Montag, 9. Mai 2011

English Oi! is fighting back...

Hey chummers, last respectively final post for this day before I go to bed and now you get again a little 'Videos' post to introduce a more or less new band (at least 'new' up here on this vey blog) to you the readers (just in case you don't know the band already) and the band I'm talking about right now is the hard hitting and harder knocking and stomping British or better English Oi! band of the name of CODE 1. There's a lot of cheap bullshit talk about this band going on (especially) over here in Germoney, hm, but I don't mind it at all... and if ya would believe this talking you might get the impression CODE 1 would be playing ressed up all in Svastika shirts and SS uniforms live up on stage... The same old story of defamation and anonymous witchhunting that we all know all too well anyway... So, okay, back to the topic, if ya like CONDEMNED 84, CLOSE SHAVE, BAKERZ DOZEN, RETALIATOR, and bands like this (maybe we could also name LOYALTY and SCUM... but compared with the mentioned four bands this two groups are pretty weak bands so maybe we shouldn't name them here at all...) then make sure that you heck out CODE 1, especially if you also like the 'earlier' THE EXPLOITED (because CODE 1 do play it all very fast and heavy and 'punky' comparable to or with the mentioned band and phase... at least somehow comparable... and also at least if you ask me) and even it's maybe nothing groundbreaking it seems to me to be some really good and pretty strong stuff and besideTMF and THE LONDON DIEHARDS and SKINFULL and other bands also CODE 1 are a pretty good proof for the thesis that Oi! from England is comin' off strong again. Check them out, could be worth your time. Really good stuff!!! You now get a clip (okay, it's not really a video clip anyway... but never mind it just concentrate and focuss more on the song, the music and the lyrics) of their heavy and angry (both, musically and lyrically) smasher "Oi! INVASION" and then decide for yourself if you could use a even (much) bigger dose of English Oi! the CODE 1 way. Strong stuff, really good job by a band that you should know and we should keep an eye on. Check it out and enjoy it!!! Cheers & Oi!


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