Samstag, 7. Mai 2011


Hey folks, last post for today, and this time again a real classic band that was once and for some reasons still is very important to me will now be coming up here, the almighty BODY COUNT. Formed around ICE-T, one hell of the greatest and best and most controversial Rappers and Rap/Hip Hop artists ever and especially of the golden 1990's era, BODY COUNT really left their impact on the Hardcore, Rap/Hip Hop, Metal and also Rock in general world and should became one of the best and biggest and hardest and most controversial Crossover bands of the 1990's time period. A great legendary band, very important not only for myself as a private person but also with a lot of potential and weight for the world of uncompromising heavy music in general. Probably best and most known for their infamous debut and the god-like single and video "COP KILLER" (that song is the reason for the fact that the debut in its original version can't be bought over here in germany legal and official... oh, how great and free our so called 'democracy' really is...) and the debut of BODY COUNT is still one hell of a damn great piece of music(k), no doubt about it, but for me their second release, the also infamous "BORN DEAD" album, is even a little bit more important to me, lyrically and musically, and especially their, hm, let us call it somehow ''Black Power'' attitude, hehe;-) (after some WP bands now also a maybe somehow BP band is finally coming up here;-)...), and its very gladiatorial and battle-scarred attitude and revolutionary spirit (ICE-T's fight against Whit Supremacy... or something like this you ca maybe call it, hehe;-)...) is just incredible grapping and this still even today. Okay, enough words already now and I also want to go to bad asap from now on (so hopefully 'Blogger' isn't ticking me off again that badly with uploading the clip- the first try currently totally failed, fuck it- ... but if so this post will then come tomorrow up and online and ready to read here at this place, and if so you can thank 'Blogger' for that...), okay, so now finally comes the official video of their great "BORN DEAD" anthem (great song, a real anthem, with great music and damn strong lyrics), so just check it out and enjoy it and maybe you feel the same way like I do feel and this songs brings a lot of damn good memories to your mind. Enjoy it!!! Ah, btw, even BODY COUNT aren't today only nearly as strong as back then in the days of their first two albums it's anyhow damn good that they are back since some years now. I love this band and I stay and also always stood for it, point and fact!!! Ah, but before the (official) "BORN DEAD clip you now also get a inofficial D.I.Y. clip of their bandhymn "BODY MOTHERFUCKING COUNT" (also to be found on their infamous "BORN DEAD" masterpiece) and the clip is fantastic and would find the total head-knocking by the band, great stuff, so check it out and damn enjoy it!!! Great clip (and song)!!! So, yes, just check the clip and enjoy it and then good night!!! 1990's Gangsta Crossover  Black Power Thug Noise Crossover music rulez (still) totally okay!!!



Okay, after 'Blogger' was totally ticking me off two days or so ago when this post should primarly come off big online and it just worked now out I thought that I could as well give ya another nice clip of BODY COUNT (even this time it is not really a anyhow video clip based on moved pictures) and it is of no song else than their biggest hit the almighty and legendary and truly larger-than-life "COPKILLER", the song because of that their self-titled debut today is censored and forbidden in this damn great democracy called the federal republic of good old shitfaced Germoney. So, yehp, what shall I say more here at this point (that I've also not already said/written before), anyone of you who was already back then around in hard hitting heavy underground music(k) in the 1990's (and stayed true to the cause until the present day) know(s) about and also this song and the lyrics and anyone who propagates he/she was around in the mentioned 'circles' in the 1990's but don't know about and don't know this song is nothing else than a damn lying fake ass looser idiot and anyone who wasn't there back then (due to his/her late/-r birth) should really get known with and to this legendary band and their great songs and records (especially and first and foremost their already above mentioned first two groundbreaking albums, hell yeahr, start wit them), yehp, and that's all, so now just enjoy this damn great song and don't you ever forget: "I'M A COPKILLER!!!" Great outstanding stuff!!!


Yeahr, I've licked blood (or was it clit... maybe both...?!? Uh, sounds great, doesn't it;-)...?!?) and so onwards we go with two more BODY COUNT songs and clips (and this time we speak- again- about real videos) and the first one is the great 'intro-track' and band anthem "BODY COUNT'S IN DA HOUSE" (great guitar work and some damn strong gladiatorial spirit and atmosphere to it all that all of today's oh so harsh and brutal and evil Tough Guy Beatdown Hardcore bands except some very few expectations can't even rival at least a little bit) and of my absolutely favorite track of them of the name "NECESSARY EVIL" (it's the official video clip what means that the song is- and that's a pity and also as usual in cases like this ridiculous- censored so they changed the lyrics and so you won't hear the words like "Nigga", "Bitch", etc. what sucks and is totally non-sense crap but okay it's also not so much disturbing anything here anyway and yes, this is really my total favorite of BODY COUNT, taken from their immortal "BORN DEAD" release, and in my personal perception this song beats even "COPKILLER" and"BORN DEAD", so yes, just you enjoy this immortal through and through anthem that comes btw also with great lyrics- even they are changed due to censorship fascism here and there 'cross the world and especially ove here in Germoney... fuck it anyway!!!...) and so, yes, I hope you will enjoy the clips and songs and that you maybe discovered with this post a damn stand-alone and great and important band again or maybe yet for the first time, ha, and we will see, after White Power and now somehow Black Power ;-) who knows what will be up next on here, maybe some Chocolate Star Fish Power;-), haha, we will see;-)...



Yeahr, and here comes even a little bit more for ya all, and after you, me and we all do know that ICE-T founded BODY COUNT (with a little help by some friends), yes, yes, yes, so it's also the right time to pay with this post some tribute to him, great Rap/Hip Hop artist and great guy in music anyhow and also he's a really strong actor and anyhow now you get ICE-T's anthem "COLORS" (I think it's from 1988 or so and was primarly the official sountrack of the movie "COLORS (BLOODS VS. CRIPS)" from 1988 with Robert Duvall and Sean Penn - damn good movie, just to let you know that btw) and you get the song now in two different video versions, the original official video (but the sound isn't that good, sorry for that) and then a great video compiled with pictures taken from th movie and much more and also in proper sound quality this time. Great late 1980's Rap/Hip Hop, unbroken, critical and gladiatorial, just awesome shit, point and fact!!! Ah, and if ya think "Buh, buh, buh, that's Rap/Hip Hop that should not be up here, uh, uh, uh, buh, buh, buh..." then shut up and just don't listen to it and just don't watch the clip(s), you damn nutjob. And to everyone else, yeahr, just enjoy the song and the clip(s). Great stuff!!!

ICE-T - "COLORS" (1.)

ICE-T - "COLORS" (2.)

That's all for this pretty long tribute to BODY COUNT and ICE-T 'Videos' posting, yes, and that's also all for today/tonight, more will be up here for ya asap as I can get it anyhow done. Now I say to ya good night and wish ya a well sleep, yes, and trust me, we will read us moreor less soon again. Cheers!!!


  1. Wondering if they're coming back doing tours :)

    1. Haha, wouldn't bet on this ;-) !!! Maybe with ''Coco'' (I guess that's her name), sharing the stage on tour or so ;-) ...