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Marcus Giese, 02. 08. 1969 - 15. 05. 2011 - Rest in Peace man, we'll never forget you!!!

Hey folks,
this post is a very tragic and also a very personal one... It is now a week ago (more or less exactly a week) that a good friend of mine tragically passed away. The night from last saturday to last sunday Marcus Giese died at a 'major heart trouble', his aortae ruptured or cracked while he should be taken from the hospital in Goslar to the hospital in Hannover where he should have been operated... We were celebrating the birthday of Hank this night and I still remember me saying, asking where Marcus would stay after he did not arrived hour after hour... Two days later on Tuesday I knew it... I think from us guys here from more or less out of Golsar I was maybe one of the last guys who knew it (that's one reason why I recently and finally joined 'Facebook' this very day today...) and it hit me really hard (but that was and is nothing compared to his family and closer friends) and I was thinking since Tuesday what to do about it, and pretty soon I decided to do a tribute or hommage or farewell post to honour Marcus and show him some last final act of respect. It took me a while because, to be honest, I didn't know what I should write and I still don't know it... Friday Marcus was buried and it was a very hard and intense day with his burial and then all of us sitting together and talking etc. pp. through the day and night... It was good to see all of the girls and boys who were there to show also their respect and honoured him... And it was really some sort of great 'thing' who were all there... hopefully we will see us the next time because of some far better reasons...

Like I've said; since Tuesday I knew and know that I want to do this post here, but still I don't know (and never really knew) what to write... there's so much I could write and it still wouldn't be enough or it would still miss a lot. So let me say it just short and precise and just on a personal level and not talking about music (you may remember him from the THROAT-CUT interview that I've done with him at the end of the last year) or business or work or what-so-ever, just about personal issues and that are in this time the only important issues that should be mentioned up here: Marcus Giese was one hell of a great guy, a great human with a lot of heart and soul and passion and character for the things he did and that he recognized to be important and necessary, with a open ear and a open eye for all of his closer and not so close friends that could always count on him when they were in trouble which kind ever. A very good friend and an even greater human, a person like you don't find them today that often anymore, and a big loss to everyone who knew him. My thoughts are especially and first-and-foremost with his girlfriend and the mother of his and her just a few weeks old little son Samuel (and that's making it all even moe tragic) and with his family!!! And I think I can say it also in the name of all of his friends: Marcus, we will miss you!!! One day we will see us again!!! Rest in peace man, you'll never be forgotten!!! Farewell, Marcus...

R.I.P. MARCUS GIESE (02. August 1969 - 15. May 2011)

(This is just a short video that I've done in the thoughts of Marcus, the musc is by the great DOGMA IVS, the first (?) band he sung in and it's my personal favorite song of them. He wrote the lyrics something like eleven years back when his and his brothers mother died and maybe I am wrong but I feel that the song, the music, the lyrics, the mood and atmosphere also fit to the current situation and so here comes his short and little farewell video clip, something like a short moment of serenity and a last display of respect...)

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