STATE MURDERS - "ES LA HORA" (Latinamerican Gangland Style Hardcore) (***Video/-s***)

Hey folks, 'Videos' posting time these days around but calm down more stuff with more value will be coming soon finally again as well. For now the last post of today, you get two really pretty cool video clips by two great Hardcore bands from, hm, even I don't really know about it, I would say Mexico or somewhere else in Latin-America. Ganglandstyle Hardcore with tons of Mosh, Beatdowns, Groove, energy, attitude, Tough Guy style, etc. pp. and this all done damn great and really fresh and alive with some very own and also very good flavour to round it all up. I need to finally know more about the two bands that now come for ya. Which are these bands? First up are THELL BARRIO with their mighty slasher "MI VERDADERA FAMILIA", followed up by the STATE MURDERS with the evil bouncer "ES LA HORA". Check them both out and enjoy them, if you're into Hardcore you will definitely like if not love them, period!!! If you know more about the two bands just please drop a line or two here. Great stuff!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!



RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR - "PHOENIX" & "PROTECT YA CHEST" (Hardcore 4 life!!!) (***Video/-s***)

Whoooaaaa chummers, that's a monster band, awesome straight in your face Hardcore played the Tough Guy and Beatdown way by some pissed off angry and mean roughnecks that got together under the banner of RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR. Discovered them the last days at YouTube and they really took me by storm. BIOHAZARD meets SHATTERED REALM, TOETAG meets MADBALL, CREEPOUT meets FOR MY ENEMY or so I would say, yehp, and if ya're into that stuff then also RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR will totally rock yar socks off!!! The typical Gangstyle Videos also rule totally and anyhow anyway I love stuff like this absolutely. Amazing shit, awsome stuff, and I desperately really and truly have to get my hands on an album or so of them. Okay, so far for now just check the songs and the clips out and just fucking enjoy this stuff. Currently I know nothing more about RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR (maybe just that they are maybe from Japan, guess so), but I'm about to change these facts. And if ya know something else or more about 'em just stop by and drop a line. Thanks!!! Great, great band, just check them out!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!




Hey folks, next clip and song up here!!! And: That's a great one!!! I mean, I really love this band, the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS, one hell of an awesome American Oi! band of the more or less "new" generation (even run by battle-scarred veterans and longrunners on/of the scene), Arizona based, and here is their infamous and just brilliant cover version of the larger than life DIRE STRAITS classic "WALK OF LIFE". I've grown up with the music of the DIRE STRAITS, thanks to my parents, and I still hold this Rock music legends dear and close to my heart, I love their stuff. And now: What the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS did out of this masterpiece is just a perfect sing a long friendly, stomping as well as anthemic, Oi!/Streetpunk styled cover that totally gives honour and respect to the original song, another masterpiece of their own. So, yeahr, now hopefully just you enjoy it, and maybe if the time is right knock down some brews or so. Amazing shit!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!


STRONG ISLAND BOOTBOYS - "PIT BULL BREED" (American Oi! from the New York City) (***Video***)

Hey folks, another great American Oi! band from the NY and C, the city that never sleeps, the big apple, and again like the FRONTLINE SOLDIERS this here is a damn great and incredible heavy stomping fist in the air Old School styled slightly NYHC inspired gladiatorial and militaristic stomping Skinhead Rock & Roll band with the great NYHC Bootboy Thug Rock style. You like OXBLOOD, SKIN DISORDER and the likes of that, than you will definitely love the STRONG ISLAND BOOTBOYS, trust me. Check out this clip and song and enjoy it. If anyone of you out there knows more about this band then please just drop me a line via a comment or a mail, thanks for that. Great band so far!!! Cheers & Oi!


Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012


So folks, for now just a little 'Videos' post for you, of an great NYC based American Oi! band of the name of FRONTLINE SOLDIERS, and if I'm now not going totally wrong than the band is currently not active anymore and the the "OATH OF LOYALTY" titled 7'' that was released by the end of 2011 via (I guess) "UNITED RIOT RECORDS" was primarly recorded in 2004 or so and the members of FRONTLINE SOLDIERS also played in great acts like SKIN DISORDER, FED UP! and so on, so you see what you now get: Militaristic and angry, pissed off and aggressive stomping, brutal and heavy, hard and fast paced, patriotic and gladiatorial, proud and unbroken American Oi! with some slight Old School (NYC) Hardcore impressions in it that you will truly love if you like masterpiece acts like OXBLOOD, OFFENSIVE WEAPON and SKIN DISORDER. I need to have to buy their 7'' (hopefully I still can get a copy) and maybe some day even (much) more of them will come (would be damn great). For now just enjoy the clip respectively the song and then that's it for now. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
(PS: If anyone owns more informations about them feel free to leave a comment or so!!!)


Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

NOT DEAD YET, despise two months of absolutely nothing up here!!!

Hey folks, sorry for the now nearly two months of nothing up here!!! I'm very sorry for this!!! But for more than a month or so I was waiting to finally get my new own internet access at home and then I was stuck up to my chin in work and stress and trouble and lawsuits and drastically changes in life and so yes, fuck, and so it was not really possible for me to get something done up here. I'll be back in the walk of things in the next days again, maybe already from tomorrow or even today/tonight on or so, I won't promise anything but we will see. I know that there are still a lot of things missing that were originally supposed to come up in the last month of 2011 like for exmple tributes to STARS & STRIPES, as well as KAI GREENE and PHIL HEATH, not to mentioned the reviews that are still waiting to be finally released and posted up here, and also not to forget about the Manslaughter retrospection of 2011. All of this and truly new stuff will be up asap the next few days one after another.
A very big THANX to all of you who stood true to it and read through the blog, left comments (I will get worked through them all and try to answerthem all in one way or another) and joined the ranks as regular readers. The blog will be very soon up and active again. The direction will remain the same, even I'm currently think about some certain changes, but I won't announce anyhing, life's a bitch and before I would be taken out for a while and again nothing happens up here I will keep it all for now to myself and you can be suprised when it's done. The only thing: I'M DESPERATLEY LOOKING FOR A NEW LOGO FOR THE BLOG THAT FEATURES THE COMPLETE NAME WHICH IS NOWADAYS NOW FOR QUITE A WHILE ALREDAY MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE AND IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA AND ARE GIFTED ENOUGH TO DO SO THEN PLEASE CONTACT ME!!! (I THINK ABOUT ANY KIND OF "PAYMENT" OR SO WE COULD TALK AND SHOULD COME TO A GOOD RESULT!!!)
That's all for now, I just want to name some blogs I've stumbled upon due to their kind words and support via the comment section up here, check this blogs out, great work behind it and thanks for the support, and now here are the links: 1.) http://aswedeonamericanculture.blogspot.com/ (one of the very best damn fucking blogs I've ever read, check it out); 2.) http://christian-with-a-view.blogspot.com/ (very interesting shit, good thoughtful stuff, so damn check it out); 3.) http://christian-with-a-view.blogspot.com/ (great Metal music blog that you have to check out if you're at least a little bit into it).
We'll read us pretty soon again folks, always keep the faith!!! Cheers & Oi!