Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

Living in a democracy, who said that freedom would be free?!?

SACRED REICH - "THE AMERICAN WAY" ("Displeased Records"; CD):
As you all should know, this is an old record, hm, I think pretty much from 1990 or something like that, so this is the rerelease of this record. "The American Way" was the second full length album of the great SACRED REICH from Phoenix, Arizona, it came out after the Debut LP "Ignorance" and the EP called "Surf Nicaragua". I've always thought and still think that with "The American Way" SACRED REICH made a big step forward, and even today this record is just great and will crush your bones, blowing away all the garbage and the cliché crap that's known as Metal since oh so many years now. Very hard, ponderous like uncountable tons of steel (of course of steel, what have you thought, this is a Metal record...) guitar work, a hard, tight, and damn well-versed stomping rhythmsection (drums, bass), incedibly charismatic vocals, and just great and interesting songwriting, that's even today totaly goddamn good and unique. That was and still is Trash Metal at it's best!!! Ah, and with the great "31 Flavors" named track SACRED REICH also delivered an awesome Funk song. Great!!! On top we do also get very good, very intelligent, and very critical lyrics on a lot of social issues and topics of Politics and Economics. Inspired by the right wing political practise of the republican party during the Reagan and the Bush (the Senior...) years, a policy that SACRED REICH heavily critized (for a lot of damn good reasons). And also with that, they were and still are an outstanding band in this whole circus cliché piece of garbage that's currently called Metal (for soooo many years now...). Then we do also get the very cool artwork, some short but really fine linernotes, a great fuckin' heavy and not to clean production sound, and some nice Rerelease Bonus Stuff (some pre-production Demo versions of some album tracks, and also a CPU video). That's Metal how I listen to it even today!!! Brilliant and necessary, maybe today even more than 20 years ago!!! Get it!!! (10 of 10 points)

Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

Thrice Live CD - Really cool stuff

THRICE - "LIVE AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES" ("Vargant Records"; Double CD & DVD):
And now to something a little bit different. THRICE had been one of the most pushed and most pushing bands of the last years, and that for some (good) reasons. They are mixing Nu Metal, Emo Core, Modern Rock, Metalcore, Alternative/College Rock, and some cool and sytlish modern Punkrock parts, and the outcome truly rocks the house. It's all very atmospheric and sometimes even psychedelic, and yes, it's all very progressive and complex, especially the songwriting and the 'songarchitectonic' often is truly awesome. But okay guys, if you have grown up with the whole 1990's new school Metal like PANTERA, FEAR FACTORY, MACHINE HEAD, KILLINGCULTURE, LOST SOULS, PAINFLOW and many more, then this will be all not that new and exciting to you, especially when you also listened to Nu Metal acts like KORN, COAL CHAMBER, ILL NINO, and also SLIPKNOT, but if you combine it all with each other then today THRICE do have a really unique, awesome, outstanding, and very complex style. Very interesting stuff!!! So if you want to listen to something different then you should give this guys here a really fair try. And why not with this excellent live album?!? No reasons come to my mind!!! The concert comes on two CD's, and there is also a very good DVD on top to complete this package. The soundquality of the concert is very good, and the truly fine artwork (was the audience really sitting during the concert, haha;-)?!?) really suits this package very well. Nice shot!!! (8 of 10 points)

Montag, 8. Februar 2010

It continues to be - Carry on!!!

RAZORS IN THE NIGHT - "CARRY ON!" ("4 Subculture Records"; CD):
Here we do have a new band from the mighty city of Boston, or at least they are new to me, haha;-). And they are damn good!!! They mingle the pure harshness and aggression of the true Boston Hardcore music with the heavyness and the scuffproofness of the pure hard knocking Oi! Oi! music style, and melt it together with the gladiatorial "Fist in the air!" attitude of the furious Streetpunk style. And they are doing a fuckin' great job!!! Combine SLAPSHOT with BLOOD FOR BLOOD, and melt it together with THE WELCH BOYS and THE UNSEEN, then you will get a pretty good imagination of the music that this Boston Hooligans are hammering out, and it all done in an already very unique way. Especially the title track is truly what you can call larger than life. Just great!!! Then they bring us also very fine lyrics, and then there is also a pretty cool artwork and a fucking good sound to make this package a nice round one. Get it!!! Great stuff!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

A 'Concrete Disappointment', that's coming on 'Dirtnap Records'?!?

