Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Way far too late... it was my damn fault... but here it finally comes, the review of the current INTEGRITY full length release...

("Deathwish Inc."; CD):
Yeahr, one of my all-time favorite bands ever (Hardcore in particular, music in general) is damn finally back on track again. Okay, maybe it's also me that's just back on track again... Several 7'' singles and split releases they used to release over the years but all of that stuff was usually pretty strictly limited and went completly away on me. The last full length I got aware of it and used to listen to was the "CLOSURE" titled one and this was a total dissapointment for me. Had always been a big fan of INTEGRITY (esepcially the three totally larger-than-life groundbreaking and lifechanging albums "SYSTEMS OVERLOAD", "HUMANITY IS THE DEVIL" and "SEASONS IN THE SIZE OF DAYS") and also the INTEGRITY 2000 (or INTEG2000) stuff I always liked very, very much, anyhow, but "CLOSURE" was (and still is) total crap if ya ask me. Then their "TO DIE FOR" release... damn it, I only listened a few times when I was occupying the stereo-stations of friends to it and I can't tell ya why because I've heard always and everywhere that it should finally again be a fucking outstanding strong album and to judge by the very few listening sessions I've had with this one this could all be damn true. Okay, anyway, but now "THE BLACKEST CURSE" I call my own and thank the mighty Buddha for that circumstance. And what shall I say, they managed to take what they've done on their "SEASONS IN THE SIZE OF DAYS" masterpiece and they've freshed-it-all-up and took it over into this very days and made out of it something really very fresh and exciting, something damn interesting and grapping, point and fact. Metallic Hardcore the groundbreaking, lifechanging, challeging and demanding "HOLY TERROR" style of doing this stuff. It's all there, fast raging pace of the songs, all done damn well-versed and multi-layered as fuck, full of great suprising songwriting moments: Quick and short changes in pace and mood of the songs, up-shakin'-moments of the architecture and structure of the rhythm of the songs, a lot of great goodies when it comes to leads and solos, total destroying 'moshy' grooves and down beating phases of every song, each and every single song is also totally packed up full with an incredible intense and tight atmosphere that will give you one shower of goosepimples all over your body followed by the next one just in time, ah, and there's so much more that's waiting to be discovered. And of course we get all what you expect: Bonecracking guitar riffs, incredible atmospheric leads and totally neurotic and psychotic solos, devastating and all smashing drumming, a evil cracking bass, and above all Dwids incredible brutal and charismatic and stand-alone vocals (often copied but never rivaled), and that all breath-taking new and fresh and they really invent themselves somehow new with this one here. Great!!! I love this album!!! That brutal Hardcore is the concrete of INTEGRITYs music that's enriched by clichè-free harsh (Trash) Metal  should be clear for all of you (if not then tell me where the fuck you spend your life over the last one or two decades), and that the songwriting is above all doubts as well as their abilities to play their instruments should now be clear for all of you out there latest after this review as well. Best song is the incredible "BEFORE THE VVORLD WAS YOUNG", just listen to it and learn how things go!!! Pure platinum!!! Outstanding!!! But also all the other tracks are at least absolutely pure gold, if not even more. The production sound is a beauty as well as the sinister artwork, and the lyrics are typical INEGRITY stuff and so better prepare yourself for an abstract and demanding, challenging and uncompromising, exciting and grapping philosophical journey, damn great stuff!!! So, there's no need to say or write more, to call this one your own is nothing else but your damn duty, so get it and get it now (if you still don't have it anyway). Awesome!!! (10 of 10 points)

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