Montag, 2. Mai 2011

*** Newsline: Osama bin Laden (finally) shot dead (in the head)!!! ***


Dear readers, today a pretty cool and damn good head- or newsline came through to me via the internet and it was the head-/newsline of the death of the scumbag of the name of OSAMA BIN LADEN. You know the guy... nah, you as well as I don't know and never knew him but you as well as myself know about him. Okay, this time it will become pretty political up here and I don't mean that scene- or subculture-kindergarden of left and right, PC and not-PC, etc. pp. that we all know more than enough. No, I give you my personal view on that headline, and you know what, maybe this will be pretty controversial (not at least because of the JOHNNY REBEL song "WE GONNA GET YOU OSAMA BIN LADEN" or "FUCK YOU OSAMA BIN LADEN", ha, but it's and it always was a great song, point and fact) because I was never one of those hippy faggot bastards that stood opposed to the war on terror and Islamofascism, I was never one who stood opposed the wars in Assghanistan and Iraq and I was never anti the Bush doctrine in the case of fighting back on terror, terrorism and terrorists, I was never one of this weak appeaser cowards and cheered to our former chancellor when he refused to take the fight with our allies back to our enemies. Over here in Germany we've bred more than enough islamofascist terrorist scum, more than enough, if ya ask me, and damn it, I was never one of those isolationists out there, no, I was always more for offending than defending (and isolationists had always been and still are more about defending than offending, even they probably will not or never admit it). Yes, it's true, to fight what was called Communism and what was named the Soviet Union the West did its best to breed these kind of subhuman lowlife scum just to have a good offense potential to keep the Soviet Union more or less out of the third world and so 'small' in its global potential, but instead of breeding and feeding the future terrorists just to bring down an enemy that was already done and instead of making a through and through stupid bullshit propaganda movie like "RAMBO III" the West (the U.S.A., Israel- okay, this brave little country and society and state always did and still do their best and it's a shame that the support of their so called allies of the West is growing thin more and more-, Europe, etc. pp.) should have done better in letting the Red Army take over this piss poor land and annihilating what should become the Taliban, Al-Quaida, etc. pp. and bringing some sort of (cemetary-) silence finally to this part of the world, but okay, that's history and as a 'later-born' looking back at history it's always easy to point your fingers on that ones who lived back then and had been in charge like all those german 1968'ers had done it with and when blaming their parents for the Third Reich and thinking that they by themselves would have done it all completly better and different, I know about it, I know this story, so that's why I won't throw the blame on anyone here not even a little bit more... but "RAMBO III" truly sucks anyhow, blame Stallone for that. After ten years of searching for him (and yes, as if the government- or certain circles of it- of Pakistan would not have known where OSAMA BIN LADEN was living for hell knows how long now... good allies we as the West do have in this region, why not let finally India solve that problem called Pakistan once and for all... ah, but only thinking this, only thinking about occupation in such politically correct times like ours is nearly unthinkable and from the left to the right and vice verca I can hear them scream about colonialism and imperialism and evil americanism and even more evil zionism... bad, bad times, truly damn bad we're forced to live in...) he's finally history and because of this today became a cheerful day and I send my honest respect and deepest honour for the men and women of the fighting armed forces of the West (and, to be honest, first and foremost the troops of the U.S.A.- as well as Israel-, if you're American- or from Israel- or not- like me- you have to admit this) for their ongoing courage, duty and devotion, your courage is our pride!!! And all our thoughts should be with them in this hard war that wasn't a necessary one if our past political leaders would have done smarter back then (and today - but it's like they never learn, so yeahr, they are about to support the Hamas- and defaming Israel how often it's only somehow possible (and it's a shame that especially- german- leftists are doing this when-ever they can do so), hell yeahr, so why not supporting the Hisbollah and the fascists in Iran as well as Saudi-Arabia... ah, I forgot, this monarch-scumbags we're supporting already quite a bit...). And let us hope that we will finally see more victories in the long struggle against Islamofascism again so that we will succeed in this dirty World War IV. And don't forget what history already told us in the 1980's, because we all know where the terrorists are so fuck the middle east: "IT'S TIME TO DROP THE BOMB!!!" Support our troops!!! Cheers & Oi!
(Even you shall never be happy about the death of any living being but it's not the death of OSAMA BIN LADEN as a person that I cheer up to, no, it's the death of OSAMA BIN LADEN as a symbol and all it stood for that I cheer up to and let us see who's next of his brothers in arms because their time ran out already long ago.)


(The song- it's a great one- and especially the lyrics suits this day and event pretty well and so I've chosen them to do this little video on this cheerful day with exactly this song, so don't ran your mouth about the band, it was all me, so ran it about me if you to ran it anyhow anyway.)

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