Hm, don't ask me anything about the background of this band, but I think that they come from somewhere in Texas/U.S.A., but okay, let's forget about it. The guys are playing some nice and dirty Punkrock with a strong attention that's lying on the Rock in the Punk, but without becoming some of this Greaser bullshit that fills the ranks these days. It's yet nothing overly special or highly new, but it's nice and fancy done. Imagine a mixture of the SEX PISTOLS and the ROLLING STONES, rounded off by some very little AC/DC marks and some very few RANCID inspirations. If you like to listen to some well done Punkrock that don't need this whole clichè crap, then give this guys here a try. Ah, the artwork looks cool but is very slender and searly (no printed lyrics, etc.), but for what I hear also the lyrics are nothing bad at all, and the mangy sound fits perfect. (7 of 10 points)

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Oi! Oi! Oi! music and solidarity!!!

STOMPER 98 - "IT'S CLASS PRIDE & IT'S ROCK'N'Oi!" ("D.S.S. Records"/"Contra Records"/"Sunny Bastards"; CD):
Here is a little appetizer for the new and upcoming record of this great german Oi! band, on concerts you could have got this CD without paying a dime, and some mailorder sell it for some very cheap and low prices, so after all it's a good deal. The CD comes in a very beauty designed fat paper sheat, and yes, THE 4 SKINS are greeting 'round the corner (if you know what I mean when you look at the cover picture). This CD contains six tracks, four from their last great albums, and two very old tracks that had been rerecorded by the band especially for their upcoming release "4 the Die Hards". They sound very good, and yes, I like this little CD very much. What else is there to say about it?!? You get everything that you want to get from STOMPER 98: Fancy Sax works, very good and rocking and hard hitting guitar playing, Phil TEMPLAR(S) is giving the songs that specific and strong Skinhead Rock & Roll beat, Sebi's vocals are strong as usual, so, yes, here you get it all. Tradition beats every trend!!! (At least sometimes...) (9 of 10 points)

Illness is coming to you by mail...

 COLD RUSH - "THE ILLNESS" ("Music By Mail GmbH"; CD):
What we here have is a little bit something out of the Metal genre. Somebody remembers this whole thing called Techno Metal?!? This band here, COLD RUSH, is bringing some new loads of music out of this genre. They're marching on the path that bands like DIE KRUPPS and/or GRAVITY KILLS have founded and marched on long before them back in the 1990's. All not bad, a good mixture of some hard and danceable electronic beats (let us call it Techno, okay...?!?) and a hard hitting Metal machinery, and especially the guitar work beats the shit out of you. Nice job, what this guys have done. Nothing too fancy, nothing too special, but some nice songs they have settled together so far. Sometimes they also integrate some 1980's Speed Metal riffing in their songs, to loosen it up a bit. Would be great, if the Techno elements would be even a lot stronger, 'cause they totally rule. If you were back in the days at least a little bit in this whole DIE KRUPPS like Techno Metal thing then you should really give it a try. A nice artwork, a good sound, and at least some good lyrics make it a nice package. (7 of 10 points)

Liberation to the Basque region!!!

AGGRESSIVE FORCE - "SURVIVE" ("True Force Records"/"Bandworm Records"/"Anfibio Records"/"Teletexo Records"; CD):
So now let's take a trip down to spain. Here we have some good Oi! from this southeuropean country. A lot of a strong Streetpunk flair and taste in/to it with a lot of fine Sing-A-Long-Fist-In-The-Air parts in it, all combined with some sharp and heavy, yet melodic and damn good guitar work and a powerful rhythm section, all in a more up tempo way played. Two singers on top of it, one with a good rough voice who's bringing a lot of a pissed off attitude in the sound of AGGRESSIVE COMBAT, and a more "sweet" singing guy who's mainly doing the background vocal parts, and he also does a good job. It's all very hymnal, and it's all good played and very nice done, so you'll find not many negative points to it, maybe just that there are only five songs on this CD, a four song tracklist and a 'secret' bonus track (plus a CPU video clip). Good lyrics (about the Skinhead Way of Life, some "Pub Stories", friendship and the wrong ways the Working Class took in the past up to today), and a very good artwork and a good production sound make it a nice round package, and you should give this Basque Separatists really a fair try, you won't feel sorry after it. Good job!!! (8 of 10 points)

Let the FIRE burn!!!

CDC - "BURN" ("Filled With Hate Records"; CD):
Ah, and now to some really nice Hardcore. Okay, not 'nice', but brutal, harsh, angry, and pissed off Hardcore between Beatdown Hardcore and metallic New School Hardcore the 1990's way. Very neurotic and aggressive vocals, that perfectly suit the militant lyrics, backupped by a very good band putting out some devastating and clever arranged (not your ordinary songwriting!!!) Hardcore music. Very cool, and a truly good done job!!! I like it, and I hope that I will hear soon more of CDC than just this five songs here!!! So guys come on, hurry up!!! It all comes with damn good critical lyrics, a fuckin' great artwork, and in a very fat and hard production sound. Give 'em a try, it will be worth the time!!! (8 of 10 Points)

German Analytic Expertise at work...

