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"Hey, when it turns to dust before your eyes - why don't you take it like a man? And when your strengths are running down your spine - why don't you show them take a stand? Why don't you be a man?"

("People Like You Records"; CD):
I used to review a pack of old "PLY REC." releases some time ago over the last one or two months and here is now finally the next and (I think so) last album out of this record pack introduced to you via a new record review and the band that's now in the focus is the band of the name of ZEBULON from (I think so) the country of Sverige. This record shows again what a potential this label once really had before it went totally in the direction of this whole Punk'n'Roll and WTF-ever-Billy music(k) stuff. This record is already pretty old (more or less 'pretty' maybe, but 'old'- or 'older'- anyhow) and was released back then in 2004 and this album should still be out on the market to be bought by you (if you want to do so) and this normally for very low prices and if you have some sort of some little luck then you could really still get it for something like around just 1 or one (read: o-n-e) Euro, just that you know about it. So, yehp, yehp, yehp, okay and now onward straight forward  into and with this very review here and now: What we get here is some damn strong and really incredible grapping and fascinating Stoner Rock of the highest grade of quality. Heavy and 'groovy', really cracking and hard rockin', 'groovy' and also pretty often (sometimes more, sometimes less) very nice and 'likely' droning guitar work is the major trademark of ZEBULON's music, especially the riffing is incredible strong and heavy and also damn tight and some really impressive stuff, and beside this ZEBULON also used to work with some great leads and also a big bunch of very impressive solos, and yes, that's all done fucking strong and just impressive, no matter if it's about rocking or if it's about droning all is done just through and through great, so thumbs up for that. Then there is the amazing lead singing voice, clear yet damn powerful and also very passionate and full of emotions, and the voice as well as the style of singing really perfectly fit to the music. And the rhythmsection is just a pure great celebration of awesome 'tightness' and just great groove and pure rock and all done with sheer power and ultra-heavy force and is also a really incredible strong and heavy and tight rocking as well as forceful and very earthy and dronin' grooving affair on a top level, and the rhythm architecture is also just damn good stuff that offers for example grapping changes between heavy droning stoic pushing parts and forceful and mercyless heavy rocking parts and in between this we do find hell a lot of nice and very interesting changes and suprises more so that it all is pretty exciting after all. Also ZEBULON really knew (and maybe still know) how to write grapping and exciting, fascinating and interesting songs, how to create really impressive arrangemens, and to play their instruments ZEBULON knew (and maybe still know) very impressive. So all in all this is a great album by a great band that you need to have if you're only a little bit interested in Stoner Rock and maybe you can compare them a little bit with (old or early) FU MANCHU and stuff like this even ZEBULON really and truly used to call a own identity their own without being a copy of anything or anyone and they had been much and far better than most of the other bands labelled as Stoner Rock back then and also today, so make sure that you check ZEBULON on their "TROUBLED GROUND" out asap if you still don't know them by now. The lyrics are like the music really great and pretty rich on variations and pretty well-versed stuff, too. And also the artwork looks really very, very good and the production sound (this album was recored and done in the swedish "Sunlight Studios" and that proofes or proofed that this recording studio/-s used to work really, really good and strong and that the guys running this studio/-s really could do much more and better than just doing all the same sounding Death Metal records respectively recordings all over and over again) is just a great dirty and earthy affair that totally fits perfectly to the music of ZEBULON. If it wouldn't had been for two 'weaker' songs "TROUBLED GROUND" would get the highest rating here and now by me, yes and that's true no matter waht ya now may think, but also so this is and gets and more than just damn good rating. Really and truly and honestly great stuff, so damn fucking check it out and best do it now, point and fact!!! (9 of 10 points)
(Sorry folks, unfortunately I haven't found a Homepage or MySpace- or Facebook-site of ZEBULON.)

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