Montag, 1. Februar 2010

Iron Guts Kelly grinding an axe...

IRON GUTS KELLY - "AXE TO GRIND" ("H8 Piece Records"; CD):
Here we have IRON GUTS KELLY... and damn I've never heard anything of this guys. Actually they seem to roar from somewhere near Kansas City, and if you ask me, then they are all around this whole subcultural scenery for quite a while. They are playing a very fine and sheer brutal grumpy Hardcore with a lot of Old School style flair (like the early PRO-PAIN or like M.O.D. for example) in it, combined with a lot of (old school) Trash Metal influences like SLAYER, (very) old METALLICA, and so, cultivated with a huge impact of heavy hard hitting Rock & Roll like MOTÖRHEAD, some Hardcore Punk roots (G.B.H., THE EXPLOITED, TOTAL CHAOS) and some very, very few brickwall Oi! reminiscences. It's all fast, hard, loud, dirty, and damn brutal, so that you should get it if you're seeking a damn brutal, yet not boring beating the musical way. Test them with the phenomenal "Death March" (by the way, also damn good lyrics!!!), the brutal "Axe to Grind", and the catchy "With Me". You also get very, very good lyrics, also a gaudy sound, and a artwork that looks a little bit weird and seems to propagate arbitrary law (but that's something that can truly be righteous these days, especially in a system where the jurisdiction is becoming more and morea farce that you can't trust anymore). Great job!!! Oi!
(9 of 10 Points)
By the way, the record-review-ratings:
10 Points = Outstanding!!! Stand-Alone-Record!!! A Must-Have!!!
9 Points = Awesome!!!! Great!!! Won't get much better than this!!! Get it!!!
8 - 7 Points = Really a (very) good job!!! Check it out!!!
6 - 5 Points = Solid stuff, there's no real need to have it, but it won't hurt you if you get it!!!
4 - 3 Points = Who needs stuff like this?!? You?!? Oh, come on...
2 - 1 Points = Total Bullshit!!!
0 Points = A total break with the conventions of Geneva!!! Put it down your lavatory!!!

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