Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

THELL BARRIO - "MI VERDADERA FAMILIA" & STATE MURDERS - "ES LA HORA" (Latinamerican Gangland Style Hardcore) (***Video/-s***)

Hey folks, 'Videos' posting time these days around but calm down more stuff with more value will be coming soon finally again as well. For now the last post of today, you get two really pretty cool video clips by two great Hardcore bands from, hm, even I don't really know about it, I would say Mexico or somewhere else in Latin-America. Ganglandstyle Hardcore with tons of Mosh, Beatdowns, Groove, energy, attitude, Tough Guy style, etc. pp. and this all done damn great and really fresh and alive with some very own and also very good flavour to round it all up. I need to finally know more about the two bands that now come for ya. Which are these bands? First up are THELL BARRIO with their mighty slasher "MI VERDADERA FAMILIA", followed up by the STATE MURDERS with the evil bouncer "ES LA HORA". Check them both out and enjoy them, if you're into Hardcore you will definitely like if not love them, period!!! If you know more about the two bands just please drop a line or two here. Great stuff!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!!





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