('SACHVERSTAND' = 'Analytic Expertise" respectively 'Know-How'; 'Drei Jahre' = 'Three Years')
What we have here?!? Some 'German Punk' (= 'Deutsch Punk') mixed up with some 'German Rock' (= 'Deutsch Rock'), and sometimes they also tend to shout 'Oi! Oi! Oi!', but that's not making it an Oi! record at all. But okay, 'cause that's not the point. This is an selfproduced Demo of this young band coming from the german city of Magdeburg (or at least I think so). It's all in all a 'little' nice Demo CD (coming as a CD-R) that contains 14 songs (13 regular songs and one through and through heavy drinking song as a 'secret' bonus track). It's all well done but also nothing too special or too great stuff. Some songs are more Punkrock, some songs are more just Rock, sometimes they shout 'Oi! Oi! Oi!', all lyrics are in german, they mostly sing about stuf like freedom, friendship and 'feelings', and yes, also it's no too 'damn good stuff' this CD really makes fun. The guys can play and they know what they're doing here. So it can be exciting to see the development of his band, yes, so I will try to keep an eye of this guys, and if you like German Punk and German Rock then try a round. Ahh, the production sound really is okay, no problems with it, but the artwork truly sucks and I wouldn't have used it (even not for an Demo), but you also get a free sticker on top of it (maybe as a compensation for the ugly artwork...;-)...). (6 of 10 points)

No sleep when you're in H8 City...

SMASH POINTS - "SMASH POINTS" ("Step - 1 Music"; CD):
This is a fine piece of Streetpunk music coming straight from the U.S.A. that the guys of SMASH POINTS are giving us to eat here. Hm, I think that they're rocking out of Atlanta, but I'm not so sure at all about it. But okay, it's not that important here, so we'll go ahead right now at this point. Like I've already said, what we get here is very fine Streetpunk, played the american way. Sharp and dirty guitar work, a tight and hard rhythm section, nice crew backups, very strong vocals, and they totally find the right dosage between very fine melodies and ass kicking harshness nearly every time. Ah, and they definitely know how to goddamn fuckin' rock!!! Great stuff!!! Maybe a little bit comparable to the great THE ANTI-HEROS, so you should get an idea of how good this guys here are. On top we do get a bunch of very good lyrics, a very fine artwork (sweet cover beauty!!!), and a perfect fitting dirty sound. So if you ask me, you should not think twice: Go and get it!!! Cheers & Oi! (9 of 10 points)

Tenerife Streetpunk!!!

A.S.C.O. - "SEQUIMUR VEXARE" ("Anfibio Records"; CD):
Here we have something a little bit exotic: A.S.C.O. from the isle of Tenerife, one of the canary islands somewhere in the middle of the atlantic, with their "Sequimur Vexare" longplayer. To be honest: I have no idea, if this is the newest record of them or not, but that shall not matter this much at this point here. The guys of A.S.C.O. look like if they would have been around for quite a while already, and they're playing some nice Streetpunk that should give the shaved as well as the spiked heads something. Pacey, meldoic, and snappy Streetpunk with spanish vocals/lyrics, dominated by the cheeky vocals and the rocking guitar playing, and it's all not bad. Yes, it's truly nothing bad, but for me it's a little bit too much Punkrock and too less Oi! (if you know what I mean), but if you like energetic, melodic, mostly in good rocking up tempo played, and very punky Streetpunk, then this should be something really interesting for you. The lyrics are in spanish (but I think they reach over a wide distance of different topics, and it won't make me wonder if you could easily find some left or 'red' political lyrics, but for me that's just pure gold), the sound is very good (nice dirty stuff), and the work-filled artwork looks really pretty cool. It's maybe not total my bottle of beer, but it's still a good record, so give it a try if you get the chance to do it. (7 of 10 Points)

Bartender, pour the G.o.T. some more glasses!!!

