Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011


("People Lie You Records"; CD):
Okay, some days ago I reviewed the "TROUBLED GROUND" album of ZEBULON and announced that this would be the last record that gets reviewed of the CD package of old "PLY REC." releases that I'll do reviews of up here... but I was wrong with that announcment because now finally here's the last record of that package that I am about to review for ya up here, and this one was and still is (what else?) the first label compilation CD that used to kick off the today pretty well-know "WHERE THE BAD BOYS ROCK" label compilation album series. This sampler is pretty cool stuff and it really doesn't matter at all that it was released quite a few years ago. This compilation CD really shows how strong this label once used to be and how strong it really could have been. Not that it is or ever was a anyhow 'bad' record label but compared with most of the bands featured on this first one here (like for example THE AWESOME MACHINE, ZEBULON, ABDULLAH, MACHINE GUN, SUNRIDE, THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND, and SPIRIT CARAVAN) all this Punk'n'Roll, Drunka/Rocka/Punka/Psychobilly stuff that fills the ranks of the roster of "PLY REC." so much mostly today is really pretty weak and also somehow 'mainstream' and 'un-original' stuff... okay, but anyhow... We get here a pretty cool and nice mixture out of Stoner Rock, Doom Rock/Metal, Psychedelic Rock stuff, metallic Hardrock & Roll, Punk'n'Roll, Scandinavian Gutter Rock & Roll, and some (Punka)Billy stuff, and all in all the damn most stuff of it all on a high if not very high level of quality. Some bandnames (also already mentioned ones): ZEBULON, THE AWESOME MACHINE, ABDULLAH, THE BONES, THE SPITTS, NEBULA, SUNRIDE, THE GENERATORS, BLIND DOG, THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND, THE FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13, SPIRIT CARAVAN, LOWRIDER, MACHINE GUN, MANTARAY K.D.; and also some bands more. Even some of the bands are pretty unknown today or at least unknown to some (and maybe also you) outta there don't make the mistake to think this would say something about the quality of the bands, songs and music you get here because this would be a damn big mistake, and you better trust me upon this. You should really check it out!!! (If you don't call it your own already anyhow.) A lot of damn good stuff waits to be finally discovered by you (and also you and you and you, yehp, and you, too). The artwork looks pretty cool and is really a great job that the guys here did back then, to the lyrics I won't say anything (because it's a compilation disc, so what should I say at all, 'light' and 'shadow(s)' grow close to each other, if ya know what I mean with that) and the production sound of all bands and songs is really damn good stuff. Btw, funny to see that once back then the german Metal magazine "ROCK HARD" used to present and sponsor this "PLY REC." label compilation album. You should get it today for damn low prices (maybe at some places- still- for not more- if not less- than one lousy Euro buck) so don't think twice and you all should know by now what you have to do here and now in the case of this disc. Really damn good stuff!!! (8 of 10 points)

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