Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

Thrice Live CD - Really cool stuff

THRICE - "LIVE AT THE HOUSE OF BLUES" ("Vargant Records"; Double CD & DVD):
And now to something a little bit different. THRICE had been one of the most pushed and most pushing bands of the last years, and that for some (good) reasons. They are mixing Nu Metal, Emo Core, Modern Rock, Metalcore, Alternative/College Rock, and some cool and sytlish modern Punkrock parts, and the outcome truly rocks the house. It's all very atmospheric and sometimes even psychedelic, and yes, it's all very progressive and complex, especially the songwriting and the 'songarchitectonic' often is truly awesome. But okay guys, if you have grown up with the whole 1990's new school Metal like PANTERA, FEAR FACTORY, MACHINE HEAD, KILLINGCULTURE, LOST SOULS, PAINFLOW and many more, then this will be all not that new and exciting to you, especially when you also listened to Nu Metal acts like KORN, COAL CHAMBER, ILL NINO, and also SLIPKNOT, but if you combine it all with each other then today THRICE do have a really unique, awesome, outstanding, and very complex style. Very interesting stuff!!! So if you want to listen to something different then you should give this guys here a really fair try. And why not with this excellent live album?!? No reasons come to my mind!!! The concert comes on two CD's, and there is also a very good DVD on top to complete this package. The soundquality of the concert is very good, and the truly fine artwork (was the audience really sitting during the concert, haha;-)?!?) really suits this package very well. Nice shot!!! (8 of 10 points)

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