The still newest album of this mighty American Oi! band roaring out of Pittsburgh, U.S.A. that waits for it's (/his) review. So yes, here we go: Thank Siddharta Gautama that they haven't changed the style of their music, so here they bring us again a new load of their dustdry, boneshaking and sharp and fast and hard hitting American Working Class Oi! Rock & Roll in their own way of sytle. If you have no idea of how this guys sound, then mix the ingenious THE ANTI-HEROS (from the city of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.) with the great and legendary FAT SKINS from Arizona and with THE SUSSED (the 'antecessor band' of THE TRADITIONALS), and you should get a good idea of how THE TRADITIONALS use to sound. And it all in damn good quality and in a very characteristic way. Very good and authentic Working Class lyrics on top of it, as well as a nice artwork and a very good production sound. Yeahr, it's all very good and very fine, but what averts a better assessment is the woeful fact that from the complete 15 songs that are on this 'new' record just the one half are really new songs, the other songs are old (/older) songs that were only rerecorded, what is some kind of at least a little bit pitty. Ah, okay, and we do also get a cover of the COCK SPARRER classic "Running Riot", and I truly can't tell you how many different coverversions of this legendary track I've heard in my life already. Is there really any need to have a new coverversion on record?!? Hm, I don't think so... But shall it be as it is, this ist still a fuckin' good record of a truly great band, so better go and get it!!! (8 of 10 Points)

Last Beast standing in the Pit tonight!!!

HOODS - "PIT BEAST" ("I Scream Records"; CD):
Now that's what I'm talking 'bout when the talking comes to finest Hardcore records!!! The HOODS from Sacramento/California are blasting out a so damn great, hard, aggressive, yet diversified and versatile Hardcore record that you'll just hold your breath. A fast, harsh, well-versed, and brutal mixture of Beatdown Hardcore, a lot of furious (high speed) Old School Hardcore style, perfect (1990's) New School Hardcore inspirations, some damn cool Streetpunk Sing-A-Long influences, some very nice and fine Punkrock up tempo parts, and some few metallic notes to round it up, these are the ingerdients that are used by the HOODS to create their blasting All School Hardcore that's just awesome, very unique, and will make your bones and nerves shaking to the deepest core of your body. On top we do get a bunch of very cool and good lyrics, a fuckin' great artwork, and a perfect fitting heavy and fat sound. Just great!!! PUNK'S DEAD, EMO'S NEXT!!! Get it!!! (9 of 10 Points)

Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

Now I'm going drinkin' angry...

THE WELCH BOYS - "DRINKIN' ANFRY" ("I Scream Records"; CD):
Yeahr, it's still the current/up-to-date record of this band from Boston. Uh, Boston? I can hear your brain start to go dang-dang-dang, and you're fuckin' right: How can a band that's something like bad come from this city!!!???!!! And you know what - they are playing a mixture of Oi!, Streetpunk and fuckin' Hardcore with that typical Boston note. Like I said, dang-dang-dang, "how can this be anything how-ever bad"!!!???!!! Like you should know, some guys of THE WELCH BOYS had played in great and legendary bands like SLAPSHOT and THE BLUE BLOODS before. THE WELCH BOYS still play their above mentioned mixture of Oi!, Streetpunk and (of course, pretty much old school and also prettymuch the Boston style) Hardcore. Fast and furious (no, not like the movies...) guitar work, very melodic, but yet fuckin' ass kickin' hard, the grumpy and 'hard-and-smart' vocals, and full and "fat" crew back-ups/gang shouts mark the music pretty much, and the clever arranged songwriting, the nice changes in the pace of the different songs, the powerful and very well-versed rhythm section (drums, bass), and the just fine and cool guitar leads ensure the damn good quality and high level of the musical work of THE WELCH BOYS. In contrast to their (also brilliant) self-titled debut record the Oi! and Streetpunk elements are a lot stronger than the Hardcore notes, but that don't matters that much at the end of the tracklist, if you know what I mean. What I also like damn much is, that THE WELCH BOYS do play their very unique style of music. Yeahr, you hear that the guys are around for quite a while, and they know how to play their instruments and how to write grapping and moving songs. Thumbs up!!! Maybe at least describable as a mixture of BULLDOG SPIRIT, DISCIPLINE, MOUTHGUARD and MURDERER'S ROW, and if you like SLAPSHOT and THE BLUE BLOODS you should also risk an ear (okay, honestly their is no risk at all to it...), 'cause some little spirit of the past of some bandmembers roams this songs from time to time. On top we do also get a lot of very, very good, just great lyrics 'bout a lot of many, different, and wide reaching topics. They're sending huge fuck off's to the islamofascists and terrorist, to child-molesters and aimless gang violence and brainless mob mentality, they salute and honor the fighting forces, singing 'bout some irish roots, dealing with a lot of certain personal issues, and much, much more. Just really fine lyrics, and they do also a fuckin' good cover of the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE classic "Let's Break The Law", which will rock you out of your stomping boots!!! Then we get also a just awesome lookin' artwork, and a very fat and transparent, yet raw and dirty, perfect to the music fitting production sound. So there's nothing left to say, you should know what you have to do right now!!! Damn, this awesome band really deserves a bigger support!!! Right now!!! (10 0f 10 Points)

Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010

Listen to what the VOICE OF THE STREETS has to say...

