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("D.I.Y."; CD):
Okay folks, after something like a week of pure silence up here I'm finally back again with some new stuff for ya, and this here is a record review that's now coming for ya. Okay, after the musical journey up here led us the last time from Hardcore to (Neo) Rockabilly we will this time here and now let our ears ring by some good ol' Death Metal. WESTWALL, great band name, I like it, and this is a more or less 'new' band by pretty prominent guys... Former members of the WP NS Metal (and former WP Bonehead) band BOUND FOR GLORY and also of the NS Black/Death Metal band BEFORE GOD (btw, even I disagree with their ideology, political agenda and weltanschauung that two bands had been great acts anyway) and that are now-a-days playing or had playd in bands like (the great) POWERHÄUS, BOUNCIN' BETTY and PLUNDER & PILLAGE and THE BULLY BOYS (great band, too), and that also once formed BOUND FOR ATTACK with Ken from BRUTAL ATTACK (that used to do once a pretty funny and cool cover of the CCR classic "BAD MOON RISING" with a little bit changed title and lyrics...), and this guys (at least some of them) are teaming here finally up again for a next round and they do this via WESTWALL. I can now see a big bunch of ya out there starting heavily to think WTF is going on up here finally again with me giving room to a band like this... Just get used to it and if you feel uncomfortable then you don't have to read this review here on any longer, and- btw- on this album here aren't any common and to be expected subjects and issues of the weltanschauung of the guys in the band to be recognized, sure if you search for it you'll find some room for interpretations as sure as you will find anywhere a place to sit down and shit your heart out when you desperately search for it, but here's no "Sieg Heil!" or so to be recognized, maybe this will make your mood calm down again, and if not that's your issue you have to deal with. Okay, for what I do see this album was released and all done totally in the D.I.Y. way of doing such things (but be sure that you shouldn't expect any amateur 'demo' stuff at all) and it was released by the end (?) of 2010 and I have it from somewhere since back then and don't ask me why the review of it is just coming now... I couldn't tell it to ya no matter how hard I think about it. Okay, WESTWALL, Death Metal, "CONQUEST OR DEATH". Here we go: The album starts with an incredible strong and grapping intro track named "SLAVEDRIVER" that creates a lot of tension and a really intense and tight atmosphere and is also enriched with samples taken from the Russel Crowe blockbuster movie "GLADIATOR" (that's how the movie was called over here in Germany, I hope all of my not from Germany being readers know more or less what movie I now do mean...), and then for sure "On my signal... unleash hell!" gives the signal and the monster song "SHIELD WALL" is unleashed and this song really destroys every resistance in its way. Grapping changes of the rhythm arrangements and the pace work, totally grapping and interesting, ultra hard and massive, evil and battle scarred guitar work, that also offers just amzazing leads and melody lines, also great solo wok, and all is backed up by just great done brutal stomping and incredible tight rhythm work, and the lead vocals are fantastic stufff, everything but your ordinary Death Metal grunts, grunts and screams and shouts the most brutal but also the most charismatic and passionate way, and that they have also the abilities to write and create and arrange just total fist in the air battle anthem refrain parts they proof right from the start also with "SHIELD WALL". This song is just phenomenal, point and fact!!! And all what makes this song so great is also the case when it comes to the complete album, all the described trademarks are there in various variations and this guys really know how to write great and even greater song, suprises over and over again and great intersting arrangements and on and on and on, and also they all are awesome musicians, so nothing gets here boring anyhow, and that's just great!!! What's making this album even better and even greater is simply the fact that WESTWALL also refuses to walk the same boring walk that so many of todays Death Metal bands are walking, no "Oh, look how fast we can play!" soulless crap and also the drummer is really playing with heart and soul, power and force and not just with a trigger... if ya know what I mean. To compare WESTWALL with any other Death Metal band is pretty hard, maybe you could just compare them a little bit with the mighty BOLT THROWER, even WESTWALL do really much if not far more at all and also WESTWALL have their very own identity. The artwork looks great and the very clear production sound suits the music perfectly. The lyrics are great war stories that are told from the medieval and older times, and are really worth a read and even more a listen. So, yes decide for yourself if you dare to give such 'evil' guys your money or not but if you are into Death Metal and also into heavy and brutal and extreme and first-and-foremost great music no matter out of which specific genre it may be then WESTWALL and their "CONQUEST OR DEATH" album are your damn fucking duty. One hell of an outstanding album!!! Can't wait to get more from them and for all what I know the next one shall be coming this year, so be prepared. Awesome!!! (10 of 10 points)
To let you know a little bit more why this band convinced me this strong you now get two songs of them from their here reviewed masterpiece via two (more or less) videos, one song is my total favorite "SHIELD WALL" and the second one is there angry and mad trashing Death Metal tank "SLAY THEM IN MY PRESENCE", so start the videos, pump up the volume and then bang that head that doesn't band and enjoy this great band and their two mercyless anthems!!! Ah, and after this two clips you also get their anthem "OVER THE MAGINOT LINE" and latest with watching this video a lot of folks will totally run amok (even it will be just the mental and/or virtual way...), haha;-), but who cares, nah, not me, it was the first song I ever heard of WESTWALL (or maybe WEST WALL) and it was and is just a larger-than-life anthem of the highest grade, point and fact. So, hell fucking yeahr, just you enjoy it, too, and never forget: "MIGHT MASTERS RIGHT & BRUTALITY IS MAJORITY!!!"




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