Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Tenerife Streetpunk!!!

A.S.C.O. - "SEQUIMUR VEXARE" ("Anfibio Records"; CD):
Here we have something a little bit exotic: A.S.C.O. from the isle of Tenerife, one of the canary islands somewhere in the middle of the atlantic, with their "Sequimur Vexare" longplayer. To be honest: I have no idea, if this is the newest record of them or not, but that shall not matter this much at this point here. The guys of A.S.C.O. look like if they would have been around for quite a while already, and they're playing some nice Streetpunk that should give the shaved as well as the spiked heads something. Pacey, meldoic, and snappy Streetpunk with spanish vocals/lyrics, dominated by the cheeky vocals and the rocking guitar playing, and it's all not bad. Yes, it's truly nothing bad, but for me it's a little bit too much Punkrock and too less Oi! (if you know what I mean), but if you like energetic, melodic, mostly in good rocking up tempo played, and very punky Streetpunk, then this should be something really interesting for you. The lyrics are in spanish (but I think they reach over a wide distance of different topics, and it won't make me wonder if you could easily find some left or 'red' political lyrics, but for me that's just pure gold), the sound is very good (nice dirty stuff), and the work-filled artwork looks really pretty cool. It's maybe not total my bottle of beer, but it's still a good record, so give it a try if you get the chance to do it. (7 of 10 Points)

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