Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Bartender, pour the G.o.T. some more glasses!!!

The still newest album of this mighty American Oi! band roaring out of Pittsburgh, U.S.A. that waits for it's (/his) review. So yes, here we go: Thank Siddharta Gautama that they haven't changed the style of their music, so here they bring us again a new load of their dustdry, boneshaking and sharp and fast and hard hitting American Working Class Oi! Rock & Roll in their own way of sytle. If you have no idea of how this guys sound, then mix the ingenious THE ANTI-HEROS (from the city of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.) with the great and legendary FAT SKINS from Arizona and with THE SUSSED (the 'antecessor band' of THE TRADITIONALS), and you should get a good idea of how THE TRADITIONALS use to sound. And it all in damn good quality and in a very characteristic way. Very good and authentic Working Class lyrics on top of it, as well as a nice artwork and a very good production sound. Yeahr, it's all very good and very fine, but what averts a better assessment is the woeful fact that from the complete 15 songs that are on this 'new' record just the one half are really new songs, the other songs are old (/older) songs that were only rerecorded, what is some kind of at least a little bit pitty. Ah, okay, and we do also get a cover of the COCK SPARRER classic "Running Riot", and I truly can't tell you how many different coverversions of this legendary track I've heard in my life already. Is there really any need to have a new coverversion on record?!? Hm, I don't think so... But shall it be as it is, this ist still a fuckin' good record of a truly great band, so better go and get it!!! (8 of 10 Points)

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