Montag, 9. Mai 2011


Hey folks, I just got aware of a new (?) german Hardcore band from Berlin, so I guess we can talk about a Berlin Hardcore band and this band we do talk about is named PROTECTION OF HATE. Like back in the golden 1990's days of Hardcore cuming from Germoney the city of the name of Kassel with acts like RYKER'S and BRIGHTSIDE was a leading force today you can't go on without mentioning Berlin when it comes to Hardcore made in Germoney, I mean with legends like
DISRESPECT, bullnecked silverbacks like PUNISHABLE ACT and FINAL PRAYER, already battle scarred hopefulls like REBORN TO CONQUER, or promising Newcumerz like ALL FOR REVENGE and NEVER PUT ASIDE or the here mentioned PROTECTION OF HATE this city is nothing else like a statement of its own when the talking is about german Hardcore music, point and fact. And this very band here, PROTECTION OF HATE, I discovered while I was reading through the content of the "CRAZY UNITED" webzine ( where you can find an introducing interview with this (btw pretty sympathic) band. It's some great 'moshy' and angry, noisy and heavy, more or less Old School Hardcore that's cuming really with a load of tons of energy and power and force and it's done really, really strong, great stuff. I think I'll buy their fresh release  titled "BLEEDING HARDCORE" asap with my next mailorder-ordering-session (it's their second album and it's- again (?)- released via the german "RÜGENCORE RECORDS" label that you can find by clicking on the link) , and if you're into Hardcore I think you should do it, too. You now get, to introduce this band, two video clips of them, the official promo clip of their already mentioned album and the band live on stage performing and playing their double fisted anthem "UNDERDOG" (great stuff, pure gold), and hopefully you will enjoy this band and their music (maybe as much as I do it already now), and closing this post you will find the links to the Homepage and the MySpace site (and to the Facebook siteor profile as well) of PROTECTION OF HATE, so check 'em out... now!!!



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