"VOICE OF THE STREETS" Issue No. # 10 (Fee: ? ... circa 2,00 Euro or so...)
Yeahr, I know it's a liitle bit older now, but it's still the current/up-to-date issue of this very, very fine fanzine, that's coming from Innsbruck based in Tirol. I just hope that the next issue will see the light of the day as soon as somehow possible, 'cause it's with the "Oi! the Print" fanzine one of my absolute favorites when it comes to printzines. This fanzine is all about Oi!, Hardcore and Streetpunk music (but don't be suprised, if you also find SKA and more intersting stuff in it), and yeahr, what shall I say, it hits exactly my taste in music. We do get a bunch of very labor-intensive and well-recherched interviews, done in a very passionated way, with the Swedish Oi! Roughnecks of GATANS LAG, with the Hardcore henchmen SPIT ON YOU! from Germany, with the young german Streetpunk crew of the GHOSTBASTARDZ, and- my two personal favorites- with BELLIGERENT 86 (great American Oi! music, very hard and dirty rockin' stuff) and WISDOM IN CHAINS (fuckin' great, harsh and brutal Hardcore). All very good done and interesting to read. That's how I like it!!! Fine!!! Then we do get tons of reviews (records, fanzines, etc.), a Skinhead History about the Skinhead movement in Austria, some very good introduction words, and a lot of interesting stuff more. But especially the Martial Arts Sports Special and the good Fitnesstraining practises are very good and unique stuff, and I felt the need to underscore that by some aimed mentioning of them, what I've done hereby. We do also get a very good and clean (yet not too clean) black/white lay out, done on a very high level of quality, fuckin' good writing (in german), and a nice coloured cover picture (if that's the everyday life in the "Voice of the Streets" editorial staff, then it's no wonder why the new issue takes so long, haha;-).) So, what shall I say, if you get the chance to still buy/shift/etc. this issue of this zine, then you shouldn't think twice. Pure gold!!! Cheers & Oi!

Oi! the Print goes Oi! the Web...

"Oi! THE PRINT" Issue No. # 29 (including a CD) Fee: 2,50 Euro
Here we do have the yet up-to-date issue of this first class printzine, dedicated especially to Oi!, Streetpunk, and Punkrock, but also very much to SKA, Reggae, and Hardcore music. It comes from Austria, and Bommel, the guy who is doing it, is around for quite a while. The zine is a printzine and damn, that's what I call professional but still D.I.Y. and Underground and Subculture enough to be what you can truly call a through and through FAN(!)zine. Great!!! The issue no. # 28 was a little bit weaker than the usual standard of the "Oi! the Print", but hey, that's a very high standad, so that's grouching on a very, very high level. And yes, that was sometime back yesteday, and this issue no. # 29 here is definitely a move back to the old and usual strength of Bommel's work. Oh, but okay, also his "new" side kicks Melanie and Hinkel (of Germany's top Oi! band VOLXSTURM) are doing a very, very good job. On the cover we do see Roy Pearce of THE LAST RESORT... and what shall I say, it's maybe not the most beautiful cover in the history of fanzines, haha;-). But now the content of this issue here: It's as usual that much stuff that I just name my favorites. First I have to mention the interview with THE TEMPLARS, done by Melanie. Not just because they're one of my absolute favorite bands ever, but also because it's something a little bit special and definitely not your ordinary interview stuff. You have to read it!!! Damn good job!!! Then the interviews with the great THE DOCKSIDE HOOKERS (infernally good Canadian Oi!, I can't wait to finally get their "Killing the Music" 7", released on "Bandworm Records"), the reformed Streetpunks of THE DROOGIEZ from Nuremberg (cool music, damn good interview), the legendary THE LAST RESORT (nice shot!!!), and with the german Streetpunk youngstars of STRONGBOW, done by Hinkel (cool stuff, and you should really check 'em out). The writing (of everyone of the three) is fuckin' good, very cool, all very passionated and stout-hearted, it really makes you to want to read on and more and more. Also I have to underscore, that also the story about the fine german label "Grover Records" is just brilliant, as well as the very interesting introduction of the new Skinhead documentation "Skinhead Cross Culture", and also the bandhistory/interview mixture about/with Garry Lammin (former COCK SPARRER guy) and his new (?) band THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS and the story about the german clothing label "RageWear" (very sympathic) are just fuckin' cool, nice to read, and good done. Very good stuff. Beside that we do also get a lot of more fine stuff here, that you really should have read, more very well recherched interviews, more bandhistories, more bandintroductions, informations to the CD (very, very good stuff on it), a huge bunch of reviews (records, fanzines, ...), and much more, so that you have even more reasons to read this issue. Like you always should read this zine here, it's a Must-Read!!! Great!!! Get it!!! Ah, and the new issue no. # 30 will be coming very soon, in a week or so, and I think again with a CD on top of it. So keep your eyes open!!! Ah, as usual, coloured cover and backcover, very fine black/white lay-out, very good picture quality, nice grey contrasts, very good writing complete in german, and the usual funky VHS video cassette format. Like I've said before: Get it!!! Cheers & Oi!

