Montag, 8. Februar 2010

A 'Concrete Disappointment', that's coming on 'Dirtnap Records'?!?

Hm, don't ask me anything about the background of this band, but I think that they come from somewhere in Texas/U.S.A., but okay, let's forget about it. The guys are playing some nice and dirty Punkrock with a strong attention that's lying on the Rock in the Punk, but without becoming some of this Greaser bullshit that fills the ranks these days. It's yet nothing overly special or highly new, but it's nice and fancy done. Imagine a mixture of the SEX PISTOLS and the ROLLING STONES, rounded off by some very little AC/DC marks and some very few RANCID inspirations. If you like to listen to some well done Punkrock that don't need this whole clichè crap, then give this guys here a try. Ah, the artwork looks cool but is very slender and searly (no printed lyrics, etc.), but for what I hear also the lyrics are nothing bad at all, and the mangy sound fits perfect. (7 of 10 points)

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