Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

Congratulations and 'Happy Birthday!' to the guys of the 'PUNKROCK!' Fanzine!!! 10 issues on, guys!!!

"PUNKROCK!" Issue No. # 10 (Winter 2009/2010); 3,00 Euro
That's a truly nice one!!! The "PUNKROCK!" fanzine is one my favorite fanzines around. It's a damn good print zine, done on a very proffessional level, but still fuckin' D.I.Y. enough through and through, so that you can still call it Underground for some good reasons. A lot of guys stir things up these days, complaining that the "PUNKROCK!" would be too much anti-fascist, too much political correct, and things like this. Okay, sometimes it's all a little bit weird and paranoid: If you don't fit in the picture these guys are drawing of the world, of their political agenda, and of their "scene", then you find yourself quick being judged as a (radical) right wing guy, or as being open to the extreme right, and this whole so called 'greyzone' "discussion" and this annoying "with us or against us" attitude really sucks. But at the end of the day it's still better than this stupid non p.c. scenery, where everything is fine, even the last total racist bullshit, as long as you are just bothering the guys of the AFA. So, I think that should be enough said 'bout this topic.
So now to this issue: On circa 98 pages we do get tons of reviews (records, zines, dvds, books, gigs/concerts, etc.), a very well done Skinhead history (to celebrate the forty years anniversary of the Skinhead culture), a bunch of very cool and entertaining columns and reports, introductions of bands/labels/records/samplers, and a lot of fuckin' good done interviews, that carry a lot of informations and make big fun to read. My personal favorites are the interview with the great LOS FASTIDIOS (strictly and strong anti-fascist Oi! from Italy), with the KAMIKAZE QUEENS, ANTI-FLAG (even I really don't like this band...), THE REAL McKENZIES, and with "I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison - Records". And the nice tour report of the DISTEMPER european tour also really rocks. So, if you ask me: If you are just a little bit into this whole Punkrock world, then you should really read this zine. Fuckin' good job!!! All very passionate and honest, without garbage cliches and without donned images. Read it!!! Ah, it's all done in german, coming in a very fancy black/white lay-out (coloured cover), and with two free CD Label Samplers, one of "Mad Butcher Records" and of "Contra Records". Here you have my honest recommendation: Buy it!!! Read it!!!

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