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

Finest American Oi!, brought to you by "Headache Records"

TOUGHSKINS & BROKEN HEROES - "SPLIT" ("Headache Records"; 7"):
Yeahr, this fine piece of great music is coming to you through the New Jersey based, well known label "Headache Records", yeahr, and it's coming on Vinyl, on a 7": Just great!!! Okay, it's a liitle bit older now, ah, but that should not matter here at this point. Not at least because the TOUGHSKINS seem to be back on track again. Also: Just great!!! From both bands we do get two songs. The BROKEN HEROES deliver us "Smashing Hippies"(a great, damn fast and sharp, forward driving Up Tempo New Jersey style Oi!/Streetpunk anthem) and "Held Back" (total fist in the air smasher). Both tracks are just fuckin' great stuff!!! Hard, fast, yet melodic and damn gripping American Oi!/Streetpunk, rough, raw, and merciless. Also just great lyrics, patriotic, blue collar, authentic and just 100% real. The way it's menat to be!!! Then the TOUGHSKINS are coming. They are one of my favorite bands, and their "Raised In Anger" is a real classic. Hard, mid paced 1990's American Oi!, pure brickwall working class sound, good rockin' and also not to over-serious. "Oi! is having a laugh and having a say!!!" And they known about both elements!!! And yes: They still know 'bout them!!! They changed their style of music a little bit, the songs are more faster and also more melodic, without forgetting to put enough harshness in their grapping music. It's all more the Streetpunk Style nowadays, like the early DROPKICK MURPHYS ("Do or Die", "The Gang's All Here") combined with the loud and raw New Jersey Streetpunk Style, cultivated with a little bit of the WHISKEY REBELS like hymnal Punkrock Flair. And all done very well-versed, genuine, and self-contained. Just pure gold!!! We also get very good lyrics of them to hear, and much more serious this time. Against Terrorism and defamation. Like I said, just pure and solid gold!!! Then we do also get a nice looking (but maybe not too creative...) old school artwork, and a very nice and dirty production sound, ah, and the 7" comes in black vinyl. If you still don't call this great 7" your own, then you should really fuckin' get it as soon as you can. Cheers & Oi!
(9 of 10 Points)

Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

40 years of love & h8... but why tattoo a football?!?

"WORKING CLASS SKINS" Issue No. # 09 (fee = ?!?; circa 2,50 Euro)
Okay, here we do have the issue no. # 09 of the german 'Skinhead Zine' (actual this is the subtitle of this fanzine) called "WORKING CLASS SKINS". I always liked this fanzines, even it has turned to some widely open to the (maybe very) right wing stuff over the last issues. I mean, being so called unpolitical and not-left at all and political incorrect, that's one thing and all good and fine. But when you propagate this, then okay, actual you don't need to be something like a political left wing guy to be a good and clever guy. But when you're talking in interviews about stuff you can't agree upon in political things, like maybe Red Skin zines (for example the zine called "COMMIE BASTARD"), but then writing adulations 'bout R.A.C./W.P. stuff like FAUSTRECHT (german R.A.C./W.P. band) records, writing how 'tough' you are because you are going to concerts dressed in VENGEANCE shirts, it leaves some sort of a bitter taste and also some questions open. At least to me. And by the way, that's not politically left, okay, but that's also not that unpolitical at all and especially is this not political incorrect, it's rather political correct just from the other political border, if you know what I mean. Think for a moment about it.
But okay, now to this issue that's lying here in front of me. It has a strong view on American Oi! (what's always a good thing) and also the Hardcore guys could find some interesting stuff in it. We do get interviews with great bands like the Old School New York Hardcore band FED UP!, with the Skinhead Rock band OFFENSIVE WEAPON (also from the Big Apple), with the glorious American Oi!/Streetpunk band THE INCITED from Delaware, with BRASSIC from California (Skinhead Rock & Roll), with the traditional Skinhead Reggae band THE VALKYRIANS, and with some german underground so called Skinhead Rock & Roll band called LOST & FOUND that you don't have to know at all. Especially FED UP!, OFFENSIVE WEAPON, THE INCITED and THE VALKYRIANS caught my attention. LOST & FOUND, hm, I don't really need stuff like that. And BRASSIC, hm, I don't really know what is there all behind. Talking 'bout being patriotic. Okay. Not my cup of tea that much at all, but okay. Talking 'bout being nationalistic. Okay... things start to get a little bit dodgy and shady. Talking 'bout hating SHARP's. Okay... things getting more and more dodgy and shady. Talking 'bout releasing on the german (extreme) right wing record label "Oi! ain't Red Records" (by the way, who said this, and when? Ah, and just because Oi! ain't red, it's also not brown!), it's getting even more shady. Much more they aren't saying in this interview here, so that it's all maybe not that sleazy at all, maybe it just leaves room for (mis-) interpretations. But when you read in other interviews that they are seeming to stuck deep down in this whole White Power subhuman scumbag scene and that they seem to think it's a great and a Skinhead thing to raise your right arm at concerts to cheer to your buddys, it's all already another thing, and then there are definitely no questions left open and then there is also definitely no space left for any possible (mis-) interpretation. You want to read that other interview? Okay, then go and look here: But okay, when you're wearing VENGEANCE shirts and listening to FAUSTRECHT records, hm, then this might not be anything special or precarious to you... So, okay enough said to this topic, back to the current issue of this zine here.
Like I said, some really good bands in it, but the interviews are mostly all very superficial, they carry not that much informations, and it seems like the questions are all very standardised and, yes, they all stay very much only on the surface of things. It's all not that exciting at all, and that's a pity, and especially that's not the "WORKING CLASS SKINS" standard. This issue has circa 41 pages, and you won't find that much informations on the single pages, apart from the interviews with THE INCITED and with BRASSIC. I hope that the next issue will be going more in the details, will be going much deeper again!!! Beside the interviews we just get some very few fanzine reviews and a lot of record reviews. Ah, and I've forgotten the interview with the guy who is doing the "WAX & VIOLENCE" discographies. But, okay, it also stays very much on the surface of things. Hm, I think that's pretty much the content of this issue, rounded up by some gig/concert reviews and some words to the introduction. It comes with a very nice cover drawing (good job!), in a very clean (read: too clean) CPU lay out (black/white), and is all done in german language. Honestly this issue was a dissapointment to me (despite some vey good bands) and if you ask me, then you don't have to call it your own. I hope the issue no. # 10 will be a move back to the old strength of this zine, and maybe it will give some answers to some open question. Issue no.# 10 is already out and also already ordered, so keep your eyes open.

Congratulations and 'Happy Birthday!' to the guys of the 'PUNKROCK!' Fanzine!!! 10 issues on, guys!!!

"PUNKROCK!" Issue No. # 10 (Winter 2009/2010); 3,00 Euro
That's a truly nice one!!! The "PUNKROCK!" fanzine is one my favorite fanzines around. It's a damn good print zine, done on a very proffessional level, but still fuckin' D.I.Y. enough through and through, so that you can still call it Underground for some good reasons. A lot of guys stir things up these days, complaining that the "PUNKROCK!" would be too much anti-fascist, too much political correct, and things like this. Okay, sometimes it's all a little bit weird and paranoid: If you don't fit in the picture these guys are drawing of the world, of their political agenda, and of their "scene", then you find yourself quick being judged as a (radical) right wing guy, or as being open to the extreme right, and this whole so called 'greyzone' "discussion" and this annoying "with us or against us" attitude really sucks. But at the end of the day it's still better than this stupid non p.c. scenery, where everything is fine, even the last total racist bullshit, as long as you are just bothering the guys of the AFA. So, I think that should be enough said 'bout this topic.
So now to this issue: On circa 98 pages we do get tons of reviews (records, zines, dvds, books, gigs/concerts, etc.), a very well done Skinhead history (to celebrate the forty years anniversary of the Skinhead culture), a bunch of very cool and entertaining columns and reports, introductions of bands/labels/records/samplers, and a lot of fuckin' good done interviews, that carry a lot of informations and make big fun to read. My personal favorites are the interview with the great LOS FASTIDIOS (strictly and strong anti-fascist Oi! from Italy), with the KAMIKAZE QUEENS, ANTI-FLAG (even I really don't like this band...), THE REAL McKENZIES, and with "I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison - Records". And the nice tour report of the DISTEMPER european tour also really rocks. So, if you ask me: If you are just a little bit into this whole Punkrock world, then you should really read this zine. Fuckin' good job!!! All very passionate and honest, without garbage cliches and without donned images. Read it!!! Ah, it's all done in german, coming in a very fancy black/white lay-out (coloured cover), and with two free CD Label Samplers, one of "Mad Butcher Records" and of "Contra Records". Here you have my honest recommendation: Buy it!!! Read it!!!

Sometimes even Criminals are Blue Collar...

BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS - "Kindred Spirits & Unheard Cries" ("H8 Piece Recods"; CD):
Here we have another record of the "H8 Piece Records" label. With the "Axe To Grind" record of IRON GUTS KELLY the first release of this label that I used to call my own. And I'm still damn glad, that I own this excellent piece of music. This is the first record of this group (or at least for what I know), and I think, that there should be already a new record of them out, again on "H8 Piece Records". I hope it will be possible to get it here in Germany finally very soon, 'cause I really just need to hear it!!! What do we get here?!? Damn great American Oi!, roaring with loads of tons of power, strength, and militant respectively violent attitude from out of Arizona. A lot of awesome Oi! bands were coming out of the state of Arizona, just to name the just brilliant FAT SKINS and the harsh bulldozer Oi! troup of LAST LAUGH. And the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS truly carry on this reputable and proud tradition. Dustdry, boneshaking, lively, fuckin' hard, and well versed American Oi!, grim forward driven by the sharp and unerring guitar playing, and stamped by the hard and throaty vocals: Just great!!! The rhythm section (drums, bass) is mixing the concrete, from which the music of this guys is hitting you fuckin' hard, fast, and dirty. We do also get a lot of hymnal and full Sing-A-Longs and Crew Shouts, to make it a very nice round package. Ah, maybe you can say, that if you're into the music of acts like the above mentioned FAT SKINS and LAST LAUGH, if you like what you get to hear from the ALLEGED BRICKS and from the SMASH POINTS, and if you melt it all together, cultivate the melting result with some DISCIPLINE notes, and round it up with a huge self-reliance, then you really need to get to know the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS. A fuckin' great band!!! Check 'em out!!! On top we do get a bunch of damn great lyrics (about the Skinhead/Oi!/Bootboy Way of Life, 'Law & Order'-Violence, Thug Lifestyle, Working Class issues, drinking Alcohol, and personal stuff), a very cool artwork, and it all comes in a very good production sound. It's all very well done!!! Ah, and there are also two covers, done by the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS here. We do get "Violence in our Minds" of THE LAST RESORT (okay, I don't know how many times I've got coverversions of this songs to hear, but at least the BLUE COLLAR CRIMINALS had done a very good job) and the great "Walk of Life" of the awesome DIRE STRAITS (and that's what I call a really cool and interesting thing, a fuckin' nice suprise, and of course, the cover is done truly in a great way). So, there's nothing left to say at this point, except: Get it!!!
(9 of 10 Points)
Ah, I've forgotten to name a Contact opportunity for IRON GUTS KELLY in the blog entry before, so here it comes:
And here comes a link that should lead you to the "H8 Piece Records" label:

Montag, 1. Februar 2010

Iron Guts Kelly grinding an axe...

IRON GUTS KELLY - "AXE TO GRIND" ("H8 Piece Records"; CD):
Here we have IRON GUTS KELLY... and damn I've never heard anything of this guys. Actually they seem to roar from somewhere near Kansas City, and if you ask me, then they are all around this whole subcultural scenery for quite a while. They are playing a very fine and sheer brutal grumpy Hardcore with a lot of Old School style flair (like the early PRO-PAIN or like M.O.D. for example) in it, combined with a lot of (old school) Trash Metal influences like SLAYER, (very) old METALLICA, and so, cultivated with a huge impact of heavy hard hitting Rock & Roll like MOTÖRHEAD, some Hardcore Punk roots (G.B.H., THE EXPLOITED, TOTAL CHAOS) and some very, very few brickwall Oi! reminiscences. It's all fast, hard, loud, dirty, and damn brutal, so that you should get it if you're seeking a damn brutal, yet not boring beating the musical way. Test them with the phenomenal "Death March" (by the way, also damn good lyrics!!!), the brutal "Axe to Grind", and the catchy "With Me". You also get very, very good lyrics, also a gaudy sound, and a artwork that looks a little bit weird and seems to propagate arbitrary law (but that's something that can truly be righteous these days, especially in a system where the jurisdiction is becoming more and morea farce that you can't trust anymore). Great job!!! Oi!
(9 of 10 Points)
By the way, the record-review-ratings:
10 Points = Outstanding!!! Stand-Alone-Record!!! A Must-Have!!!
9 Points = Awesome!!!! Great!!! Won't get much better than this!!! Get it!!!
8 - 7 Points = Really a (very) good job!!! Check it out!!!
6 - 5 Points = Solid stuff, there's no real need to have it, but it won't hurt you if you get it!!!
4 - 3 Points = Who needs stuff like this?!? You?!? Oh, come on...
2 - 1 Points = Total Bullshit!!!
0 Points = A total break with the conventions of Geneva!!! Put it down your lavatory!!!


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